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Shanti!!!! Oh no! Are you ok?


I also am very worried about you. I get how immense the loss of the computer is, which I hope will not add to the stress taking its toll on your body. Oh dear. grouphug.gif

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Oh, Shanti.  Please take care of yourself, and put your physical health at a higher priority than a computer. hug2.gif  I get that the computer represents a significant amount of mental health.  Maybe see what they can salvage for you? 


I have many thoughts about gifted education, but have been feeling so self absorbed this weekend.  Thank goodness it has been a very busy weekend, or I would have been moping and moaning and grieving on anyone that would stand still long enough!  I am feeling a bit better.  Still sad, still mourning, still trying to figure out how life continues without my dog in it.  Trying to figure out how a dog can mean SO much! 


RR: I have tri class tonight.  Which translates to a 90 minute bike ride.  I have tired legs, so will probably collapse tonight!

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Greetings! Where's the Cliff's Notes for the Dingoes newcomers? winky.gif Each day I find the time to read through a page, there is another one that grows at the end. So I'll try to get to know everyone as we go. :-)


I don't usually run anymore, but once a year I find a race or two for fun. On deck for this year I'm doing a half marathon "Go Far Challenge" 5/18-19. Also I want to do a LoziLu 5k Mud Run but that's pending a team coming together (it looks like it would be more fun with friends) 6/2.


Shanti - It might cost a lot, but the data is certainly recoverable from your hard drive. If the place you've taken it can't/won't recover the data, find some place else. It is possible or maybe even probable that another part of the laptop is broken, and that taking the hard drive out and putting it in another computer, it would be readable without anything special. If you're looking for DIY, there are external hard drive cases that you can buy to connect a laptop drive to any computer (using USB). I've previously used a software called R-Studio to recover data from corrupted drives, though I'm sure there other options available. Good luck. As the other ladies said, take care of yourself, but I understand the horrible feeling of losing data.

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Shanti, I totally understand your feeling, but I hope you're all right. This is not good, mama.


And autumngrey is right. Your machine might not work, but the data should be recoverable. Even just a USB flash drive is enough to store a lot of writing on. Or upload to your own Gmail account. Not foolproof, but protected. Hang onto it and let us know how to help. innocent.gif


Good news: dh made some calls and I think we can afford to fly the Siberian cat to the US. It's a logistical mess, sort of, and I am not sure about crate rules and blah blah blah, and I need to get to a govt office to get a certificate of health, but it's not the $3500 the pet relo people want. I plan to re-home him with a friend. It will be sad, but I think he came into our lives to find a loving home and get out of a country that's too hot for him. And it's not OK to make a cat fly 15 hours twice a year for my desire to enjoy him. MN will be perfect for him.


And after a lot of back and forth, it looks like we will all be able to fly together and dh may get about 3 weeks at home with us.


Bad news: the dust is making me ill again. Breathing is bad and blepharitis, the fantastic condition I acquired when I infected my eyes a couple years ago, is flared up and painful. So dumb. It just rained a little, though, so maybe the air is a little cleaner than the past few days and I can steal a quick run before it heats up. jog.gif


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1jooj--That's super cool about the Islamic studies and Arabic for your kids next year. And yes to everything about supplementing education outside of school. Interestingly, that can work both ways. I discovered I actually liked lifting weights thanks to my high school gym class. I loved the fact that they made it no big deal and that it was just like going to a gym because the gym teachers basically hung out to make sure we weren't messing around on the equipment and we'd do the weight circuit. Sorry to hear that the weather is causing health problems, but I hope they clear up and you're able to get a run in.

Shanti--I'm sooooo sorry about your computer. I've lost hard drives twice and it's awful. And like the others, I'm concerned about the fainting. Hormone stuff or not eating enough or....?

JayGee--Oh, for 1 more point! That's where things get difficult, because obviously there's no hard and fast rule and you would done just fine. And if they were just using an IQ test as the qualification, then one point is pretty variable and definitely subject to change at all times. I get that everyone has to draw the line somewhere, but it's close enough, yk? And for that matter, I think there's a reason that by high school, AP courses and the like aren't labeled "gifted" because that opens it up to anyone willing to take on the work without fussing over qualifying tests.

bec--a dog is never just a dog. And it's so hard when they're not around anymore.

