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Bec - That is a he** of a lot of miles on tired legs! Well done smile.gif

MelW - Ugh! I remember trying to eliminate dairy for two weeks b/c it was recommended as a remedy for bed-wetting, and it was so hard I said screw it!, I'd rather change wet sheets. I hope you find an answer - how scary and frustrating goodvibes.gif

Jo - the energy coming from you is so light lately. I think the whole30 is having a metaphysical effect (or, you know, it's all just a coincidence). Either way, it's so nice to hear a lighter voice. The book sounds fun and provocative

Shanti - I hope they find a treatment that makes this easy to manage. I'm sorry the poop keeps coming, but you did manage to get so much done! clap.gif

JG - irked.gif I would be annoyed. I know people are busy, but really; 1?! Our school has 200 kids and we have 10 regulars at the PTO meetings hug.gif

Rae - I never had that experience, but wouldnt your O2 eventually catch up to the increased blood volume? Maybe part of the winded-ness is that you are still early in the pregnancy and tired. Sometimes when I;m *just* tired I get winded doing things that dont make me winded otherwise?

RR: bike and running today. I always bike for an hour of mixed levels, and then run/walk for 20 min. Today the bike was hard, but at least I got it done, but then the run felt....good. I was going fast, and after my run-segment, I often just kept running for another 30 seconds. It got me thinking: maybe I should bike less and run more. I'm a little leary of looking a gift horse in the mouth, but I sure am tempted to go for a run tomorrow, like, outside loveeyes.gif

NRR: Storage locker - Woot. Took some boxes and our too-big dining room table, re-arranged the living-room to include the new table I just found at one of the antique stores nearby ... love at first sight. I had an idea in mind, and there it was. BUT (right!) it needed work, that Dh spent the day doing. It is sooo purty. We're in the home-stretch.

Yesterday I spent 2 1/2 hours scrubbing the shower (full tile) - first I did the grout with a tooth brush; that took about 45 minutes, then scrubbed one tile at a time. After two hours of that I was only 2/3 of the way done and my right arm was so pumped I couldnt do it anymore lol.gifbag.gif So I asked Dh to finish .... he figured out (genius!) that he could attach the green-scrubby to his power sander and just "sand" one tile at a time. He got it done in a jiffy, and didnt I feel like a doofus for working so hard wild.gif
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Rae, I never had troubles with shortness of breath. I got slower and more tired, but didn't feel like I was suffering with breathing. Around 20-24 weeks my pelvis started to feel wrong when I ran, and at that point with both I switched to swimming.

sparkle, hooray for the house coming together and your clever husband. I had some tub grime that not even the professional cleaner could get out that was easily washed off with pink solution. It also fixed what I thought was a permanent stain from hard water in our toilets. I'm a convert (and it's non-toxic enough that my MIL washes her face with it!)

RR- 5k short run today. Fastest I've been on that loop since early fall.

NRR- I totally forgot about a b-day party for my daughter's friend today. And I missed garbage day three weeks in a row. Stressed much?! I feel like a big jerk about the party.
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MelW - Pink Solution!? Do tell!
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melw~I really don't know how many babies a year we have. I do know that we had 240-some last month, which was actually well down from the forecast of 300 babies! When I left on Tuesday, we were at 78 so far this month.

real~ I totally look up almost everybody I find out is a runner. orngtongue.gif

Day 2 of juice cleanse, done. And I feel surprisingly good. I had a splitting headache last night before bed, but I don't know that I can attribute that to the cleanse, when I had a headache when I woke up yesterday. Although it definitely could have been two days without caffeine. I've been really surprised that I really haven't felt hungry. Not that I'm not fantasizing about cheeseburgers, because I totally am. And girl scout cookies. And lots of other yummy things. orngbiggrin.gif

rr~4 miles with friends this morning. I felt pretty good, considering the cleanse and all. Maybe a little low energy, but otherwise not bad. We'll see how tomorrow morning's workout goes, I guess!
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I just learned that it's a Canadian product, but looks like it's available in some states and online. My MIL buys it for me at Costco. It's an enzymatic cleaner that is really gentle but cuts grease so well. I use it without gloves because it makes my hands soft. It's the "mother's choice" product that got all the stains out, including the toilet ring that all kinds of crazy chemicals and toxic magic eraser failed on. I feel like a walking infomercial for their products. I've heard that some product demo people will drink it to demonstrate the safety, but I haven't gone that far!!!

