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Speaking of ones behavior being highlighted in stark relief: yesterday I went to a birthday party for a girl whose mom I really like - she's smart, positive, interesting. She is also overweight, and the earner in the family (of 5) at a job she doesnt like. So 2 years ago she reached her breaking point (she's 38, kids are now 9, 6, 3) and got on a path to get her MA in nursing. She said it had always been her dream to be a nurse midwife with an MA. She has been taking classes while working full time and raising three kids (her husband is a great guy, but also happens to be a drummer) for the past 2 years, and got accepted to an accelerated program like Gaye's

So I see her at the party yesterday, and we havent seen each other for a year. She tells me that her whole family is moving in with her parents b/c she cant work while she does the program (which is in Santa Fe - 45 min away). The kids will all share a room. Oh, and she's also lost 40 pounds! She has always been a beautiful woman, but wow. She looks healthy and happy and she is making such positive moves in her life, even though they are hard. She said her eldest dd asked why she was pursuing all this stuff and she told her "someday you will understand". Her eldest and mine were friends at DD1's old school (the private) and attended violin camp last summer together and will again this summer. Her mom is basically really smart and got way0layed by kids and the need to make money, but now is going for it. I am bow.gif

Meanwhile, DS says to me yesterday: "what are you going to do with the rest of your life!?" (with indignance), and I said "me?", and he says "yeah, are you just going to keep taking care of kids? Didnt I hear something about graduate school?!" sulkoff.gif Sigh
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"Someday, you will understand."




So will you, sparkle, and you'll do what you must and what you really, really want to.


I came in by the skin of my teeth finishing my TM by the very final lunar deadline; I was busy and focused on my friend's visit but had tried a few times during anyway, then tried a few times after but got too many interruptions or for whatever reason couldn't do it. But finally, last night, I sat down and in a sudden blaze of pragmatic creativity (my signature kind winky.gif), I made a heavy paper bookmark with my TM, designed somewhat like a to-do list, with goals on both sides. Aaahhhh. Perfect because books and writing are thematic in my life, perfect because even with all the travel ahead, it can be with me, perfect because I can hold it in my hand, perfect because it is simple and private and unobtrusive.


I didn't get my workout yesterday, and the day was rough. Today will be better. Today, I will do the workout I wanted to do yesterday.



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Jo – Amen.  I need to do something like your bookmark for myself.  And boo!Hiss! to sabotaging spouses.


Sparkle – I love that answer.  Need to remember it for future use.


Plady – I love your quote!  It really resonates with me today. 


Nick – Love that your dd took the initiative… my dd1 asked about walking home on Friday and although I have reservations about her crossing the really busy street we have worked out that she will meet ds at the park that is half way between their schools and then walk the rest of the way home together.


Real – so jealous of your milage… I’m doing good to get in two or three miles.  Congrats too on the journal article!


RR: just boot camp this morning. an hour of running and abs with the medicine balls.


NRR: going nuts with end of semester stuff, trying really hard to get some applications for full time teaching positions sent out. weight loss has plateaued for the last couple weeks - think I may not have been eating enough, so trying something different this week. stressing with extra people in the house who aren't on any kind of schedule that I can discern.


Am I insane to consider doing a sprint tri in 4 weeks?  I have no illusions that I'll be anywhere near the front finishing... I know I can swim the distance, I know I can run the 5K, not sure about the bike (and I'll be on a mountain bike, not a road bike).  I'm ok with being insane.  I promised myself a tri by my 40th (I've got a little over a year to do it).  Any training suggestions? (other than run more and get my ass on the bike) lol.gif

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Dmitrizmom - I would say it is doable.  I have done a couple sprint distances on a hybrid, and it is doable.  So long as you are prepared to have road bikes passing you all over the place, I say go for it.  To train, you might add some brick workouts, so you know what it feels like to switch from one sport to the other.  Bike to run is a really good one, but I also like doing run to swim as those are the two hardest legs, I feel.  Also, I feel that getting the swim in after doing something else, makes it harder, and it provides some mental toughness to my attitude!


Speaking of mental toughness.  Last night's tri class was tough.  We swam 800 yards first (we were supposed to do 1000, but were kicked out of the pool by the aqua aerobics class), and because it was super windy, did not do the 20 mile bike ride we were supposed to.  We did what ended up being a 6 mile run!  And, because of the people I was with, they wanted me to run faster, so I was doing around 11:30 pace.  Given the resistance of the wind (it was REALLY windy) and the swim before, I am counting this as my long run. 

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Dmitrizmom, I agree with Bec! Definitely do-able. The only leg that I feel is a knock-out criterion is the swim leg. By that, I mean that if someone felt unprepared for the swim, I might not feel comfortable encouraging them to try it anyway. If you feel ok about swimming, you know you can swing the bike and run, then go for it!