RR: squeezed in a quick 10 on the bike this evening. It was a good night for it.
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Oh, Jo!  When do you fly out?  I hope you are feeling better, and that the weather doesn't do too much damage to you.  I hope you get your run.  I am getting excited about the curriculum you are planning for your kids for next year!  I am sure they are going to rekindle that love of learning that has been so squashed this year!


Welcome Autumn!


So tri class was a  roller coaster.  Those of us training for a half ironman started out to get 5-6 in before riding with the rest of the group.  I was able to practice drafting off of our teacher.  Seriously, it was the most amazing feeling.  Going 20+mph, 12 inches off her back wheel, with what seemed no effort at all.  It was a total rush.  I have drafted in the pool before, and it is pretty cool, but had never done it on a bike.  Anyway, then we got back and headed out again with the whole group.  It was supposed to be a 30 minutes out, 30 minutes back ride.  About 5 minutes into it, we went over a rough patch of road, and I must have hit the back wheel wrong, and I blew a tube.  So, I walked my bike to a safe place, borrowed a pump that someone had on their bike, and changed my tube right there.  It was the rear tire, too, so I had to deal with the chain.  It took a while, and I was all greasy, but I was able to do it, felt kind of bad-assed and hard core.  I did get 16 miles in yesterday, so not a total wash.  But, it was starting to get chilly by then, so it was not as enjoyable as the ride started!

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Thanks, bec. I'm really OK. Just caught dd's cold, then the dust moved in, and this whole eye and breathing thing is kind of the pits. On the bright side, the really bad humidity is not here yet, so I can get out and move in the mornings. And dh is getting out in the evenings, which is a plus. He took the kids swimming this evening.


I did get my run today. I did a lap of the park running 100m x walking 50m. Fast running (for me), not the usual slow pace. Then, I felt like going on, so I ran/walked another two laps for a total today of 12.5km. The body feels great. Probably back to the beach tomorrow, and maybe a swim, too. Did I mention I can do a couple push-ups? Yeah, me.


Flight will probably be booked today, and it looks like we'll all fly together. I think I am happy about this. It means I can be off-duty part of the 15 hours in flight. Should be back around Memorial Day, looks like, and dh will be around almost a month. But working. Me? Not working. biggrinbounce.gif And bonus, I should arrive in time to take my sister out for a birthday treat. joy.gif


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Bec - I hear you on the surprising strength of the grief. Grommit wasnt *just* a great dog, he shared a very particular time of your life, and when he went, all of those shared experiences are mourned for too. While I really love our new doggie (for picking her at random at a shelter, we couldnt really have done better), she will never be my first baby, or the dog I ran for miles and miles with in several states on many trails, and had so many adventures with (hello backpacking). She was the dog that you think is human... until you have kids, and then no dog can be that way again. He sounds like he was very special, to be remembered so fondly by so many. ... and he never got to the point where he was digging poopy infant diapers out of the trash and eating them on the couch, like mine did (dont miss that! winky.gif) Take care mama

Jo - ugh, that sounds miserable. Its in your eye again? From the dust? Why does that eye get repeatedly messed up? Is it allergies? I'm so sorry you have to constantly deal with one challenge after another there. Im so happy for your trip-on-the-near-horizon. WTG on getting out for a run anyway, and the push-ups thumb.gif

Real - To be honest, I dont really know what we're talking about anymore lol.gif The distinction between *real* gifted, and smart kids, and whether those traits are inherited or nurtured, and that comments like mine, about being one of *those* parents perpetuates a stereotype about GT as not a real designation? I guess, what I was trying to say, is that I think its inherited, AND can be nurtured. I think some kids, like you and my dad, who grow up without outside/parental intellectual influence and yet are very advanced, are in my mind, more what the designation was meant for, to provide a teacher and peers who understand that level of intellectual precocity, and maybe the social awkwardness that goes with it. I think that kids like me, who grow up with a dad who is so hyper-literate and over-educated in a community of same, may have acquired skills through osmosis ('cause my dad sure didnt get involved in my education AT ALL, ironically) that allowed me to score well and get designated as GT, or maybe I had some heritable intellectual ability in there somewhere. But I know that culture is playing a bigger and bigger part in GT designation, which is one reason GT programs are predominantly white and middle to upper-middle class. And I dont know about bonus traits - my dad has always been very socially uncomfortable, to the point of having a hard time showing emotion to us kids. I guess that's a bonus to a point, as it made him hole up in his room and read voraciously as a kid. Anyway, Im sorry if it sounded like I was passing judgement on kids in gifted programs, or on gifted programs in general. I wasnt. And g-d yes do I wish for more diversification of learning in all classrooms, but honestly, I think that's been, and will continue to be, the biggest challenge of un-tracked classrooms. It was certainly the hardest thing about teaching for me; how to challenge all 40 students at their level, when some read at 4th grade and some should be in college already. There should be two teachers in every classroom for starters (and I'm talking high school), and a whole lot else that requires more money than anyone is ever going to give education eyesroll.gif

