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NYC tips please!

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Hi there, my sister is flying to the US in a couple of weeks, and prior to visiting us in RI, wants to fly into NYC and spend a few days sightseeing.

She needs some ideas for cheap places to stay for a couple of nights, in ok areas, as she will be by herself.

Any ideas welcome!!!



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I would recommend looking at tripadvisor.com.  Depending on the price range she's looking for she can definitely find something on the site.  Manhattan will be quite pricey, for a decent one room $400/night and up, but might be able to get something in Brooklyn or Queens for cheaper.  I'd say stay away from anything above 125th St. (in Manhattan), although the area has gotten better over the years still can get a bit scarey especially at night.

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thanks for the info. Anyone else out there with tips ?


i know there are some great hostels to stay in. back in '95 I stayed in the banana bungalows hostel and it was cheap but fairl;y unmemorable.

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