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Happy Easter/Passover, my Dingo Sisters!!!


stegenrae ~ that flow chart is great!  DH loved it too.  I'm more primal than paleo, as I do eat some dairy (heavy whipping cream, butter) and like Mark Sisson's 80/20 principle of eating 80% primal and 20% planned other.  For example, tonight I had a bowl of ice cream for my Easter dinner dessert.  Not paleo, not primal, definitely yummy and for a special occasion, okay for me.  Whole30 is like hard core paleo.  It really helped me to pinpoint my intolerances/tolerances more clearly as I slowly added foods back in when the 30 days were up.


Real ~ awesome race!!!!  Nice job and great pace! 


jooj ~ my husband has a huge list of exercises my DS chooses from every day and he gets points for doing different things.  When he has amassed a certain number of points, he gets a new book or Lego or whatever.  Some things on the list include pushups, soccer drills (dribbling around cones), practicing his trampoline routine, back and forths with the soccer ball, toe raises, free kick practice with both feet, and planks.  Also how about things like burpees, or gymnastics moves (somersaults, handstand contests, cartwheels, etc.)?  We also do a lot of scooter races and biking here, but I don't know how feasible any of that is where you are living.  Have a great day today!


RR ~ short run today, hike planned tomorrow (stegenrae, we are going to the SP you recommended in Missouri!)


NRR ~ We had just a wonderful Easter Sunday with church this morning, a leisurely lunch, lots of playing outside, an egg hunt and a delicious dinner (ham, scalloped potatoes, asparagus and green beans, plus the aforementioned ice cream).  I almost throttled my neighbor as he loudly told my DD2, "The Easter Bunny isn't real!"  Same kid who told my middle child that Santa wasn't real last winter.  Honestly, I have no problem if your family doesn't do Santa or Easter Bunny, but please make it clear to your children that announcing the "truth" to those who do believe is NOT cool irked.gif


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I'm loving the primal/paleo talk and the flow chart. I have a wheat and corn allergic daughter and gluten intolerant husband, but we eat a lot of rice and a bit of quinoa. My husband is also allergic to eggs, and none of us drink milk, but we all have a bit of goat/sheep cheese.

Nic, I could see the Wild Rose detox diet working well for you, since rice is allowed. It's more generous than the paleo/primal in general, but no dairy, no tropical fruits, no sugar...

RR- A lovely hour on the trails this morning. About 8.5km and then another 1km of running after (see below).

NRR- It's all about the three year old: she wanted to go to the park this morning and didn't wait for us. I was upstairs post-run posting stuff on freecycle (still organizing and unpacking my husband), and she was "quietly playing" downstairs. After a quick search of the house and yard I did a run around the block and had my husband call 911 while I started knocking on doors to get neighbors to check their yards and help with the search. We found her safe with a woman who found her at the park (6-7 blocks away). It was no more than 10 min missing, and another 10-15 before we found her. Terrifying minutes.

We've also been dealing with ongoing fall-out from her Cadbury cream egg eating/allergy at the Easter egg hunt yesterday, but the rash on her face is looking suspiciously viral (hand/foot/mouth) this evening. Likely both.

And (plug your ears real) she learned to ride a two-wheeler without training wheels today. She asked for a "bike with pedals" for her birthday and she was riding on her own by this afternoon.

This kid is keeping me on my toes.
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blowkiss.gif Hello Dingoes!


I hope everyone had a great weekend. I've only skimmed the past couple of pages, but I didn't want to get any further behind before skipping town for the next few days. The race list needs some races! Does anyone else have anything I can add there? What's on everyone's schedules?


We are headed to Orlando FL for a few days of vacation. I'm taking along my sock knitting and hope to have at least one day of hanging out by a pool and knitting some of Shanti's lovely sock yarn!


MelW, that must have been terrifying! I am really amazed though that a 3 yo would be that brave - what an independent kid...


Plady, congrats on the car!!


Lisa, Woo-hoo! Excellent race and report! Good job on making that fit into your training. Very impressive.


Welcome Stegenrae!! Did I already say welcome - gosh, I can't remember.



RR: 8 miles all through Daniel Island yesterday after dropping DD off for her ball crew shift at the tennis tournament. Daniel Island is a very well-planned community, and I could run a good bit of this on trails and under tree cover, even along the marsh and riverbanks and with the added benefit of drinking fountains every so often. In the past, I have gotten lost several times in the curvy streets of the neighborhoods, but I managed to stick to a good route yesterday.