Gaye, I'm glad the juice cleanse is going well and that you're enjoying days off. My first maternity job was at a hospital that did 6-7000 births a year (aka the "baby factory") and we had some 20+ baby shifts. I'm reminiscing about the insanity and glad that I wasn't the one doing it! My current hospital job considers it a busy shift if 3 babies are born, but when your entire maternity team is two nurses it can get crazy fast!
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MelW--ugh! I hope you find the culprit and it's something easy to remedy.

RR: 5 miles.

Am really ready to be done with marathon training and this week in general. Now ordering a pity party for one (see below).

NRR: after this morning's volunteer frenzy, plus a very fast trip to the grocery store in between volunteering for choir and in the classroom, we headed home, ran, got lunch and got ready for work. Ten minutes before we leave to pick up R, J throws up all over the rug. banghead.gif DH was down in the Springs doing a workshop at a fancy hotel ("that's what a hotel should be," he tells me later, talking about the views and exploring the rooms on break...it's a wonder I didn't throttle him then and there), so I canceled class. J unfortunately threw up in her car seat after picking R up from school, so the cover is drying and I'm praying that it will be dry by tomorrow morning because I need it tomorrow morning. When DH finally got home, I ran over to church to practice (subbing for our organist Sunday), managed to sound as if I'd never played an organ before, returned home to a J who looked slightly better, but who managed to throw up down my back. DH grabbed a towel, but apparently not quickly enough, because a couple of hours later he asks if I know I still have vomit on my back. I said no (because duh, if I'd known would I be walking around with it?) and he says "oh, I thought you would have changed that."


Dude, the correct response is "oh, let me grab a cloth and clean that for you."

When I pointed this out, he made excuses about "helping" with the laundry, by which he apparently means that he carried his very own underwear and socks up the stairs to his very own dresser, along with some items belonging to other members of the family, while leaving the rest of the clothes unfolded in the dryer. He claimed he didn't know, which is funny because when I was heading out to practice organ, I mentioned the stuff in the dryer and he told me not to worry about it. Apparently "don't worry about it" is code for "it will still be there when you get back. No worries."

I don't know whether to laugh, cry, or beat the living crap out of him.

Tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow will be better....
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Yesterday was, well, a day.
Today is a new one.
Also: I have given myself permission to skip out on family gatherings (in laws). In this week alone my sil told me (in front of dd1) that dd1 was mean. And then acted surprised when I told her I knew and we didn't know what to do about it.. Saying that out loud to her told me I did know what to do about it and have been debating calling a psychologist for years. But I'm not sharing that with my b....y sil. Talk about mean.

Kathleen do you work with girls? Or just adults? Cause I called to get a recommendation and dang it the first available appointment is may 23 AND it's 90% covered by insurance but this office requires I pay 250 dollars upfront until insurance repays them. Welcome to america. ......dd1 is an intense girl, with intense feelings, who is smart and knows to trust outside experts. So that's what we're doing- calling Iran outside expert to teach her coping skills.

And I'm excusing myself from all contact w my sil.

And my husband has jury duty the week I'm scheduled to be out of town in the middle of may. And my mil/fil will be in the state but didn't offer to chip in for child care. But my child-free friends volunteered to step up for us. One told me she was going to teach my kids how to watch cable, swear and smoke cigarettes. But yes, she could be here when the bus got here in the event that Erik spent a day at the court house.
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Gaye, which juice fast are you doing? Or did you tell us already and I missed it. Duh.


Real, I'm sorry, I am ROTFLMAO.gif and biglaugh.gifand shake.gif and bawling.gif at the same time at your day. Mainly because my dh is EXACTLY the same way with chores, laundry, cleaning up, etc. I am so sorry you had to deal with all the vomit, the laundry, etc. 


