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Hi everyone!  Well, I'm 9 weeks today and I finally feel like we can get excited about this baby.  This pic is from my 2nd ultrasound last week at 8 weeks (why yes, I instagrammed my Lil Gummy Bear!), and everything looked "perfect", according to my doctor.  We even heard the heart beating!  164 beats per minute!  I've been released to my regular OB, and my first appointment there is one week from today.  This is really happening!


Thanks for your kind, supportive words earlier in the thread.  I've been purposefully OFF google and other sites because they can really freak me out!  I've just been holding my breath... I don't know why I've been so scared, but I am getting better.  Physically, I'm definitely having pregnancy symptoms at this point.  My nausea picks up around 6 pm and I feel totally awful by bedtime.  Mostly just sore breasts and nipples, tons of heartburn and burping, and rolling nausea.  Thankfully I don't throw up, but I've had dry heaves a couple of times.  I'm the opposite of "morning sickness" because mornings I feel great!  ha.


DH and I already love this Lil Gummy Bear so much!  I read everyone's posts and I can't wait to get further along... I think this bond will just get stronger and stronger. 


Boots, congrats on a BOY!!! 


I'm definitely looking into Hypnobirthing.  If anyone remembers from the TTC thread, I did Hypnofertility last year and loved it. 

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hug2.gifPitch! So glad everything is going well. Before you know it, your gummy bear will look more like a baby. It's amazing how much they change between 9 and 12 weeks. At the 12 week scan we were like, OMG, that's a baby! (For the two seconds that HB let us see his profile, hehe). Sorry about the sickness, ugh! I wish there were a magic solution but it is so different for everyone. Keep trying stuff. I definitely recommend a heartburn medication, it has saved me. I just take pepcid but I think some of the other ladies here have had good luck with prevacid which might be a little stronger. Then you can read all the crazy MS remedies. I think the biggest key is eating small bits of protein all day, like every hour or two. That seems to help most people. I had some luck with B6 and seabands for nausea.


Livingsky, it's definitely hot here but I tend to stay inside and avoid it as much as possible, so that might be why I'm still feeling okay. Kayden is just so cute, your faces must ache from smiling (saw the pic in the bajingo mamas thread) Good luck starting on TTC again.


Caly, I am glad to know that you have the same fears...I also wrote to my friend who is coming out for my shower and she was so reassuring. I know these feelings are normal but I wasn't prepared for how intense they are. I think my biggest fear at this point is getting diagnosed with GD and then being told that means automatic C-section or induction, which I know it doesn't! but I would also feel like all my good feelings about my doctor would go away, and I would be no better off than I was at the first place, which is STUPID, because they have treated me so well and are only going by evidence-based testing and not just assuming anything like the first place. As scary as I find vaginal birth, and as undecided as I am about pain meds, I have a lot of C-section fear for whatever reason. I am afraid I'll have a painful recovery and then have to go back to teaching full-time 8 weeks later.

ALSO I am starting to freak out about money although I haven't really been looking at our finances. I look at things that we will need off our registry if people don't buy them, and things I didn't put on, like breast pads, nursing bras, etc. and I just think we are going to be so broke, even though we've been trying to be thrifty.

Huz is almost done painting the nursery (it looks soooo good) and we took down the paper blinds we put up when we moved in, now i am trying to decide how to replace them without spending a million dollars. We are so deep in nesting right now so that's overwhelming, too.

Yay for A coming home soon, although I know you will miss your mama! It's great they are coming back to meet their granddaughter. Is it their first grandchild?


My 3-hour glucose test is Thursday. Scary, but not nearly as scary and wonderful as Bel giving birth Thursday! Big day!


Hope everyone is having a good day. I have to go figure out some more carbs to eat, my doctor has "carbo-load" instructions before the test as not to shock your system with the sugar and hopefully to have you produce more insulin? I don't know if it will really work or not, since I was diagnosed with insulin-resistance pre-pregnancy.

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CA country Girl: Adventures in mommyhood has been a major adjustment, but we're all happy and healthy and not too sleep deprived! Good luck with the birth of dd2 and be sure to come on over and join us at http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1350030/bajingo-babies-mommies-spring-2012


Yay Pitch for a healthy gummy bear! hope the ms takes it easy on you.