Now... back to work, then pack the kids and car and drive to FL!


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Oy, MelW!!!!  That was my biggest fear with my youngest when she was that age.  She is very adventurous and independent and (at that age) pretty amoral.  I'm so glad it worked out fine and that an adult found her!  So terrifying!


And, for Mel38 - Here's my contribution!  On April 21, the entire family will be running the Reach Out And Run 5k, and on July 15 (please be cool that day!), I will be doing the Racine Half Ironman

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MelW, I am sure those were the very longest minutes. OMG. So glad you found her and all is well.


Mel38, safe travels!


RR: Two doses of beach today for a total of 8 miles, but mostly just walked, catching up to podcasts.

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MelW - glad you found her safe and sound!


Mel38 - sounds like a nice run


Bec - love the family run.... I need to find something like that for me and mine. :)


JayGee - sorry the blabbermouth was at it again. :(  But, that dinner sounds delicious!


RR: none yesterday.  did walk with the kids to the park and actually was able to do the monkey bars.


Hope everyone has a great week!  Heading out to bootcamp.

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Mel - that must have been terrifying! I am so glad she is okay. We have had one time with each of our children when they weren't safely accounted for and they were flat out terrifying. Time passes differently when you are in the middle of that, doesn't it?


I am profoundly tired but I made it through the weekend and feel some clear headedness about the things I need to prioritize and do this week. Today is a school holiday so I will be house and kid focussed  - getting the house literally clean today will keep me from procrastinating on more important things later in the week and also sets the tone for me on many levels. 


dh had a ton of extra church services this weekend but I only had to go to one and I was teaching Sunday school through most of it. I took the young kids which I always love. There is a Waldorf-y explanation for the Easter bunny I often tell little ones that always goes over well. It says that Jesus met Mary in a garden and there are always lots of little animals, birds and bugs in gardens. The animals witnessed all that had happened and wanted to tell the whole world. They decided to send the rabbits because they could run the fastest and because they can't speak human languages, they left little bits of chocolate everywhere to tell people that something very sweet and rich had just happened. I am not as enamoured of that story as I once was but enough of the kids at dh's church have heard it over the years that I am not allowed to not tell it any more! I came home and slept for part of the afternoon and then we had dinner with some good friends. 


Tonight will be our big holiday meal. I don't ever do them on Sundays because it is too much pressure with dh's schedule. A few years ago I discovered that our nearest grocery store puts fresh turkeys on sale the day after Christmas - averaging $5-10 per turkey. I always but several and freeze them to have throughout the year and we will have one of out $6 turkeys tonight thumb.gif with some mashed potatoes and gravy at the kids' request and lots of spinach and berry salad and roasted broccoli for me.


Mel - I would love to see pictures of what you make with the yarn! This morning I need to order some more yarn and get dyeing again. My Etsy shop fizzled and I need to get that back in gear as well as prepare for some events this spring and summer.


Interesting to read about the mould issue with foods. I know it affects me with some things - I have never liked the taste of anything fermented or pickled and as much as I love cheese, it makes me feel drugged sometimes. It never occurred to me that nuts, seeds and legumes could be mould issues too. The other night I basically said %^(&* it and ate a couple of cinnamon rolls as I pulled them out of the oven and while the taste was so worth it after the day I had just had, I still feel like I have a hangover from it.  I eat a little basmati rice occasionally and some quinoa but that is it for grains. I do eat a lot of legumes and some dairy - not sure I could manage to eat a lot more meat than I do now. I am allergic to fish so that is off the list. I ate some chocolate yesterday and it tasted awful to me so I seem to be tempering my taste buds somewhat. This isn't the time for a major diet overhaul but I know that I feel better when I eat better so I am trying to learn from all of you here.


Housecleaning will be my workout today. Dusting, bathrooms, floors, furniture - pretty much everything except bedding which I did Friday and kids' rooms which I no longer touch. I think this is a fair time to say the wood stove is done for the year so I will scrub it and the hearth down which should give me a great upper body workout.

