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Feeling disconnected and not really human right now

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I feel like I'm in such a huge fog and like I'm out of touch with reality a bit.  I feel disconnected from my dh.  The idea of sex has been revolting since I found out I was pregnant and so that's not happening.  He's super supportive and understanding, but I can't even stand for him to hug or kiss me- that too feels revolting.  


I also feel disconnected from my kids since my energy is so low and I feel like I'm not engaging at all with them.  I think I'm in survival mode and it sucks.  It's like I'm not enjoying anything besides sleeping and lying on the couch watching tv.


Anyone else feeling this?  I don't remember feeling this way in my last pregnancies.

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It's so normal.  I'm sorry.  I was just telling a friend how I'm not winning the "mother of the year" award and how I just want to put a movie on for the boys so I can lay down.


And yea, my husband is kind of bumming right now.  I just can't help it, between the progesterone suppositories and the constant gagging, nausea and exhaustion, I just can't deal with THAT. 


Hang in there and do what you can do make it through each day.  I just say, if I can make it 5 more hours, I can go to bed... LOL...I nurse my 13 month old to bed at 730 and I don't get out of bed (well except to go to the bathroom and to sneak easter candy...).

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greensad.gif I keep wishing the hours and days away.... As long as I can make it through the morning (on the couch, with DS watching Netflix/reading/running wild) then I can take a nap when DS naps. After naptime I need to last a few hours till DH gets home. Then just a couple more hours until sleeping again. Sleep numbs the nausea....


Now that we are in April, I tell myself I just need to survive until the end of this month and then things may start to get better. Hold on! We're almost there!

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I am just so tired. When 8pm hits, I've just DONE for the day...ugh! I've had a little morning sickness (sporadically throughout the day) so I don't know when it will hit again. I'm trying to eat as much protein as possible to help with the fatigue and MS.


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Disconnected is exactly the right word for how I have been feeling. After sticking close to home all winter we have tons of homeschooling activities and family get-togethers planned and I just don't want to do anything!

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Yep, I'm with you.  The kids have been watching a TON of tv, and I'm actually excited that the almost-2yo will sit and watch tv for awhile now.  I read this article recently on declaring "bare minimum mode" that made me feel a lot better: http://www.conversiondiary.com/2011/10/bare-minimum-mode.html.  For some reason, giving myself permission to just let things go for awhile (knowing it's temporary) has been very freeing, as opposed to cringing each time the kids asked if they could watch tv (again!).

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glad to hear that I'm not alone in this (although it's not good that people feel like crap).  It's so great to have this board/support- it really helps.

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Oh my gosh. It is lovely to read your words and know that other people feel as crappy as I do!!


Disconnected is exactly the word. Disconnected and NOT horny! I have been taking naps 3 or 4 days a week (I never nap unless I'm pregnant) and then I wake up and wander around the house feeling AWFUL, continuously nauseous and like I slept too much. I too feel like I'm barely interacting with my kids...which makes me feel guilty and sad. I never felt this bad with either of my previous pregnancies and even though my husband is very patient and supportive (brewing me ENDLESS cups of ginger tea and not getting ANY sex), I think his patience is starting to wear thin.



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haha You are so not alone. I didn't get out of bed till about 2:30 yesterday afternoon. I did get up to feed the kids breakfast and lunch, but that's it. I crawled back into bed and just kept the kids shows going. No, I'm not happy about it, but you're exactly right it's survival mode right now. I can't believe I'm up already, feeling okay today, but I think that's once again survival mode cause I'm STARVING! I'm sure once I eat I'll want to crawl back in bed. Just hang in there it gets better, then we have the misery of feeling like a bloated exhausted whale at the end to look forward to thumb.gif

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Ha.  The last time we had sex, we conceived this baby.  :)  And my energy levels are through the floor so my kids are anxious and bored.  I'm not mother of the year nor wife of the year.  I look forward to the second trimester honeymoon stage but so far, no go.  Just wanting to feel normal again.  Poor DH.  Poor kids.  But this will go away and I just keep telling myself that....

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I feel the same as you guys, although it has been a bit better for the last 2 weeks or so for me.  That's about the time when I pretty much gave up on trying to act like a normal person.  If I feel really bad, even if it's only 9:30 in the morning, I get in bed.  I too have felt extreme relief that my 2.5 yo will sit with her brothers and sister and watch some tv!  I am trying not to, but I do feel guilty about not being very engaged with the kids.  It's just so hard when I am focusing all of my energy on not vomiting, especially when they want to climb all over me!  I am so so grateful that I have some older kids, who can play with my littler ones and help them get snacks, etc. 


Laney, my 2.5 yo, keeps asking me, "you still sick mama?" and "you never gonna be better mama!"




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