Good luck on your test Boots!


and yay Bel babies will be here soon!

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CACountry- I chose a dula, I am like 90% sure she will work out.  We talked on the phone extensively and she really has a similar philosophy to me.  Did you choose one?  I will meet with her on Sat morning.  I did not end up going to a meet the doulas because I got a recommendation and thought I would see where that went before we took the time for the meet the doulas.


Erica- I love the decor!!!  That is exactly what I would have done if the baby was a girl.  It is so fun to put it all together.  I had a vision for Ert's nursery but I am having to compromise because I am purchasing furniture off of craigslist and I am looking for specific brands- therefore sometimes I have had to compromise with the color.  I have decided I am going with inspiration from: classic (wood)--- biplanes-- and rustic hand drawn animal look- I hope it all works in the end????.  I am debating on a neutral ivory wall or a really light aqua or yellow.


LivingSky- Yeah I have heard that you don't want the babes walking too soon - i think as long as you are not encouraging the walking- like walking them around, then they just do what they do when they are ready.  I am crossing my fingers for you 2ww- It'll happen soooon!


Lilytiger- georgous dresser!!  I is very similar to the dresser we have in out bedroom which had a contoured body- I love that idea.  We already have a big baby dresser but it does not have that step thing so we can use it when he gets older.  I am excited to see more pictures!


Andaluza- So nice that you were able to get some gift cards- have fun spending them!!!  


Caly- I hear you on the money front- we are okay- my Mother in law needs help from my dh from time to time- (she is a spending addict and did not plan for retirement at all even though she made plenty of money) so I get worried about things- I don't even know how dh's life insurance is allocated and never cared until now.  I am not working and will start school in fall.  I am sure we are okay and can afford the things we need but it is unnerving to know I will not be bringing in money for three years- until my program is done. I get nervous when I buy things for the little guy- I just have to remember that we are alright.- Oh and when the baby arrives my dh can change the plan- to make sure most of it will be allocated to me- cheerful subject???


Boots- sorry about your anxiety about the possibilities with the birth- I can get carried away thinking about what will be the worst things that can happen.  I am also getting sick about once a week.  Me and dh went out for pasta and I got sick as soon as I got hem and was like WTF?  I thought I was over this...eeerrrrrrrr.  Can't wait to see pics of your nursery sounds like it is coming along great!  I real need to pick out paint so we can get that started before the heat sets in- stay cool over there in AZ!


Pitch- YAY for your little gummy bear!!  I totally get the holding breath- after my losses it has been really hard to relax and google is not good- glad you are staying off- I research myself in to a tizzy!  it is so healthy that you love that little bear so much.  All you can do is fall in love and hope for the best.  Every week I am pregnant I am so thankful for that week that the baby made it.  


Bel- Sorry to hear about the baby turning- that mushy have been hard - but the important thing- YAY for fat healthy happy babies!!  Can't wait to hear form you after Thursday- I'll be thinking of you and the babes!!


Everyone else - Hope you are had a nice long weekend!


AFM- I went to my OB about my heart thing and as luck would have it my blood pressure was great at the visit- she told me to wait a week to see if things would calm down and if they were still going on they would have me see a cardiologist.  The symptoms improved and I get a hard heart beet about once a day for 1-2 min- as opposed for 3-4 hours at a time all day and night for the three days.  I guess it fixed its self????  I had my 23 week apt today.  They told me about what pre-eclemsia was and measured my tummy- she said I was measuring a little big but not to worry- (my dh was almost 11 lbs- I was 5.15oz so???) but she said that it is common to start out a little above then even out.  I was also ordered to have my 1st GD test - which I hope I will pass.  I am not looking forward to it She also told me about fetal movement tracking- which sounds extremely anxiety producing.  


We are getting the baby stuff organized and assisting the shower planners in the details- one in July one in Aug.  It is moving slow and fast at the same time.  I had a really hard week last week- I was sleeping about 13 hours a day- had firs trimester fatigue and nausea- I do not understand why I keep relapsing into that.  After Saturday though I felt much better and we celebrated y birthday with a beautiful dinner at a winery in Santa Cruz and had a BBQ and bocci ball day at the beach and the weather was perfect.  I almost forgot I was pregnant and sipped on some beer.  I am pooped from a lovely weekend- I need to get caught up on chores- gardening and baby preparing.  


