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MelW, I think I get what you're feeling. There's so much in our history that I have to consciously decide what to do with. Some days I feel all right and other days I am just feeling all wrong.


Shanti, I have a one-year-old fridge that also freezes some vegetables. Grr. Like kerc, I have to place them carefully away from the back. Eggs too.


Plady, just FYI, I was that dd with the bags always packed. We were on a farm and some days I just disappeared into the fields/marsh for most of the day. I was always wanting to go away. I still feel that way a lot of the time. Maybe part of it is just personality.


Mel38, we have unilateral breast bud action in an 8yo. Dd said it was sore (when she poked at it constantly, which I asked her not to do), and I said I'd take her to a doc in US if it is still bothering her then. It has definitely highlighted that I need to get a lot more positive with both of my kids with regard to their developmental status, and jump into life a lot deeper with them. I feel like that is on hold for the next three weeks, and then watch out, kids. Mom is so all up in your business.


Looked at 4 flats in Abu Dhabi yesterday. Have definitely settled on an area, but will probably store our stuff for the time being, and rent later. Logistically too great a goal to meet in three weeks without ending in tragedy chaos. I've gone through papers and decided what rides along and what can be stored. I guess it's time to start making lists. I hate making lists. Not as much as I hate the disorganized chaos around me, though. There will be a few trips to Ikea when we're back in UAE and moving into a living space. Fo sho.


And with that, off to the beach before the sand heats up too much. The weather has definitely shifted. We have high 90s/low 100s during the day and low to mid 80s at night. And dh hates AC so he TURNS IT OFF OMG and I sweat like a menopausal crone all night. It's really awesome. On the bright side, now that I have discovered a new love of burpees with pushup and vertical jump, I have a new thing to do in the AC. 

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Mel and Jo, yes....on the moving past the history thing. Of course I am still enmeshed in the negative history and so I also have to figure out what to do about that....


Jo, dh also turns off the AC on the hottest nights. It makes me feel murderous, I tell you. I don't mind the heat during the day but when I go to sleep I like it cool. Ugh.


Ethical (sort of) running question: I have planned to run a half marathon in a nearby town on June 3 (a Sunday). I haven't registered yet. It's easy to get to and a flat, fast course and I really would like to PR because the mother's day half is a very hilly course and I don't expect a PR. Yesterday the kids came home with a form for a 5K which is also June 3 that starts next door to my house at the JCC and benefits the local food bank and said everyone at the school is doing it. I feel like a total tool for not wanting to do it and going to my half marathon instead, but there isn't really another local half marathon -- closest is about an hour away and not until July...


I don't know. Maybe I'm being totally selfish? What do you all think?


Many things, and no things to report. Feeling sort of scattered at the moment. It's raining, so I guess I'm hitting the mill for my run today. Don't feel like running in the cold rain. 


Later, mamas. blowkiss.gif

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Nick, can your DH take them to the 5k? Plenty of notice for him, right? I can't say that I blame you for wanting to go to the HM. Those are harder to find and plan for.


Wow, Jo, such excitement with the upcoming move and your months back in the states. I have a vague memory of dreaming about a desert, and I think it was your dune-bashing and camels that planted that particular thought in my brain.

Oh my gosh, Plady, the running away thing tugs at my heartstrings. Maybe time to read some Tom Sawyer.


MelW, yes, that is so young. Is it more genetic than dietary - I can't recall what the studies have indicated and whether the hormones in our food really do affect development.


DM - Cool! It sounds like you have some great options there. One of them had a bit longer swim, I noticed, but bike and run all looked comparable. You could check past results to see where you think you would rank. I do that just to make sure I won't be dead last. Although I still was once, and it wasn't really so bad. lol.gif

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Dimitrizmom ~ I agree with bec.  Which triathlon you choose should be based on how comfortable you feel with open water swimming.  If you've never done it before (and honestly, even if you have), it can be very disorienting.  I grew up swimming in a lake and still had a freakout in my first open water swim!