WTG on the ten miles thumb.giflol.gif

RR: Still none, but the weird hamstring thing is sorting itself out. Ive been giving myself A.R.T. by laying (oh dear, is it lying or laying, I cant remember) on my back and pulling my leg up, knee bent, finding the knot in the hamstring and pushing hard into one spot as I slowly straighten my leg toward the ceiling. Youch. In any case, I think the house may go on the market today!! joy.gif Which means getting back to exercise.... tomorrow? hide.gif

NRR: Yep, house on the market tomorrow. Final cleaning today, and finishing pictures, then we load them onto the MLS tonight. You will all get a link soon - you can see my cute house cleaner than it has EVER been lol.gif

Oh, and I went looking for the class schedule for Fall, so I can register, and looking over the program requirements and what classes are offered this Fall, I got so excited joy.gif Yay, I havent been excited about grad school until yesterday.... phew
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Jooj ~ I hope your eye is feeling better.  I am SO excited for you for your upcoming return to the states!  It's wonderful that DH will be there for at least a little while too.  Makes me want to plan a trip up north this summer orngbiggrin.gif!


sparkle ~ we are sisters in hamstring issues today.  Yuck.  I'll have to try ARTing it too.  Good luck on the house sale!  Can't wait to see the pics.


bec ~ drafing on the bike! Wheeeeeeeee!  I've ridden in pace lines a few times and it's fun, but kind of exhausting to be that focused on not getting too close to the guy in front of you.


Real ~ yeah, one point.  But I guess they have to draw the line somewhere.  And I ended up taking all honors and AP classes through high school anyway (well, except for math bag.gif, in which I am woefully average).


Welcome Autumngrey!!!!  You're running more than I am, that's for sure!


Speaking of which.... RR ~ Week 1, Day 1 of C25K completed yesterday.  Felt great and wanted to keep running after each segment.  Pesky hamstring is irritated today though.  So yesterday I did Pilates and ran/walked for 45 minutes, today I did Cardio Circuit class and 1/2 hour of yoga afterwards. 


NRR ~ off to school to work the book fair.



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Hi ladies!! I miss you so I thought I would try to pop back on here and see if I can keep up.

Bec- I just read enough to see that your family lost Grommit. I am so sorry. I know how much he meant to you.

Been running with a church friend and it's helped us become really close. We are signed up to run a marathon relay together (team of 4) in October and a half in November.

Been homeschooling my special needs son since February due to crap at public school (both students and teachers). I have seen him blossom emotionally by leaps and bounds since pulling him out. He wants to do his school work now too which is a huge shift.

I still lead a large women's ministry at our church as well as work part time outside the home.

I'll try to check back in once a day!!
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Originally Posted by JayGee View Post

(well, except for math bag.gif, in which I am woefully average).


Me too!

sparkle--yes and yes. Honestly, I think if we dropped the term "gifted," which understandably puts people on edge. Instead, schools could offer an elementary school version of AP/honors classes to remove all the emotional and social issues that currently surround it.

RR: 6.25 pushing the stroller. It was hot. It should not be 88 degrees in April in Denver. Just sayin'.

