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Bajingo in the Spring-O, Part Deux: Having #1 in Our 30's, Spring 2012 - Page 9

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OMG, Boots, did you have your ultrasound? I'm dying here!


Hykue, it's so nice to hear from you!


Just got back from a business trip and am totally exhausted. Hauling this kid around is hard work and I'm basically not sleeping at all. Love and blowkiss.gif to everyone - more later, I promise!

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ultrasound Friday 3:30

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Originally Posted by bootsvalentine View Post

ultrasound Friday 3:30

Woot!  I would give a stern lecture to the Honey Badger about the importance of cooperating prior to the u/s.

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Anyone want to take over threadkeeping duties in June?

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I'll do it! I haven't been a threadkeeper for so long :)


Plus I got nothing but time! School is done!

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Boots, congratulations on making it through!  I remember your posts from way back in the day on our DDC when you were like "I have ten more weeks of this, GAH!"  And now you can just lie in the grass or do whatever.  What are your plans for your break?  I'm assuming you have some kind of administrative stuff at some point, no?  I still have finals and grading next week and then a ton of writing to do, but my brain is already very much in summer mode.  It's a great feeling.

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Happy belated Mother's day to all!


Great news about school being over, Boots, and I hope that the scan tells you something definitive today! 


I hope you're feeling well, Pitch, and I'm so happy you had a great scan at 6w (I know I read that on the ttc thread)!


Erica, I hope you're enjoying the hand-me-downs and having fun putting the nursery together. Great news about your scan. We had an unexpected source from work give me 8 (!) boxes of baby clothes from 0-18 mo and lend us baby carriers and an assortment of big items such as stroller, bouncy seat, play mat, walker/exerciser, and so much else I haven't even had time to work through. We are still in shock about how fortunate this was. Dh even said, and I tend to agree, that we would not have even bought that much clothing ourselves, so I really think we will have minimal else to acquire after this and the other showers we're having (but it will be big stuff like the car seat bases and seat and breast pump).


Hope your echo went well, sparrows, and that you're getting a lot of reading done. We also haven't decided on a monitor (oh, add that to the big list above).


So nice to hear from you, Bel, but I wish you were feeling better, and really hope you are by now. 


Glad you are gearing up for your summer schedule, LilyTiger, hope you fit everything in!


I've been a little mia these days because I'm getting back into working full time on the independent projects I need to finish before August, now that other responsibilities at work are over. I've been trying to read along, but contributing anything substantial is a little tough.


In general, I am feeling great and balanced, still lots of energy and only minor body complaints, except for a few mini breakdowns with dh. He's been really awesome for the most part, but some minor selfish things set me off this week on 2 occasions (so rare). One was trite and I'm over it; but the other I think was more serious (he resents our childbirth classes). He does well in the classes and takes notes, participates, and learns, but he really resents the teacher. I have to admit, she is knowledgeable but not very good at some of the didactic elements of the job aside from the activities we do (she spent an hour last night reviewing information from the lamaze website, which we could have just read on our own, adding just a few tidbits here and there). As an educator, he finds that morally offensive (I kind of agree).

But I know that dh needs to focus his attention on these issues so he can be supportive of my choices in the hospital and that is where I see the value of the classes, not in the quality of the teacher. I'm still trying to convince him that if it weren't for the classes, we probably wouldn't be focused enough on the issues we may need to raise when the time comes.


But otherwise he's been really on the ball and supportive about stuff. We bought a dresser at Ikea for the nursery and he spent hours on Sunday putting it together (typical Ikea), now that we have tons of clothes to store. He added the knobs, here's a shot, (where you can also tell a bit what a novice job of painting the room he did when we moved in 3 years ago...luckily he painted the bright pink room blue before this little one ever existed, although now by chance it's a little more gender-determined than we would typically care for):



Hope everyone has great weekend plans. I am going for a long walk in the park before getting to work today.

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Andaluza: I love that dresser! We just spent the better part of the last two nights assembling our crib, rocking chair, and little side table. Ooofaaaa. My DH has been a painting fool all week though, and I have to say... as impatient as he normally is... he really did a phenomenal job. I'll post pics when everything is all together! And you totally scored too... that's so awesome. Our loft is just coveredddd in baby stuff right now. Worries me knowing I have a baby shower coming up too! Now that the dresser is all painted and together, I gotta go through all those clothes and clean what I'm using now. Ooofaaa.


