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Jo - wtg on the diet. I hope to do something like that next month. Right now I need all this caffeine and sugar to get me through the move (or so I keep justifying to myself eyesroll.gif) And YES on the sweaty palms. I am a nervous wreck every time I watch DD1 compete.... but then I had the same reaction just watching the other climbers last month. Its intense orngbiggrin.gif

Kerc - that girl is the best 9 year old in the nation! The only time I have ever seen her climb was when we went to CO Springs to watch youth nationals last month, otherwise, we never compete against her (she's from NY). So in your area, E will be competitive and have a lot of fun and learn all those great things we learn from sport.

MelW - I dont know how much support we have been, but I have thought about you off and on this year in awe, although I dont think Ive said it enough. You have been amazing, especially as you did it all with so much grace and lack of grump!! bow.gif Here's to more balance, time for runs, and maybe even a massage from dh, who owes you at least that champagne.gif

RR: Its *that* kind of week, where progesterone is high, and so are demands on my time irked.gif

NRR: omg, a pellet from an old egg-dying kit got crushed on one of the kitchen cabinet shelves and despite cleaning it thoroughly, it is seeping through the paint! Through several coats of new paint! The powder is/was pink, the paint is white, so now we have pink in the paint on the shelves irked.gif. As if just the plain ol' work isnt enough.
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Originally Posted by Nemesis View Post This is possibly the worst time to go 30 days without wine! 

lol.gif Seriously!


Plady: I was reading along but not finding the time to comment about the comforting versus not getting involved when kids get fussy like that. No answers here, as I am very much averse to comforting the kids when I am feeling manipulated. Even my DH does better at that than I do. You mentioned that your counselor is a friend, too? Do you ever get to see her one on one, or is it primarily with your DD? I am just wondering if you have had a chance to discuss this aspect with the counselor because it seems really relevant, but of course not really discuss-able with the whole family.


And thanks for the reminder for weight training. I really really really finally need to get consistent about this!!!


Sparkle, that kid is amazing! For crying out loud, it's like she's a spider-kid!


Jo, I'm so glad to hear how hopeful things are looking!! joy.gif


Welcome DawningSun! I agree with the others that walking every day should be fine. I hear you about the safety aspect and walking with a dog. I don't have a dog to run with any more, but I always carry my phone and turn the GPS on. I try not to run anywhere too secluded either.


Gaye, are you out there? How's everything going with you?


MelW & Kerc, the seedballs are a great activity! So spring-like to do something related to birds. I love that!


No real RR to report, just a couple of short runs. I got to see some great women's tennis today with DH. A friend of ours - well, I never see her any more but she was my doula once - works at the venue where the Family Circle Cup is held, and she gave us some free tickets! It was a lot of fun. My oldest DD is a ball girl there, but we still would have to pay to get in, so we really don't go that frequently unless we happen to have company in town. Anyway, it's a beautiful place and the weather couldn't be better. Oh, and last night, my DD got a hug from her hero, Serena Williams. She is totally star-struck!



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If they don't stop whining I am going to tear my hair out. help.gif

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Nic - Send them outside.  That's my instant cure for whining.  Cause it's out of hearing!  If that doesn't work, chores.  Chores until attitude turns around or it's time for bed!


Welcome Dawning Sun.  I would also say that walking is just fine.  I will often walk on my off days, or days that I also run. 


Nemesis - Good to see you!!!


Sparkle - That video was intense!  I am sure that my youngest would love to climb, but I'm afraid it would turn pricey quick!


RR:  I have run 3 days in a row!  I'm so happy.  I had a crazy tri class on Monday.  It was the first day of the session, so she did a timed mile (8:57, btw).  Then, she did a bunch of body weight strength stuff, but the reps were dependent on the answers to some questions (how many pets do you have, how old are you, etc.).  The result was a lot of pushups and a LOT of squats (501!!!!!).  Definitely still sore from that!  Yesterday, I went out with the kids.  We did an errand run.  Both Katie and myself needed new shoes, so we ran to the running store to get new kicks.  Spent too much money (Yikes, her shoes were almost as much as mine!  But, she can use them next fall for Cross Country), and then ran to a friend's house to play for a while.  Total was 2.3 miles for the kids!  They are going to be more than ready for this upcoming 5k.  And today, DH was working from home, so we went out for a very slow, leisurely almost 4 mile run.  Then, I biked to one kid's school to volunteer, and then biked across town to the another kid's school to volunteer.  So, I'm feeling well exercised!

