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Weekly Chat: April 2-8

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Helloooo October mamas,

I'm just off to bed, but was on MDC and thought I'd get an early start on our weekly chat. We missed last week, so I just wanted to throw it out there that anyone who feels like it is welcome to start our weekly threads. :)


Hope everyone is feeling well!

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Thanks Dandy! I thought about starting a thread last week but some people are territorial about that sort of thing so I was hesitant. But one person can't do it all! I'll be sure to take the initiative next time!


So, my husband and I went camping this weekend and while we had a great time, it was actually pretty tough. It was unseasonably hot, our tent site wasn't very close to our car and we were probably about 100-200 yards from the bathroom, all uphill. Between frequent trips to the bathroom and carrying things to and from the car, I think I overdid it. I'm having a pain that feels like a soreness in my womb, but it's not cramping and there's no bleeding. It's probably my pelvis and some form of pelvic girdle pain or symphysis pubis dysfunction. For a few weeks I've been having a lot of pain when I lay on my back or when I try to roll over in bed. I'm going to talk to my midwife about it at my appointment next week, but from what I'm reading it's often misdiagnosed or a lot of caregivers just aren't familiar with it. But my symptoms seem to fit and I may need a referral to a physical therapist.


Is anyone else having these types of pains? Has anyone had any luck with treatment? Any experiences or advice is welcome! Hope everyone else is feeling good and has a great week! smile.gif

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I'm having what I'm pretty sure is UTI pain- sounds way different than yours though. THe in-office dip was negative, but I'm pretty sure it was the gallons of water/cranberry I drank that made it too dilute. I've been trying to beat it while I wait for the culture to come back, but I think I'm losing :( It's not typical UTI pain (I've never had one though) It's more like pressure and throbbing after I pee, I need to pee frequently (who doesn't!) but I get lower back pain with it sometimes, and I'm having trouble sleeping b/c I can feel my bladder (?) throbbing kind of? It's not "pain" per say, but uncomfortable at times. The middle of the night pee looks a little cloudy, and smells a little stronger - though not stinky (DS has had a UTI, so I remember the smell)

It took a few days last week to clue in what was happening, b/c it started with just pressure and I've never had one before.


Hopefully this means that the first tri is going out with a bang for me - cause I am so over throwing up so much, and just want to start enjoying being pregnant! 

Reading about everyone else feeling good is great - it gives me something to look forward too :)


Hope everyone is else is doing well.

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Fem- I have horrible problems with my hips in general, especially when Im pregnant. Sounds like what you are dealing with. Try warm baths, sitting on a yoga ball and getting in the pool. They all help me some..


Spring- I would have them test again! It almost sounds like its moving into your kidneys. I had bad UTI pain once that combined with lower back pain. I ignored it since my doctor said the tests came back neg, ended up I had a kidney infection. Got bad enough that I spent a week in the hospital. Id ask them to test it again, just in case..


Is anyone else really irritable? Im about to lose it with my DH right about now. We moved in February and since Ive been having issues with morning sickness I haven't had a chance to unpack. A few weeks ago he emptied all the boxes but didn't put anything away so as you can guess with three kids the house is a DISASTER from that. I asked him this weekend to just clean up 1 room and Ill do the rest of the house. Since i was sick I didn't really keep an eye on what was happening. He didn't get ANYTHING done! The house is a million times worse than it was on Friday when he got home. He doesn't understand why I'm pissed but seriously! How hard can it be to at least not make more of a mess than was already there. Its not like I asked him to even put anything away, I told him to just put the things in boxes and Ill put it away. UGHS banghead.gif He just e-mailed me and asked if I could proof read and rewrite something for work he was suppose to do this weekend but never bothered to. Seriously, do I have 3 kids or 4? Sometimes I REALLY wonder!

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Springmum, I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling well. I agree, definitely get it checked again because UTIs are no joke! I do hope you get some time to enjoy pregnancy soon.


Oki, thanks! I'm doing water aerobics but I think when the pool at my mom's house opens I'm just going to make a habit of going up there to soak and stretch. Some of the water aerobic exercises are particularly difficult on my hips so I think some light laps and stretches would be more helpful. I'm also purchasing a maternity pillow so I'll throw the yoga ball in with it, too. I just hope I can get some sleep despite the pain!

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Thanks ladies - just got confirmation that it is a UTI. I'm all for kicking things naturally, but this had me beat, and I'm very happy to be starting the abx!!!