This reminds me that I am really not ready for the biking part of next weekends first sprint tri. Not ready at all. I have been so slack about biking.


Today, I acted as a proctor at the local HS standardized testing. The kids took part 1 of a two-part section. It was very, very boring for the first hour and a half, until one of the kids turned in his test material without the scratch paper that they are also issued as part of their test packet. Hm. At first, I thought, we can't be that picky about the scratch paper; it can't possibly be considered part of the test material, can it? Luckily, we did check with the test administrator, and as it turns out, it is actually considered part of the test material. The teacher in our room went through everything to make sure that the paper hadn't been misplaced, and finally requested that the test administrator come into our room. He asked to speak to this boy privately. After a few minutes, the teacher was asked to join them, and when she returned to our room, she told me that the boy had basically confessed to writing notes for himself from the second section of the test, not thinking that the paper would need to be turned in. Now, to make matters worse, he was so upset at being caught that he directed a few very *choice* words at the teacher ... all while in the presence of the school assistant principal! Yikes! Talk about footinmouth.gif What an extremely uncomfortable situation. So, all morning, I have had plenty of time to mull over the institution of high school, the time-wasting process of testing, teenagers and their vulnerabilities... phew, it made me wish that things could be different.


RR: none so far today :-( I had a decent swim yesterday, though, and a short run.


Now, where has my day gone? I had better get busy with my chicken soup!

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Wow, mel!  Quite the testing drama!  I hope the boy learns a lesson and is able to bounce back from the experience.  There is soooo much pressure put on kids to perform on tests.  It starts so young, too.


RR: 1500 yards in the pool today.


NRR: I'm worried about my old dog.  He has not been eating in the last few days.  I know his arthritis seems to be really bothering him, and that he has allergies that is bothering him.  I'm hoping that is it.  Those are both pretty easy to treat issues.  But, he is old (11+ years), and I know it could be a number of other things.  He's an awesome dog, and I'm just not ready to let him go yet.  greensad.gif  We see the Vet on Thursday, so will hopefully get some answers and solutions.

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A hug for old doggy, bec. I have a dear friend at home with an irreplaceable old dog who's got bad allergies (grass!) and a lot of digestive issues. He's still just the best dog ever, though. I hope things settle down for yours.


Mel38, yeah on all those thoughts about school and testing. My kids just brought home their (terrific) quarterly reports, and 10yo ds was anxious all the way home until we unsealed the envelope. His relief was huge, and I felt for him. We do put high expectations on them, and dh unfortunately hasn't learned how to have high expectations without scaring the kid. I do cut him slack, though, as he is first-gen literate.


RR: I got my workout yesterday and definitely feel better for it. Arms are getting stronger! Today, kids have a half-day and tomorrow is a day off school and parent-teacher conferences. Today will be a double-beach distance (8mi) in the morning, and tomorrow, probably pool swimming.

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DM--the bike is my slowest portion of a tri, and I also have a mountain bike. It won't stop you from finishing though.

Mel38--craziness. Though I don't have a lot of sympathy for the kid. High expectations or not, cheating isn't the way to get there. Or maybe I've dealt with too many college students who lifted their papers from the internet because they're "too busy." Maybe he's under too much pressure from his family, or maybe he just wants to go to a big-name school and get a job with a big salary while bending the rules to his own advantage. His reaction also reminds me of shoplifters who have gotten caught, which may explain my cynicism about whether he's really a victim of the system or simply someone who thinks rules don't need to apply to his climb to wealth.

bec--I hope your dog is ok.

1jooj--glad your kids had fabulous report cards.

RR: none, on account of catching the stomach bug my kids had. Am finally starting to feel vaguely human again.
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Oh, no Bec. Poor doggy. I hope he feels better!


I agree with Real about the student, Mel. Pressure is indeed awful but cheating is not ok. One of the terrible byproducts of the standardized-testing-outcome-oriented "education" system we have now is not only the pressure to perform, the idea that any means justify the end result of 'success on the test.' It's a culture that really encourages cheating if you think about it. disappointed.gif


6 hilly miles today. I had to FORCE myself to run my usual hill route the 'wrong' way. I am so OCD like that it's freaky. 


Ok here are the shoes my mom bought me: preppy meets bling. Whaddaya think? They're actually comfortable.