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MelW - Terrifying!! I always say, I'm glad my kids are independent and assertive (particularly DS and now DD2), as it will help them move through the world, but it is hard to be the parent of those personalities

Mel38 - 8 miles! You have made so much progress. Werent you running, like, 3 miles last month lol.gif

RR: 45 of the WORST minutes of bike intervals EVER. That's why it was only 45. Just awful. Sigh. AF cant come soon enough

NRR: Yesterday DD1 asked what the difference is between sex and gender. She's 9. After a long explanation of the role society plays in gender identification, I really blew her mind when I told her that one of our good friends, the father of a friend of Ds' and husband of one of my good friends, was born a woman. Her response, as expected: jaw.gif ..... lol.gif

Now off to pack more boxes as I wait for the kitchen-counter folks to show up with the new one. Ours is removed, and so the water in the kitchen is off. It just feels icky getting my water from the bathroom, even though I know it all comes from the same source grossedout.gif
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Random: I got the idea to ask my aunt some questions about family history - the only aunts/uncles I have are in Holland as my Dad is an only. I havent seen or spoken to her since I was a child (7?). My dad isnt sure of her last name, because her first husband died when we were kids and she remarried, but he knew the name of the first husband and the father of my cousins. I dont want to ask my mom for this info. as I prefer not to speak with her generally. So I just found one on Facebook and sent him a message. He is half Lebanese (my aunt and his dad met in Lebanon), and his sister lived there for several years , and I see that his kids all have Lebanese names. It's an odd feeling to have current events and family history intersect in this way. What a surreal thing, the box I've just opened...
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Sparkle, that's awesome about the family connection! My dad's family genealogy was recently featured/investigated for a thing my hometown does every year for founding families, and we found lots of people we'd have never known about. I need to do something for my dh's family now while the grandparents are all still living; he's African-American, so I'm sure there will be even more opportunities to "lose" the line, so having stories and people who were there would be invaluable. That's awesome that your daughter knew even enough to distinguish the two terms. And I love your response. :)  Sorry about the crappy bike intervals--at least you gave it a shot, though.


shanti, it sounds like you have a really good plan for prioritizing and tackling what needs to be done. I occasionally get inspired and do that, but mostly I wing it and don't get done what I'd like to. I hope your house is sparkling! 


MelW, That is TERRIFYING! My older son had similar proclivities (though thankfully he never wandered that far), so we had to change the doorknobs when he was just past 1yo (they were levers & we changed to regular round ones & put on childproofing stuff) and made the house alarm beep every time a door was opened so at least we had some warning. I'm so glad she was safe!


Jooj, 2 doses of beach sounds heavenly. At least you've got that, right?


Mel38, that running route sounds amazing. Safe travels and have fun in Florida!


JayGee, how was the hike??


RR-I dug up about 80 sq ft of garden space this morning. Most of it didn't get dug or planted last year (busy and lazy), and we have lots of clay, so it was hard work. (so that was back/shoulder/arms). Then I did week6,day3 of C25K (2.25mi straight) this evening after I got a root canal irrigated (I'm between canal and packing. blech) at a near-record-SLOW pace, LOL. I started out running on my toes, apparently, because at about .5mi in, my right calf was threatening to cramp up entirely. So I plodded away at the remaining 1.75mi making sure I was midfoot striking and couldn't even toe off. I considered just coming home, but I'm glad I stuck it out. Oh, and then I did an ab workout. 


NRR-I got all the seeds planted in the backyard raised beds yesterday, re-watered today, and weeded and dug up the front beds today. I will get some sweet potatoes tomorrow to plant in one bed, and plant herb seed in the other one and in some pots. I also dug up some plants to donate to my church's plant sale and will divide them and pot them along with some others tomorrow or Wed. I've never gotten my stuff together to donate to the plant sale before, and I'm feeling pretty accomplished for it. :)

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Tri class was hard, hard, hard!  We did about 9.5 miles on the road bikes before an 1800 yard swim!  It was super windy, so that was more than a little terrifying, and my goggles kept leaking.  So done with them!  Anyway, it is done, and I am feeling that wonderful warm, sleepy, worked every muscle in my body kind of thing!

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Reading along...hopefully time to post more tomorrow...

Day 2 of 3. 11 babies today (I think). 11. That is a LOT of babies. At one point, I was in one room with a baby, my preceptor was in another, the other admit nurse was in ANOTHER, and they were calling/paging us downstairs (high risk L&D) for yet ANOTHER delivery. yikes.gif Here's hoping for a happy medium tomorrow...
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Rae ~ just wanted to let you know that we LOVED Hawn SP and the kids had an absolute blast hiking and wading in the Pickle Creek!  Thanks so much for the recommendation.  We'll definitely be going back again later this summer to camp and explore some more.  Here is a picture from today:


DS and DD1 were both soaking wet before we even made it to the turn around, but they really didn't care and continued to wade and play in the river all the way back.


