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Sparrows, I made the same decision (essentially).  We're doing a diaper service for the first few months until we figure out what we're doing.  There was no way I was going to invest a lot of money in diapers that may not work for me, for my baby, or for our lifestyles.  And for us $20 a week isn't bad (that's what the service costs in our area).

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So I went for my monthly appointment, everything looks and sounds good. And she got all the info she wanted from the last ultrasound, so no ultrasound for me for another four weeks. 4 more weeks of Team Green, Honey Badger! If I weren't so, so busy these last few weeks of school, I might try to get one of the elective ultrasounds or something, but there's really no time. I also will have to do my glucose test the weekend before the last week of school, bleh.

Heartburn is wicked today...anyone have any recommendations besides Tums?


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What I did when I was pregnant was order a trial pack of cloth diapers that I could try out many different kinds to see what I liked and then return the ones I didn't want and keep the ones I liked.  I think using a diaper service is a good way to figure out if you are into cloth diapering or not too though.


Right now we use a combo of prefolds with covers and pockets.  A lot of the diapers that we have I bought used when I found a good deal on craigslist. 


I do laundry every other day.  I wash the baby's clothes with his diapers after the initial rince.  How I figure it with the amout of mess my kid makes I am going to have to do baby laundry a lot anyhow.  Laundry is really easy for me.  I just dump it in when I get a chance and take it out when I get a chance.  I don't have to make a big project about it unlike when I do the big people laundry.

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Sparrows, that sounds like a great idea. There are no diaper services in our area, otherwise we'd be doing that, too. I've decided to go the sample route. So far, I have three one-size pocket diapers - a FuzziBunz, a bumGenius, and a Thirsties (their pocket diapers actually come in two sizes, but I digress). One of my friends sent us a bunch of newborn disposables, so we'll start with those, try out the cloth, and order a stash of whatever we like best after Spacegirl arrives. I can count the number of times I've changed a diaper on one hand, so no matter what kind we use, it will probably be a disaster in the beginning. winky.gif


Bootsie, glad your appointment went well! So they are going to do another ultrasound in four weeks? Hopefully the 'Badge is more cooperative this time! My midwives told me that all of the OTC heartburn medications are safe, so I've been on Prilosec since the beginning of my second trimester.


Erica, congrats on a problem-free scan! Mine took a long time, too, but I thought it was because our tech was a trainee.


I sent my boss an email with my "official" maternity leave dates yesterday, and she approved them, so that's all set! I'd originally planned to work until I pop, but I was thinking about it this weekend and decided that might not be the best idea. I think I'm going to be too freaking tired to work at the end. Plus, it would be nice to spend a little time with DH after he gets back from Alaska and before the baby arrives. So, I'm on leave as of June 11, at which point I'll be 38 weeks. I'm counting the days.



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Caly- Yay for the dates- It coming up soooo fast.  Thant is very exciting.


Tank- Thanks for the diaper insight- think I'll do a trial pack when we are on the service stage so we can decide between prefolds and fancy types.


Boots- congrats on your scan- glad everything went well.  My OB also listed Pepcid or like Caly said Prilosec should be fine.  She explained that the difference is the aforementioned prevent the acid as Tums and Mylanta just react to neutralize it.  I have been eating Tums like candy- if it gets any worse I will switch to OTC.  Hope you find some resolve with that!


Lily- glad to see you are thing the same on the diaper conundrum- I was so tempted to spend a buch of money on cute fancy diapers then I kept thinking- 'What if I hate them and I have spent 500 on them- ahhhhhh'  I look forward to seeing what you think about the service.


I am 17 weeks- yay.  I have started to freak out about all of the things I need to get done in the second half of pregnancy.  To make myself feel better I went out today and bought a Peg Pereggo Viaggo car seat that perfectly matches my car.  There were a few things I wanted new and one was a car seat the other was a organic crib mattress.  I am going to buy one for half price on Zulily.  It is made of coconut, wool and latex.  I hope it works out all right because they are not returnable.  I also bought a bassinet for the city select baby jogger I had bought for the twins because I spoke with an occupational therapist that was telling me the baby should lie flat more often than most people allow because the infant bones are still fusing.  I guess lots of folks keep their baby in the car seat to sleep and attach to the stroller or in swings that crump them up- OHMAgoodness just when I am getting a hang of this pregnant thing there are a million 'things' to know about baby rearing- then it'll be toddler- then child then teen.  It is all a bit overwhelming.  Well I guess my mom never obsessed and I turned out alright.  



Hope you ladies are having a great week!

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Caly, 30 weeks! Unbelievable! I am glad you decided to take some time off before the birth. You deserve it. So, I will here admit, as you went first, I have NEVER changed a diaper. Not once.


I am going to take the advice here and take some pepcid each day, I had wicked heartburn today and ended up vomiting when I got home from work. It's in the 90s here already and the heat in my car doesn't help. Five more weeks after this. I am also experiencing some pretty intense sciatic nerve pain. I had huz do an ice massage tonight, helped a bit but not enough. A chiropractor might be in my future, I've never been but I don't think I'm going to make it unless this eases up. Looking up how to do my pelvic tilts on the yoga ball, I have not had luck otherwise. At the end of these five weeks, I might be teaching from a yoga ball.





