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Welcome, new dingos!

I feel like a broken record, but I am so very tired. I can't believe I'm back to work tomorrow for three more shifts! Those two days off went FAST. 72 hours and I'll be free for 6 days...I can do it.

So, I pulled the trigger on the juice cleanse. For the record, they are really freaking expensive, but I've got a sizeable tax refund coming back that is more than enough to cover it plus the other things I want to do with it. It's supposed to arrive Tuesday, so I guess Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday will be the days. I'm calling this week maintenance week...juice cleanse, haircut, oil change, pedicure. orngtongue.gif

rr~8 miles this morning. I did the Dash and Dine group again, so I went early to get 3.5ish done before meeting the group. I was slightly irritated because my friend who was supposed to go (and who I KNOW is my speed and I could run with) texted me at 2 am that she was still out at the bars and therefore was not going to be in any shape to run. rolleyes.gif Oh well, I survived. It was a truly gorgeous day for a run, in the 40's warming up to the 60's and beautifully sunny. My foot is still bothering me, and I'm just kind of hoping that it doesn't get worse. It probably doesn't help that we went to the zoo this afternoon (holy zoo, literally and figuratively...I think the entire city was there!) and now I'm going to be on my feet for the majority of the next three days. Oh well. It's really just very annoying at this point, I'm just hoping it doesn't get worse. I did ok for the first 5-ish miles, then I kind of hit the wall, but I survived. It's a good thing I'm so stubborn!
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MelW--Hope your DD remains fine. How scary to have to deal with that. Also, how cool that you received Run Like a Mother! I've been reading their latest, Train Like a Mother, and I'm happy to say that one of my answers to their questionnaire made it into the book.

Hmm...I wonder if that counts as a publication.... lol.gif

bec--sorry about your friend moving.

sparkle--yay for new windows! That process is amazing. When we had ours done, it managed to be on an unseasonably cold day, and there were little glass shards everywhere. R was just walking (~15 months old) and I was trying to figure out what to do with her because I needed to vacuum the glass but there was glass in every room and DH was out of town. Craziness!

stegenrae--my sister feels the same as you about being dairy-free. I'm DF only because my kids can't handle dairy (and I'm still nursing #2). It doesn't bother me one way or the other, but I'm sympathetic to people who don't want to, mostly because going DF is such a freaking huge PITA. I'm used to it now, but I remember there being a great big learning curve, not to mention the difficulty of eating out too.

tjsmama--I'm interested to hear more about your juice cleanse. Granted, I can't do any of that until I'm done nursing, which is probably another 2-1/2 to three years off is J is anything like her older sister. Maybe I'll just do the haircut instead. orngbiggrin.gif Also, are you interested in a free half-mary entry? (Longmont, July 7. See below.)

RR: Today was the Redline 13.1 Westminster, with a starting line all of 4 miles from my house. My marathon training plan called for 17, so I seriously considered running to the start line, before conceding that I didn't want to get up that early in the morning. Instead, I arrived about 15 minutes before the start, warmed up a bit, used the portapotty and then dashed over to the start line a bit on the late side. It wasn't chip-timed so I probably should have gotten in the portapotty line sooner. Oh well. I was trying to reset on my Garmin on the go, but I guess i only lost 30 seconds or so on it.

I'd run school pick-up yesterday (5 miles, double jogger, hills, 15-20 mph winds with gusts up to 40), and I'd run 6 days straight so I wasn't expecting much out of this race. Mostly I was doing it as a way to get my 17 out of the way before noon on a busy weekend. Also, it felt really weird to be running a race on Holy Saturday, but there was no other way to get the miles in, as clearly there's no way it was happening on Easter. Anyhow, I figured sub-2 was out of reach but at least I'd get in my miles with some fun and fuel on the way.

We headed out and I tucked in behind a couple of guys who were holding an 8:40ish pace on the way out. That worked well for the first couple of miles, but then they slowed down a lot so I headed off on my own. I knew the trail really well, as it's one I've been on tons of times. The only part that was new was the turnaround, where they ran us around a baseball field. I'd never gone past that intersection, so I saw a tiny little bit of new trail. And then we were headed back, at which point I started picking off runners one by one. I think I managed to run negative splits, even, which is kind of cool because the second half is a gradual uphill.

Time: 1:57:56 (8:59) pace. Stats: 13/30 F30-39, 27/84 women overall, 81/166 everyone.