I have a meeting with my prospective doula on Saturday morning- I hope I like her in person as much as I did on the phone- AHHHHH we a dumping a pretty penny into this endeavor but I think it will be worth it.


Changing pad-  we have a frame that screws onto the back of the dresser- that will keep it in a box thing- but when I was a nanny- I honestly changed the baby on the floor on a changing cloth- so I doubt anyone needs to super protect theirs unless it becomes dangerous.  


GD tests- Good luck to all of you having yours I hope I will not have to think about the stupid- 4 hour- that is what my OB said it was 4 hours and you have to stay at the clinic- ugh!- do they tell you right away what you results are or do you have to wait?

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Bel, it's wonderful to hear how well your babes are doing!! I hope things go perfectly on Thursday! So exciting that you will be meeting them soon.


Lily, a friend told me that she uses a nonslip pad between whatever surface and the changing pad, which I think we will try.


Erica, oh, the thighs... I'm hoping that breastfeeding and getting back into running after the birth will eliminate some of the "stores" as you so aptly put it. I'm enjoying the hypnobirthing and think it will help. I'm also finding the Bradley book useful, as well as the strategies I've learned in class. I'm just hoping that I can keep the ideas and techniques in mind and use them effectively.


Nice to see you here, Ram, Brody is looking great in your avatar! I hope that things are going well.


Boots, so glad to hear that your ob and gp are treating you well, as you deserve. I am wrapped up in the birthing process but really need to read the Womanly art of breastfeeding book that I got...soon!!! The classes sound good. Our childbirth class has been improving lately. I am sure you will make it fine through the 3 hour test. I don't know about the carboload before the test, but  the nurse at my office said not to eat a lot of carbs for breakfast, so I had a few eggs and cheese. But your doc should know what's best. 


Caly, sorry your mom has to leave tomorrow, but it's great that your husband will be back! We are trying to take it little by little with the baby necessities to make it more manageable. Those curtains are necessities!!


CaCountry, I think you're right about the hypnobirthing. It and bradley seem to stress knowing/practicing the strategies so well that they are instinctual and I can really see why that is important.


Livingsky, hope you get another bfp soon!! 


Pitch, so glad to see your little babe there and healthy and you around here!! 


2sweetsparrows: glad that you got to discuss your heart racing with your doc. I am sorry about the fatigue and nausea, but it sounds like you had a great birthday! I hope that the gd test goes well.


Afm, we got our car seat/base this weekend with some of the giftcards and a coupon from Babies-R-Us. One of my colleagues gave us his chicco stroller and old carseat (expired) and base, and it turns out that the old base is incompatible (we won't use the expired seat but were hoping to save on a 2nd base), so we still have to buy another base for dh's vehicle. I'm feeling pretty good too, still working hard on my projects and trying to go for a long walk daily, now very early because of our extreme heat (though not quite as bad as Boots's 106 degrees). Yesterday it was nice spending time outdoors and eating out with dh. I feel like time is passing quicker than I expected and I still have so much more I want to accomplish before baby M arrives!!

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2sweetsparrows- I did get a doula and I really like her.  A lot of my anxiety about not knowing who would be there when I deliver faded when I met her.  She has a really calm presence and works as a student midwife and a masseuse.  Her back up is also great, just in case I go into labor the one weekend in June that she is out of town.  That is one of the questions I would make sure you ask your doula when you meet her:  who backs her up if she is unavailable?  Are you delivering at a hospital?  I would also ask if she has worked at that particular hospital and how she will tell you if she thinks that any staff member is not being clear or truthful enough.  My doula told me that they can not tell hospital staff your wishes, but they can make sure that you have the options and know how to address them to the staff.  

Rambuzo- I will definitely be joining you on the mama's thread.

Boots- crossing our fingers on your test.

