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Caly- the movie was freaky!  But good.  I hope you guys enjoy it.  The 3D made me feel kind of weird, though., and the baby jumped at the loud noises, especially the previews, which seem to be the loudest for some reason.  And my DD is super excited to be a big sister.  I have been telling her the baby would be born at the beginning of summer, so now that she is on vacation, she keeps asking why it is taking so long.


Met with the doula again this afternoon; I think she is pretty great and my DH and DD like her too.  Hoping to not deliver next weekend-the one weekend she will be out of town. 

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Hope the weekend was great for everyone!


Congrats on being done with work, Caly! So excited for you and CaCountry for having some more bajingo babies very soon!


I've invited Dh to Promethius next weekend as part of his almost a father Father's day celebration. He's excited about it--he loves scifi and the Aliens movies, plus he worked with Damon Lindelof's mom when he taught in a NYC school and he likes to follow his work.


I was debating about the 3D, CaCountry; we may just go to the normal showing. Hope the timing goes well and you get the doula you have connected with!


Thanks for the info on the massage, Lily. I was going to have dh try it out on me, but I guess we'll try your suggestion and I'll have him tell me when the baby's crowning. 


I'm definitely feeling bigger/rounder lately and just started getting hit with some heartburn or indigestion feelings. I can avoid it pretty well if I don't drink with my meals, though, so I hope it stays that way.

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X-posted from DDC:




I found out Friday I am also a carrier for the MTHFR mutation my mom has. It can have affects such as blood clotting issues and interfere with folate absorbtion. I have a perinatalogist consult a week from tomorrow. I was upset but after some googling it sounds like it usually doesn't cause too many issues. I think they need to test my homocystine levels to see if I would have any blood clotting issues. I am just hoping that this doesn't cause any issues/interventions at birth. Also, our NT scan was normal but I feel bad if I had low folate levels this whole time :(




So anyway. We had a pretty good weekend, but I slept A LOT and kind of regret not having more time with huz.  I had trouble sleeping during the week after we found out we had some pest issues in the house and then I had to stay at my MILs empty condo Friday while the exterminators were here. Huz has FINALLY finished painting and hanging shelves in the baby's room. I'm such a tough critic, but it looks great. We're getting the carpets cleaned this week and then we'll start moving things into place and I can take some pictures.


Once again, I'm feeling like time is crawling. I realized I have almost a full school-quarter until this babe is born, most likely. This is only good news because his knitted blanket is only a little over half done.


Caly, congrats on being done with work!


Andaluza, don't forget most heartburn meds are category B, I couldn't survive without them!


This week is pretty tame, just the carpet cleaning scheduled, but then next week is crazy, both the perinatal appointment, OB appointment, childbirth class, out of town visitors, and then the shower on the weekend.



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So I wasn't really freaking out about this gene thing but then I started googling. Reading stuff at pregnancy.info about women losing their babies at 30 some weeks or stillborn because of clotting in the placenta. Ugh. So I have to wait another week to get any answers and there will probably be time for the additional bloodwork to process. Sigh.

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Oh, Bootshug2.gif Big hugs to you and your DH. My intuition says your little guy is going to be just fine (after all, this is Honey Badger we're talking about, and he don't give a s*** about MTHFR), but I am so sorry you have to deal with this. And just when things seemed to be settling down for you. Glad the pest issues have been resolved and that the nursery is taking shape. I'm looking forward to the pictures.


Andaluza, I hope you enjoy watching your belly grow! And as Boots said, heartburn meds are your friend. I love the idea of doing something special for your DH on Father's Day. I think people tend to overlook soon-to-be papas in all the excitement surrounding pregnancy. Granted, we mamas do 99% of the work, but it's a long haul for them, too.


CountryGirl, I am so glad your doula seems like a good fit! I'll be sending "stay put, baby!" vibes your way this weekend.


I'm 38 weeks 2 days, and my weekly appointment with the midwives is today. We'll see what they say about the baby's position, but I'm not having any pelvic pressure or contractions (no labor signs at all, actually), and her little feet are still all up in my ribs. So...I think it's going to be a while, and I'll just have to be patient. Which is really not one of my virtues.

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Glucose testing today... totally normal to hoover everything beforeeee the 2 hours I need to fast, right? Sheepish.gif Teehee. I'm acting like I'm not allowed to ever eat again. I'm such a weirdo. FX all goes well!