I stopped to get some water and check out the food situation--namely, did they have enough boxed lunches? It looked like they did, so I set out to cover my remaining mileage. I circled around the parking lot of the shopping area there and covered 3 miles before the boxed lunch supply looked to be getting low. So then I stopped to eat and they did age group results and the raffle. I managed to win a free entry to another half-marathon, but unfortunately, it's the same day as the Middle Park one that I'm running in Granby. It comes with a free tech shirt and 30 days of training (what that means, I have no idea), so I'm going to email them and see if I can switch it to another race or transfer it to someone (like tjsmama? Or maybe someone on Daily Mile? Or maybe an enterprising Dingo who will be in Colorado and ready to run 13.1 on July 7?) The raffle went on for a while, so eventually I dumped my stuff in the car and covered the remaining .63 miles (having covered .27 before the race started) and was done done done. Except that I needed to actually walk into the Target and get napkins (race parking was in the Target parking lot). Starbucks was across the street and I thought about walking over there for coffee, decided no, it wasn't happening, and am a tiny bit embarrassed to say I actually drove over. :oops: At least it was on the way out, right? 'Cause I *needed* that iced soy latte.

NRR: Got home, did laundry, hung laundry, did a little leftover sewing, worked on bills, did some cleaning, put compost tea on the garden, pulled weeks, pitchforked the last bed, put seeds potatoes out to cure before planting tomorrow and vacuumed. Still to go: folding laundry, putting away laundry, getting out everything before church tomorrow, posting the other part of a student's test and maybe also a few grades, taking a shower and, at long last sleepytime.gif (I was able to nap for 45 minutes with J just before dinner. That helped.)
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Ok, Lisa, any  day you run 17 miles, with at least 13.1 of them at a sub-9:00 pace, you can have permission to drive across the parking lot to Starbucks on your way home!!!!!  bow.gif


Mel - Sounds like a crazy weekend for you, too!!! 


Other than the 4 miles I walked today, I have been a slug.  The house is a mess, I mostly made the children clean, and didn't get to the store to shop for food for tomorrow until after 8 tonight, and there is laundry (some clean, some dirty) all over the house!  Somehow, it all will come together before 3 tomorrow!  At some point, I need to get a long run in.  I'm thinking next week sometime.  Either Tuesday or Wednesday.  I do have a half marathon coming up, after all! 


I did make a really yummy marinated cucumbers for tomorrow.  So that is marinating in the fridge right now.  If only the dishes fairy would come tonight!!!fingersx.gif


My 11 year old did a really sweet thing this evening.  She has been pestering me about Easter baskets (I was hoping to just ignore them and not do them this year), and she finally cornered me about it at the store the other day when it was just me and her.  I finally cracked and told her we could get them, but she had to put them together!  She was thrilled, so when the little ones went to bed, she dawdled so she could stay up and put them together.  She put a card with their names on them, to identify whose basket goes to who, and what they got stuffed with.  Then, she hid them around the house, and will be able to make them look for them tomorrow morning when they get up.  She has been having such a hard time being civil to her sisters as the hormones have taken over her body, that it was really nice seeing her just thinking about them.  Lord help me make it through adolescence!

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Gaye, having spent the past 8 months doing the solo parenting and working full-time thing, I can only say that getting as much exercise as I wanted to was HARD! How you've been doing it while in school is beyond me, but you're amazing and I'm sure you'll get into your groove with the next job soon. Good luck with the juice cleanse. 


real, awesome race (plus extras, plus gardening, plus amazingness!!!). Cool about the train like a mother "publication"!


sparkle, lol.gif about the window sanding. I hope your house sells quickly and your sanity stays intact for the move. 


I've calmed down a bit. I spent 15 minutes on the phone with our internet service provider, then another hour reconfiguring our wireless, but the internet is fixed. While I did all of that, the dishes fairy came and cleaned up and fed the kids bedtime snack and read them bedtime stories. I've said a small prayer for the allergic kid, and for myself for her to sleep tonight. 

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Originally Posted by bec View Post

Ok, Lisa, any  day you run 17 miles, with at least 13.1 of them at a sub-9:00 pace, you can have permission to drive across the parking lot to Starbucks on your way home!!!!!  bow.gif



Did a little yoga workout yesterday, and an ab workout, and a walk on the beach with some rock scampering. Off to the beach soon to walk and do a couple of short sprints in sand. Came thisclose to being forced to spend the day at the ridiculous and overpriced waterpark down the street, but reason prevailed.