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Congrats Nemesis and jo on the Whole 30. I hope you both feel strong and satisfied on it!


Welcome, DawningSun. I agree that if you aren't feeling any aches that walking every day should be fine, and agree that weight /strength training is a good thing. My mum and sister both did a 40 mile walk and did need rest days after their "long walk" training days, mostly because of sore feet/blisters.


sparkle, cringing about the easter egg dye. Good luck with the final preparations.


Nic, I agree. Send them outside. Outside cures a lot of things (whining about needing to go outside being one exception lol.gif).


I am craving a run. Maybe tomorrow. I can dream...


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I'm here, I stink as a SS, but at least my package is halfway filled up.  If I'm good I'll get it out tomorrow.


Wild day here, homeschool science, library tie dye, friends, running, cows following....weird day.

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Thanks for asking, mel! love.gif I'm reading along, but 2 shifts into my 3 in a row on day shift. Surviving, but tired. I actually flew pretty solo today, as our patient support coordinator (front desk person + does all the administrative stuff related to admitting/discharging/assembling charts, etc.) called in sick. My preceptor volunteered to handle the PSC stuff, not knowing what she was getting herself into! She was still totally available to me when I needed her, but I probably did about 75% on my own. Not bad for my first day on day shift. Not to mention that I discharged five patients, had to start a baby on phototherapy, arrange for a family room for the mom since she was discharged, admit a new couplet, etc. Phew. I'm starting to feel semi-competent, at least. My preceptor told our manager today that I was doing awesome, and that I have great assessment skills. joy.gif

I wish I had more than two days off, but if I can make it till next Tuesday night...six days off!
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Gaye ~ Glad your day was better even if it was busy!


BBM ~ Do tell about the cows! ;)


I GOT MY REVEAL PACKAGE!  Can I share who it's from? :)


There were colored pencils, glitter paint that Val and I already used yesterday, a beautiful red scarf (red is my favorite), a drawing book, soap nuts that I've also used already, chocolate bars that we've sampled yum yum, and a pumpkin scented goat milk soap bar.  Again, pumpkin is my favorite.  <3 <3 <3


Ok, I've been thinking I'd love to start running again.  Like maybe the C25K so that I can do a few 5Ks later this summer, but it still feels weird "down there" when I run.  So... TMI... will kegels ever cure it or am I doomed? redface.gif

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JenLove - sounds like a fabulous package!  orngbiggrin.gif  Kegels will help some (and when you are ready for them, squats and lunges).


tjsmama - what a great compliment!  Hope you enjoy your 6 days off in a row, when you get there.


bec - your tri class sounds like so much fun (and work, but mostly fun!).


Jo - good job on the diet.


DawningSun - welcome to the group.


NRR: I've been reading along, even if I haven't been posting much.  Moving into the end of the semester and trying to wrap things up for my students.  We had family visiting for 3 weeks and more family coming for another 2 weeks on Tuesday.  We've had the chicken pox (8yo brought them home and shared with the other two)... current poxy kids should be all healed over by the end of the week. I'm working on revamping my resume and cover letter - planning on sending out half a dozen apps on Saturday.  On the weight loss front, I'm sticking with Weight Watchers.  I'm down about 35 lbs since 1/12 and feeling great.  Only another 40-60 lbs to go.  LOL.


RR: I actually ran, not just ran/walked, 2 miles yesterday.  I'm pathetically slow, but it felt good to be able to keep going.  Still doing my kettlebell class 3x a week, and boot camp 3x a week.  I do need to work in some focused weights though.

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[=http://mamasweat.blogspot.ca/2010/05/blog-birthday-video-exclusive.html?m=1]Pelvic floor party[/]
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JenLove ~ your nether regions will feel more normal eventually.  I was still wetting myself in every run at least a year out from Kirsten's birth.  Now, only when I jump on the trampoline too much lol.gif!  Kegels, and squats.


