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Spotlight on Paigekitten!

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Fill in the blank

Hi! My name is _____. I am ______ years old. ______ and I have been together for ______ years. We have _______ kids and ______ pets. If I was at my favorite restaurant right now I would order _____ but we will actually be having _______ for dinner tonight. When I work for pay I ______.When I am home with the kids my favorite part of the day is _____. My hobbies and interests include _____, _______ and ______.


Household chore:
Baby carrier:

If you could change one thing about _____, what would it be?

The world?
Your house?
Your parenting?
Your life?

What would your best friends say is your best feature?
If a genie gave you three wishes what would you ask for?
Do you have any pet peeves?
Where would you go on a dream vacation?
Where is the best place you've been?

Is there a question you would like to add or remove?
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I'm getting ready for a trip to see my family, hopefully I'll get a chance to use the computer without small helpers tonight or tomorrow.thumb.gif

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Hi! My name is Kathryn. I am 25 years old. Edward and I have been together for 9.5 years and married for 6 years. We have 3 kids and 22 pets with two more coming soon.  We have 6 laying hens, 19 broiler chicks, 2 cats, a dog, and I'm buying 2 goats from Abra.  If I was at my favorite restaurant right now I would order something from the Moroccan place downtown but we will actually be having whatever I scrounge up for the kids (I hate cooking) for dinner tonight. When I work for pay I teach music, preschool, or manage apartments. When I am home with the kids my favorite part of the day is whenever Edward is there too. My hobbies and interests include animals, learning how to garden, reading, reading online, sewing, crocheting, playing flute in the band my husband and I are in, acting and singing with Sweet Adelines, although I'm currently taking a break from those three things because of the kids.


Music: Clannad, Enya, Lady Gaga, whatever Pandora plays
Movie:Ever After, Mr and Mrs Smith, King Arthur, Pirates of the Carribean, Evita, Lord of the Rings, Monty Python
Book: Science Fiction, my favorites are Tamora Pierce and David Eddings
Season: FALL!  It's my birthday, it's warm, it isn't raining in Oregon, and it's Santa Ana's in California.
Household chore:Sweeping.  I hate dog hair, and for some reason I have a black dog.
Cause: Breastfeeding.
Diaper: Prefolds, they are easy to wash, easy to put on, minimalist, and cheap
Baby carrier: Ergo.  I just carried my 4 year old in it last week then flipped it around and put Éowyn in it a few minutes later.

If you could change one thing about _____, what would it be?

The world? I'd have people not be so stupid
Your house?I would own it without a mortgage.  If I could have two things I'd have a new kitchen floor because right now it's just the subfloor.
Your parenting? I wish I was more patient
Your life? I'd live close to my parents.

What would your best friends say is your best feature? uuuuum, probably that I'm passionate 
If a genie gave you three wishes what would you ask for? an electric car powered by solar panels on my roof, a high speed commuter train between Oregon and Southern California, and my mortgage to be paid off
Do you have any pet peeves? yes, lots, and lots.  Too many to list really, most involve tactile/auditory things (itchy clothes tags, noisy eaters et cetera)
Where would you go on a dream vacation? I'd really like to take a cruise cause that's sounds fun. 
Where is the best place you've been? Romania.

Is there a question you would like to add or remove?Can't think of anything... 

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A fellow Enya fan!  Do you like Loreena McKennitt as well?


I've noticed many of us have listed "more patience" as the thing we'd change about our parenting.  Maybe we need a thread on how to do that!

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What were you doing in Romania?!


I know we're on the Unjobbing thread together.  What do you like about unjobbing, and where do you see yourself in 10 years?


Are you and dh high school sweeties?



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What kind of music does your band play?  Since you play the flute I'm assuming it's not a rock band but you never know!

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I DO like Lorenna Mckennit, but I've only heard a few songs of hers.  I should find more of her music!


I went to Romania in college as an intern.  I lived there for a semester with other interns and worked in an orphanage for children with special needs and in the local children's hospital.  In Romania the mothers take care of the children when they go to the hospital and so we would find the kids and babies in the hospital that were from the orphanage, or whose parents couldn't come.  Julianna, my second daughter is named after an infant who I felt a special connection to, but that passed away while I was there.  It was the most amazing thing I've ever done.



I like unjobbing because I was homeschooled as a kid and really really hate being on someone else's schedule. : )


Edward and I are high school sweet hearts, we became kinda sorta friends in middle school because he taught me how to play the tuba, and we became friends in high school theater and started dating the summer before Junior year.


The Power Pep Band plays a bunch of stuff, but think college/high school pep band style.  We play band versions of Lady Gaga, Metallica, Blondie, and also things like Bill Bailey and the Time Warp.  Two summers ago we played at Disneyworld!  This year they are going to a festival in San Antonio but we are sitting out this trip.  The only gigs I've done recently are the PSU basketball games because I can play while the kids bop around on the bleachers and copy the cheer leaders.


Oh, and I meant to put in my interests, martial arts.  I am a brown belt in Tae Kwon Do and a puple belt in Jujitsu but I am sooooo out of shape right now.  I need to start again and lose these 20 lbs left over from the kids.

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What exactly is unjobbing?


Wow on the martial arts!!  You're a super mom!


I have all of Loreena's CD's!  I wish I could just let you borrow them!

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Not to answer for Kathryn, but unjobbing is a life philosophy that involves getting your life situated so that it involves as little work as possible.  For some people, that means working full time for ten years to save up money so they can retire and live (frugally) on passive income.  For others, it involves ratcheting down hours spent at work to the bare minimum, to live a life at one's comfort level.  The concept takes whatever turn it needs to support a family's culture and expectations.


For my ex and I, it meant we spent many years paying off bills while we slowly whittled down our income.  We learned what was important to us and what wasn't.  We gardened, foraged, and dumpster dove to cut our food bill down.  We got a woodstove and a clothesline so we didn't have to pay for gas.  We got rid of our car.  And so on. 


As we wrenched our lives back from the money economy, we found ourselves with an abundance of time, which we used to invest in our community.  We helped out whenever possible, shared whatever resources we came across, and found that others did the same for/with us.  It provided more benefits than any job I've ever encountered.





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I'm also interested in unjobbing! I can't wait to hear more about that. Sounds like fun!


I have been looking around the Simple Living sub forum and have seen you post a few times - what got you interested in simple living? I mean, who wouldn't want a simpler life - but really downsizing your 'stuff' isn't for everyone, so I'm curious about that, too. I've really just started with it and am in the 'obsessive' phase. wink1.gif

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So for us right now we have some large expenses that we aren't willing to give up that mean we need at least one full time income so we are trying to find things to bring in income that we love to do and that we can be at home together as much as possible.  My husband really really love baseball so he is working full time and starting up a business selling baseball cards.  Already it's doing quite well, and if we chose to sell our house we could live off of just him doing that part time.  I usually line dry (need to get back in the habit of that), and we heat with wood, we raise chickens, I'm learning how to garden.  We are thinking about getting rabbits for meat too, so that we can produce as much of our own food as possible.  I'm trying to cut down on electricity use right now and I'm hoping to sell our fridge/freezer and get a super energy efficient chest freezer instead.  Still need to convince Edward that'll be worth it though : )


I'm kind of obsessed with down sizing my stuff too and consider myself a minimalist.

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