Have begun enforced situps, pushups and planks for kids. Holy atrophy. We all need to get into decent shape before summer. It is not a good scene, but we have time, thankfully.

ETA: All these things done today, and more! We did our strength work, walked to the beach, did a jog for warmup, a few sprints, jog for cool down, and returned home for housework. Kids did a little swimming this afternoon, too. All in all, a good but hot day.

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Jo - sit-ups make me worried. They can be so hard on ones back. Maybe some planks (you could have timed comps) and/or some planks where you pull one leg up to your chest and then the other. See how many you could do (this would also be good work for the arms). And then do some stuff for their backs too, like have them lay flat on the floor and lift alternating hand/foot (keeping leg straight), so right arm/left foot. I think they are called swimmers?

Real - Seriously, bow.gif Amazing

RR: getting back on the wagon tomorrow when the kids are all gone

NRR: Egg hunt done rolleyes.gif
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sparkle, you're probably right; I just needed to start somewhere with these kids, doing something simple enough that they will do it at all, and something they can quantify just as easily. We are working on planks, too, as well as pushups. Maybe switching to some kind of bicycle-crunch action would work...or maybe I can get them doing what I do with my planks. Ds has just become SO LAZY and hard to motivate. He was OK once we were out there.


guilty.gif I just want my virtually-TV-free, farmy, outdoorsy kids back. Now I have one couch potato and one demanding, whiny princess. Sigh.


I don't know how I'm going to get dh to be a part of slaying the TV dragon. I can only hope he will either be home, or that we can demand his time helping with schoolwork to keep him too busy to turn the idiot-box on.


Back to school tomorrow after more than a week off. Early bed tonight.

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The dishes fairy did not come!  However, the kids have all been busting their asses to clean the house, and we are nearly done and it is not even 10:30!!  Vacuuming and cooking is pretty much all that is left!  We will do an egg hunt after the kids pick up the dog poop in the yard. 

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Bec - So sorry the dishes fairy blew you off!  How unfair!


Gaye - Hmmm, juice fast.  Don't be too hard on yourself.  Transitioning to a whole new lifestyle is a big enough deal without trying to punish yourself at the same time. 


JayGee - One of these days I'll get back to St. Louis, I'd love to wander around the zoo with you and let our kids romp together!


Real - Congrats on being published!  What was your question?  And nicely done on the race!  I'm just in awe of your capacity to keep moving forward!


Sparkle - I mentioned our window guys to dh.  As expected he grunted dismissively. eyesroll.gif


Shanti - Sounds like you've got enough to deal with without adding another layer of complexity in the diet.


Nic - Hope today you get to take some down time from all the Passover mayhem.


MelW - Hope that your transition back to 2 parent householding goes smoothly.


Jo - I hear you on the evangelism.  I was totally that was after doing Atkins for the first time.  It was just such a revelation to eat things that made me feel good and to lose all those cravings.  I've never recovered my taste for soda and it's been 10 years.  That whole peanut butter thing though would be my stalling point for Whole30.  It's okay, not every boundary is right for every body.


So we sucked it up yesterday and took the kids off-island for a long day of used car shopping.  We started the day at the Toyota dealer who didn't have anything we really liked, moved on to the local auto auction which was long, boring for the kids and depressing when we saw what people were willing to spend on total POSes.  Then we did some time at the little gravel lots here and there, met up with a college student to look at his '88 Accord, found a '98 Jetta I could live with if I had to, but thankfully which was not ready to sell and finally, as we were on the highway headed back to the ferry at 5:15 the first dealer we'd seen in the morning called to say a '99 Corolla had just come in and was perfect for us.  80k miles and so clean it looked new.  We thought about just continuing on home but then decided it was easier to turn back then than to have to load everyone back onto the ferry in a few days just in case.  So glad we did!  The car is exactly the droid we were looking for.  Totally clean inside and out, low mileage, good tires etc.  And if we can get the Jeep to them they'll do a trade which makes it totally affordable.  So, crossing our fingers that the Jeep can hold itself together for just another 50 miles or so.  I hate car shopping and yesterday was relatively painless even with kids so I feel blessed.

Today I did some pretty low rent easter baskets (hay in nest form on the kitchen table with a choclolate bunny and some crappy plastic eggs with nickels and dimes in them) but the kids seemed happy enough and then they had a big egg hunt out in the yard.  Later we'll head to church and then Dh is playing the Easter Bunny at the annual firefighters' egg hunt on this beach which is covered with driftwood.  And best of all, it is actually a beautiful day today!  So we can wear springy clothes instead of the usual storm gear of years' past!