MelW ~ sounds like the early breast buds might be a genetic thing, no?  My 8 yo is still flat as a pancake and I didn't really start developing anything until about age 11.  My Mom was very open and honest with me about puberty (but told me NOTHING about sex, go figure headscratch.gif) and I hope to make my girls' transition from girl to woman as easy and comfortable as possible.  I'm sorry you're feeling angst about your relationship with DH, but talking about it all is good and positive.


Nic ~ I'd want to do the HM, but being a martyr (oops, I mean mother), I'd probably do the 5K.  You SHOULD do the HM and let DH take the kids to the 5K!


Jooj ~ so much excitement!  How many days left in your Whole30?  How are you feeling?


RR ~ Pilates and 1700 yards in the pool yesterday.  Swimming again felt good.  I'm going to run/walk this afternoon when the rain clears out.


NRR ~ School ends 3 weeks from today!  And my parents arrive 3 weeks from tomorrow!  Lots to do....

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Originally Posted by JayGee View Post

Dimitrizmom ~ I agree with bec.  Which triathlon you choose should be based on how comfortable you feel with open water swimming.  If you've never done it before (and honestly, even if you have), it can be very disorienting.  I grew up swimming in a lake and still had a freakout in my first open water swim!

Nic ~ I'd want to do the HM, but being a martyr (oops, I mean mother), I'd probably do the 5K.  You SHOULD do the HM and let DH take the kids to the 5K!


yeahthat.gif To both.  No reason dads shouldn't take children to do 5ks.


We are steadily making progress here but it suddenly feels slow - which is ridiculous since we've lived with nails sticking out of the ceiling and exposed wires for 4 years. But it's already amazing how different the house feels, I can't wait to see how it changes when we've added color!

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Totally get DH to take the kids to the 5k while you do your half! 


Early breast buds - Could it be one of those things where they get the breast buds early, but don't actually develop breasts until the appropriate teenaged time?  I am working hard and taking to heart the conversation about making this transition a positive one.  I want my kids to welcome the changes in their bodies.  It is bittersweet, though, because they really aren't babies anymore.  One thing we have been doing is to tell them loads of baby stories about them.  They eat it up, and it helps for me to see that my baby really isn't gone.  Just becoming their own person!

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Hi ladies!
RR: Had a fun 4.6 mile run while ds1 rode his scooter. He said he loves spending that time with me. Yay!
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nic~Yep, time for DH to step up and take the kids to the 5k.

real~NICE 20 miler!

dimitrizmom~I don't think I could pass up a race called a pieathlon. Just sayin'. Pie rules. orngbiggrin.gif

Two out of three work shifts for the week are done. One night off tonight, then back tomorrow. And of course, DS's field trip to the museum of nature and science is tomorrow, so there will not be much pre-night-shift sleep for me! It's hard to believe that I only have 4 shifts of orientation left. It scares me a little. Ok, a lot. I feel like I did ok the past two nights, and was mostly independent, but when it came crunch time at 6am, I just couldn't get it all done by myself. All three of my babies needed to eat and have vitals checked at the same time, my c-section patient needed walked to the bathroom and her catheter pulled (and her urine output was low, so she needed a fluid bolus), my late-preterm baby needed weighed and a serum bilirubin level drawn...all while trying to make sure I had everything charted and ready to go for end of shift. Of course, I'm relatively sure they won't give me a late preterm baby AND a fresh c-section at the same time when I'm on my own. At least for awhile!