Pitch- You will get more confident everyday.  It is really hard to nto worry when you have been TTC for awhile.  I felt the same way, but every week is a milestone to celebrate.

Andaluza- looks like we cross-posted (I am editing to add this).  I have been waffling about using a very recently expired (December) car seat as a secondary (DH's king cab truck, which seldom will transport the baby  Maybe we will just use the base if we could make this work, it would make me feel less like I am potentially being irresponsible.

AFM- 36 weeks! I am getting more Braxton Hicks contractions.  I definitely have the pregnancy waddle.  I have been getting birth prep acupuncture, packing a bag, drinking raspberry leaf and nettle tea, washing baby clothes.  I have not been able to bring myself to buy diapers yet, but I will have to soon.  Just hoping my blood pressure will stay normal and I will be able to avoid induction (I was induced for Pregnancy Induced Hypertension last time).  I am not sure another practitioner would have made the same decision and I might question it more this time, but I would like to not have the issue come up.  I really want to experience natural labor this time.  

My good thought are with all of you ladies! 

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Pitch, great photo of your gummy bear!

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Ahhhhh- I am having such strong nesting urge- far beyond just baby stuff- I am spending lot's of money on- well house stuff- stuff we have gone without because we have moved quite a bit.  I want my yard and home in an "adult" manner before the baby arrives so I can concentrate on rearing the baby and school and have a comfortable environment for us and guests.  Now I admit it is all relative, our home is beautiful and our furniture and decore are lovely- I am just getting all of those finishing touches like a patio umbrella, the perfect desk chair, new curtains storage baskets etc.  I want to be able to organize and have guests over without hassle I guess.  


Normally we just make due when we don't have a 'thing' like we use a dining chair at the desk- or we move the patio chair into the shade and eat on our laps- you get the drift.  Not- at ALL that this is real sacrifice in any way.  Now I just want those things that will make our house like a mom house where things ergonomically make sense and organization is easy.  This urge is really strong right now and I just can't help but obsessing over my home environment.  



Thanks for reading my babbling rant- I think I just need to justify my urge- In order to prevent future regret- I am only buying things that I have been thinking about for years- c'est la vie!


Happy beautiful summer day to you all!

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Originally Posted by 2sweetsparrows View Post

Ahhhhh- I am having such strong nesting urge- far beyond just baby stuff- I am spending lot's of money on- well house stuff- stuff we have gone without because we have moved quite a bit.  I want my yard and home in an "adult" manner before the baby arrives so I can concentrate on rearing the baby and school and have a comfortable environment for us and guests.  Now I admit it is all relative, our home is beautiful and our furniture and decore are lovely- I am just getting all of those finishing touches like a patio umbrella, the perfect desk chair, new curtains storage baskets etc.  I want to be able to organize and have guests over without hassle I guess.  


Normally we just make due when we don't have a 'thing' like we use a dining chair at the desk- or we move the patio chair into the shade and eat on our laps- you get the drift.  Not- at ALL that this is real sacrifice in any way.  Now I just want those things that will make our house like a mom house where things ergonomically make sense and organization is easy.  This urge is really strong right now and I just can't help but obsessing over my home environment.  

I've been nesting like a mo-fo!  I woke up this morning at 6:30 and was cleaning and organizing by 7:00.  I stopped at around 1:00 to go meet a friend for lunch and would still be at it but I have to go support DH while he runs a race.  Fortunately, we just tore apart the house to consolidate studies and install hardwood flooring, so the resulting mess is a nesting pregnant lady's dream.


In other news, we're meeting with a doula tomorrow, and I think I'll probably go with her.  We met with one recommended by both my doctor and a friend and she was great, but the fee was $550 and I just started thinking about other expenses and the money we've just shelled out for home improvements and so on and I just couldn't justify it.  The doula we see tomorrow is $350 and that seems more reasonable.  I feel kind of weird and tacky haggling in my head over doula prices, but a $200 price difference matters to me at this stage of our financial evolution, so I guess I'll have to deal with feeling cheap.  At any rate, I hope the meeting goes well tomorrow so I can check that box off my list of things to do.

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Okay, ladies, forgive me for crossposting from my DDC but I am still not feeling great.


