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How are bigger siblings adjusting now?

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I know I asked months ago, but now that we are showing, feeling kicks, possibly seeing kicks... and in many cases, know WHO we are having...


How are older siblings handling it?

My 9 and 6 year olds are all "oh this is old news" lol since I just had their little sister a year before getting pregnant with this one. 

However, the baby is 18 months old now and only now starting to seem to understand that there is a baby in my tummy. Today, I asked where the baby was, she lifted my shirt. Then kissed and hugged my belly and started talking into my belly button to the baby. Mostly gibberish but I got "Hi!" out of it and hubby swears "sister" was in there somewhere (he's convinced our little surprise is a girl)

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My kids are really excited. My son is very analytical so he is constantly analyzing anything and everything related to the situation. My daughter is just so excited to be a big sister and talks constantly about the "little tiny baby" in my tummy. She constantly asked when she gets to hold the baby. We are going to start watching birth videos soon so that should add an interesting dimension.

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Both of mine are pretty excited, the almost 4 year old moreso than the just turned 2 year old.  They both talk to baby daily and give her lots of kisses (and blow on my stomach too).   My son likes to talk about the baby "hatching" even though he knows how baby is going to come out.  I find it adorable.  He talks about sharing a room with baby, helping her into her carseat, bringing her to me when she needs to nurse.  It's all way too cute, I can't wait to see him with her.  Today we bought a bag of newborn clothes and there was a Big Brother shirt for him in there.  As he's going through everything, saying how cute it all is, he noticed one shirt was for him.  I asked him what is said and he said it says, "I love my new baby sister".  Melts my heart.

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Nicole, that is so adorable!! stillheart.gif

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Mine are both still excited. My 5 year old seems more excited than the 7yr old. He talks to my belly and talks about the baby at least once a day. :) Well he is a little brother right now, when the baby comes he will be a big brother too.


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My son who turns 6 this week and is very excited about this baby. He was there for the homebirth of his sister 18 months ago and is so excited about having another baby at home. He wants to be the one who announces what the sex of the baby is. He loves to look at my belly and rub it every night and ask me questions about the baby's development for each week. 


My daughter who is 18 months is just starting to notice that something is kicking her when snuggles up on momma's belly. I really only just started getting a belly so now I am at the point where i can point at a bump and tell her there is a baby in there. 


I started blogging for the Homebirth & Midwifery section at Mother Earth News online and plan on doing a blog about preparing siblings for homebirth. Preparing a 6 year old is completely different from preparing an 18month old.

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my 6yo is old hat at this, so she isn't acting over the top excited. she talks about getting to be there for the birth and will ask to feel the baby move occasionally though.

my 2.5yo doesn't really care to feel the baby move. he's more excited about being able to be at the birth and planning to cut the cord. his biggest excitement right now is that colostrum has come in. he keeps reminding me that he's going to share milkies with this baby like he did with his younger brother. and he's focusing on "the baby will come out when it gets warm out".

my 17mo is getting the whole baby concept more than i thought he would. he likes to poke at my belly and then put his little hands there waiting for a kick back. he also likes to pull my shirt up and kiss the belly.

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