Race report! You all know my low expectations going into the 10 miler. A crappy 9 miler, an ok 8 miler, and a handful of 5-6-7 milers were about it for my training. I was kind of hoping to maybe be able to pull of 10:30 pace, but really just wanted under 11. I was running with my friend, who is a lot faster than me, but hasn't really done any distance running before, so I picked her up and we carpooled in to the race site. We started off around the 10 minute pace group. This was the first year for the 10 mile race, but I've done the 5 mile race a few times, and I really like the course, except that it's super crowded for the first mile until it gets spaced out a little. The 10 miler was no different, and our first mile was 10:37. Ok, that felt pretty good. It cleared out, so we picked it up a little. Did I mention that my friend is faster than me? She pretty much dragged me along for the first 6 miles. Every time my watch beeped, I would look down and see that we were running 10 minute miles. Wow. Ok. There was not a whole lot of conversation going on, on my part! Miles 5-8 were a little hilly and tough, but I was trying to stick with my friend. Around mile 6, she started to pull away, and I just couldn't keep up. But at the same time, my stubborn streak wouldn't let me slow down. I ran that fast for that long, I could keep going, right? I thought I was going to die for the last 2 miles, but I refused to slow down. I had pretty much NO kick left at the end, I was so burned out! BUT...the result? 10:05 pace!!! For 10 miles! Crazy! On very little training, no less! So maybe, if I get my training in gear, a sub-2 half MIGHT possibly still be in the cards this summer. Of course, that involves taking a minute per mile off and adding 5k, but it could maybe happen. My official time was 1:41:39, just a minute and a half over the goal that I thought was so far out of reach that I couldn't even think it out loud orngbiggrin.gif and 3+ minutes under my "reach" goal. Not bad! Not to mention that it was an absolutely GORGEOUS day, perfect for racing. And after the race, we had a lovely lunch and a bloody mary, so between the race and the drink, I had an awesome pre-night-shift nap! orngbiggrin.gif
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Way to go, Gaye! Sounds like it was a great race. orngbiggrin.gif


Mel38, if you liked the dream, and ever wish to head this way, I'll be back in UAE this fall.


bec, I think my dd is just having some of that early development. She grew a LOT this year. Several inches and shoe sizes. And it's been something of an emotional roller coaster, so it's hard to know what has been because of the insanity of our little life and how much might be developmental. But since she's just got something on one side, I've told her we can see a doc in US if she wants, but am really taking a wait-and-see approach. Of course, I also wonder about going from our eating habits on the farm to what goes down here (a lot out of my control), but dd is not big on dairy or meat, so I am not terribly worried. But I will be glad to pull her out of the gaggle of socially precocious second-graders discussing their need to shave their legs, straighten their hair and who knows what else.


JayGee, I think, if I am counting correctly, that today is my last day of Whole 30. And I am weighing in today 14 pounds less than a month ago! thumb.gif With real increases in strength, demonstrated with pushups, planking, even the number of reps I can do. I've improved my flexibility, especially in my back. I had the Diet Coke lapse, but it didn't lead to my going back to Diet Coke. I don't miss dairy, except maybe some very fancy cheese. I don't miss bread or rice or pasta, potatoes, any of it. And I fit back into the pants I had packed into our shipment, which I could not haul up past my hips/butt when we unpacked into this house. My back feels so much better than it has in years.


ETA: I'm also excited that today, I weigh less than my husband!


Unfortunately, the diet has so far had no effect on my breathing trouble, and now that the heat and humidity are kicking in, my hands and feet bother again from time to time. Still, I feel overall really great, I have a lot more stamina just to get through the days than I had on a regular/high-carb diet, and I'm extending this out to our travel date. I made great progress on body fat, but still want to lose at least another 10-15 pounds. I also hope to help my parents consider reducing their carb and dairy intakes a little to see what they can do about some of their health issues. My mom cares about health, but is ultimately motivated by what she can see, and when she sees me a lot smaller than I was, she might listen a little.


RR: Man, it got hot all of a sudden. We're coming in at 106 right now (noontime). That appears to be it. We are now in the 100s for highs and 80s for lows. The End, goodbye. It is time to pack some bags and leave. Anyway, I managed to walk (entirely walking) 8.5 miles this morning. Earlier and earlier, and I will do all I can to keep moving daily.

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Jooj ~ WOW!!!!!  Fourteen pounds down, and so many other improvements!  Nice job!  Sorry it didn't help with the breathing though, but I have a feeling the Wisconsin air will do wonders for that winky.gif.


tjsmama ~ nice race!  Good job keeping up that pace.


RR ~ pilates this morning and heading to the park with the newly downloaded C25K app on my iPod for a walk/run.


NRR ~ A few days into Whole30 and my brain fog is clearing, my energy is rising, and I've got a smile on my face.  Why is it that what I eat (or don't eat) effects my mood so much????  Other people can eat sugar without turning into a colossal depressive, miserable, snappish shrew.... why does it do that to me?  And furthermore, why do I have to keep teaching myself the same lesson over and over again?  Doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome, isn't that the definition of insanity?!

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