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Hey everyone!  Cute DH story to share.  I was looking through the stuff we got for our shower on Saturday and putting stuffed animals into slings and so on (you know, normal stuff) and DH kept asking "how many slings and things do we need?".  I responded that we had this Balboa sling for when the baby is small and then the Ergo for when baby is bigger.  And he said, "What about that wrappy thing?"  And I said, "The moby?"  He looked a little confused, but said, "Yeah, I guess so".  I responded that we didn't have a Moby.  And he pointed to the bamboo swaddles we got and asked, "Well what are those?  Aren't those slingy things?"  I said, "No, those are swaddles".  And he looked enlightened and said, "Oh, the burrito things".  Good to know he's finally catching on.


Boots, so sorry to hear about the genetic thing.  Just keep in mind that your mom had you and everything was fine.  I agree with Caly that the Honey Badger don't care.  He'll be awesome!  Maybe taking a break from googling would help?  I know how hard that is though, since I googled madly for the first four months.


Caly, ahhhhh!  You're getting so close!  I just talked to my mom last night and she said all three of us came at 38 weeks.  I was just expecting to go 41 weeks like most first time moms, but I'm hoping that's not the case.  I hope she drops soon and things start progressing.  It must be so freaking hard waiting.  But so exciting too!


Erica, good luck on the glucose test!  It's gross, but for me it wasn't that bad.  It's a total PITA in general though.


Andaluza, I'm trying to do a fun awesome father's day thing for DH because he's been so wonderful on all the household projects and stuff, but I'm drawing a blank.  Maybe I could contact some of his buddies and see if they want to do a golf day/beer night out.  I'm terrible at gifts, and I want this one to be good.  Yours sounds awesome!

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I am procrastinating on mine- I was supposed to go last week but I will go this week for the one hour.


Oh my goodness Caly and CAgirl-  you are so close- glad you are getting some nice huz and movie time in that will be rare later- I want to see Snow White but me and dh always get lazy about movies when the weather is so nice- now it is warming up here like CA said so maybe the cool will be nice.  


hug2.gifso sorry Boots-  I think everything will turn out fine.  I was tested for that after my loss.  


I am feeling really tired in the morning these days which is a big change, so I have been taking morning naps.  I have figured out that my little Ert is a little piggy.  He consistently moves after I eat.  For the most part that is the only time he moves.  


For fathers day I surprised my dh with tickets to see Ira Glass from "This American Life" speak at a lovely winery here on Saturday, then Sunday his son will come down from his base to enjoy Sunday with us- I will probably Barbecue something and get them tickets to a Giants game.  My DH seems to be very defensive as of late about always extending an invite to his son who works weekend nights and lives three hours away.


His son did mention feeling confused about where he fits in the babies life.  He is 23 and lives 3 hours away.  My dh raised him for the most part- he lived with his mom and his half siblings (now 13 & 16) for 2 years in high school, then he finished his last semester here in CA with us because his mom moved in the middle of his senior year.He is not all that close with his mom although he would like to be- he is much closer to my dh.  I try to explain that he will be like a cool uncle- because of the age difference brotherly relationship is a bit different.  My dh feels guilty because a lot of raising him was a wing and a prayer because they were 18 when they had him.  My dh was in school through his master's and trying to be a father.  Because of this guilt I feel like my dh sometimes gets weird about things I say I want for little Ert- like he did not give them to his son so...?  


I know we will all be in love and my dh is so excited- I think it is a milestone for him and his son, and I want everyone to feel loved and like every relationship constellation is special and valued.  


Don't know why I just went off on that- guess I needed to vent.  I hope you all are loving summer. 

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Thanks for the reassurances, guys. I'm gonna come back and do personals later, I just have another question...


Well, I didn't sleep a lot last week (like 3-4 hours a night) and I was worried that was my new life. Now I cannot sleep enough! Yesterday I slept three separate times. I am trying to take my iron and vitamins, but is this normal for third trimester, you think? It's not quite as zombie-like as first trimester, but geez.


Erica, I'm sure your test will be good. I bet the 2 hour has fewer false positives, too.

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Hi Birdiewave.gif The midwife I saw said she thought the baby had moved down some and that her head is certainly in the right place. I think she may have dropped a little today, actually. I've been feeling a lot more pressure on my bladder since this afternoon.


Sparrows, vent away! It sounds like your DH just wants to make sure his son feels valued and included as the two of you create a family together. My DH is significantly older than his sister and they have a terrific relationship. It's different, but they still get each other in a way that only children raised by the same parents can. It could be really cool for your stepson to be an adult sibling - he gets to be not only a brother, but also a friend and mentor and trusted adult presence for little Ert. Hopefully he'll see that.

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Erica, I hope the GD test went well!