NRR: trying to revise article (and instead posting here). I'm lacking mojo and am generally in a funk. I don't want to run, I don't want to exercise, certainly don't want to write or research or do class prep, and yet I don't know what I want. A vacation? More sleep? A massage? Maybe it's PMS? Time to get over myself and do one more revision before catching the bus, I suppose.
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I apparently have an aptitude for math. shrug.gif Still, with the limited instruction I took in it, all roads lead to algebra. ROTFLMAO.gif


I think the eyes will clear up without medical intervention. At any rate, I am giving it a couple days. The infection did something to mess up the glands that make the oil to lube the eyes, and wind, sun, dust all can cause trouble. Even with extra "eye hygiene," this cropped up. We had extra dust over the weekend, and after ds and I went biking, even he developed a stye from the wind and dust. My eyes did the same, times about 12. Whatever, at least it's not an infection. I also think the cold "peaked" yesterday and I am on the downward slope, and it's nothing, really.


Hey, RM! Great to see you! I'd love to hear more about your hsing with ds. Maybe sometime when time permits. You are incredibly busy, mama.


sparkle, would love to see the place. winky.gif And here, goodvibes.giffor a quick sale.


bec, we'll be flying into ORD. I'll be sure to wave. We'll get a rental there and drive up. I'm getting pretty stoked.


RR: 9km this morning around the park, wearing shoes. I am not sure why I chose the park again instead of the beach, but that's two days in a row wearing shoes, and my second toe on my right foot is telling me "no shoes tomorrow." Amazing, this barefoot thing. So tomorrow, I'll be back on the beach, sandals and beach bag parked next to the police watchtower, doing my miles in the sand.


NRR: I'm saving the Whole 30 weight results for when I am done (another week to go--prepare to be amazed!), but how about this? The tinea rash on my back is gone. It's gone. True, I don't always cover, especially in hot weather, and I have been exposing the skin to daily sun, but it persisted until I completely eliminated sugar. Now it is gone. And no trace of it on my sternum, where little itchy spots always lay in wait. It's gone.


We are indeed going dune-bashing again this weekend. I'm not excited, since this will be my third time doing what is essentially a once-and-done sort of thing, but it's a social opportunity and it includes dinner (with attractive options for me), and by going and socializing I prove that no, I am not some hermit incapable of interacting with people, and that is not the reason behind my strong dislike for this city. Kills the time, too, right?


All right, time to roast a couple chickens and fry some cauliflower. Week is almost done here, and I am ready for the weekend.

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ok really following along -- my weekend/early week looked like this:

work obligations

kid obligations

long run (6 miles since RP was late and I had to be back for more kid obligations)

come down with not feeling great. attribute it run recovery.

car with brake problems (2nd time in a month and 170k miles on it)


really sick. like came home to take a nap midday yesterday -- highly unusual behavior for me, + its a 25 mile round trip.


but I'm back to semi normal.





on gifted and talented ....  here's my deal on it.

Kids all learn on a spectrum.  What we consider "grade level" is usually quite varied. When we made class sizes larger, we eliminated how well each teacher knew each kid. We also limited the amount of differentiated instruction one can have. We have super limited G&T instruction in my district. In fact 2 years ago we cut the funding for my elementary school so that my kid receives services once a week for 40 minutes. But that same district makes it possible for my child's peers to have differentiated instruction on the lower end every day. I "get" that we need everyone to read. But honestly, shouldn't we provide for the top 10% as well?  Won't it lift the whole class?


I'm pretty sure its genetic in my house. My husband and I both hold phds but one kid is clearly bright, engaged in learning, and talented in both reading and math. Off the charts in reading, possibly skipping ahead a grade level in math. The other kid is bright, more engaged in social activity and is a fabulous reader, does some math in kindy. She's less "off the charts" in reading, but only because she is defining herself as different than her sister. This kid is amazing at reading out loud. Then again, we do put emphasis on learning. The adults in this house read and play logic games (well mostly me) a lot.


I am in the "put the kids in different schools" camp -- if their needs are that different and they will thrive in different schools. My husband? not so much. so my kids both go to the same school.


And now, to make up for essentially taking a sick day tomorrow and make pancakes before school -- gotta get back to my email.

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Crap!  Emily had two teeth pulled yesterday and was a total rock star.  She was amazing throughout the entire thing, with only one small squeak of complaint.  And, then, that rotten, flaky tooth fairy forgot.  bag.gif  Thankfully, she was cheerful, and understanding, coming up with theories about why the tooth fairy didn't show.  Still feel rotten about it.