Honestly, the test was awful. I was not allowed any water at all. After about an hour I was sweating a lot and about to faint, the waiting room was SO busy and full of people and nobody working there noticed I was not doing well. Huz finally went up and told them and he had to help me up and back to the lab room. They took my blood and let me lie down (on a hard, short exam table, but I was too sick to care) and I sort of was out of it for awhile. Then about 40 minutes later I felt better again, although weak and lightheaded, not like I was going to die. I was able to go back out and sit with DH in the (uncomfortable chairs) waiting room for the last hour. It was kind of lame they did not have him come back with me and didn't check on me the entire hour I was lying down. Seriously, I could have been really ill or passed out and they wouldn't have known.

. I did gulp a little water in the bathroom from the sink after hour 2.

I don't know what this means for results, I can't find anything anecdotal or conclusive by googling, except saying that the sweating and lightheadedness was probably caused from my sugar dropping rapidly after the drink.


I still have not had much sleep or enough food (Huz is cooking me eggs right now).


I don't know when I'll get the results, but I have a doc appointment Monday, hopefully they'll be in by then. I guess I am glad i did it because I know I will ALWAYS refuse this test in the future, pregnant or not. It's just too extreme for me

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Ugh, Boots, that's awful. I am so sorry. I hope you feel better soon. I can't believe doctors subject pregnant women to that horrid test when there are other options out there.


Sparrows, DH and I also have a tendency to do without, and as a result, we are missing some crucial household items. It's really been bugging me, too. We don't even have a sofa--there are only two seats (the recliners I found on Craigslist when we moved here) in our entire living room. I told DH that we're going to have to buy some furniture. We're expecting a number of visitors this summer, and we can't have them sitting on the floor!


LilyTiger, I don't think it's tacky at all to consider costs when hiring a doula! I hope you like the woman you're meeting tomorrow.


Bel, I hope you had a beautiful birth day! Thinking of you and your darling babies!


AFM, DH returned this evening. I am so happy to have him back! joy.gif I'll be 37 weeks on Saturday. I hope the baby hangs in there until at least 39 weeks. My leave starts a week from tomorrow, and I want at a week off before she arrives. orngtongue.gif I cannot believe I have less than a month to go.

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Oh, and Pitch, love your u/s pic! I know it's hard to feel optimistic about pregnancy after a loss, so I'm really glad you're starting to feel better about things. So cute that you call your little one Gummy Bear. One of my good friends called her daughter the same thing when she was in utero. It's such an apt description of what they look like in the beginning.

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Hi Ladies- Need to vent a little.  I went in for my 36 week today and my group B strep test (no results yet).  I think I may have mentioned here that I have bad white coat hypertension (blood pressure goes up at the doc- pregnant or not).  They induced my last because I had slightly high blood pressure (no preeclamsia) so I get nervous thinking about repeat induction.  I basically have a low level anxiety attack every time I go to an appointment.  Today they told me that even spikes in blood pressure are not good for the baby.  So they want to monitor me weekly with non-stress tests and appointments.  I take my blood pressure at home and it is in normal range.  I only spikes at the doctors office.  So if that's not good, why have me come in more?  How does that make sense?  I guess monitoring is the only way they can think to go about it, but for me it sounds counterproductive- "This really stresses you out, which is bad for the baby, so lets see if we can do it more often?  Urrgghh.  Frustrating.

Boots- I feel for your frustrating experience with the GD test.  I really wish I was better at saying "no- I don't think I want to do that" and remembering that all medical advice is not gospel.  I hope you are feeling better.  I will probably cross post some of this in my June DDC if other June Mamas don't want to read it twice.

Hugs to you all.   

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I cannot wait to hear from Bel, but I bet she's so busy with those two beautiful new babies!


Sparrows, I'm sorry you're still getting sick but it's nice to know I'm not the only one who has continued into second (and third, ugh) trimester. While I did feel better in second trimester mostly regarding the fatigue (hope you haven't been having any more of that), I maintain that these last two weeks of third trimester have been better than anything in second. However, I'm not working, so I bet that has a lot to do with it! And I'm glad your rapid heart rate is settling down.


andaluza, I am glad you're doing well and coping with the heat. AZ heat is so extreme there is just not a lot to do to cope with it except wait it out in the AC. Today's high is supposed to be 112 and I'm just not planning to leave the house until after dark.