I came home yesterday after three days away with the kids to find a kitchen in utter chaos, with the stovetop (thankfully, a flat top) covered in muck which must have occurred when dh attempted to cook ground meat without defrosting it first. There was like a layer of grease on the whole thing. Plus the sink was full of dirty dishes, there was laundry (I know not clean or dirty) all over the laundry room, unwrapped food in the fridge, and tissues all over the living room (allergy season). My kids already know when we walk in from leaving him home alone, they go first and rate the bad mess scale...dd1 walked in, looked at me and said, "maybe you shouldn't come in, Mommy."




So I cleaned it up because it's like a biohazard and dh comes home all chipper and is irritated with me that I'm pissed off. He says, "you always need a few hours to decompress when you come back from being away." and I said, "well maybe i wouldn't if you would clean up after yourself!" He said, "I did an experiment to see if you would notice the last time you went away and I kept things cleaner and you still were grumpy so I figured why bother." (FOR THE RECORD it was still a mess the last time also eyesroll.gif albeit perhaps not as bad as this time). 




Anyway I did go out for a run this morning but had one of those totally awful moments when you feel like if you don't stop dead in the middle of the sidewalk you will seriously lose your sh*&. I managed to hobble the rest of the way home, total of 5 miles but it sure wasn't lovely. Still at least I got moving. Despite being totally gluten free all the time, Passover is still managing to wreak havoc on my digestive system, and I don't even eat matzah. I guess my body is missing the fiber of the brown rice and legumes I generally eat although I have been eating quinoa. Something is off, anyway. 


I am also having my annual Passover I-don't-want-to-do-this-religious-thing-anymore crisis. I don't know why this happens but it always does. Trouble is, because there are a lot of aspects of my spirituality I literally wear on the outside (way I dress, cover hair, etc.) when I vacillate on this everyone knows. It's not good for my kids and there are social repercussions also, which I don't like but are nevertheless true. Feh again.


ETA: want to see a great story? (it might make you cry a little but it's worth it). The power of the internet, for good: "Caine's Arcade"  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faIFNkdq96U


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Oh dear!  It sounds like yesterday was a bad day all around in Dingo-land!


Nic ~ once again, hopmad.gif at your DH for his ass-holery. 


Real ~ hopmad.gif at your DH too.  Really?  Not telling you that there is barf on your back?  Hope J is feeling better today and the sickness is limited to just her.


kerc ~ your SIL needs to rent a clue.  I hope you can get some help for DD sooner than the end of May hug2.gif.  Intense emotions are difficult to handle, for both the person experiencing them and for those around him or her (ask me how I know....)


rae ~ I don't recall shortness of breath either (but it's been a while since I've been pregnant!)  I think if you keep walking or swimming or doing whatever is comfortable, you will be fine though.


sparkle ~ I'm impressed with your bathroom cleaning!  I spent 20 minutes on mine yesterday, and that was more than enough.  We need to remove all the grout in the shower and redo it because moisture got under it, mildewed, and now the area under all the grout is black.  Gross....


Thanks to all who commented on my PTO issues.  I think I may be expecting too much.  We're also having a tough time getting volunteers for Spring Fling (1/2 hour shifts to run the games) because everyone wants to enjoy the fair with their kids and not work.  Newsflash ~ if everyone did that, there would be no fair.


RR ~ feeling fat and yucky and unmotivated.  This too shall pass...


NRR ~ I'm doing a 2 week trial of gluten free for DD2.  She has CONSTANT stomach aches and terrible diarrhea.  She's cranky, and crabby, and cries way too much for an almost 6 year old.  I sincerely hope it's not a gluten issue since it's really quite limiting, especially for a child.


Off to the chiro this morning.  My SI joint is totally stuck.

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Originally Posted by JayGee View Post
 We're also having a tough time getting volunteers for Spring Fling (1/2 hour shifts to run the games) because everyone wants to enjoy the fair with their kids and not work.  Newsflash ~ if everyone did that, there would be no fair.

That happened here.  I felt guilty because I'd considered signing up to help organize it and kept putting it off and putting it off and the next thing you know it was cancelled.  Then this year the biggest fund raiser of the year was cancelled, I can only imagine due to non-participation.  I think it's a shame but would I be willing to take the lead on it?  No.  So oh well right?


Real - Seriously mama.  hug2.gif  Those scenarios sound so upsetting they make me angry, I can only imagine how sick of the whole thing you must be.


