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Wow, flavorfull, sounds like your babe was in a hurry to meet you! How awesome that you got to catch her yourself. Congratulations! joy.gif Can't wait to see pics.

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Yay, congrats flavorfull1!  Welcome little one, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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Congrats Flavorfull! That's one long baby.
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Yeah, Flavourful!  I was wondering about your radio silence last night.  So happy for you!

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Congrats flavorfull! Enjoy your new little one!

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Originally Posted by flavorfull1 View Post

I had my baby girl!  called the mw at 8 pm and caught my own baby in the water by 9:30pm. Super intense but so in love!  she is 7lbs and 22in. 1lb 2 oz less than her brother but just as long. DS went to sleep while i was laboring and didn't wake up even once.  such a huge blessing!!  i will post pics tomorrow but wanted to say thank you to you ladies for your support! thinking and praying for the rest of you as you get closer to welcoming babes!

YAY!  Doesn't that mean you got your birthday wish?  YOur little girl was born on your birthday?  What an awesome present!  Can't wait to hear your birth story and see pics!  Congratulations!!!!  oh and Happy Belated Birthday! :)

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Today I feel like I may just be pregnant forever.  And not in a bad way.  I've been analyzing every little uterine twinge, but I woke up this morning perfectly fine with going a few more weeks.  I know this sentiment is likely to change again very quickly, but I'm enjoying it for the moment.  My hips are feeling much better, for some reason I'm only getting up in the night once to pee (as opposed to 3-4 times last week), I am tired, but not utterly exhausted, like I have been feeling, and I'm in relatively good spirits. It could be that I have a weekend of Easter, that I don't want to miss out on, or that my mom is out of town for the weekend, but really, I'm feeling pretty good.  I need to remember to still take it easy though, because every time I over do it I feel so terrible at the end of the day, and I worry that I will go into labour already exhausted and in pain.  I don't want that.  I am still a little jealous of those with babies, but I think I can hold out a while longer while I wait for my own! 

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i'm also feeling like i'm going to be pregnant forever.  i'm not even due for another couple of weeks, but people are asking why the baby isnt here yet, etc.  on one level i'm fine with being pregnant for another month if that's the way it goes, but on another level, i have concerns about having to be induced if things go on too long.


i started taking epo, but i dont really think it's going to do much to bring things along faster.  i take it when i'm not pregnant bc it makes me feel better (helps my pcos symptoms).  


ps, congrats to all the families who have already welcomed their new babes!! :)

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jennyvangy, glad you're feeling better.  I think about the "being rested for labor" thing every night.  I know I won't be able to sleep, but I want to get in bed and try so that I'm more rested if baby comes the next day.


moss, I sort of have the induction thing in the back of my mind too, even though I'm a ways away from that.  And I'm torn about whether it is "safer" to attempt a VBAC induction or just go with the RCS at like 42 weeks.  Ugh, I hate that I'm even having that debate, but there it is. 


So speaking of that---I think I need a new thread on that issue. 


ETA: DH just left with DD to go to the playground at the little beach.  Its windy but sunny...I wonder how long this little bit of peace will last? 

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And the postpartum high has kicked in in full force. I have way too much energy and feel good. It's hard to force myself to sit down and NOT clean the house or do projects or dance a jig.

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I think something is happening here, and to be honest it's kind of freaking me out. I lost part of my mucus plug last night, I had painful contractions that woke me up all night (although nothing close to regular). Instead of relaxing through them and just "being," I started tensing up, which bodes ill. I need to get to a good mental place before the real thing happens, which may be soon. 


I'm 41 weeks today, and have been doing RLT and EPO, so of course having a baby is the the point, but for some reason the REALITY of it all is scaring me. 


sunflwrmoonbeam, I'm rereading your story and trying to get some of those positive vibes!

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So happy to hear about all these beautiful new babies! I'm so excited for mine to be in my arms!

DH and I have cleaned out and organized 3 disaster zones in our house. His workshop/storage room, the laundry room, and my craft/sewing room. Whoah! I'm sooo happy to be done those jobs! The only place left is his closet....aka: the black hole. It's funny because if you knew him, you would know he's an extremely tidy and fastidiously organized person, but his closet is his Achilles heel. We'll tackle that tomorrow I think, I need to rest.

Donated a whole bunch of stuff to Goodwill, and while there I bought a pretty big stack of children's books. Some really great classics for .99 cents each smile.gif

I've been having some pretty painful menstrual like cramps that wake me up at night for the last few days. Very annoying and nerve wracking. My mw is out of the province until Tues night...so stay in there until then baby! I'll be 38 weeks tomorrow. No bloody show or other labour signs, but this being my first time at this, I don't know what to expect!
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NCMtmama, maybe take a bath and see if that can help you get in a better frame of mind.  You definitely don't want to start out tense because it will be hard to change as things get more and more intense.


So I was messing around after showering yesterday and decided to see if I could express any colostrum.  I got tiny little drops of what looks like a mixture of carrot juice, blood and milk - redish, orange milk.  At first I was a little freaked out but then googled it and found out that I just have a ton of betacarotene in my colostrum, which is good, but somewhat unusual especially for a first time mother.  It was the most bright red/orange stuff, I thought I had popped something in there and was bleeding!

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I haven't been keeping up with this thread very much! I am for sure feeling at the end of my patience with this pregnancy though. Depending on which date I go by I am either a week or four days 'over due'. So I'm trying nipple stimulation today to see if I can kick things into gear. Been having contractions all day long for a week now but they are not getting me any where. At least if this doesn't work I'll feel proactive!

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flavorful- congratulations!! can't wait to hear the whole story and pics. Awesome catching your own baby in the water.


NCMtnMama- at 41 weeks something is bound to happen quite soon. i hear you on feeling freaked out though. Each day I go on a roller coaster of one extreme to the other: 'Can't wait' mode and 'OMG is this for real- help!' mode. In the middle sometimes I find a zen space for a few hours where I'm cool with whenever (though that's getting rarer). Sometimes not knowing when it's going to happen is the most maddening part. Wishing you ELV and peace while you wait!


daylicious- sounds like you're getting in some good nesting/clearing pre-baby. good for you!


ravensong- good luck with getting labor going!


Feeling very out of sorts today. Up most all the night with contractions that started about 10 minutes apart and sometimes felt like early labor. My 3rd 10-12 hour bout in the last couple weeks of contraction marathon, but no labor yet. After I went to sleep for about 90 min one woke me up then they were all over the place for a few hours and I tried but couldn't sleep, feeling really crappy. Then they were 7-8 minutes apart toward morning and continued in my bath. Now I feel like I've been up all night partying or something- ugh. Emotionally somewhat of a basket case today. Had a good freak out and cry and feel ok at the moment. What scares me is I don't want to start labor feeling this bad. I need to get some real sleep to function here, cause it just wrecks me physically and mentally/emotionally after a night like this. Then I don't feel prepared for the (herculean) task ahead, and that's daunting.




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