Dawning Sun ~ Welcome! Walking every day is great!  Strength training is also important though.  I do Pilates for my strength training.


Nemesis, Jo, and other Whole30ers ~ you can do it!!!!  I really learned a lot from doing Whole30.  I learned that my moods are stable when I don't eat grains.  That dairy is not an issue for me.  That wheat gives me a rash (seriously, how many times to have have to relearn this lesson), and that fruit is more delicious when you don't wreck your taste buds with white sugar/HCFS/fake sugar.  Oh, and I am off the Diet Coke for GOOD now too!  Keep on keeping on.


And Sparkle ~ Whole30 is not "no caffiene".  Trust me, I wouldn't have made it!  BTW, that video was amazing!  That girl is crazy talented!


RR ~ cardio circuit today.  A very, very good workout!  Yesterday was Pilates and a short run.


NRR ~ kids are on Spring Break today, tomorrow and Monday (lame excuse for a spring break, I know).  We're hanging at home today, hopefully going to the zoo tomorrow, and going for a family hike further south sometime this weekend.  Plus all the Easter festivities too, of course.

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dizzy.gif I am sitting at my "dining room" table (we dont have a dining room lol.gif) with every door in the house open and its in the 40's out cold.gif I have a crew of workmen replacing every window in the house. I think there are 10 guys. Im FREEZING. I think I will have to go to the gym to meditate and shower (but not exercise, mind you lol.gif), and what am I going to do withe the dog all day. Right now she's in one of the kids rooms. Dh will be home from work soon and need to sleep biglaugh.gif I cant even hear myself think

This new house better be good winky.gif
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Nick--hope you're able to get a better night's sleep tonight. Nice workouts nevertheless!

Nemesis--no, it's definitely not a good deal if you don't actually like what you're buying. It can be hard to get people out of that mindset though.

Welcome Dawning Sun! I have a 7 yo and 2 yo also, both girls. I'm pretty sure walking counts as cross-training, so it works for alternating with running. RR = running-related (or forward motion related, or sometimes, race report). NRR: not-running-related.

1jooj--sounds like another awesome beach run.

Mel38--Serena Williams, wow!

sparkle--my mantra these days has been "no good deed goes unpunished." Hope you're able to find something to counteract the stupid dye.

bec--did you say 501 squats? I think I'd have to crawl home after that. Eeek!

Go tjsmama go! You rock!

JenLove--no idea, but I hope that improves. Maybe you need to try one of the alternatives to kegals? (Some woman wrote some book about this and exercise. If only having two children hadn't wiped out my memory, I'd still remember the details. Maybe poke around on MDC? I think I saw it mentioned here once.)

JayGee--hope you're able to enjoy spring break.

Good luck to all the Whole30 people.

RR: 15 miles so far this week, plus another 3.7 to run today. Then 5 tomorrow (school pick-up) and Saturday will be a half-marathon plus another 4 to finish out the plan's 17.

That said, I read somewhere that the intensity of the race will make up for the extra miles. Thoughts? I don't think it will be a sub-2, thanks to little sleep (3-1/2 hours for the second time in a week. Honestly, I waver between thinking I'm invincible to thinking that I'm probably causing my health irreparable harm. I prefer invincible, as evidenced by REM's "Superman" running through my head...). So if I'm running it at a more comfortable pace I'm thinking I might as well at least go for 15 or the full 17 anyhow. And then again, I know once the race starts all bets are off.

NRR: the list is too long. Also, J is having tea with moosie and I need to go pour tea.
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Yes, 501 squats!  It was unreal.  This class is not a perfect thing.  The lead coach is pretty flaky, so that can come off as a lack of compassion and caring.  I don't think she really does lack compassion, and I think she is very passionate about getting all people moving and interested in the sport.  But, in the 3 years that I've been going, I have built up a camaraderie with the other people, and it really motivates me when I am lacking in that.  I thrive in a class setting, and will push myself farther than not. 


Rest day today.  I have been feeling tired all day long!  So, I decided to listen and relax all day.  Girl Scouts tonight, but that's it.  And, I have leftover soup for dinner!



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That is me, breathing out. The kitchen is done (prepared for Passover). The shopping is (I think eyesroll.gif) done. The cooking begins tomorrow morning.