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Hiya Ladies, 


Springmum, I'd def. get that re-checked...it sounds like a UTI for sure. Have you tried those cranberry pills? I've never used them, but I've noticed them in some of the natural health stores...maybe they'd help a bit?


And I hope everyone finds some relief for that soreness! I seem to have issues with pubic area soreness whenever I'm spending a whole day standing up or walking...like earlier this week, we spent the day exploring downtown Orlando by foot, then went over to the mall for a bit of shopping, and I felt GREAT until suddenly I felt like if I took another step, my pubic area was literally going to separate itself from the rest of me. It was definitely on the verge of painful and I had to sit for about an hour before we could manage the walk back to the car. But as long as I'm not constantly walking, I seem to be alright. 


Well, I'm super excited this week because we have decided to put this road trip on pause for a month and rented a cute little house that sounds adorable! We move in today, and I'm suuuuper ready to have a homebase and be able to just lie around when I feel like it! Seriously. I'm so thankful that we have been traveling during this first trimester because in so many ways, it's made this an easier trimester for me than with my son or the previous pregnancy, but I'm ready for some relaxing. I appreciate how time flew by for me...I'm already at 12 weeks (tomorrow)!!! and the exhaustion at least is passing although the MS is still around. But yeah...a whole day of just lounging around my own house playing with ds sounds like heaven at this point!


I've also figured out our plan for cloth diapering since we'll have to re-buy a stash and we seem to have (mostly) settled on where we'd like to settle to HAVE this baby. Which is a HUGE decision for us as we've been pretty much moving/traveling around the country since ds was born because we seem to just love experiencing new places more than settling down. I think we both agree that that will have to end with this next child as doing what we were doing with one was difficult enough without adding another child to it. lol So we're finally having to figure out where we want the next big chunk of our lives together to take place and MAN is it hard to figure out. There's so much to factor in!! Anyway, we're thinking we'll end up at a home-base by mid-2nd trimester and then start building a community of support for our birth. 


Speaking of birth, I'm really getting excited about it! lol 

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Sorry to hear about UTI's and pelvic pains. Ugh. I've been having some SI joint pain, which I have never experienced before, but it seems pretty minor because I can just reposition and get relief pretty consistently....


water aerobics sounds amazing! i wish we lived closer to a pool!



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femmeknitzi, awesome! Yes, anytime! I'm so sorry you're experiencing pain like that. I hope you can get it sorted out soon.


springmum, sorry about the UTI, but glad you got it diagnosed and are starting treatment.


okimom, yes, to the irritability. It was worse a week or so ago all the time, but now it seems to be mainly associated with tiredness and when I'm peckish. Although with the situation you're describing, that'd be enough to make anyone lose it.... pregnant or not!  Hope it gets better soon!


pregnova, glad you're settling in for a bit. Why all the traveling? Mind if I ask?


afm, was 14 weeks yesterday, and feeling good. I finally have a belly and would love to share with you all, and to see other people's pics too. This is a pic I took yesterday morning. I keep having moments of disbelief, like "Holy crap, I have a baby in my belly!" We wanted this for so long, and I dreamt about it, and it's hard to make it feel real now that it's finally here. Anyone else feeling the same thing?


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spring.. I'm glad you got answers! Take the meds, I'm usually all for doing things naturally but I don't mess with UTIs. Not after the time in the hospital!


dandy- usually I'm really low key and it takes forever for me to lose my temper.. Also, I'm usually so on top of the housework even if he does something stupid (like emptying those boxes!) it would be cleaned up the next day. Right now I'm not!


I just went to the rest room and when I wiped there were streaks of blood. I'm hoping its nothing but Ive never had spotting in the 2nd trimester that didn't spell disaster.. I'm debating going to the ER and having it checked but its not like they can do anything and I like my privacy. Praying its nothing but I'm worried now. Especially since I haven't been really over joyed with this pregnancy like I usually am.

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Thanks Oki - and I'm sorry you're having to worry about blood right now! Hopefully it's just a little non-serious clot or something clearing as the baby grows. Let us know how it goes (hug)

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Okimom- I'm thinking of you and hoping everything is ok! 


Dandy- We travel for the fun of it. lol Hubby works online on his own hours, so as long as we have internet, we can live wherever, and we've just been taking full advantage of it while we can. Also, it gives us a chance to really find the right community for us to eventually settle down in. 


I've been feeling queasier these past two days than I have since 9 weeks! Ugg...I'm hoping this clears up soon. 

