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Weekly Chat | April 2 - 8

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Hi Ladies! I haven't posted in weeks. Been really busy with birthday parties/activities for my kiddos AND entertaining family members in town. I've kept up with all your progress though via my phone...


There's not a ton to report for me. I'll be 18 wks on Thurs and I'm gaining weight at a fast clip. I just can't help it- I'm so hungry all the time! I'm not eating tons of crap- the occasional bowl of ice cream, and more carbs than usual still, but overall, I'm eating really well. I get cranky if I don't eat when I'm hungry. DH commented over the weekend that I'd never make it on a survival show since I don't work well with others when I'm hungry!



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Happy April everyone!


Not much new here either.  Still feeling great, which makes me so happy.  Any so happy to feel the baby flipping around in there!  My next midwife appointment is April 13 and then my ultrasound is the 18th, so until then nothing too exciting!  I remember with my DD reading so many books, setting up my registery etc, but with number two there really isn't much to do to prepare!

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I'm gonna keep this one to the point:


Oh, my aching uterus. And my aching lower back. My aching uterus and lower back. Especially at night.


Growth spurt, huh. Ouch.

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Beans, I seem to be gaining quite a bit of weight too. As long as I'm eating healthy food it doesn't bother me too much, but I know I'm eating too many carbs and other junk right now. I need to get back to planning meals and snacks so I'm not just grabbing whatever carb heavy food is closest when I get hungry.


Ava'sMama, I feel the same! There's just not a whole lot to do right now. I have pretty much everything we need, it's too early to start pulling out baby stuff, and I'm not really feeling that I have a whole lot to read up on right now. I am spending a lot of time looking for names, and considering getting the hypnobabies self study course so that's taking up some of my time.


I actually spent a couple hours getting the house back in shape today and am starting to get back into my routine now that constant nausea isn't as much of an issue. I want to spend a fair amount of time in my little garden this summer so I'd really like to have the house under control before growing season hits.


Now if only I could do something about getting a decent night sleep!


My next midwife appointment is tomorrow and I'm looking forward to hearing the heartbeat again. After that there'll be nothing major until our US on the 25th.


Hope everyone is having a lovely spring day! I'm going to take DD out for a walk to see if we can find any pussy willows and jump in mud puddles. Hopefully it'll help us both get to sleep tonight!

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Hyde- I have been having an aching uterus as well- on either side of my pubic bone in front of my ovaries I have stretching and the back of my belly button hurts- weird- wakes me up at night too.


Carlin- I feel you on the house/garden thing- where I am at I really should be planting now but here you can plant for a long while- I need to build a raised bed.  Maybe I'll get started with some seedlings in the mean time in a window until I can transfer them to a bed.


I am still nauseous and hoping it will subside so I can get back to caring for my home and enjoy this lovely weather.  I am also grabbing carb filled foods and should make an effort to change that although I am not really eating a lot.  We have out big appointment May 3rd then family in basically for the next month.  I am super excited to find out the sex so I can really start to envision this life inside of me and the relationships to be formed.  


I am shopping for a dula and birthing classes- I think I will be doing the Bradley Method.  I will start prenatal yoga in the next few weeks when I start to feel a bit better.  I am super excited to get on with this pregnancy!



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Hyde - I feel the same!  I don't know what is happening in there this time around but I am so much more uncomfortable and things are definitely growing a lot more quickly! 


I have a midwife appointment on Thursday and am really looking forward to hearing the heartbeats again :)  Not sure yet when our next ultrasound will be, but I should meet my OB soon - I have to do "shared care" since twins are "high risk" so I get twice as many appointments.  I'm really hoping I get someone who is not c-section/induction crazy like the last one.  I'm also feeling so much better now that the nausea seems to be gone *knock on wood*  Now I just need to finish cleaning out the basement...we're starting to finish it in 2 weeks! 

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Carlin -  I highly recommend Hypnobabies.  While I never felt like I got into true hypnosis during DD's birth (my contractions were right on top of each other) I think that the whole program helped me to relax about my pregnancy in general and gave me confidence that I could birth naturally.  I've said since right after her birth that I never found the process painful - intense, yes, but not painful.   I'll be using it again this time (in fact, I keep meaning to start listening) but this time I'm going to practice with my hand in a bowl of ice water so that I'm going into hypnosis in an 'uncomfortable' situation.   Last time I pretty much just listened at night when I was trying to go to sleep....and it helped with the insomnia I was having during that pregnancy, too.


