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EC and international travel

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Does anyone have experience with this?  Any encouraging words or advice?  I'll be traveling in Spain for 5 weeks with my then 8 mnth old (and almost 4 yr old and DH who will be working part-time).


I really don't want to drop EC, and/or switch to disposables. But, well, it's intimidating.  Do you think it can be done?

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Yes, I think it can be done.  And you might be surprised to find more support than you anticipated!  I don't know about Spain, but I do know some other cultures are much more accepting of ec than my own.  We haven't done any international travel since kids, but have had great success taking our potty and cloth diapers across the country to visit family (and using them in airports and airplanes and camping).  Good luck!

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Totally do-able.

5 weeks is a long trip, you'll have to find someplace to wash your clothes anyway, so you can wash diapers there.

I've washed flats in the sink many times.

Hanging wet(pee) diapers to dry makes them less stinky and easier to transport between washings.

Going to the bathroom is a fun way for babies to pass the time on long flights.

The only problem I have had with travel (besides babies cranky from jet lag and routine change) is constipation. My first went 5 days without pooping one trip and it was painful when it did happen. My baby was normally a 3+ a day pooper but went 3 days on our last trip. If you baby has a favorite time of day or place to poop, try to make that available if you can and give a lot of opportunity.

Have fun!
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Hi!  Just coming back to say we did it and it was totally fine.  We brought 2 dozen diapers, which was plenty.  We only had a tight spot in the first couple days when everything was a bit off (more misses) and we forgot to hang the clean ones up to dry.  It was a little harder to find a place to pee sometimes, but we could partially remove the diaper and cue her into that.  Also, between the heat and her age she could usually wait until a potty/toilet was available.


The advice about pooping was useful to have in mind.  We both brought the potty and kept her usual habits in mind.

It was a great trip.  In retrospect, of course it is a much better idea to continue your current routine rather than change to something new right when everything else is changing.  I think I was mostly concerned about being able to respond to her needs to the same degree that I do at home.  Maybe not quite, but you find a way because the cues are still loud and clear  :)


Thanks for the support.

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