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Erica-yeah, fuzzibunz.
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Boots, when I read your symptoms I wondered whether you have been sitting a lot grading papers and gotten some muscle spasms in your back?  Then you started talking about the standardized tests and sitting.  A chiropractor or physical therapist may be able to figure out if it is muscle spasms.  I had wicked back pain with pain shooting down to about just a little below the buns that was relieved by some back stretching exercises and leg lifts.  Can't remember if laying on your back is bad for pregnant women, but check out this youtube video and see if the pain subsides any http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=iv&annotation_id=annotation_15590&src_vid=6yEZoKv7q9g&v=RjfulwpRHyQ and it made all the difference in the world.  Feels good to stretch out the lower back.  The part I recommend finishes by 2:40 seconds.  the other stretches are good too.  Hoping you can make it to the end of the school year pain free.  When is your last day of school? 

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Anzaluza- Caly- Yeah it seems very hard to leave the baby no matter the care situation.  We did the math at my current job I would be taking home about half as well and that did not leave enough to make it worth it- this was long before the whole graduate school thing came along.  Once I am in my internship I will need to figure out 2 days of childcare- little ert will be about a year then so I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it- possibly the university day care.  So many decisions to make.  -- Also I am with you Andaluza- I am trying to cherish being pregnant and not worry about all of the possibilities.


Erica- I go by weeks- my and dh had this discussion Yesterday funny it appeared here- about 9/10 month thing vs. weeks- guess pregnancy is about 9 1/2 calendar weeks- 10 sets of 4 weeks.  For people who do not know the significant of weeks I say I am about ____________ months and divide by 4 - he he.


Thank youth all the ladies who chimed in on the diaper discussion- some of the forums on here are so long I can't even begin to decipher what is important.


Boots- Hope you figure out the pain- I have never been to a chiropractor either so no advise here!


AFM- I went to my fetal echo-cardiogram- they ruled out the major anomalies so that is great.  I am so flipping relieved.  annnnnd................................. after my OB said her best guess was a GIRL......





broc1.gifbroc1.gif  IT'S A BOY!!!!!broc1.gifbroc1.gif


I am so happy, I would have been thrilled either way- but knowing really solidifies this pregnancy and allows me to dream about our little family.














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Sparrows, hurrah for your little boy! joy.gifSo glad the scan showed a healthy baby!


Just checking in to see if Boots is feeling any better. Any luck with the antibiotics or the chiropractor? Hope you're OK!

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Also, I thought you guys would get a kick out of the one and only belly picture I've made public:


Photo Apr 22, 10 32 15 AM.jpg


So many choices, so little room for food! Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!

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Hey Caly and everyone,

Thanks for the support with this issue. The chiro said she thinks I have a spasm in my hip flexor. She did the electrical stimulation on it and did a few mild adjustments, told me to ice and rest. Cause is probably just relaxin and bones moving (ugh.) Pain is better but not gone by any means, another appointment Tuesday. Annoyingly, my doctor's office still doesn't have the results of my urine test and I didn't want to just keep taking the antibiotics and risk a yeast infection and tummy upset, so I stopped, since I think this is a muscle issue. I had no idea a muscle could hurt so sharply!


Caly, I LOVE the picture. :)


4 more weeks of school!



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boots, glad to hear it was a muscle issue.  Did your chiropractor give you any exercises to help the muscles relax?  I hope so.  The video I posted earlier has some good ones to make the pain go away.

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How is everyone?  


Congratulations on the boy and the good echo, sparrows! I hope you are enjoying all the good news.


So glad to hear that your pain is improving, Boots!


I saw your pic the other day when I checked in briefly, Caly, but it just took me until now to realize why I have been craving donuts!!!


Things are pretty hectic for a few weeks, so much so that I had almost forgotten that it's my birthday on Thursday! DH says that he'll make a nice dinner, and I visit another of the child care places then.

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hi all,


I am sorry I've been so out of it; I've missed so much!!!!!!!!!!!


joy.gifROSIE, so happy for you and DH and your little man.  Thank you for sharing your birth story.  It really gives one a lot to think about...and also a lot of comfort.  You're strong as hell and that's awesome! It's nice to hear how things really can go weird and still be OKAY.  Or more than okay!


Boots!  So sorry you've been in pain.  I hope the chiro helps.  I know when I have a bad headache I can hardly deal.  I can't imagine how I'd deal with back pain like that.


Caly, love the pic.  Cute belly! If I had a dollar for every person who said I "need to take pictures of my growing belly..."


All you other ladies talking about CD cracks me up....because it's been on my mind, too.I have a bit of time.


I send greetings and good vibes to everyone.  Bel, glad you chimed in with an update!


I am 17 weeks tomorrow and feeling good!  Midwives continue to be cool and comfortable.  I signed us up for Bradley this summer.


Have a great Wednesday ladies!




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Lilac, thanks! I saw my chiro again yesterday. She gave me some stretches this time. Last time my pain was at a 7/10, so I think she didn't want me stretching yet. I will look at the stuff you posted, too.


blowkiss.gifCath, so happy to hear from you! Glad you are doing well and 17 weeks already! Feeling the baby yet? It will happen soon! I just think it's funny Honey Badger refuses to get up when I get up. S/he usually wakes up around 2nd or 3rd period.


Sparrows, congrats on your BOY! :) Got any names picked out? babyboy.gif


Happy early birthday, Andaluza! birthday.gif


And can we all shower our fearless threadkeeper Caly in virtual hugs, her DH is leaving for five weeks tomorrow. grouphug.gif


Bel and twinsies, thinking of you! slingtwin.gif


I'm in a pretty good mood today. Only three weeks left of school after this one! joy.gif

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And can we all shower our fearless threadkeeper Caly in virtual hugs, her DH is leaving for five weeks tomorrow. grouphug.gif


Of course!  I hope the 5 weeks fly by, Caly, and everything goes smoothly in his absence. I was on a research trip last May for the month and I know how hard it can be.

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Lots of hugs to Caly, and I love that pic with the donuts Sheepish.gif!!


And Andaluza, I wanted to say... you look AWESOME in the belly thread! Super cute... and happy birffffday!


AFM: My cousin had her baby a little early (She was due 5/3). Everyone is doing awesome, and I went to visit her on Tueday. In the hospital, all of a sudden I had myself a little freak out moment like "Ummmmmmmm. I really have to do this. A little girl like that is going to come out of me. Holy CRAP!"

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Ooh, go check out the Bajingo TTC'ers, Pitch got a BFP! kid.gif

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Yay pitch!!! That's so exciting!

Odin is a nursoholic and I have no idea how I'll continue school for the next three weeks. But it's okay, I have a cherub in my arms all day and I love it.

Can't wait for you ladies to meet your babies. It's incredible.
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Hope this works:




odin - two weeks

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Ahhh Rosie he's so cute and tiny!!!!! I miss tiny greensad.gif

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SO CUTE!  Ahhhh!

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Oh my goodness tiny little baby!  So adorable!

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What an adorable baby, Rosie, thanks for sharing!

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