And I just saw these on fab.com and had to post for boots. I was cracking up!





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It's a boy!

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So your instincts were correct! Congrats, Boots! babyboy.gif

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Congrats on you boy boots!

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Boots: Hahahaha... you knew all along! Congrats, Missy!

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Boots- YAY for a little MAN!!!!  


Erica- you are about 4 weeks ahead of me- I can't believe how much you have accomplished- your productivity inspires me!!


Andaluza- the dresser and colors of the room look great.  I can't believe you scored all of those clothes.  I have a good friend in LA- we are super excited to both be having boys the same summer- me in fall.  She has decided that she is "One and DONE" and wants to send all of her baby stuff to us as soon as her little guy grows out of it so that is great- we just never know what will arrive...???


Hi All- I have been reading along lots just no time to post.  I had my fetal echo cardiogram last week and everything looked great.  They originally could not visualize soothing that might have indicated a hole in the heart.  I was pretty confident that it would turn out to be nothing, which it was- his little heart is beating perfectly- as is the rest of him.  I was freaking out a bit because I could not feel him well and questioned if I could feel him at all, then boom this past weekend when my mom was visiting- he became a little acrobat.  He is low- I guess I carry low- and upside-down his head is right on my bladder and sometimes he juts his head right in there and I feel like have to pee right after I just peed!  Then I shake him around a bit and he will give a little.  It is kind oaf little pops and bums here and there but wonderful to feel him.  I cannot wait until I have more distinct movement as you all who are further along explain.


My mother-in-law was in town and she drives me bonkers.  We told her we were going to Hawaii for a pre baby trip and to celebrate our 5 year anniversary and she said "your mama wants to gooo." in a super whiny voice.  She is such a child.  Then she just assumes that we will fly her out for the babies birth.  My mother is staying with us and I want my dh and a doula there- that is 3 people AT the hospital.  My mother is- well MY mommie- and she is super helpful and even.  She will not be offended if I tell her to leave or get something for us.  When she stays with us she pays for stuff and cleans and is wonderful.  DH's mom has no money, and needs to be taken care of- and gets jealous of anyone who gets my dh's attention.  She got a little snarky about the decision- I told dh that I could not handle all of the guests and that she could come out later.  He was a little offended then I explained that the general thought is that the birthing mother should decide and gets to line up the support she needs and minimize stressors like having house guests.  He explained that she just wants to be a part of things- but I really think she sticks her self in the middle of anything that takes attention and resources away from her.  I thanked him for his support and told him how much it meant to me that I will be comfortable during the birth of our first child--- Oy Vay!!!!!!



My mom came out right after her and was great, I dropped her off at the airport today which is always hard.  We had a great time picking out fabric for a quilt and crop skirt that she will sew for Ert's bedroom, went to a Giants game and a flamenco show to celebrate Mother's day, my birthday and our 5 year anniversary to the hour of the solar eclipse.  We had a big wedding in July- se we officially celebrate then but we have been married for 5 years. Guess I need to switch from host mode to productive mode and enjoyment mode for the rest of the summer before I start my program- oh and become a mom....Here....Comes...MOTHERHOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!



Hope you all are having a great start to your summer.

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Here's our little guy. :)


third trimester, yikes!

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Congratulations, Boots! It's so exciting and must feel great to know!


Sparrows, it's great that the echo turned out a perfect heart. Sounds like you'll be getting lots of cool hand-me-downs, too. I think that Hawaii sounds great and you certainly get to decide who attends the birth! Glad you had a great visit with your mom. 

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Congrats boots on your little boy!  Yeah!  Let the crafting/knitting begin in earnest with a gender specific theme!  Today is my last "official day" with kids in final exams.  Hope your last day is great and I am sure it is soon.

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Cobgrats boots!!!!!

I've been mia...sorry. I'm going to (hopefully) get an abscess drained today. Damn plug just wouldn't go away.

Here are some Odin pics: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1350530/the-baby-picture-thread/100#post_16985206
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boots: Aw!


