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sleeping and breastfeeding

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Just a quick question:  If my 7 mo daughter is latched on and comfort sucking while sleeping, is she getting deep sleep?  If I unlatch her it only takes a few minutes before she roots around and latches again, except for a few hours deep into the night when she will sleep on her back.  She stays latched during most of her naps, too.  Will this affect her quality of sleep? Can babies go through all the sleep phases while sucking?  

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It sounds like normal 7 month sleep to me!


My doc told me that it is biologically normal for babies to suck while sleeping, and also biologically normal for them to wake/stir every 90 min or so and nurse. She was reassured by this behaviour and gets more concerned when babies sleep in a really deep sleep and don't stir or nurse at a young age.


I don't know where my doc got this info, but it sounds rational to me and fits the pattern of most breastfed babies I know.

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