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Originally Posted by bootsvalentine View Post

Why is that no matter how much time passes, I swear my ticker still looks in that same center position!?


Ohhh that ticker definitely slows the closer to your due date!

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Hi everyone!  I'm just peeking in... I have my first ultrasound on Friday so I don't want to jinx anything beforehand.  I'll be 6 weeks 3 days so hopefully this little bean will be in the right place and we can see a healthy heartbeat.  So far I'm feeling semi-okay for six weeks pregnant.  Terrible constipation is the main "complaint", and I definitely feel bloated and fatigued.  Thankfully, NO spotting this time!!  Hooray! 

We've decided to keep this pregnancy a secret (well, mostly) until after the ultrasound.  I have terrible thoughts about going in and the doctor telling me there's no baby in there, or there's no heartbeat, etc.  Fear has been a huge battle for me.  I don't really know how to expect the best, and I'm usually a very positive person. I think losing an early pregnancy steals a lot of the joy I should be feeling this time around.


But, with every day that passes, I am feeling a little bit more confident.  Fingers crossed for Friday!!  smile.gif

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I've also been wondering about Bel. Hope you're feeling good, mama!


Boots, I felt the same way about my ticker until very recently. I was just telling DH last night that it seems like it takes FOREVER to grow a baby.


I'm doing my first load of baby laundry (clothes, blankets, bibs, etc.) right now!  It feels kind of momentous. And I'm leaving for a doctor's appointment in about 10 minutes. I'm meeting the OB who works with my midwives today.

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hug2.gifPitch! The first several weeks are so scary. I didn't really feel confident until after our 12 week ultrasound when we saw something vaguely human-shaped squirming around in there! I can't imagine after a loss, as well. I think that the best advice that I got is that your worry doesn't affect the outcome, so try to stay out of distress if possible. So glad you are joining us. Good luck with your U/S. Are you still with the fertility clinic? I loved that they were so attentive, how many times did they check your betas?


Caly, good luck with the OB. I hope you like him/her.


My parents emailed me and let me know my aunt and uncle are sending me a bunch of stuff I packed up two summers ago that my grandma wanted me to have. It's like a lot of good china and stuff like that. My grandma is still living but lives in a very small place. I am dreading the arrival of 6 more boxes of stuff when we are trying to clean and make room for baby stuff. Why did they have to decide now when it was packed up two years ago?

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Pitch: I think you just coming in here and saying hi shows a lot. For some reason, I was much more confident with my 2nd pregnancy that my first (which was the early loss). Good luck on Friday! But I have a feeling you know you're golden. xx.


Boots: Lol. Do you remember when we were both so excited to be in double digits?! I feel like that wasn't all that long ago, but it was 14 weeks ago for me! Ooofa!


AFM: Just acquired a ton of 2nd hand baby goodies from my cousin. Good lordddddd, I have SIX leaf sized bags of cloths up to 2T. Very excited about that. Now I just need to sort through the sizes and put away what I won't be using right away. Also scored a bassinet, moses basket, monitor, pool floaty, 2 sets of crib bedding, jumper, and for our parents houses... a pack and play, play mat, diaper bag (for my MIL who will be babysitting when I go back to work), and a crib set for her house. Nice! My DH is having a slight meltdown with the amount of stuff that is now coming into the house. He's busy going through his closets/dresser today getting rid of crap he doesn't need... consideringggggggg his stuff is all in the babies future room! He's got a lot of work to do. He's on vacation for the next couple of weeks, so he has quite a list. Next up, painting the nursery! We just ordered the crib too... really excited about all this. My major in college was Design which I don't really use at my job at all, so I'm in my gloryyyyyyyy putting this room together. And I just started putting together my cloth diaper stash, which are about the cutest things ever... even MORE excited there! Sheepish.gif

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Erica- I am also super excited about decorating my nursery.  I love decorating and design and I also don't get to use my art background in my job so this will be great! 


Pitch- Welcome Welcome over here!! I am super excited for you- Honestly I was thinking this place was going to be really empty really soon- I think i am second to least far along in my pregnancy here.  I totally empathize with your situation- I lost a pregnancy at 16 weeks then had an early loss.  I was so hesitant to loose myself in excitement in this pregnancy and I finally allowed my self to go to prenatal yoga and tell all of my family and friends.  I wish you the very very best- the innocents is lost but it can still be a cautiously invigorating and thrilling experience.  