Gifted Education - I am more towards Kerc's way of thinking.  I have kids on both ends of the spectrum.  Katie is in special ed for math.  And, she needs it.  She gets it every day and I am profoundly grateful for that.  I also wish that there was that kind of daily instruction for my other two.  They also need it.  Thankfully, they are both in classrooms this year that really support them, but this isn't always the case, and I wish there was the same kind of daily consistency that my other kid gets.  Currently, the 3rd grader gets about half an hour of a pullout once a week. 



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Sign is up in front. The MLS listing is missing some pics, so when that gets straightened out, Ill link it... Dh got a call yesterday from one of the incoming residents (if you recall, we sent out en email flyer to all 140), and he's coming to see it Sunday. Here we go...
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sparkle ~ hold on tight!  House-selling is a bumpy ride!  Good luck!!!!


kerc ~ I agree with you too.  Almost 20% of the student population at my kids' school is on an IEP for special education services.  Some teachers do a great job of differentiating in the classroom, others (DS's teacher), not so much.  And I've heard that they are moving him to 5th grade next year.  Argh!  DS can't have him two years in a row.  No way!


jooj ~ I cannot WAIT to hear your Whole30 weight results!  Amazing about the tinea!  I know that when I did Whole30, my foot fungus cleared considerably, eczema was gone, and my ever-present joint pain disappeared.  Have fun dune-bashing.


RM ~ great to see you!  You are one busy Mama. So glad your DS is blooming in the homeschool environment.  Are you running the Mini this year?


RR ~ off to Pilates!


NRR ~ bake-a-thon today for the Spring Fling Cake Walk and Bake Sale.  I will NOT taste the batter... NO.  I will NOT!

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Sparkle, good luck on the house!


I am having an emotional breakdown kind of day. I was a tool to my kids this morning and am just completely out of sorts and cannot stop bawling.gif


Going to try and have a run to clear my head.


I did have a job interview last night, it's an administrative position + teaching at a Jewish school close to home (not the high school job). It isn't quite as well suited to me professionally as the high school job (which I haven't heard about yet and am still pursuing) but it is next door to my house and a good opportunity if it's offered. I don't know. Then again, I totally flubbed the first few minutes and couldn't pull my thoughts together so who knows? The rest of the interview went well I think but I did say what I really mean (in a very nice way!). So if I'm not for them, no harm no foul but I think I am through twisting myself into something I'm not. 


Not sure if that's why I'm so out of sorts or what. There seems to be no specific catalyst here but I still can't stop crying and I was so mean this morning. crap.gif gloomy.gif

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Nic - pms? That sounds like me at *that time of the month*

Jo - sounds like amazing results. And what a nice discovery about the bare-feet.

RR: .....

NRR: so... tired. DD2 has been sleeping like crap this week, and as Dh is gone at work all the time now, she *sleeps* with me. I swear she just tosses and turns and fusses about NOTHING for half the night. She cries out and thrashes and when I ask how I can help she just cries and says "I dont know!" and then drifts into sleep for another 20 minutes, repeat. But...

...the house is done. I mean 90% scrubbed and ready to *just* be maintained at this level of cleanliness and organization. I cleaned the living-room yesterday for 5 ours, including 2 cleaning our leather couch that has never been cleaned. So now the kids cant touch anything. We put them in plastic bags with airholes and feeding tubes lol.gif

Here it is: http://abqrealtors.rapmls.com/scripts/mgrqispi.dll?APPNAME=albq&PRGNAME=MLSLogin&ARGUMENT=UKQXGORzCf5eTZOdc%2B%2BGCSsYQYXq0LE7eXhI%2BwAs8Ss%3D&KeyRid=1&Include_Search_Criteria=&CurrentSID=101507510
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Wow, what a pretty house Sparkle!


No, not pms. Not the right time. I don't know. I did manage to get in 6 miles. Mostly I think I got the oogies out but maybe not entirely. Still feeling very sad.


Anyway, hope all you Dingoes have a great day.

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OMG, right after I posted that two realtors called to come see it in an hour. I busted my arse getting it ready (there was still quite a bit to do, it turns out ), and now am trying to fit a shower an meditation in between picking up kids and staying out of the house (Im on day 3 of wearing and sleeping in the same clothes bag.gif ) I'll take it

Nic - sorry greensad.gif
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