Hope all the Dingos are enjoying the day, whatever it holds in content or meaning.

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bec, that strikes me as so funny and would be familiar if we had a dog.

jo, Oddly enough here in leisure activity capital of the world we have experienced similar issues with the younger children. For us I think it is a rural vs urban thing. I can only fight so much of reality but we are working on it and have experienced more success with dd2 than dd3.

Yesterday: Easter egg hunt, track meet, bday celebration for a friend of mine, colored eggs and a cake baked.
Today: A run with dh, chocolate, work for ds1, cake into cake bites, deviled eggs, and figuring out how to kick start whatever it is I need to do for me.
Tomorrow: school for most people I live with and personals here. Big plans, big plans. wink1.gif
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Jo, I'm with you on the kids' fitness-giving-up-the-tv thing. We did not have cable before moving here (it came with the internet and phone service) and never ever had video games until dh went and bought the kids a Wii for Chanukah. irked.gif Now they are all addicted. I finally got him to agree to serious limits on the Wii, and I enforce a heavy duty tv limit. But it's like a magnet for them. I think my one area of leverage will be when the "three fer" offer runs out on the cable in the summer and we'll save a good $30 a month when the price goes up. I'm canceling it then. mischievous.gif  I had plans for 'losing' the Wii remote too but dh keeps it in his cabinet so the kids can only play on 'their' days. 


Passover mayhem is under control, more or less. Headed with the kids to my folks for a couple days tomorrow for the 'intermediate days' of the holiday. Hoping that goes ok. It would be actually an ideal time for me to start Whole30 but the peanut butter thing and the dairy thing...sigh. Not sure that I could swing that at the moment.


I got in a private, quiet 12.1 miles this morning before the people were out. Needed it although my tummy was a little off. Even the gluten free oat matza wreaks havoc on the digestive system (and I didn't even eat very much of it). On the up side, because I am so worried about the effects of matza on my kids (think cement in the colon) I am enforcing a fruit & veg with every meal this week, even breakfast. Dh took them outside for a rousing game of kickball this afternoon while i napped (although dd2 found her way into my bed and napped with me I think lol.gif when she got sick of kickball).


Real, wow! You rock, mama!

Plady, glad to hear you found a great set of wheels.

JayGee...did I mention I went to graduate school in St. Louis? We used to go to the zoo a lot, as I recall it was free...

Mommajb, hope you have a nice quiet morning tomorrow.

Mel, glad your husband got moved back in and things are getting more settled for you!

Bec, sounds like a good day.


Happy Easter to all who celebrate! kiss.gif

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Argh!  A slip of my finger, and my whole post evaporated!


Long story short, I'm irked with my husband for not helping to prepare for the holiday at all.  He, grudgingly, vacuumed the living room and the dining room (not very much), and that is about it.  He said he would do some dishes for me, and then meandered off halfway through.  All the dishes afterward?  Well, my mom did do the fine china, so that is something.  I did everything else.  I'm pissed about it.  And he is on his second nap of the day.  I get that his shoulder is still hurting him alot, but he got a run today, got 2 naps, got peace and quiet, and I worked my butt off with the kids!  Grrr!irked.gif


On the other hand, I made a killer meal!  Other than refusing to boil the ham (the only ham that is technically allowed on South beach is boiled), I had loads of veggies.  Sauteed green beans tossed with balsamic vinegar, peas with mint and olive oil, marinated cucumbers, and spinach sauteed with onions and garlic.  I also served pan roasted fingerling potatoes (only had one serving), and a pumpernickel and a rye bread (only had a slice of pumpernickel) and homemade applesauce (no sugar added, just spices).  I made deviled eggs as an appetizer.  Everyone gobbled everything up!  It was nice to see that I can put on a big, elegant spread that is very healthy and tasty!

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Yum Bec (well, except for the ham lol.gif).


Questions for those having done/doing Primal/Paleo/whole30:


I can't figure out what the differences are between these, and am going cross-eyed from reading all these websites. What I'm getting is that Primal would probably be more doable for me but the guy who authored the idea doesn't really take endurance athletics into account. I clearly don't eat grains anyway, but are things like quinoa within the bounds? In primal, can you eat rice/potatoes, etc.? And if you did/do this eating plan while also in training, what do you do for fueling on long runs, etc.? My usual go-to fuel is gu chomps or gummi bears or similar. Anything heavier really upsets my stomach, although I haven't tried a Larabar on the run yet.