Rambuzo- don't say that- ahhhhh I am super excited to be at the halfway point but I feel like the next big milestone is either 30 or 36 weeks which is forever away- guess I am just going to savor the time to sleep and prepare! How is your leetle guy?
Caly- I hope you like the OB in case you end up having to work with them.  I just opened a package of baby clothes I ordered- it makes it really real to handle baby clothes- ahhhhhh :)
Boots- not much more to go until you can meet your summer fun goals- hoe your field trips go well!!
Andaluza- Bel and all others- hope your pregnancies are all going really well!!
AFM- I have one more fetal echo next week.  I am plugging away at my craigslist purchasing madness!  I will now have a crib, dresser/changer, glider and need a hamper and other decor but the major stuff is out of the way- I think it would be fun when my mom is out here to sew the crib bedding- I just want a quilt for the floor when we play and a crib skirt.  I am not going to have a bumper or any fabric stuff in the bed.  Actually he will be sleeping in the co-sleeper for a long while and probably naps in the crib.  
What do you all think about sound vs video monitor?  I am debating on whether or not we want a hand held video monitor????
My goals this week are to pick up on on my prenatal vitamins- I have been slacking- floss more : ) and start to really read some of the pregnancy and baby books I bought when Borders went out of business.  
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Sparrows, actually 24 weeks is a big milestone, considered "viability" where babies that are born early have a 50/50 chance of surviving. Then there's entering 3rd trimester! All pretty major stuff.


I can't decide about sound vs. video monitor, either. I have assigned that decision to the huz but he's slow on the uptake. I dunno, I keep going back and forth. I hear a lot of people say video is just superfluous, but a lot of people say they wanted to switch after just having sound, too. But we're using a cosleeper until it's outgrown, too, so maybe we can postpone the decision...

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privateeyes.gif boots, you'll probably want a monitor for naps at least from the start. From my experience, I wanted to check on her a million times with the sound monitor, but what I wanted was to see and hear breathing: that's what calmed me. I don't think a video monitor can show that (sometimes I had to put my hand on her chest to feel it, cause it was so quiet/slight movement...I know...neurotic), so I'd go with sound and then go in as needed for mama anxiety.
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Pitch: I think the waiting to tell is really normal after a loss. I really didn't tell people (other than immediate family) until like 15 weeks! Thank goodness for mdc so I had somewhere to talk.


Sparrow: Don't worry about how long you have left. You're probably in my favorite time. Everyday I felt more and more going on in my belly, like I almost felt a little personality starting to emerge. I felt really good and getting all the baby stuff together was so fun (yay for craigslist!). My little Brody is doing good and getting so big, thanks for asking. 


As for monitors.......

Originally Posted by Tear78 View Post

privateeyes.gif boots, you'll probably want a monitor for naps at least from the start. From my experience, I wanted to check on her a million times with the sound monitor, but what I wanted was to see and hear breathing: that's what calmed me. I don't think a video monitor can show that (sometimes I had to put my hand on her chest to feel it, cause it was so quiet/slight movement...I know...neurotic), so I'd go with sound and then go in as needed for mama anxiety.

this is me exactly. I want to know he's breathing and a video monitor just lets me know he's still in the crib.

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Thanks so much for the input on monitors! I think I will go with just sound, especially if I have to buy it myself. Maybe I can inherit one from my friends who are upgrading to video.


Just wanted to bump and see how everyone is. I have FOUR days left of school after today. This week has been crazy but I've been okay. Resting a lot at home and watching Queer Eye on netflix to unwind. :)


Lots of grading to do this weekend. I was going to do my GD 1 hour test but I don't think it's a good idea since I have so much work to do and I might feel crappy. I hope my doc is understanding, I am going to see her on Monday and I'd rather be able to tell her I did it already. But I will be 27 weeks on Tuesday, so I should still have time to do it next weekend.

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Boots, we're so close!  I have four lectures left then 40 homeworks, 40 quizzes, 30 blog posts, and 70 finals to grade.  Then committee meetings and then graduation.  Ahhhhhh!  I'm so close, but so far away.  And that little ticker doesn't include the 40 essays I'm hacking through today.  Why can't we just be finished so we can revel in little baby onesies! 


Ramzubo, you're totally right about this time (I'm around 27/28 weeks now).  The little dude/tte is really rocking in there, and every week there's a new crazy movement.  It's really exciting. 


In general though (and I hate to say it), I'm not in love with pregnancy.  I just want to meet this little wackadoodle and hang out.  Fortunately, due to my work schedule, all the fun stuff (organizing onesies and decorating the nursery and having showers) is still to come, so that gives me something to look forward to.  I've also just gotten two requests for articles, which is freaking me out a bit since I was planning on just putting my feet up after classes and snoozing for the next two months.  I may end up doing more work than is ideal, but I guess that's the cost of getting tenure.


I hope everyone else is doing great!  I haven't been able to keep up with personals, so my apologies.  Keep me updated though on how things are going!  And congrats to the new members who just got BFPs!!! 

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Boots - you say your ticker isn't moving...I say omg I can't believe how pregnant you are already!!!
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Turned all my grades in at 3 today ladies!  I am officially on vacation (almost- down to 10 hours of tutoring a week anyway).  I had a 33 week Dr.'s appoint yesterday and baby girl is looking good- head down and measuring right on schedule.  My blood pressure has gone up just a bit, but supposedly that is normal towards the end of pregnancy.  I get kind of anxious about it because my older daughter was induced due to rising blood pressure and I really want to avoid induction if possible.  I get really anxious (generalized anxiety disorder) about BP in the doctor's office (and everything else) so it is hard for them to get a regular reading- they always have to try more than once.  I am going to a "meet the doulas" gathering tonight and hopefully I will find one who suits us well.