I'm so excited to get my garden planted, but I'm waiting on the dang irrigation district to turn on the water so that I can figure out the best place to put my box, based on the water pattern from my sprinkler system (we're in a new house this year).  I've got tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and onions started under lights.   Last year was my first ever garden, but I've been bitten by the gardening bug.  (haha, I crack myself up!  lol)



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Another recommendation for Hypnobabies!  


I want to write more, but so tired, so off to bed I go!


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I'm 14 weeks

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Originally Posted by 2sweetsparrows View Post


I am shopping for a dula and birthing classes- I think I will be doing the Bradley Method.  I will start prenatal yoga in the next few weeks when I start to feel a bit better.  I am super excited to get on with this pregnancy!




I'm also planning to use the Bradley Method. I bought this book http://www.amazon.com/Natural-Childbirth-Bradley-Way-Revised/dp/0452276594/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1333447154&sr=1-1 because I don't have the option of taking a class and I think it's a really useful book! (I guess I'll find out in 4 1/2 months just how useful it really is :) )

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Not much going on here.  I have my US on the 18th.  My back hurts and I'm still tired, but not as tired as I was in the beginning.  I'm not sleeping the whole weekend anymore, just most of it!


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It's PROBABLY a girl! the technician tried for a good 15 inutes to have a clear look but babe was very active and chord was in the way. We saw the "three lines", so she guessed a "confident guess" but said it is possible these are "un-descendent testicles". So for now we are having a girl! other than that, everything seemed perfect.

what a relief!

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Nothing new here either, except uterus pain. No fetal movement, at least not that I can feel any...boo...next appointment for blood is on the 16th, anatomy scan on the 23rd..can't wait.

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Just had another midwife apt.  


HB is 154!  <3


Starting to actually look pregnant - I popped at 16 weeks and the m/s is almost gone too!

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Oh, I'm sorry so many are aching along with me.. these babies must really be beefing up right now ;)


Had an appointment this morning too (16w3d).. Heart rate was between 142-153. I found out today that mw had been writing down the heart rate the whole time, and they just never told me. The cutest thing today was that every so often you could hear a little BLIP! which was movement.. someone was probably annoyed by getting poked with the Doppler wand.


Traveling tomorrow.. going to be away from home for almost a month. I expect to really pop while I'm gone, which would be a bummer except that I'll be meeting up with hubby in another city about halfway through, so he won't totally miss the changes. And today we scheduled the ultrasound for May 1, so coming back to that should be all the more fun!


Hope you're all well!

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I am thinking of taking some sort of refresher childbirth course.  With DD we did hypnobirthing (the instructor was crazy and my husband hated the class, I think it is all about the instructor), but I think that the stuff we worked on at home helped.  We also took Birthing from Within which was pretty good.  I have heard great things about the Bradley Method and I might try to see if there are anyone one day refresher type courses for that.  I wouldn't take it until 36 weeks or so, but that is the one thing that I do need to figure out!  I raked leaves for four hours today and I am so tired!  But my back feels great, which is still shocking to me because with DD at this point in my pregnancy I was hobbling around and going to the chiropractor three days a week! 

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We had an appointment with our midwife today too! All is well, and baby's heartrate was 150 bpm. I was a tiny bit sad because this was my last appointment with the midwife who was there for my daughter's delivery. She's due at almost exactly the same time I am, so next appointment we'll switch to another midwife in the same practice. I've seen her in the past too and like her just fine, I just don't feel quite the same connection as she wasn't there when my daughter was born.


Other than that, not much happening here. The midwife had a couple other suggestions as far as dealing with insomnia goes so hopefully they'll work!


Hope everyone's having a great week!

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I'm 16 weeks today.  I had a last minute Saturday afternoon appointment with my midwife, who was in the area and texted to see if I was available for an appointment.smile.gif  She does all home visits, and I live about 75 minutes from her house.  It meant DH was able to be there, which was nice.  All is well.  I'm looking more and more obviously pregnant, and less and less like I'm just putting on weight in the belly.  My food aversions are really gone and my energy is mostly back.  I have a very long list of things I want to accomplish before this little one arrives, so I'm very glad to have the energy returning. 


I'm planning to do a 20 week ultrasound, but haven't scheduled one yet.  I'm also working on setting up postpartum help, scheduling an interview with a postpartum doula.



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count me in with the aching back and uterus! And I'm starting to have nesting impulses, but no energy to actually follow through lol.gif
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Have any of y'all tried the spinning babies exercises/activities?  I've tried inversions from my couch (http://spinningbabies.com/techniques/the-inversion), and it relieves some stress on my tendons around my uterus.  Not much I've found relieves the uterine cramping/stretching, though!

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