I think the biggest challenges would be my sweet tooth eyesroll.gif (which I need to work on anyway) as well as the dairy (although on primal I don't think that's excluded). If I could have a limited amount of dairy (milk in my coffee, cottage cheese with banana, etc.) I might be able to tolerate the whole thing. And my clementines. (occasional square of dark chocolate? oh yeah that's the Dingo CCC diet).


Just talking out loud here. I need to work this in at least partly, step it up on the core work/strength training, and go for my hit-it races. 

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I have found this flow chart to be particularly helpful:

Paleo Diet Flowchart.jpg


As far as quinoa goes, I would think since you need fuel for endurance training, it should get a pass since it's technically a seed anyway. I know there are some high mileage runners who do paleo with tons of fruit, but I have to believe they eat a lot of potatoes and possibly other, less inflammatory carb sources (like quinoa and beans even though they're "forbidden").


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Excellent, thank you Rae! Ha. That's a great chart.


Yes quinoa is a seed (which is why we can eat it on Passover, actually). the chart doesn't mention rice...I don't do a whole lot of rice as my family doesn't love it but sometimes I like a rice cake as a 'platform' for nut butter or something before a long run. Also rice crackers with tahini, etc. is a go-to snack for me (I have celiac so no grains anyway). Those are the kinds of things I"m confused about. Also the whole beans/legumes thing...


And getting grass-fed kosher meat...that's going to be interesting (expensive!). Hmmm. Some challenges here.


One of my favorite snacks...eggonion. (yes that's one word). Fry onions in healthy oil (used coconut) til very brown. Mix into hard cooked eggs with the oil and everything. YUM. Way better than mayo egg salad (I do not like mayo. Ick.)

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Nic - can you do almond milk? What else do you use dairy for? I would consider what your goals are, as many of those diets are, as you say, very similar. Are you trying to adjust down your sweet tooth? Are you just trying to eat more "real" food? I think the idea with eliminating things like dairy is to eliminate possible allergens. If you want to know which foods do what to your body, then taking most reaction-causing ones out is the way to see. And the sugar family (which I think of some dairy, like milk, as a part of), well, getting that out is obvious. I have read that 1/2C of quinua or br. rice per day is ok...

I dont know about the fuel issue b/c I never use fuel shrug.gif Maybe a piece of fruit would be ok?

Bec - Sounds like similar days, except mine was me doing woman's work while Dh did carpentry-related stuff all day - all things I could easily have done but he got this bug in his pants about getting X,Y and Z done today, so it was up to me to, wait for it, hang out with the kids, cook meals, do lots of dishes, grocery shop, and do laundry. By the end of the day I just lost it "I just wish you could set the table. I know you cant, but I wish you could!" ... and then of course he did... now he's back under the sink

NRR: Such a bad, grumpy, everybody-bickering day irked.gif But we did make it to the bookstore (an Easter tradition to give the kids books - any excuse winky.gif) and got three great math books (for DD1 and DS), a cool National Geographic geography book (at DD1's request), and Howard Zinn's A Children's History of the U.S., and two 4-year-old-girl-books

On a very upside, DD1 is having Seder with one of her closest friends (in her class and also on her climbing team). The parents moved here from Oakland, so we share that, and they are lesbians, and Jewish, and their DD, my DD1's friend, is biracial and adopted. Dh and I were joking today "not only do we love them, but they are the full monte! We can checl all the diversity boxes with one friendship" disappointed.giflol.gif
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I have Celiac, too. Rice is just like any other grain--verboten on Paleo. Since I don't have any mold sensitivities (unless you count mushrooms :( ), I will have some beans occasionally and have been toying with the idea of just frying up some garbanzo bean flour in little patties to have a "sandwich" with. I have so many other intolerances that some of the Paleo staples (almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, cauliflower, etc) are big no-nos for me, so I have lots of cheats (that aren't that bad imo).

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It was a slow day in the world of birthing babies! At one point this afternoon, we had zero labors, and only seven couplets on the entire floor. CRAZY slow. It was nice, though. I was doing admit, and we only had one, but since they had sent three nurses home (and three were told not to come in this morning), there wasn't a postpartum nurse for the admit, so the labor nurse kept the mom and I kept the baby until shift change. And I got to sit and snuggle the most adorable little 5 pound peanut for well over an hour. love.gif Even though the little booger leaked through his diaper on me. orngbiggrin.gif If I couldn't be home with my kiddo today, getting paid to snuggle a baby was not a bad way to spend the holiday.