LilyTiger, I love the story about your DH and the "burrito things." Tell him that some people really do refer to swaddling that way! One of our friends made a "burrito wrap" for our baby and labeled it as such when she sent it to us. DH and I had no idea what she meant and had to Google it to figure out that she just meant swaddling blanket.


Mmm, burritos.

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Okay, I'll write more later but... apparently my Dr lied. I had the 1 hour glucose test. I really didn't think it was bad at all though. I thought the drink was kinda yummy, lol. Tasted like flat orange soda to me. I felt fine during the hour wait, but we'llllll see how I did. I'm thinking I did okay since I felt totally fine, but I could totally be wrong. What I WAS annoyed over was... I have to go back next week for my results and my regular appointment. They told me it was today! Just irritated. My Dr's office is like 45 from my house (about 20 from my work). I'm just whining, but it annoyed me a lot. I think it had to do with my Dr leaving to deliver a baby (she's a one Dr practice) but her assistant was there, and I've seen her a few times so I don't understand why she didn't just see me. My poor DH left his work early in the Bronx to get there in time... just all around annoying. Hopefully I passed and then I'll get over myself. Lol. 

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I had the best massage this morning.  My doula is also a masseuse.  She did the most wonderful prenatal massage-strong and deep ( I hate wimpy massages) and she knew all the places that needed it most.  Having more cramps tonight, but not regular so far. Hope all is well with you ladies.

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Oh, CountryGirl, the massage sounds wonderful! I'm a little jealous of your cramps (this is definitely the first time I've ever said that!), since I'm still not feeling much of anything. Knowing that the baby could come anytime but may not arrive for another couple of weeks is driving me crazy! I'm not even due for another 10 days. duh.gif

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Caly, great news about spacegirl's position! 10 more days!  I know it seems like forever, but wow.

CACG, great news about the massage. Ugh, I could use one. As I said, I just don't know why places here are so annoying about needed a doctor's note. My chiro didn't need one.


Hope both of you ladies are feeling zen and not too impatient, and feeling good. Looking forward to both these babies and hoping for the births you want.


Been furiously knitting, trying to catch up with the baby. Made this progress bar tonight for facebook and thought I'd share here, too. I have some crappy baby blanket pics but I will take nice ones this weekend after I am 3/4 done with the blanket, will also take nursery pics after the carpets get cleaned in there and we get the room put back together. Our entire house looks like we just moved in, ugh. 



Kind of coming to peace with whatever interventions this genetic thing may or may not cause. My biggest worry, of course, is that low folate levels caused some sort of birth defect, but I think most of those were tested for at the NT scan, I don't know. I really just need tons of info from them on Monday. Basically I think that if I'm going to have tons of monitoring, meds, or anything during birth because of this, I might just go with it, schedule an induction, get an epidural, and not stress myself so much about wanting everything to be a certain way. We'll see what is necessary.

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First, love this.


Second, holy cow! You're getting close, Boots! I can't believe The 'Badge is already 78% cooked. I hope the doctor has lots of helpful information for you on Monday so you can make an informed decision about how to proceed. I don't know how many times I've been told recently that births rarely unfold as we envision them and that flexibility is the key to a good birth experience. I think you can have an absolutely beautiful birth with medical interventions so long as you have a provider who has your best interests at heart, makes sure you are fully informed, and respects your decisions.

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Ahhh, Boots, that's hilarious!  I basically gave up on my baby blanket, which would put mine at 80% vs. 22% or something depressing like that. 


I also totally agree with Caly on having a great birth even with interventions.  The major thing that I realized is that I'm fine with medical interventions as long as I trust my doctor enough to know that they are absolutely necessary and in the best interest of me and the babe.  Part of why I switched docs is that I just couldn't trust my first doc enough to know that any interventions she recommended would actually be necessary.  So much of how these kinds of interventions affect me, at least, depends on whether I feel like I was bullied into them or whether they are legitimate use of beneficial medical technology. 


AFM, every morning when I wake up there's a huge butt sticking out of my right side.  It's hilarious.  I have 53 more days to go or something crazy like that, so I should probably stop hanging around the mothering boards and actually get my work done.  eyesroll.gif

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I am feeling out of sorts this evening--maybe it's hormonal? That nice, settled, peaceful state of mind I've been in for the last couple of weeks is gone. Now I'm terrified that I'm about to be responsible for a baby. I know it's going to be okay, but I feel really overwhelmed right now.

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Totally normal Caly!  It is terrifying and wonderful to be responsible for a new life.  We are supposedly more hormonal right about now.  I have been feeling irritable and frustrated for no particular reason- except for the sore feet and hips I guess.  You will be a great mom to that little girl!

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