The mama will run tomorrow morning, EARLY (the kids are off from school).


After my 3 a.m. wake up call (dd2 standing next to my bed, saying, Mommy! How do worms have babies?!) and a very crazy day I am wiped. (BY the way, I don't remember the answer from 8th grade biology. How embarrassing is that?!)


Dd2's other interesting I-can't-answer-this question of the day, having driven by many decorated lawns including one which is always tricked out on decoration-steroids for every holiday...Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's, St. Patrick's Day, Easter... and the Easter decoration was a truly freaky giant inflatable bunny with giant inflatable eggs: "Mommy, do bunnies lay colored eggs?"  (Well I can answer, no they don't, but as to what they have to do with each other and Easter, that I have no clue headscratch.gif help me out here).


I am going to sneak the last of the chocolate ice cream now. drool.gif

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Here's what I found


According to University of Florida's Center for Children's Literature and Culture, the origin of the celebration -- and the Easter bunny -- can be traced back to 13th century, pre-Christian Germany, when people worshiped several gods and goddesses. The Teutonic deity Eostra was the goddess of spring and fertility, and feasts were held in her honor on the Vernal Equinox. Her symbol was the rabbit because of the animal’s high reproduction rate.

Spring also symbolized new life and rebirth; eggs were an ancient symbol of fertility. According to History.com, Easter eggs represent Jesus' resurrection. However, this association came much later when Roman Catholicism became the dominant religion in Germany in the 15th century and merged with already ingrained pagan beliefs.

That's so funny about the worm question.  I had that posed to me recently, also couldn't remember and forgot to Google it.  Then we got pinworms in the family and so now I know that they lay eggs.  I'll assume that they aren't alone in the worm world but I do recall something about hermaphroditism so maybe they work alone.


I'm ready for a vacation.  Of course a week of having both kids out of school asking me what they should do isn't quite what I'm thinking of.


Bec - How crazy am I that now I'm thinking about whether or not I could do 501 squats? 


Real - I had that mantra last week too.


Sparkle - Maybe some kilz?  How are the windows coming along?  I'm a little jealous that you are able to just hire people to come and do the work.  I think my dh would have heart attack before he'd be willing to just do that.  I know that in the long run we save money by doing things ourselves and buying stuff that is recycled or scavenged but sometimes it is just such a long run!


Speaking of which, how does one teach a child the difference between being thrifty and being poor?  One of our dds (any guesses which one?) is convinced we are poor because of scenarios like the above.  And now that dh and I are both showing some interest in finding jobs she thinks we're poverty stricken.  Maybe I shouldn't care but it just shows me how out of touch she is with other people's reality.  sigh.


RR; None, but I did supervise dh while he installed three more pieces of counter-top in the kitchen today getting it all that much closer to moving on to another room.



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Mind if I join the pack? I started C25K March 1 and completed week6,day1 this evening. I even signed up for a Mother's Day 5K--my first race in over 5 years! I've never been competitive (think 12min miles, lol) but used to run for over an hour and used to trail run until I broke my ankle about 3 or so years ago doing just that. I haven't been trail running in a looong time, but have a crushed gravel trail less than a block from my house where I do my C25K stuff. When I stared it in March, I also began running in minimalist/barefoot shoes and just last week got past the feet/ankle misery of training new muscles/connective tissue, and now I feel great (though I still have to mentally check in with my cadence a lot). I did a sprint Tri about 8 years ago and think I've fulfilled that lifetime quota (dislike cycling and terrified of swimming in lakes!). My DH is training for a June 9 marathon using the Nike+ plan. I'm eating a paleo-inspired diet, but with more flexibility since I'm intolerant to some paleo staples and find I need way more carbs than I can manage with strict paleo, though I try to keep it under 150 (200 on run days). I found out Monday that I'm about 3w pregnant, but plan on continuing running at my current recreational 5K level. I may need some advice about that in the coming weeks if I start having any problems... 


(this is going to be a helluva thread to keep up with!) :)

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Originally Posted by Plady View Post


RR; None, but I did supervise dh while he installed three more pieces of counter-top in the kitchen today getting it all that much closer to moving on to another room.


lol.gif This is the best RR ever!