Hope everyone's Easter/Passover was lovely!
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mommajb and Nic, thank you for the commiseration. We managed a pretty good day yesterday, with a lot of movement, very little sitting, and hardly any bickering as a result. Also finished Huck Finn (highly recommend!), and now have to start a new book. Still, I have seen my kids' bodies change so much over the past year, and not in a growing-phase way, but in a smooshy, sad way with bad posture. greensad.gif Thank heavens summer will start early and end late, and that we won't be sitting around in front of a TV for those 4ish months.


Nic, Whole30 is the super-strict, no-holds-barred kickoff, where you spend that month really cleaning and healing, and from there you have a clean slate for reintroductions if you want. The site goes into that, reminding people "it's not the Whole 365." Look at it as a reset. I can see myself occasionally eating legumes, grain or dairy, barring bad reactions, if it's prepared well and looks really, really good. But crappy crackers, only halfway-decent cheese, or overcooked, lumpy rice? I sure hope not. ROTFLMAO.gif I am almost a week in, and while I am sad to look at the hunk of feta that I will slowly feed to the kids, it's not a battle to leave it alone. I can even pick up fresh baguette from the grocery for dh's breakfast or dinner and not think twice about it.


That said, I have more trouble sourcing quality meat than in US, and I go with lamb and goat because I know that regionally, they are still mostly fed on grasses and not corn. Chicken? Sigh. But fish is excellent here, and I can get high-quality eggs that are high in omega-3s. This would have been so much easier on the farm. Well. Except the dairy. The delicious, raw goat dairy. orngtongue.gif


Sisson does say eat carbs IF you need them for an endurance event. I've seen suggestions for white carbs, though, which I suppose has to do with the theory of grains carrying toxins in their outer parts as an evolved mechanism of self-preservation. But that makes fruit sound even better. And one week in, and fruits are tasting heavenly sweet. I am trying to limit to 2 pieces per day.


Bec, way to pull together a nice meal that you could also eat! (Of course, I'm with Nic on the ham winky.gif, but still--great work!) And hopefully dh is about to come around, back into real-world-helpful-dh. Holidays get people down, so kudos to you for enjoying.


Plady, your egg hunt sounded beautiful. I am not an egg hunter, but if I had to, I would wish to hunt on a driftwood-covered beach.


Oh, and btw it was here, right, the convo about the Easter Bunny laying eggs? I do want to add my anecdotal experiential evidence: in spring, rabbits (wild ones) become very active after winter, and commence right away to their breeding behaviors, as well as getting out in the early hours to eat such things as your sprouting bulbs, shoots of bushes, bean plants and even grass. At the same time, as the days have grown longer, hens get broody and start trying to hide clutches in various places, where they can then disappear off to and incubate. So, from time to time, you might find yourself out working a fence row or whatever and flush a rabbit from cover, only to find eggs left behind it. True story.


Today's planned workout is an easy beach run, broken up with some strength work. I did walking lunges yesterday, and they were almost magically not-hard, even on my weak side. Weird. But it's already mid- to upper 70s with a dewpoint in the mid-60s, so I will be on that beach sooner, not later.


Sleep tight, Dingoes. I'll just go ahead and get the day started for you all.

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Jo - I love your bunnies taking care of eggs as an explanation for the Easter Bunny!  And it sounds like the Whole30 is really like the South Beach phase 1.  That only lasts 2 weeks, and it allows (encourages even) legumes as healthy sources of carbs in order to not feel icky.  But, it is meant as a detoxing, cleansing reset.  Then, things are added slowly back in until you are fully onto phase 2.  It took me 6 weeks to fully get onto phase 2, so it was a slow thing. 


While DH has not ever really been domestically inclined, he has, historically, been better than this.  I so need this shoulder thing to be in the past.  He is definitely making progress, but it is so painstakingly slow!


Tomorrow, work, and then serious tri class.  Half Ironman people are meeting at 6pm for a bike ride, followed by a 45 minute swim at 7:15.  Geesh! 


Gaye - Holding tiny babies is something that would make a holiday shift perfect!  If only people would come into the store and hand me their babes while they shopped!

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