CAcountrygirl, I think you totally get my frustration about feeling like I'm not advocating for myself by refusing or questioning certain things. So many people told me I could refuse the 3-hour GD test but I know I have risk factors and I know that is the only actual test to diagnose GD, a lot of the "alternatives" are not as accurate. So I thought I'd try it just to not be so uncooperative, I thought I might tolerate it fine, or throw up and then be done.

I had some blood pressure spikes at the beginning of the pregnancy when I was with my old doctor, they gave me a lot of crap about it which made me even more nervous. Mine has resolved, but I remember feeling upset that the experience I was having was making my readings so high. I hope your doctor and you can come to an agreement about the appointments and NSTs. Is that an additional weekly appointment besides your regular weekly (at 36 weeks you are having weekly appointments?) That sucks. My friend that has a 4 week old had a hard time with this at the end of her pregnancy. She had two other kids and was working full time, and they told her they wanted her to do TWO NSTs a week as well as a weekly appointment. I think she finally found a way to make it work, but it was stressful for her. I hope you find a solution. 



I am feeling better today after a long sleep. As I said, it's a high of 112 today here, so I am hiding in the AC. I totally get everyone's "whole life/house" nesting. I have been thinking about blinds because we have been using paper shades in our house since we bought it. But then I am thinking about money when I am on maternity leave making 66% of my salary, and wondering how much to really spend on that. Maybe $8 on new paper shades. Sigh. I am still in the middle of redoing our filing system. This weekend, huz will finish painting the nursery and maybe put together the crib, hang shelves, etc. Hopefully I'll also get in a good amount of knitting time. I am still only about 1/4 done with HBs blanket, and we have other babies to knit for. Huz is almost done with what we hope will be his newborn hat, I will post pics when he is done, it's an adorable pattern.

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CA Country Girl- Birdie Lee- I had that for a while as well- I had a SEVERE fear of needles all of my life.  I would literally kick and scream and cry and go into full panic attack mode anytime I would have to give blood.  I would start this at sight of the lab- I would always have to lay down and even take a valume before giving blood.  The truncate would flip me into that mode- so blood pressure thing reminded me of a truncate.  I was diagnosed with prehypertension- even though I didn't think I had high blood pressure.  After being pregnant with the twins I had so many tests and shots I actually took the opportunity to give myself exposure therapy by doing progressive relaxation, visualization and allowing myself to realize that giving blood was not as bad if you work with the person and remain calm.  I had a burst ovarian cyst and was in the hospital and went through 5 nurses and one doctor trying to give blood- making two of them cry- this was unacceptable.  Now when I get my blood pressure taken I sit in the waiting room with my hands on my knees palms up- breathing like they teach you in yoga, I visualize lakes and beaches- when they call my name I walk slowly to the room and sit again with my legs uncrossed and visualize a serene place and talk in a low calm voice.  Now my blood pressure reads lower than it ever did before- I test it out when I am at the drug store and the reading at the office is the same as out of the office- and I have overcome my fear of needles - really - this was a HUGE step for a lifelong fear for me.  


Caly- yeah it's funny how these things become more apparent when you have a baby on the way or you are having guests- I say get the darn sofa, I am hope in to be super productive- I kind of freaked out at the - OMG I only have 3 months 3 weeks left- YOU have 3 WEEKS oh my goodness so exciting!!!!!  joy.gif

So glad your DH is back in your loving arms- now you can rest assures the babe wind do a surprise arrival sans daddy ;)


Bel- Did Bel have her babies??  I guess I will go a lurking to find out.


Boots- sorry about that test- I hate these torturous test that make you feel like a lab monkey- I probably would end up passing out- I pass out easy- then everyone has to freak out- errr not looking forward tot eh one hour this week- eeeeee let's hope I pass!  I am glad you got some rest and are feeling better- how are you on your dream summer activity list?  I am from New Mexico- not as hot as AZ but I do not miss that high desert heat- my mom said it was in the 90's there yesterday and I was like "I love California"- We will be returning for my baby shower early July and Oy Vay- I think I will swell up like a blimp.