Nic - You too.  Love how your dh manages to be an ass and find a way to make it your fault.  What the hell gets into these men anyway?


Kerc - Good decision on your self-imposed non-contact order.  Better than throttling.  And good luck with the therapist.  I hope you can find someone before the end of May.


Sparkle - I think I may have managed to channel some of your cleaning mojo yesterday!  I didn't get through the whole house (it being about 2.5x larger than necessary) but I did a relatively deep cleaning on most of the ares we use downstairs.  But MelW, now I am hot for the pink solution.  I watched the demo and everything!  I'm going to have to make a trip to Sidney for it because the closest US retailer is California and the shipping more than doubles the price.


Shanti - Also wondering more about your Enjo thing?  Why is that the Canadians have all these cool non-toxic cleaners? 


Rae - I did experience the shortness of breath thing with my pregnancies.  I wasn't trying to run through them though and I don't recall how it resolved, but I'd guess it did on it's own before the end of the second tri.


Gaye - Good luck with the continued fasting!  I hope that in the end you find it valuable.


RR: Boxed yesterday, it was a super intense workout but felt good.  I sweated buckets.  Today, still have both kids home and want to lift but probably won't.


FR: (Farm related for Dingos who like that sort of thing) - My handsome white rooster has an infected foot.  Dh and I caught him last night and washed and dressed it and isolated him for the night.  I was afraid we were too late because he was gasping in this death-rattle way and just collapsed when I put him in his box.  So this morning I totally expected to find him dead and wasn't I surprised when he leaped out of the box as soon as I cracked it open.  But, poor guy, he's still got his gauze on and he still can't tolerate weight on it.  And though I tried to feed him some special bits the rest of the flock came and bullied him out of the way.  SO I guess we'll have to recapture him today and see how it goes from there with tighter security.   Meanwhile the donkey is a sweetie.  She is really mellow and gentle.  We found a sarcoid tumor on her belly but it's a wait-and-see thing.  It might just go away on its own or we might need to do something for it.  I was pretty pissed initially because the way the former owner made it sound she needed a new home for the donkey because her horse didn't like it but when we were loading the donkey the horse was freaking out like she was upset that we were taking her friend away.  And then to find this tumor, it just feels pretty sketchy.  But whatever.  The girls love her and hopefully it will work out for the best. 





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I can only commiserate with dingos whose husbands seem to be allergic to house chores.  Although, I am reasonably confident that mine would tell me if I had puke on me.  I would like to think he would, anyway.


Kerc - I'm glad you have friends that will help out with the child care.  Honestly, I think I would choose cable watching, cigarette smoking, swearing adults over passive aggressive bitterness any day!  I hope you can find some good help for your DD before the end of May and with a provider that will not make you pay a ransom for insurance!  I know we have been dealing with some intense emotions over this way, too.  It isn't easy, and it is sometimes hard to remember how to act like the adult (at least it is for me!) when that intensity is directed at me!


I'm getting nervous and excited about my girl scout's bronze award!  We finally have people signing up, and just over a week to go!  Eeks!

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So I cleaned it up because it's like a biohazard and dh comes home all chipper and is irritated with me that I'm pissed off. He says, "you always need a few hours to decompress when you come back from being away." and I said, "well maybe i wouldn't if you would clean up after yourself!" He said, "I did an experiment to see if you would notice the last time you went away and I kept things cleaner and you still were grumpy so I figured why bother."

soapbox.gif They're clearly twins. DH isn't a slob, but the whole "you always need a few hours...because I made a microscopic improvement and you were still pissed..." speech? I'm only too familiar with it.

Add to that all the stuff he forgets, doesn't know about, and doesn't consider his responsibility...I'm leaning toward beating him with my stick after I finish using it to roll out some sore muscles.... I'm so overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that needs to be done, the amount of time the kids are sucking up with sickness or screaming fits (R) or just being kids, the number of times I'm functioning on less than 4 hours of interrupted sleep, and the fact that my husband can tell me that he's concerned for my health (when he learns how little I sleep) and then tell me an hour later that no, he can't put any of R's little lunch containers in the plastic box under the counter because "he doesn't deal with that." (Dude, all you need to do is: open cabinet, pull out box, chuck stuff into box, put back in cabinet, close cabinet.)