I think that every kid believes that they're poor at some point, or at least relative to some other wealth that they see. I remember a (very well off) classmate in high school complaining about how his family had to *share* their ski condo with another family, blah, blah. My oldest has lots of questions about money lately, especially as we strive for thriftier living. We talk a lot about what poverty looks like and feels like both in our community and around the world. About hunger, politics, and the "cycle" of poverty. I'm sure a lot of it goes over her head, but on some level I feel like it helps to discuss the decisions we make about money. I also try to point out parallels between costs- the cost of this doll vs. the violin lesson vs. a certain amount of groceries and why we choose to spend money on the things that we do.


Nic, I wish I had been there to pinch hit for the middle of the night worm baby question. I took a worm composting seminar years ago, and love to point out little worm eggs in the soil when we're gardening. And they are hermaphroditic. The worm reproductive cycle is totally interesting, but not quite as much when you would rather be sleeping. screen-shot-2010-12-04-at-12-49-46-pm1.pngWishing you a wonderful passover!


BBM, I've encountered lots of wildlife on runs, but never been followed. Yikes!


Dimitrizmom, congrats on the WW success!


Welcome stegenrae and congrats on the pregnancy!


tjsmama, I'm glad work is going so well joy.gif


JenLove, I tried to post this link earlier from my phone and it didn't work. It's a blog post about pelvic floor health suggesting that too many kegels without the core/glutes to balance them can be problematic.


JayGee, I hope you have a good, though brief, Spring Break.


Thank you, thank you to my secret sprinter for a wonderful reveal gift. It felt like opening a christmas stocking! Lots of tea, fuel & electrolytes, a notebook, pen and very cute post-it notes. The kids were thrilled with the colouring pages and bracelets and notebooks, and I'm excited to read Run Like a Mother, especially knowing that it's been passed through several dingoes now. We all had an end of the week tiredness happening and opening the parcel gave a wonderful boost to the day love.gif





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I need to get to bed (waiting for laundry to finish), but Nic--have you ever tried L-Theanine for anxiety? I actually have been dx'd with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and used to have serious anxiety and panic attacks regularly. Long story short, I'm not on pharma-meds anymore, but manage it super-well with Theanine. (I take 100mg AM and 100mg PM, but also as needed if, for example, my mother is visiting.) It's an amino acid, so your body knows what to do with it and it won't harm you. You can also try GABA for a general "chill pill" for your brain; it tells your brain to relax the heck out when your body doesn't produce enough of it to do the job. 


Sparkle, I am sooo impressed with the climbing. We have a gym in our metro, but it's pretty far away...I wonder if they have affordable youth classes? (I bet I could try to get them to start a homeschool class with discounts...hmmm.) My DS1 did a tower (belayed) when he just turned 5 and blew everyone away with how quickly he found his way to the top (it was 3 stories high). He's in gymnastics now, but the gym no longer has a competitive boys team, so he's not getting the physical workout he needs (for Sensory seeking/input issues). He tries to climb every bluff and boulder when we go hiking, so I probably need to look into it. He's the world's most athletic freaking kid, so it'd be right up his alley. (My only fear is that he'd decide to try freeclimbing the next time we're somewhere like Yosemite, lol!) Actually, I think I'm excited about it because *I* always wanted to do that and the short little bluffs and boulders where I grew up weren't very challenging. [apple=not far from tree] erm...und sprechen Sie Deutsch?


Gah. laundry done. I promised dh I'd get to bed before "tomorrow," and already failed. Must.Sleep.


Oh, and thanks, MelW, for the congrats. :D

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notes2.gif L-theanine and GABA...and welcome, stegenrae! I'm on Day 4 of Whole30 today and am almost afraid to post about how good I feel. Freaky. But considering at least GABA for the "US shopping list." Along with some Vibrams and more running dresses.


Ooof, the humidity. I have GOT to get back to early rising. And that means setting the alarm and getting out as soon as the kids are on the bus. School is back in session Monday.


Meantime, feeling really good, as mentioned above. While I am not particularly thrilled about the getting through the next 2 months, since so much depends on depends on depends on, and dh never seems to want to solidify anything until it's nearly too late, I'll be chasing my tail the first week or two and trying to stay patient. Best not to have access to bread for those kind of days anyway, probably.



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