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I am OCD like that too Nic. The gym changed the levels on my bike (all the bikes) so now, what used to be level 8 is sort of level 11 (actually 11 is harder than 8 and 10 is easier, so of course I do 11 b/c Im OCD like that too), and I am seriously enjoying my work-outs less b/c its not what Im used to ..... that is, if I were doing any work-outs this week bag.gif
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Nic - what a sweetie you are. I got my tumbler "goofy" cup today.  Too cute.  I could not figure out why I was getting a fed ex package!  I hadn't ordered anything and then when I opened it, at first you couldn't see the goofy, so I'm scratching my head going "huh."  Then I flip it around and knew!  I love it! It' s so awesome.  Thank you for thinking of me and being so sweet to me.


I've had a rough week, but I think it's getting better.  I've been shocked at not only the lack of support I have experienced from others (that I really thought would be there), but the actual downright meanness.  Long story short, I've been having a lot of problems with my bees, I reached out to the bee keeper instructor I had and her response actually brought tears to my eyes.  Basically implying I should just give up.  It really disheartened me.  I've had this happen a lot lately where I am expecting the best from others and it's not even like it's neutral.  I'm feeling a little like the stinky kid who wets herself in school, iykwim.


Bec I hope your doggy baby is okay.


Sparkle/Nic - I'm so ocd when I run with running partner we have to stay and the sides we start...if we switch sides we have to switch back... silly.

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Bec, I'm so sorry to hear that your dog is not doing well. Have you had any luck with pain management for the arthritis? Allergies are tough, though.


Nic, I'm loving the sparkly shoes!!


Jo, I'm so glad you got some beach time with the kids. I saw your FB post about a real honest to goodness thunderstorm! Does it really storm there much at all?


Originally Posted by babybugmama View Post
  Long story short, I've been having a lot of problems with my bees, I reached out to the bee keeper instructor I had and her response actually brought tears to my eyes.  Basically implying I should just give up.  It really disheartened me.  I've had this happen a lot lately where I am expecting the best from others and it's not even like it's neutral.  I

I am so sorry to hear that. Can it be that she is not cut out for problem solving? I mean... what kind of an instructor basically tells you to hang it up? But regardless, I hope that you find the right kind of help (...um, like the *helpful* kind lol.gif) and can see some improvement for your bees. Gosh, that's a huge undertaking to just throw in the towel on.


FM: short 3 miler this morning with RP. We also tend to run on our accustomed sides, except for a time when I had my ear infection and couldn't hear on one side. But we switched right back when that cleared up.


Supposed to be working here. Ignoring it, and yet it is not going away. Ok, I'll just do it.geek.gif


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Nic--I'm a sucker for anything sparkly. Awesome shoes.

BBM--ugh. I Hope your week turns around and the bees do whatever they're supposed to be doing. (If you're in the mood for stupid jokes, I almost wrote "bees beehave").

RR: 5 with the jogger. The first mile was hard (as it always is after I've been sick). And my asthma is flaring (allergies + virus seems to do that) but hopefully it will get itself back under control soon.
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Ugh, I've fallen way behind in Dingoland.  I had DH take the computer mouse with him to work the last couple of days so I would focus on the stuff that needs to be done around the house, and consequently, I've spent virtually no time online.  Lots of time in the garden though, so that's good.


Nic ~ cute blingy, preppy shoes!


BBM ~ sorry you're not getting what you''d expect from others. Sounds like the bee person is not offering good customer service.  Boo.


Mel38 ~ testing... ugh.  And cheating of testing... double ugh.


bec ~ so sorry to hear your doggy isn't doing well.


Dimitrizmom ~ I'd say you can definitely do it, but second bec's advice about brick workouts (particularly the bike to run, since the "dead leg" feeling off the bike is quite a surprise)!


sparkle ~ I'm a little envious of your friend too!  And reminded, yet again, that I really could (and should) be doing more with this life I've been given. Sigh.


RR ~ cardio circuit yesterday left me in so much pain!  Good, muscle-sore kind of pain, but still.  I walked for 1.25 hours this morning so as not to torment my muscles in Pilates.  Tomorrow I am starting week 1, day 1 of C25K. It's time.


NRR ~ Teacher In Service day today meant an early dismissal.  Followed by friends coming over to play on the trampoline, swimming at the Y, a visit with different friends, and bike/scooter races in the culdesac to finish it all off.  I'm pooped!

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Nic - I LOVE the shoes!  They are perfect.  I'm OCD about direction, too.  The change in bike levels would have driven me nuts, too, Sparkle!


BBM - What a jerk.  I'm sorry you aren't being treated right.  I have often had that response from organizations that are supposed to be bend over backwards helpful (Girl Scouts comes to mind, with the exception of one or two people), and it sucks worse than anything.


JG - I would try that with the mouse, but I have a touchpad on my laptop, and then, of course, there is the iphone to keep me connected.  No, I'm going to have to battle my addictions in place!  The result has been a chronically messy house!