/whining Just another day to suck it up and get whatever I can done.
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Kerc - adolescent girls are my favorite clients. Seriously...that and mother daughter relationships...keep calling around. Also call the office and ask to get on a cancel list.  Sometimes I have an intake that asks that and I put it in my book so that when I have a cancel I can give them a call to see if they want the appt.  And take whatever appt you can get, they may then be able to wokr with you on better appointment time.  Hugs.  And seriously you should have said, yeah, it's genetic...from her father's side. Bia...ch  Sorry I have no patience for stupid and cruel adults.  I think it good that you set a limit on SIL's presence in your life.


Not feeling good still...and now it's moved to my tummy. Bah.


Secret Sprintee, I am soooo sorry. I finally got out my final package today.  But they said next friday receipt date.  I suspect from how quickly you've gotten the others it will be more like Wednesday.


My bees swarmed yesterday.  Dang am I glad my neighbors weren't home.  A ridiculous amount of bees swarming in their back yard. They have three children, 4, 2, and newborn.  Can I just say thank you universe that they were somewhere else?  I did get them caught and they have a new home.

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Not a spare minute (ok, maybe 1). Gym/weight circuit for 90 min. (7:30 am, after prepping everything for everybody for the day...). Groceries. Cost Plus for some much needed new lamp shades. Gymnastics w/ dd2. More bathroom cleaning (hour). Some food. SPONGE BATH at the KITCHEN SINK (b/c both showers are out of commision - oh, and to make it even better, and gross you all out fo' sho', I have a yeast infection and started AF today). More groceries (different store) and True Value run. Now quick to pick up kids fom school. Hope to get some painting done with them here this afternoon. Dh works until midnight....

Back later for personals
In the meantime:
goodvibes.gif to all who need some
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Sparkle, can you shower at the gym? You must feel icky! Good vibes back atcha for quick recovery of the girly parts and the showers.


Writing, writing, writing...and on mdc procrastinating. Park with the kids for a good 2 hours, now they are running around upstairs making godawful noises but seemingly happy.


Kitchen smells good...meatloaf and mashed potatoes. eat.gif

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Originally Posted by Nickarolaberry View Post
Kitchen smells good...meatloaf and mashed potatoes. eat.gif

mmmm. I shall be over in a flash.  I LOOOVE meatloaf. Mashed potatoes. mmm.





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real, your puked on story reminds me of our first "date" night out after the second was born. As I walked down the sidewalk proudly bragging that we got out of the house without a big scene and in clean clothes my husband noticed the spit up all down the back of my shirt.


sparkle, I hope you feel clean and fresh soon. Are the showers out of commission just because they're freshly cleaned, or is it a reno/water issue?


plady, let's meet in Sidney one day. It's only about a 3 hour drive from here. I'll bring a bucket of pink solution, and we can go for a run/walk on the galloping goose trail or something.


kerc, I hope the psychologist has some helpful strategies for your DD.


nic, hug2.gif. Seriously.


BBM, I hope you're feeling better soon.


NRR- It was my final day of clinical teaching today, and I picked up at 4 hour shift this afternoon at the hospital. I felt totally out of my element there, after more than a month away. I need to take more shifts to get comfortable and because the extra money is nice. But I'm generally feeling overworked and overtired the past couple of weeks. Evidence of my airheadedness: I have missed garbage and recycling day THREE weeks in a row; I forgot to tell the babysitter to take my oldest to a b-day party yesterday (big tears and big mama guilt).


RR- More airheadedness. You know the 12.5 k trail race that I was frantically trying to get my mileage up for? It's the last weekend in MAY, not APRIL. I have a full extra month to get ready lol.gif

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Oh Sparkle, what a visual.... you will love your first real shower I bet!


I am *not* in the meatloaf camp.  Sorry meatloaf lovers :)

I can remember when dd was little and always smelling.  I told my mom I knew of a new invention...a hammock in the shower.  Because see, it was always a choice...take a shower OR a nap...the nap typically won.