2sweetsparrows: Well, thanks! Lol. I'm just a loon though. When we moved into our house, no lie, I had us 90% unpacked the first night. I'm THAT whackjob. I have the nursery pretty much done (and honestly, it helped me calm down a LOT. I was in a slight panic the past two weeks thinking this little girl would come early, and have no where to go.) but I'm still stalking my remaining shipping confirmations for a few things like a lamp, blanket, picture frames, pillows for my rocker, curtains, etc. Did I mentionnnn I was a Design Major? I'm in my glory. It's so fun. I was busy putting glass knobs on the dresser last night, and toile contact paper in the drawers. This is actual fun to me. Lol. As for our MIL... you poor thing!! I think you have every right to say you don't want her there, I would absolutely do the same. My MIL is a very sweet woman, but she's nervous and has panic attacks and is super duper pessimistic (My Mom and I are the polar opposite of her). So I definitley couldn't handle her there either. It wasn't even an option. My Mom sounds quite like your Mom. I've already told her I want her in the room with me. Maybe not for the actual delivery (we shall seeee) but definitely with the laboring, and afterwards. She's very helpful, and lives about 5 minutes from me and has already offered to stay at our house the first week to help. And she totally will. She'll be awesome. My DH Mom would actually be okay afterwards TOO, just not during. No way Jose. And it's funny. My DH is a career fireman... he could totally deliver this baby himself if he wanted to, but... because it's ME? He'll be a mess. You should've seen him after my mastectomy. His little face. You would've thought HE was the one who had the surgery. Lol!! So glad your echo turned out perfect. Yay! Oh and Hawaii? Take meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, forget your MIL. Lol.


Rosie: Your pics aren't showing up on that link for some reason?


AFM: Just doing nursery stuff, and whatnot. I'm purchasing my hypnobabies today. Has anyone else done that, or interested in that? Thoughts? DH and I are going on a little "babymoon" for a long weekend to Maine after Memorial Day. I'm pretty pumped. It's just a tiny little cottage on the water that we can bring our dogs to. Sounds beautiful. And baby... wants lobster. Badly. Oh. And my next Dr's appt, I have that stupid glucose testing which I'm dreading. I feel freakin fine. I don't wannaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. <--- 100% whining.

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I was unbelievably happy with hypnobabies. I thoroughly believe it contributed to my moderately fast, easy labor. To the point that I was in denial I was in labor. Then it was instrumental when labor took an unexpected turn (feet first!) and I had to resist the urge to push. THAT was difficult but I really credit my hypnobabies tools with helping maintain myself and my composure. I was skeptical of the length of labor claims, but completely understand how the hypnobabies program works, scientifically.
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wow think I'll pick up that hypnobabies book- we are doing a Bradlely class but I may go to a hypnotist and read hypnobabies before the birth to gain some skills.  


Boots - wow that is a neat u/s we just have the typical skeleton baby profile- that must be a total trip to see!


Erica- your husband sounds sweet and empathetic!  I just didn't like that I had to EXPLAIN that the norm is allowing the birthing mother to make decisions about her own birth.  But all is well that ends well- glad you are also taking a baby moon Main sounds great right now!  mmmmmmmm...lobster.!


Rosie- Little Odin is such cute sweetheart- he has such a sweet face and little cuddle belly awwwwww.


Seems like all you teaching mamas out there should be coming around the bend to finish up your school years- hope you are able to recoup and catch some rest and relaxation.  


AFM - starting on Sunday my heart started beating much harder.  I am a little scared.  I have read that this can be normal but I really don't like it and will be afraid to fly if it keeps up.  I took my blood pressure and it is a little higher that normal.  I think I am going to rest for a few days to see if that helps.  I have never had any heart type issues and it feels weird.  I am kind of cursing this situation because - after my losses I wanted to pass points to feel comfortable- then I had the NT scan thing- then the fetal echo thing- and all has turned out great- then just when I feel I am in the clear to enjoy this pregnancy my heart starts acting weird- so disappointed and frustrated.  I can deal with the weird feeling but then I worry about the possible implications for me and my baby.  Guess I'll call my OB and see what they have to say- darn it darn it darn it!!! : (

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