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Juicing During Pregnancy?

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I was wondering if anyone in our group is juicing.  I've seen a few sites saying it is okay to juice during pregnancy.

I made a nice Beet, Carrot, Kale, Celery & Apple Juice this morning and felt so great after eating it.  My stomach has been having a hard time digesting lately so I thought I'd give it a break this today, so I had a fruit & yogurt smoothie for breakfast and the veggie juice for 11 am.


Are there any experienced juicers out there? I am wondering if there are any recipes that are particularly good for baby.

I am hoping it is okay for the baby to juice. 


Here is one of the sites I found:


It says on that site that juicing and pregnancy, under a physician's supervision will be both rewarding and satisfying.  But how many physician's really juice or know about juicing - they usually have the worst diets!


Some sites bring up the issue of bacteria - if you wash your vegetables well, there shouldn't be a problem as it is good to not only include cooked/steamed veg in your diet but 2 portions of raw fruit and 3 portions of raw veg a day.  Some say you have to be careful of a Vitamin A overdose with carrots - but as I understand it, Beta Carotene source of Vitamin A is safe, whereas a chemical/preformed version of Vitamin A that has retinol is the dangerous version.


Here is a great site that tells you all the dos and don'ts about Vitamin A.  So when someone says, don't eat too many carrots or you'll get birth defects - they don't know what they are talking about.


Here's the link, ye may find very helpful:  http://www.babycenter.com/0_vitamin-a-in-your-pregnancy-diet_675.bc

Jucing is a great way to ease up constipation.  I am still hoping to learn about it to make sure I do it right and not stress my system.  I guess the key thing is moderation and balance.









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I'm sure that especially while it's hard to get certain good things down, juicing or smoothies are probably perfectly fine options. 



I used to do a lot of green smoothies and intended to continue doing so during this pregnancy, and then Gloria Lemay went on a rant in one of our midwifery classes about how they were actually bad for blood sugar reasons. I guess her thinking is that you want to minimize the sugars you are intaking at any one point in time so that you're not spiking your blood pressure. You want a nice steady blood pressure line throughout your pregnancy...bringing up another reason for eating lots of small meals/snacks throughout the day rather than large meals. She mentioned that with the smoothies or juicing you eat a far larger quantity of fruit and sugars than your body could handle and keep a normal blood pressure...especially considering that you tend to eat the juice or smoothie in one go because it'll get sort of gross if you let it sit and just sip it through the day. 


I don't know though. I mean, it did make a lot of sense to me. And I have avoided my green smoothies since then, but I completely understand how it can be hard to get good nutrition in during this early stage of the pregnancy. 

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I think like everything, take it in moderation like you said.

I have a (non-pregnant) friend that was drinking green smoothies 2x daily for weeks, and her thyroid and immune system went haywire - she's really had to back off.

I think if you're doing them, remember to rotate the ingredients. Some green plants carry natural phytochemicals that may build up in your system and cause adverse effects if taken in large quantities. I have a green smoothie book and the author talks about eating the same green smoothie daily for a while, then he experienced some weird facial paralysis....figured out it was b/c he wasn't rotating his greens, and got better when he started.

Also remember to watch things like raw kale...for someone like me with thyroid issues, raw kale contains goitrogens that would aggravate my thyroid easily. Lot's of fruits will certainly add lot's of sugar to your system too (even though it's natural)


Also, I'm a big fan of smoothies vs juicing personally. With smoothies you still get the benefit of the fibre, whole veg/fruit etc. which is actually really good for you body too. Also you can add healthy oils, fats etc to it.

I think it's great that you're getting in some fruits & veggies though - morning sickness is not allowing me to get in too many right now :(


I was doing almost daily smoothies of some sort until about 6 weeks, then morning sickness kicked in, and I haven't been able to stomach the thought of one since :( 

I'm looking forward to adding them back in slowly - don't think I'll do it every day though.


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Hello Gals,

I really appreciate that feedback. I enjoyed my juice but am worried that it will be too much punch for the little bean. I have low blood pressure (haven't checked since pregnant though). 

I think the smoothie idea is probably the better idea.

Right now I don't want to do anything to fanatical.  I am in the 2nd trimester, but want to get to the 3rd without problems.

I'm also older so I don't want to add anything to the mix.


Thanks for the cautionary words.  I really appreciate them!

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I can't imagine why it would be BAD to drink fresh juice while pregnant.  


I've been drinking fresh juice (that I juice at home) for several years now.  I don't particularly follow recipies.  I just try different things and see what tastes good together.  


If you are juicing leafy stuff like spinach and lettuce its good to do those first or in the middle and push something hard through at the end like carrots, celery or apples.  OH and tiny bits of things like ginger are good to do first or in the middle too... just make sure you don't do those types of things last - run something else through to push out all the good juice


have fun!

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Completely agree with you, Pinkbruise. I juice a lot and feel that it's an amazing way to get some of those fantastic phytonutrients in you. I personally always use organic, both to avoid for the pesticide issues and for the increased nutritional value. Anyone who says juicing is bad for a pregnant woman has no idea what s/he is talking about. What could be more healthy, really? And if you're like me and can't handle fiber, juicing is the best way to go. Cooking breaks down the nutrients, so juicing delivers all of those nutrients intact. 1-2 cups of juice/day, especially if you include kale (the highest nutrient density vegetable out there) and soften the bitterness with carrots, apples, celery and cucumber, you'll feel great. I even add parsley, but that may be an acquired taste. One huge benefit of this juicing is that I'm a lot less hungry, I suppose because I'm getting so many nutrients in one shot.

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I really need to amp up my nutrition now that the aversions are waning. Thanks for the reminder! :-)

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I'm so happy to find more juicers!  It is a great way to do our babies good.  And they will get the taste for it and hopefully have no aversion to eating their veggies when they are older!

I had a great juice this morning: 1 beet, 2 carrots, 3 celery stalks, 5 leaves of Kale and one apple. It was really like having a salad in a glass without having to tolerate digesting so much roughage as I have some digestive problems and too much fiber puts me in misery.


Bostonmummy - I agree totally with you and Pinkbruise - Juicing is great! The only thing I want to say is I'd not use too much Parsley. I hope you don't mind me saying so, but I heard that in high doses it can be dangerous to pregnant women.  Parsley is what they call a mild emmenagogue (an herb which stimulates menstruation).  But I think that is when taken in very high dosages. Used in cooking doses or to freshen up a juice shouldn't be a problem.  Used in moderation it's fine.


I found this and more information on this site:  http://www.pregnancyandchildren.com/pregnancy/pregnancy_dangerous_herbs.htm


One can drive oneself nuts worrying about every little thing we ingest so I think the key is moderation.  I heard about rotating greens when your juicing. Not sure why...


Does anyone have any favorite Juicing or Smoothie Recipes?


The one thing I miss about not being in the USA is Whole Foods & Trader Joe's.  The Whole Foods buffet/cafe is incredible! I miss their organic chicken dishes.  I'm not a fan of cooking meat and I'm not a real big meat eater - so it was easier for me to buy it all made- prepared in so many different ways - I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!  I would go broke if I lived near a Whole Foods - there goes the baby's college fund! (my family refers to Whole Foods as Whole Paycheck). O, but the eatin' would be fantastic!!!!  Off to pine and beg Whole Foods to come to Wales!








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I'm juicing veggie juice 3-4 times a week and it really helPs me feel better. I always have more energy on the days I make time to juice. My kids are constantly asking to juice veggies so that helps keep me motivated (the little nags lol).
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