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Crossing my fingers for you, Okimom.  Let us know how things are going. 


I am a little more irritable than usual, but mostly, I've just been in this horrible funk where I don't feel like doing anything but watching tv and sleeping.  I've only got a few weeks of school left, and I'm falling behind in a big way, and I can't even make myself care about it!  I have to pass all my classes if I'm going to graduate next month, and we're moving to a different state this summer, so it's not like I can just decide to go back and finish later.  It's gotten a bit better over the last week, but it's not like I can make up all the time I should have been spending on school work.  It doesn't help that ds has been refusing to nap.  Nap time was one of my major homework times.  I feel like he still really needs to nap, a couple days in a row without one and he starts melting down in the afternoons and sleeping 14 hours at night.  But nothing I'm trying is working well at all. 


Some exciting news on the moving front, at least.  We won an auction on a little house in one of the cities at the top of our list of places to live.  The reserve price wasn't met, so it's not a sure thing that the owners will accept our price, but if they do it will be a steal of a deal.  We haven't seen it in person, it's 800ish miles away, but my in-laws went to check it over for us and get our questions answered, and it looks like just the kind of place we were looking for.  I was worried for a while that we wouldn't be able to find something in time and we'd end up living with my in-laws while I give birth and recover and I'd have to move with a newborn again (we moved when ds was 2 weeks old, it was hell).  This is all still a possibility, if we don't end up getting this house.  Our budget for a house is pretty small, living with the in laws for a while would allow us some time to pay some debts down and afford to spend a little more on a house, but I just think a homebirth at someone else's home would not be the same. 


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I had my first midwife appt last week. I had been hoping to hear the heartbeat, but at just over 10 weeks, it was still a bit early. Both the midwife and her asst thought they caught it, but I didn't:-(. It just doesn't feel like anything is happening, and I can start freaking myself out a bit. My clothes mostly still fit and other than a weird taste in my mouth, I don't really have symptoms. It's just hard to be patient!


Also, I had been hoping to start telling people (only DH and I know), but I really wanted to hear a heartbeat before sharing, so it's back to waiting. 


Hope everyone is doing well. Prayers/positive thoughts for you Okimom.

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Miss Sonja - I had a dr's appt at just before 11 weeks and the Dr couldn't get a heartbeat with the doppler either. She said she only gets in about 20% of the time at that stage and that the uterus/babe is still pretty small. Our 12 week scan is next week, so we're waiting too. Hopefully you get to hear it soon :)

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Okimom:  Thinking of you!


Dandy: cute belly photo!!!  I love belly pics:)


I would write more personalized responses but I am finding that the computer is making me sick:(  I thought I was in the clear after not being sick for over a week but the dizzyness came back full force over the last few days.  



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I, too, am experiencing increased symptoms as well and I' ll be 12 weeks in 2 days! After spotting for awhike though, I am thankful for the symptoms, but thet doesn't mean I'm not a little grumpy! I feel so much more excited after my ultrasound, bc I was partially convinced I was miscarrying greensad.gif
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Oki, thinking of you.


afm, I am an utter and complete weepy mess.  I probably cry 5 or 6 times a day...at anything and everything.  A song on the radio, a commercial, or even reading one of DD's books can set me off.  Is it possible to become dehydrated from crying?  lol

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So I haven't spotted since that night so I'm hoping it was a combo of stress and being jumped on by my kids.. This time in the pregnancy is really hard on me since I found out my first stopped growing around 13 weeks and had a D&C at 14 weeks. I wish I could just skip to 18 weeks when I start feeling the baby kick daily greensad.gif Im 13 weeks right now so Im a little uptight as it is. I need to get into see a doctor for peace of mind but I refuse to go to the OB they assigned me ( firstly because there is a "no children ever" policy, second is because I won't go to a clinic that makes a majority of their money off abortions, third because his reviews are so horrible, there are NO good reviews for him and fourth, I have a strong dislike of male OBs and would rather see either a female OB or a midwife). Im going to call up Tricare tomorrow or Friday and see who else I can see.



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Oki, if you're a dependent and you don't like who they've assigned you to, you can always look into switching to Tricare Standard.  You can choose which ever provider you want, although there are some compromises (you may have to pay co-pays and I think you have to stay on Standard for a year).  It's something to consider, though.  There's no way I would deliver where Tricare wants me to, but I luckily have insurance through my work that I'm able to use.

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