RR ~ none, other than the 2 mile saunter that our hike was


NRR ~ Ugh, must stop eating chocolate eggs.  Tomorrow everyone is back to school and I'm back to volunteering.  Today made me really look forward to summer break and all the fun things I want to do with the children.

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JayGee, squee! I know exactly where that is on the trail. :)  Im so glad you guys loved it. It really is one of the best hiking state parks in MO. Psst--we'll be camping there 4th of July weekend...the campground is all kinds of awesome, too.


I let the boys finish the rest of their easter candy in ONE day, so those damn chocolate eggs and Hershey's Kisses would stop staring me down.


tjsmama, that's a lotta babies!! I hope it settles down tomorrow, too.


bec, I'm glad you enjoyed the benefits of your tri class. Did I mention the things I hate about tri are the biking and the swimming? :P 


I input all my activities and foods into myfitnesspal.com and realized I have a TON of calories left...so am having the last of my wine (a whopping 2 oz). 

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So much for personals yesterday.
Mel, Terrifying! BTDT and never want to do it again! I am so glad you foud her safe and sound on an adventure.
JayGee, that is a great photo and sounds like a good day.
Shanti, wave.gif
Stegenrae, we do the same thing with the candy and this year I even bought a reasonabe small amount.
sparkle, it sounds like you were reasy to answer al sorts of questions. What triggered the discussion?
Gaye, what a bunch of babies! I was holding a tiny one Saturday an an Easter egg hunt and I had to keep reminding myself that the last thing I need is a another child. A baby maybe...
jo, your mileage is climbing!
bec, you are working hard at tri class!
dimitrizmom, good to see you here again. smile.gif
Mel38, was there a balance bike in the past? Linus has outgrown his and fil plans to get him a bike next week so I am curious.

I have been getting my runs in the early morning. The water was so loud this morning when I could hear it over my breathing! I am following all the talk of various eating plans with interest but know that I need to be reasonable and consistent not follow somebody else's rules BUT the sugar has to stop for a while as it is a gateway drug to bad eating habits for me. The next couple of weeks are busy with orchestra concerts, plays, choir concerts, and lots of time demanding activities for the big kids with a visit from the in-laws. I am not mentally prepared.wild.gif

Time to get the little girls up for school. sleeping.gifsleeping.gif
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I am serial posting to say there are people interested in the house and I could use all the dingo magic and positive thoughts and good vibes and prayers available to make this sale happen quickly and easily. Thank you.
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Ooh, ooh Mamajb - goodvibes.gifgoodvibes.gifgoodvibes.gif

RR: weight circuit. Done
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Mommajb - goodvibes.gifhomeschool.gif <-- House selling mojo


Rae - I try to get all the candy processed through the kids in one day too.  Unfortunately my older daughter likes to save things.  Although, she may see things my way as the dog ate most of her candy yesterday when we weren't home.


Gaye - yay for babies! 


MelW - Whew!  That is so scary!  I recently had my 4yo tell me she wanted to go upstairs to "play quietly" and seconds later I saw her hoofing it out across the lawn to play in the garden with dh instead.  It was only funny because he was out there and I saw her but it could have been just as upsetting (to me) as your experience.These kids!  They probably don't even notice our blood pressure and gray hair!


So I think we have a farm now.  We have a donkey outside the kitchen window grazing away.  Getting her into the trailer yesterday was an adventure.  We'd hoped we could load her in 30 minutes and make a return ferry (she was on a different island). yeah. right!   But she is a sweetie and who can blame her for not being enthusiastic about getting into a white van driven by strangers who know our name even though you've never seen them before.


Sorry for the brief personals, I boxed this morning and still haven't showered and just touched my face and felt all the dried salt. Ew.  TIme to fix that.


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Mommajb- good luck and lots of house selling vibes coming your way!!!

Plady - a donkey?! Cool!

MelW - how scary! Glad your little escape artist was found quickly.

RR - long, chatty walk with my friend who just returned from 2 weeks in Germany.
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I am in the kitchen, home from famer's market and PeeWee sports and my dear, dear son asks me, "Do you know off the top of your head is the derivative of the the function f(x) = tan(x) secant squared. ( can't do super script ) And is the derivative of secant tangent?" Easy answer: No, I don't know off the top of my head. He is still carrying on. wild.gif:dizzy This is just him babbling as usual. eyesroll.gif
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