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whats this mean

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im 9 months pregnant and am due in 2 weeks im having a boy but the past couple of days i have had major sharp pains in my vagina it feels like someone took steel toe boots and kicked me in the box and when i stand up the pain is so intense...plus i have found that the baby is moving way way way more than normal it hurts alot....confused.gif

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Do you know if you are dilated at all?  Any other pain around the back?  Could be sign of oncoming labor.

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It sounds like the baby might be punching or kicking your cervix.

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Yeah, my baby liked to keep his hand up by his face and sometimes it would cause sharp pains like that. It can also happen if they are just wiggling their little heads and getting low. As much as it hurts, just think that it might be starting to open and thin your cervix a little and every bit of work your body does before, is less work to do in labour!

So just try to balance your activity with some walking and stretching (gentle yoga maybe?) and then warm baths and resting with your feet up.

Or just rest, if you don't feel like moving.

I would only worry about pain if you had symptoms of a bladder infection, (especially burning with urination, since frequency and urgency are pretty much guaranteed at this point in your pregnancy), if the pain was constant and/ or you had bleeding, or if your baby wasn't moving as much as usual. If those things happen contact your dr or midwife right away.

Otherwise, just worry about doing whatever keeps you comfortable, and practice relaxation for labour!


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This happens to me also. My midwife said it's head-on-pelvis grinding contact, which explains the stabbing pain. She calls them "zingers," and I told her that sounded more polite that "internal icepick to the vagina," which is what it FEELS like. 

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