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Before Baby's Arrival Checklist - Page 3

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I'm late to the party with my list, but here is mine:




Wash newborn clothes
Put clothes in drawers or somewhere? (3rd kid, no extra bedroom)
Buy newborn disposable diapers
Ready camera
Get another 2 nursing tanks (got 2 tanks at Costco, will just layer those under a shirt)
Buy minivan
Enroll DD in summer school
Still to do:
Get cloth diapers in size small
Wash and organize bottles
Decorate DS' room
Decorate DD's room
Get treasure box for baby
5 Freezer meals
Pack hospital bag
Gifts for siblings
Get new infant car seat (old one will expire end of August)
List of nearby people to babysit until parents can arrive when we go to hospital
List for birth announcements
Design birth announcement 
Get pediatrician letter stating office can see baby within 24 hours after birth
Get a glider?
Buy a first outfit
Buy a boppy? I really detest the My Breast Friend I have
Get a second crib (maybe not... don't need it for at least 6 months, see if toddler outgrows crib first)
Buy post partum toiletries
Revise birth plan
Reorganize kids bathroom
Organize pumping supplies (pump broken... boooo)
Use up breast milk in freezer
Make dairy/soy free cupcakes for DD and put in freezer for DS birthday party at end of July
Hmm, somehow I thought I had a lot more done, but when I break it up into the two different categories, the "still to do" list is a lot longer than the "done" list!!!
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I called my insurance today and they cover breast pumps to 80%!!!!   You have to get them from a durable medical equipment supply company, so it looks like they wouldn't reimburse if you bought it off Amazon or something.  She was pretty adamant about that point.  Soooooo, definitely check your insurance company before you buy anything.  I'm cross posting this in the weekly chat just in case some people don't see it hidden over here.


(UPDATE from a while ago... I got false info from the insurance rep... they only cover up to 80% if you can't bf for a medical reason... boo.... Sorry to get people's hopes up).

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Clean and declutter house (will do once DH finishes his projects and gets his tools out of the house) (Almost there... this should be done this week)

Move linen closet out of nursery and upstairs

Install shelves in upstairs closet to accommodate linens

Paint nursery and living room (painter friend of ours is doing this)

Install hardwood floors in downstairs (DH)

Install cubby system in front hall and tile mud room area (DH)

Install brick driveway (DH)

Finish registry (I'm still finding cloth diapers and stuff to add on, but the registry is essentially finished)

Find stroller and car seat (We don't have them yet, but we have them picked out and we'll be getting the infant carseat from my SIL)

Wash baby clothes when they arrive (ongoing process.... we still have one shower to go)

Organize baby clothes by size

Buy nursery furniture, etc.

Go to Bradley classes (Almost done!)

Get tour of hospital (I may not do this, since I already spent a fair amount of time there...)

Finish last chapter of book (AHHH!!!  FINISH THIS SOON)

Finish copyediting chapters

Fix citations throughout (ugh)

Work out legal stuff - will, health proxy forms, care of child in case of emergency, etc.

Go over birth class materials and make cheat sheet for DH

Call insurance to find out what we'll likely owe at the birth and about breast pump coverage

Get car fixed

Give away clutter stuff to Goodwill (Thursday after my trunk gets fixed)

Finish last chapter of book

Clean and declutter and get DH to get his tools in order

Make cloth diaper detergent and wash and prep new cloth diapers

Make cloth wipe spray

Wash sheets and organize stuff from showers on 7th and 14th and stuff DH is bringing from SIL (on the 10th)


I guess I'm doing pretty well if the only thing left on my list is to make cloth wipe spray and the legal stuff (which really doesn't have to be done immediately).  Not bad at all.  Of course, now that I have at least a week to sit around, I'll have to add things to the list.  But for now I'm feeling pretty good about things.  How are everyone else's lists going?

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I still have soooo much to do, but I have lowered my expectations. If we have no dining room furniture, oh well. The really important stuff is mostly done. I am really over working now and wish I could stop today. Unfortunately every day I miss now is one less day I have with baby. Awful tradeoff.
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