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Ladies, I'm gonna crosspost this from my DDC, I could use any opinions...


Of course since I had an appointment Monday and felt fine, yesterday was a really rough day. I threw up but worse than that, my back pain is getting intolerable. I think/thought it was sciatic nerve pain, but it just keeps getting worse and I'm worried it's something else (more likely a UTI or something, doc checked my cervix on Mon and said everything looks good and baby sounds good). They are sending my urine out to be cultured but I don't know how much longer I can stand this.  Before the pain was just there when changing position or putting strain on my back, now it's pretty much all the time. I am starting to be uncertain it's sciatic nerve pain. It doesn't go far down my leg, it's just like a little higher than my butt and goes halfway down on the left side.

I was thinking of going to a chiropractor but I think I better verify that it's sciatic nerve pain first. I'm having a little uterine cramping, too. I hope there's a simple explanation for this.


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Boots, you should have seen DH and me attempt to diaper a doll at our childbirth education class. It's a good thing it wasn't a real baby. I'm sure there would have been poo everywhere, and the poor doll wound up with some seriously droopy drawers. I definitely think you should take something for the heartburn. There's no need to suffer if it's really bad.


Sparrows, I know virtually nothing about taking care of children. Don't worry, we'll figure it out. thumb.gif


I went to work this morning but left after about 30 minutes. We're renovating the clinic, which is poorly ventilated, and the paint fumes were so heavy that the air was actually hazy. The nurse practitioner basically ordered me to leave, and I was more than happy to comply. The rest of the staff stayed, but I told them that if anyone got so much as a mild headache they should lock up and go home. So, I unexpectedly have the day off, which is nice.


DH really got to see and feel the baby moving yesterday morning. We had just woken up, and she was kicking and rolling and flipping and just having a grand old time, and for once she didn't stop when I put his hand on my stomach. He was blown away by how strong she is and how my belly rippled when she moved around. He kept smiling and laughing and said it was like an earthquake in my stomach. I wish he could feel her the way I do.

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Boots, definitely call your doctor. That's what she's there for. You don't have to figure this out on you own.

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Caly, enjoy your bonus day off! I hope everyone else in your office can breathe, geez. It's so cool your huz can really feel spacegirl now. J will be like, "I just felt a twitch" I'm like, that's it, dude! What do you want? I've got a belly covering that baby and you KNOW HB doesn't like to cooperate for anything.


So my doc already got back to me (It was so worth all the crap I went through to get to this practice). They're going to start me on macrobid for a UTI even though the culture isn't quite back yet. I am hoping, hoping hoping that this is a UTI (feeling sweaty and weird too). Now if it could just hurry up and be 3 o clock. I'm proctoring standardized testing this week, OMG time CRAWLS. And I feel too crappy to get any real work done.

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Boots, it could be a UTI, almost sounds like a kidney infection I had. Hopefully the meds will help. Also when I had bad back pain and cramping they told me to drink twice as much because dehydration was making it worse.

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Boots- hope you feel better sounds nasty- maybe you can take ozo and tylenol with the antibiotics to take the edge off- just ask your ob.


Caly- yaya for the unexpected day off sods terrible to be in a paint-filled room ick!


So tired today.  I want to plant but think I will sleep for a while sleepytime.gif Because of my stupid increased NT scan- which was BEARLY increased- most of the measurements were 2.3 or 2.4 ONE was 2.5 and they go with that- I was referred to get a fetal echocardiogram.  I am nervous but it looks like it should be fine.  In most studies it shows for the measurements 2.5-3.4 I have a 6:1000 chance of my baby having a congenital heart anomaly.  That being said we do not have any of this in either of our families.  I hope/think everything will be fine- all this testing is nerve racking.  I have my 20 w scan on May 3rd- before all of this stuff I was really looking forward to it but now I just dread finding out something bad.  The new name for the in-utero baby went from Paisley to Ert.  I am hoping little ert is okay- I just want to get all of this done with so I can plan for arrival, babyhood and enjoy the rest of this pregnancy- errrgggg! 


Think I will hire a dula this week.  There is a 'meet the dula' gathering this Sunday - he he I am sure dh will love that.  Are you all using a dula?




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Boots - hope the macrobid works fast!

We started CD the day after we came home. DH was nervous at first but quickly (same day) told me he was really happy I did the pre work to get us dipes.

Then the FB XS leaked, and we realized the older ones were too big. I found 18 prefolds on Craigslist to add to the 12 I had, and we stared using those exclusively. DH loves them. I love them. And now his legs chunked up enough so that our FB work. We have three thirstiest duo 1 covers.

Thing is, I didn't pay for most of the FB. I had a diaper shower and got a big stash that way (of one size too).
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Hi ladies! It's great to hear plans and experiences about diapering. I think we may experiment with a few options and the diaper service sounds interesting, although it seems to be more expensive around here, LilyTiger.


