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RRL tea- ive been drinking yogi "mother to be" tea, which has red raspberry lef and nettles and peppermint, among other things, but I'm ordering a lb of bulk RRL tea from the Internet this weekend so I can get more serious about it. I read through most of the thread and found it pretty compelling.

Other than some lower back pain and uterine achiness, everything is pretty smooth sailing right now. the belly is expanding steadily and at 18 weeks I am obviously pregnant. I have a checkup with my midwife tomorrow, and I'm excited to hear both heartbeats. I only feel movement on my right side, which worries me a bit. I hope both babies are okay. I've had some heart palpitations, which I read someone else here was having, too. AND my first-ever episode of swollen feet after my flight home from California the other evening.

I have bursts of energy, too, and then I crash. I think i have a nesting impulse kicking in, because we've painted the kitchen and the living room, and I have an obsession with organizing and reorganizing the kitchen cupboards. And cooking. I'm making some chicken bone broth right now.
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Those moments when you stop and say, "What the hell was I thinking?" (In reference to another child on the way)... yes... tonight was my night for that. Such a struggle. They're all peacefully sleeping now. Thank heavens.

I know there are days like this. I know there are also the mindblowingly blissful days filled with such joy and wonder that You never knew existed on this planet! I'm just glad this day is drawing to a close and that tomorrow is a new day.
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Jend1002, Pets are members of the family. I think it's completely natural that you are grieving the loss of your family member as she ages and you can see her moving away. For a lot of people, it becomes clear about when it is most compassionate to help the pet move on. While you are of course grieving her impending death, maybe you can stop adding to that by worrying about how you will know when is the right time or when you will need to make that decision? It's almost impossible for me to control my fear/worry thought patterns, so I wouldn't be able to take my advice very well, but I'm wishing you comfort and love and good times with your dog while she is still here.

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I have been sleeping a LOT better, actually it's bizarre how deeply I am sleeping after the bout of insomnia. 


But I have what I can only describe as rectal pressure, It's not constipation.  I have very sharp gas pains every now and then, so sharp it's almost like a contraction.  I am going to try drinking some water and moving around a little bit, I don't know...  I hope that it is just stuff shifting around and it stops. 

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Carson- I am having the same things- not so much rectal - like intestinal.  This freaks me the heck out because the night before I lost my twins I had the same gassy feeling all night- it turned out to be contractions.  Several times this week I have been awakened by pain in my abdomen- It is a weird pain- kind of cramp- kind of contraction- kind of constipation- kind of gassy- kind of ligament stretchy - but not ONE of the listed.  Three nights ago I almost went to the hospital- I gave it an hour to calm down and- I passed some gas- sorry to be so gross- then fell asleep.  It happened again last night- not as bed though.


I think I am having a growth spurt- my goal is to eat lots of veggies but not gassy ones- and fruit to keep things moving.  Because of my nausea I have been drinking sparkling water- I think I need to stick with still.  I really want this to pass because it is waking me up and freaking me out- I am in the week where I lost my twins so I am super heightened right now.  


I will ask my OB at my appointment next week and let you know if she has anything to offer.  Darn if it is not one thing it's another.



Happy Passover/Sader/Spring festivities/Easter etc.!!  Hope you all are enjoying this lovely weekend!


Oh I got into graduate school- found out Friday!!!!!! biggrinbounce.giflol.gifjumpers.gif

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I a starting to feel the intestinal thing too...I was away this weekend and couldnt' wait to get home and take some probiotics - less than an hour later and I was almost completely relieved.  Happened again this morning and took probiotics and felt way better.  I think my digestion is just slowing down a lot.  Unfortunately I just ran out of my probiotics!  Boo!  9 more days until my ultrasound...although last night I had a dream that the baby was not in a good position so the technician couldnt tell what the sex was, oh well!  I have a midwife appointment on Friday, I always look forward to those :)

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I've been trying to start a new chat thread all morning but my laptop and Mothering are not getting along. Anyone else want to start one? This is actually a step up because I couldn't post at all most of the weekend.


Sparrows - congrats on getting into grad school!


We had a pretty good weekend except every evening has involved an hours long tantrum from DD as we get ready for bed. Yesterday was the worst night yet, but I'm really hoping it was the storm before the calm so to speak and she'll settle down soon. 1 am bedtimes are not my idea of a good time at all!


Hope everyone had a great weekend!



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Thanks guys, I googled and from the wikipedia entry on round ligament pain definitely sounded like what I was feeling.  The pain has subsided and I'm very glad for that.  However, I misstepped yesterday and I definitely felt looser tha normal.  Maybe I just had a fast release of relaxin or something.  Appreciate the insights though, i definitely never felt that the first time.

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