RR:  I took a 5.5 mile walk with a friend yesterday, where, apparently, I was biting her head off every couple of minutes.  Oy!  I apologized as best I could, and she forgave me while giving the worry for the dog excuse for me.  If the rain holds off, I plan on biking some errands, to the tune of 20 miles.  But, weather is not looking hopeful, so it may be a run on the treadmill.  


NRR:  I take the dog in today.  I got him to eat a little oatmeal last night, and made some rice that is cooling this morning.  He feels warm, like he has a fever, and this morning he was snuffling like he is congested.  Maybe he just has a cold, in addition to the arthritis.  We have not needed to control pain until now.  He was doing well on a glucosomine supplement.  Clearly, though, that is not enough.  I'm hoping the doc puts him on some antibiotics and he feels better soon.  The congestion and signs pointing towards a cold or flu are actually making me feel a bit better.  Less like something dire, and more like normal illness that will pass.  Poor old dog.                                                                                                                                          

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Bec - I hope it goes well with the vet today.


JayGee - It sounds to me like you're doing a lot with this life already. 


BBM - I'm sorry about your bees swarming, and the unhelpfulness you've been getting in general.  thanks.gif Your reveal package came yesterday when I was feeling particularly low and it really cheered me up.  I hadn't ever seen the <strange font tic> BrainChild magazine before but I read the first two like a only a starved brain </strange font tic> can and I'm dying for a moment when I can get into the next one.  The cover article on Mother Guilt looks particularly apropos. 

Dmtrmom - I'm sure you can do the tri too, but do brace yourself for hearing a lot of "on your left!".  Mountain bikes are just no match for the tri bikes that will no doubt be there.


Real - Hope you're back to normal soon!


Nic - Love the shoes.  They look fun and comfy, good combo imo.


Sparkle - I'm a little ocd like that, someone recently rearranged the weight room at the gym and I don't feel comfortable there now.  I had everything all figured out nicely and now I have to search for every machine or rack.  It's totally upsetting.  AND they ditched the standing calf press machine that I liked and kept the seated one that sucks.  Wah.


Mel38 - Drag about the test and the kid cheating.  I'd definitely be caught between reactions of "poor kid and all the pressure" and "effing entitled brat trying to skip the real work". 


RR: Just boxing on Tuesday and weights on Monday,  Yesterday I helped dh all day working on replumbing and rewiring a different place in the house for the washer and dryer since the original location was too far from the outside wall and the dryer was dying trying to vent.  The rooster is still alive but his foot is still swollen.  Today will be day three with abx for him so maybe there will be some improvement.  Donkey is doing well, the garden is looking good and I'm very relieved that dh decided to cut the size in half this year.  Last year's was like half an acre or more and just looking out at it made me feel like there was no way I could ever make a dent in the weeds.

Last night I was in this goofy water ballet to raise money for swimming lessons for island kids.  It was really fun but I got so much static from my kids for being out of the house that it kind of made my stomach hurt.  And this morning I have an invite to go out for a drink tonight with the rest of the ladies but I know I just can't.  Everyone here will give me that 'you're abandoning us again?' look if I even think of it. greensad.gif  I'm definitely feeling pushed around this week like I'm not where everyone else wants me to be enough.  Like this morning I have boxing and I'm dying to go but I can already see dh's face getting grumpy that I would leave him with the washer and dryer still not in their new place.  Not that it's not a regular thing but somehow nobody ever remembers my schedule.  And (while I'm venting) since dh and I went to see C's therapist three weeks ago none of us has been back but I'm acutely aware that her parting shot to me was that I should get some therapy for myself to work on being more emotionally available/responsive.  I suppose she may have a point but don't like it, dh thinks she's full of it and I should ignore her, C hasn't been agitating for another appointment but the whole thing makes me feel queasy.  Gar.  Sorry.

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Oh Plady, take 15 or 20 minutes to read that mother guilt article! I feel your pain! You sound so pulled in every direction.


Is it just me? If a wife/mom pulls that "don't abandon me" face, a husband (or child) can so easily brush it off with a remark like "Are you going to start that again?" or maybe "here she goes" (insert eye-roll), perhaps even "oh, now mom's mad again". Basically, it's no one's problem but the mom/wife. However, when the husband or child makes the face, we are sent into paroxysms of guilt? No fair! banghead.gif

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Originally Posted by Mel38 View Post

Is it just me? If a wife/mom pulls that "don't abandon me" face, a husband (or child) can so easily brush it off with a remark like "Are you going to start that again?" or maybe "here she goes" (insert eye-roll), perhaps even "oh, now mom's mad again". Basically, it's no one's problem but the mom/wife. However, when the husband or child makes the face, we are sent into paroxysms of guilt? No fair! banghead.gif

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nod.gif <but angry face>

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