Okay...so this can be for Kerc or any mama...here's a tool I use with dd and will with ds as he gets older.  It was actually inspired by dd who routinely left me pictures and as she got older, notes on my pillow at night.  I got a journal for us and we pass it back and forth.  To start it I just wrote a note telling her it was for us to write to each other, it could be big or small stuff, we could draw pictures, tell jokes, whatever.  I told her she did not have to write in it, but that when she was done to put it on my pillow so I knew she was done.  It has been simple things like, what an awesome game you played today! I have not used it for lectures, but I answer questions if they are posed (like my brother makes me so mad I feel like a volcano, I don't know what to do, how do I control my anger - spelling corrected by moi).  I have to rescue it every so often and we will sometimes go weeks in between writing to one another.  But I look at it as an investment in the future when she's a teenager and communication may be even more difficult.  So, for what it's worth....


The crud is trying to creep into my chest...I will still run today darnit.


MelW - ha! nothing like being prepared early!

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I am firmly pro-meatloaf, though will not be having any anytime soon. winky.gif


MelW, glad you got extra time, rather than the other way around.


Gaye, I give you credit for willpower. I can't imagine not eating solid food for anything longer than maybe 24 hours, 36 maybe. 


Plady, how's the rooster? I hope you're able to help him heal that foot. And greensad.gif poor donkey. I hope it's something that never really grows or goes anywhere.


Sparkle, nice try. I think my gross-outs are very specific, because that didn't do it. And btw, yes, I think eliminating these things (especially sugar and flour) has had virtually mystical effects.


Today was a hard day, though. I am irritated. It's weekend but dh had to work, so I was homebound with the kids and no plan, and no idea when dh was returning, but always aware that he still has the whole universe-revolves-around-me thing, and so would want to be met with a meal ready whenever that magical hour arrived. Anyway, kids and I cleaned house in the AM, did our strength exercises, then swam (I did laps for about half an hour), then lunch, then a walk on the beach, and finally dinner. (Too late for dh, apparently, who somehow failed to hear or understand that I said I would make dinner when we got home from the beach and thus brought takeout at the exact same time I had dinner on the table irked.gif.) What is it with the husbands these days?


And dh has come home with Diet Coke AND sweets intended for me three days in a row. Sabotage much?


All that said, I am sticking with it and doing great. It's just hard to have the kids all day with no plans, and to be struggling so hard against this beast. But we are making progress. With my goals for me and for them.


Tomorrows planned RR: run on the beach, strength exercises at home and half an hour of laps in the pool. I have only four days with kids at school this week, and want to make the most of them.


Also, WR (writing-related): it's clicking again. thumb.gif Hoping for a few thousand more words this week.



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Pro-Meatloaf here as well eat.gif It's one of our staples, but I make it with tomato paste instead of ketsup, and ground flax instead of bread....

Nic - I didnt have time to get to the gym for a shower. The kitchen sink worked fine, just kind of ... gross, b/c of the girlie bits. Sorry about Dh, I really give you credit for maintaining some semblance of reason through it all.

Real - Same to you about Dh. I'm in awe that you hold it together at all, let alone so gracefully

MelW - Oh dear about the memory/organization! Good thing it worked in your favor orngbiggrin.gif

Jo - makes me happy to hear how your doing. Grrr about Dh. Why why why!

Kerc - I wish you patience and success in dealing with DD. We have that going with DS. Whoa is that boy intense, on both ends of the spectrum..... It can be hard to navigate, but also a great resource for him when the intensity is positively directed (he can get obsessed about a task, or book, or activity, and then do it really ... intensely love.gif

RR: 4 miles loveeyes.gif On the road broc1.gif Running moon.gif I think I walked about 1/2 mile of it here and there. Every injury felt fine, except the achilles - by a certain point I couldnt run down hill at all - the whole ankle hurt (referred pain?), but the up hills were good and flats thumb.gif I sure wish I was pain free b/c I wanted to go longer and faster. Must. Get. To. A.R.T.

NRR: sitting here unshowered. Must get the shower put back together from cleaning so I can take one today.

I splurged and got Dh and I massages today. It was his birthday yesterday (he worked till midnight), so today we will get massages and go out to dinner. Part of the reason I ran is that I wanted to be a little worked for the massage.

Today will be more packing and cleaning....
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