I hope all of you are getting celebrated for mother's day this weekend.  Remind your SO's that you are mother's already and about what you are doing for them right now.


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Thank you ladies for all the well wishes!


Boots - I am sure everything will work itself out for the school year.  My sister is a teacher and my niece came right when school started.  You are an awesome teacher and will have those plans done!  Glad ice is helping and hope the Pepcid is doing its thing as well.  I'm so sorry that you are going through an emotional roller coaster.  You are almost there...which I know doesn't make things any easier...how was field day?  The ticker seems to go slow but then you'll be in the home stretch before you know it!


Caly - those BH definitely make you aware of how active you are - slow down lady!  Awesome your co-worker is throwing you a shower.  I loved throwing my co-workers - its such a happy time.  I'm with you on the uncomfortableness of this time...instead of being behind me the snoogle is now used to have me sleep sitting up.  However you are most comfy!  Glad mom is coming into town!  I need to get on laundry this weekend myself!  I will take your lead!


CACountryGirl - Thanks for the suggestion.  I was intially going to work until I popped, but this week my body told me "you're done" and I do have a lot of stuff I need to do at home, so it works out.  (Glad you got everything in!)


Andaluza - Glad your work shower was great and you got some good stuff!  That's wonderful that DHs work is doing one as well.  Very cool.  (As far as storage my basement is a baby depot at the moment - it'll work out.)


Lily - I love hearing heartbeats!  Glad everything is going great for you and baby!  (I want to get onto the fun stuff, too but have a million things to do first as well)


2sweetsparrows - Glad the 20 week scan as great!  I'm jealous that you are preparing ahead.  I still have so much to do.  haha  Craigslist is awesome.  As for monitors I was worried about having premies and thought sound/movement.  My co-workers baby is a noisy sleeper, so she actually likes the video. 


Pitch - yay!  And I totally did the same thing...except DH told his parents before I wanted him too.  It was too exciting for him I guess...


ericaf - score for all the baby stuff!  I guess I am the one at home wondering where to put everything.  Glad DH has some time off to get it done. 


Tear - neurotic one here! 


AFM - so my external ear infection never went away and I went to an ENT.  Now I'm on oral antibiotics for fluid behind my ear drum.  Miserable!  I want some sedatives so I don't go nuts.  I already feel awful for all the meds I am taking, but OB says as long as its on 'ok' list its ok!  Sigh...  It'll get better... its just hard when its already difficult to get comfy.  It'll be ok...I know...but I am tired of waiting.  Think happy thoughts!  )Workin on it!)

Again, I'm lucky the babies are good and thats all that matters!  (They are nice and comfy in there, too!)


Hope everything is wonderful with everyone!  And yes - Happy Mother's Day ladies!  Have a wonderful weekend!

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Happy Mother's Day twice over to you, too, Bel! I am so sorry you're still feeling crappy! I hope this round of meds does the trick. You are SO close, you have other things to worry about! Get some more rest!  sleepytime.gif (my fav smiley ever :)


Rosie, I always wanted someone to say that to me about my ticker! :) blowkiss.gif


Okay, I have a new very weird pregnancy symptom. I have a sore spot on my scalp. It did start after getting my hair done, but it's been there for over a week. Feels like a bruise. Google says this sometimes happens in pregnancy. Weird.


DID I MENTION FOUR MORE DAYS OF SCHOOL!?? :) *highfives* Lily and CACountryGirl! :)

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Happy Mother's Day, ladies! blowkiss.gif

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Happy Mothers Day lovely Mamas and Mother's-to-be heartbeat.gif

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Do you know what I want for Mother's Day? An ultrasound order! Come on doc, appointment is tomorrow! Honey Badger, your days of living in anonymity are numbered, I hope!

I swear if hir legs are crossed this time, I am giving up on knowing, ever! Tell me at high school graduation. :)

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I really should be in bed right now, but I just wanted to drop everyone a line


Rosie, sorry I'm the latest person EVER, but congratulations and what a lovely boy you've got there!


Bel, you're so close, holy crap!  For that matter, all of you are looking close from here, I guess that's what happens when I disappear for a month.


Anyway, I'm still keeping track of you, even if only sporadically.


Caly, you're in my thoughts with your husband gone.  It sucks, that.


Thinking of you all . . . baby about to start wiggling, must get to bed soon!

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Hope everyone had a lovelyyyy Mother's Day! I kinda played musical Erica and was all over the dang place, but all in all... it was a nice day. And ever single one of my friends called or texte me to say Happy Mother's Day. I thought that was so nice!!


Went for my 24 weeks appt last night. Someoneeeeeeeeeee was sucking her thumb for the u/s. It was so dang cute. First time we've seen that. She's 1 lb 14 oz now andddd, still standing on her head. She's been that way the past 2 Dr's visits. Apparently she likes that position, lol. I always feel little movement and flutters down on the left, so I figured it was her hands... and sometimes I get a sharp kick on the top right, or just an achy pain there and I thought it was her foot... anddddd it was. Her little heel was jammed there. Lol.

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