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craving carbs

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ugghh.  i try to follow a low-carb diet after doing a lot of research about it and trying every other diet on earth since the time i was 12 years old.  anyway, all i want to eat right now are carbs!  my husband made pancakes this morning for breakfast.  craving chips, caramel corn, candy bars, crackers, sandwiches.  argh!  i know this stuff is not good for me.  just needed to whine a little.  anyone else craving junk food? 


i have managed to eat a lot of veggies today and they taste really good.  but all i can think about is sugar and junk.

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I was just saying in another thread- I killed a box of little debby style ding dongs the other day.


I'm not proud- but that's how bad my carb cravings are getting. Combine that with being completely drained like someone's yanked the plug and a nice dose of irrate/insecure....I'd like my morning sickness back now. Lol Trade it back!

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carbs are just about all I eat at this point. I always have taste aversions to just about every protein source in the first trimester. 

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When not pregnant, I'm totally grain-free.  One suggestion I would have is to use almond flour to make pancakes, muffins, etc.  Or coconut flour.  It's a nut flour so no carbs.  :)  Still considered a treat to me but I don't feel guilty eating it.  You can check out paleo websites for ideas.  My fans are www.health-bent.com and www.fastpaleo.com  Health Bent has an awesome chic chip cookie recipe made from almond flour.  Yum!  


I should say I have increased my grain intake since being pregnant.  Because of the hyperemesis, I find it's one of the few things I can actually keep down.  So, a piece of bread a day seems to help.  :)

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I'm in complete survival mode right now.  I figure if keeping my other 3 kids (5 and under) dressed, fed and relatively injury-free throughout the course of the day requires me to inhale a plate of pancakes and 6 tacos, so be it.


It won't last forever and soon I'll be feeling well enough that I'll be eating normally again.


Don't be too hard on yourself...

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Yes, unfortunately carbs are all that sound good right now since they tend to be bland. I also am drawn to salty carbs. So bad but I figure it will pass soon and I can start eating much better.

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glad to hear that this passes.  hopefully it does for me too.  my diet was totally different in my last pregnancy.  i remember being totally starving all the time then, but not necessarily craving carbs.  of course, that was what my diet mainly consisted of, so maybe it just didn't seem unusual or "bad" to me then.

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Glad I'm not the only one. We went completely grain free this year and I am inhaling carbs and gluten like there's no tomorrow. So not what I needed when I'd just realized I didn't really miss any of that stuff I'd cut from my diet... sigh. I am hoping it passes and that I'll drop this 5 lbs of gluten bloat I seem to have gained in the past week or two. Pizza tonight certainly didn't help lol.gif.

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Mmmm...pizza. I ate chips, a snickers, and a salad for lunch today. Thinking about leftover Easter candy, but I really need a nap. Which will win? Carbs or sleep?
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I just called my husband and asked him to bring home pizza tonight.  :|

I had a big bowl of mashed potatos for lunch and 2 scones for breakfast.

Last night for dinner I had a 2 plates of spaghetti and garlic bread.


I'm unstoppable. 


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Ummm carbs.  Pizza, spaghetti, candy all that sounds sooo good.  I wolfed down a super sized cinnamon roll this morning and I am on a candy roll. Damn that Easter Bunny!

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