Caly, wow, just 2 months left for you at work! I am enjoying squirminess, but can't imagine how it's going to get more intense.


I said it on our ddc, Boots,but I hope the final weeks of school fly by and you get the pain under control soon. 


2sweetsparrows, we still haven't settled on any of the big items: car seat, carrier, stroller, so you are ahead of us! I know it's hard not to stress out about the unknown, but I just try to focus on things being healthy/well in the moment, I don't know if that works for you, though.


We visited one of the child care centers we're considering on Tuesday and we'll see another next week (on my b-day). There were a lot of things I liked about it, but it was really expensive. It also felt weird to see the infant rooms. I mean, they have a lot of safety and care features in place, but it is going to be hard to face leaving the baby anywhere.

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Caly: Woah. Only 2 months left of work? That seemed to flyyyy by?!


Boots: I really feel like you can't catch a break with this pregnancy! I hope the meds help you.


2sweetsparrows: I know we talked about this already, but don't worry about the 20 weeks u/s. No stressing allowed. I have to say though... that the u/s is WAY longer than I expected (with a full bladder too, lol eyesroll.gif). I guess every u/s place is different, but for mine... the tech didn't say much of anything while she was doing it. Just what she was doing, and the pics she was taking. All enormous words I had never even heard of. She waited for the Dr to come in to give me the results, which was kinda nerve racking to me. It was about 35 minutes of her clicking away with no "everything looks good". Made me nervous, but all was well... just an FYI to you if you're going in nervous.


Rosie: For FB, do you mean FuzziBunz?


AFM: Question. How you do guys say how far along you are? I'm 21 weeks now, and I've been using a chart that many Dr's seem to use. This one:



which would make me 6 months next Thursday, but then some people say "No, you're not 6 months till you're 24 weeks"... just wondering what you ladies go by?

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Erica, I've seen that chart and the way I interpret it is that you'll be in your 6th month during those (five) weeks, meaning at 22 w, you'll have completed 5 months and be in the first week of the 6th month. By the middle of week 24, you'll have completed 5.5 months, etc. So you won't complete six months until the end of week 26, if that helps. 

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I get so confused with all those charts and such.  According to my pregnancy journal, I start the third trimester next week (week 25), which is insane!  But most other places say 27 or 28 weeks.  Boo.  I say I'm in the 6th month (meaning part way through that month) and next week I'll be in the 7th month (meaning just starting that month).  I find that I'm the most concerned about how far along I am -- everyone else just goes with whatever I say.  :)

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andaluza, it sucks the childcare place you looked at is so expensive :( At least we still have time to keep looking!


I'm still not experiencing much relief (I also took some AZO standard, that has helped with UTI cramps in the past, no real change), I just don't know if this is really a UTI or some kind of nerve/muscle issue. I'm to the point where if the pain gets any worse, to the hospital I go. Only the second dose of antibiotics so maybe I'm expecting too much.

I'm thinking about making a chiropractor appointment, but that kind of makes me nervous since I don't really know what's causing the pain. Does anyone have any tips or advice for me about seeing a chiro for the first time?


Thanks for the good thoughts, ladies.


Also, I have no idea about months of pregnancy, or trimesters, I just always say weeks when people ask. Too much math for me.

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Erica, I'm with Boots. I always just say I'm however many weeks along.


Andaluza, I think you're right. No matter how impressive a daycare is, it's going to be difficult to leave your baby there. We found a center we're comfortable with, but thinking about it still makes me sad. I expect to feel pretty devastated the first time we drop her off. And don't get me started on the costs. I still wonder if it's really worth it for me to continue working when 50% of my income will be going to childcare, but I don't see how we could get by if I don't bring in at least a little money.


Boots, I'm so sorry you're not feeling any better. hug2.gif How quickly are the antibiotics supposed to work?


Rosie, I'm glad you're having success with cloth! I hope you and Odin are getting plenty of rest and enjoying the heck out of your babymoon.


I went to work early this morning to assess the paint fume situation for my boss, who is out of town. It was still pretty bad, so I came home. Everyone else is working a half-day. I feel guilty taking the day off when my coworkers are stuck at the clinic under such nasty conditions, but I have no idea how inhaling paint fumes might affect the baby, and I'm not taking any risks. I should probably do something productive with my time off (yesterday, I spent the afternoon catching up on Mad Men orngtongue.gif), but I'm not feeling very motivated.


DH is leaving a week from today, and I'm starting to feel pretty sad. 




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Caly, hug2.gif right back at you for your huz leaving soon. I bet you're glad to be at home today, guilt aside :)


Good question about how quickly the antib's should work. I think I should talk to my OB office before I head to the hospital, but I am just so sick of this. In the past when I had a UTI, relief was almost immediate after taking antibiotics and dye pills.

J made a chiropractor appointment for me tomorrow. So if I decide not to go to the hospital, I will at least have some treatment coming up. She also does acupuncture. I will try anything at this point. I just want to know what's going on. Did I say that already? I feel delirious with trying to sit still and four days of standardized test proctoring.


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