Erica- How you feeling? How is the lovely nursery?  


Lily- Yay for nesting- I am gunna capitalize and this- then maybe I can ignore it and go into maintenance mode fro a few years <3 and WOAH- you live in up-state NY and are looking at 350-550 for a doula.  I do live in the "Silicon Valley" but daaaanm- I am looking at 1000-1500!!  I also interviewed a woman who came recommended from a friend- and I think I was not crunchy enough because I said I will not live or die by a natural birth plan and that my first priority was to deliver a healthy baby.  She then said "I think you would be matched perfectly with (another doula).  I wasn't sure if she was being polite- or she did not want me as a client.  I then got another recommendation and really like this woman.  I will be meeting with her Sunday morning.  I think I will probably hire her.  She however- starts out at $1500!!!!!!!!!!.  I told her that we budgeted 1000 and we could either do some of the driving to her house for appointments and pay her 1000 or that we needed a recommendation to a less experienced - and expensive doula.  She said she would take my offer and we will drive to meet her for the prenatal appointments (she lives 40 min away- which is near my hospital)  But hot damn- 350.  My friend in NM paid 500 5 years ago. I had no problem asking for a better fee.  From what I gather most doulas can negotiate pay and as long as you don't give an offensively low ball offer I think it is fine.  It is hard to justify spending the money when you are looking at so many medical bills and needs for your baby- even unanticipated costs.  I hope you like her- let me know how that goes!


Livingsky- how was you 2ww?


AFM- I am now into the big-enough-to-have-discomforts-bad-enough-to-wake-me stage, so needless to say- I wake 2x (up from one) to pee :( and have a combo of hip/lower back/round ligament pain so I turn about 5x a nigh.  errrrrr.   The pain pretty much os away during the day.  I have my 1 hour GD this week- hope I pass.  I feel little Ert moving several times during the day :)  I love paper crafts so although My moms best friend is throwing my shower I am doing the invites- so I am working on that while my DH studies for an interview at Apple he has on Monday.  I hate when he studies for interviews because then we have a boring weekend but I really need to get these invites done.  


I have been tripping out lately at the thought of having a son- it is exciting and scary, I am so in love.    


Have a great weekend!!!!


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I am so nervous, I'm going to the doc in about an hour and hopefully I'll get my 3 hour glucose results. It may be all in my head but I feel like I've been feeling off as far as eating and feeling right since that test. I will be back later with an update.


How is everyone today?

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birdie, thank you! You are awesome, mama.




Here's more details X-posted from my DDC



Ahhh, I passed the 3-hour glucose test! YAY! I feel like I can now officially be a "normal" pregnant lady. Not that I mean to imply that women with complications are abnormal, but because of my starting weight, the first OB's office that I ended up leaving treated me like I was going to definitely get Pre-E and GD from the get go. That was so stressful. My OB now is so chill and she says everything is great.


As a matter of interest, since we are discussing the humanity and the reliability of the glucose tests, my one hour draw was like 20 points over at about 200. That was when I started shaking and sweating. An hour later, it was down to 150, and then 140 at 3 hours. But it dropped 50 points in an hour or less, no WONDER I felt like crap. The other thing I learned while researching is that the ADA no longer recommends the 3-hour test for pregnant women, they recommend the two-hour. Has anyone here had that? (EricaF, i thought you said that was ordered for you?) The 2-hour test uses a 75 gram glucose drink and not a 100 gram. I think that would be easier to tolerate. It seems like the OBs/midwives have not changed their practice of 1 hour then 3 hour, though.



Big huge sigh of relief. My anxiety levels were getting crazy. So this week, I don't have much planned, keep working on stuff around the house (mostly I've been going through paperwork/mail and redoing our filing system). Stay out of the crazy heat. Maybe go swimming, visit my friend and her newborn.


Oh guys, I had a funny dream. We've pretty much 100% decided on our son's name (we aren't telling people until birth) , and I had a dream I couldn't remember what it was! I was so frustrated! I finally remembered in the dream.

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Yay boots for passing the glucose test!

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