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Well now its April:)

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So March came and went. It left babies and no doubt a momma or two still waiting. So how goes it with your newborn? How is your pregnancy going if your still waiting?


What are your easter plans?


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I finally got my birth story up.  Things are going well.  Easter will be DS's Baptism, and we'll have a lot of family in town.  What about you?

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I am back to work. It is overwhelming.Emily still just needs to nurse all the time and daycare kids have needs too. It was A lot.


Emily is sleeping well at night though. Mostly. Sometimes she needs to be walked around to fall back asleep but its not a crying time just a walking time. How are your LO's doing??


As easter goes my sister is coming to meet Emily. She is going to bring some eggs to hide and we will cook a ham. I have dresses for the girls and will have the boys dress up too. (Ali ordered Emily a dress with our Kohls cash when she found out she had a sister!)


Well basically thats all. Early to bed for me.

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Wow!  I haven't even taken on all of my responsibilities for my own house yet, much less returning to work!  How is Emily in a sling?  Are you able to nurse her while doing anything else, or are you tied to the couch?


We dyed/hard boiled Easter eggs yesterday.  In-laws are on a road trip to get here later today.  My mom is helping me get the house all clean and stock my freezer before she goes.


DS is still basically sleeping all the time.  Things are going well.

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Well I have giant breasts so while I am willing to try nursing in the moby I don't think it will work. So stuck on the couch it is. Charolette (8mos) is having the hardest time. I feel badly not being able to treat her like the baby she still is.


Today I went to target for a few easter goodies:) Charolette was the one crying. Emily slept and the boys (3 and 18mos) were just happy.


My mil was the most help. my mom has custody of my two nephews and so wouldn't be helpful! That would just add chaos!


We need to dye eggs:)


Emily sleeps fairly well.

I can't wait for everyones easter pics:) Emily is getting an amber teething necklace.


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Ahh, yes, giant breasts does make the early nursing days more... interesting.  If you had told me when I was in middle school that I would be happy with my tiny breasts in another decade, I would have thought you were crazy.  Now, I'm so glad for how easy it is to nurse my babies anywhere, without having to wait for them to grow into them and get more head control.


How was Easter?

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Easter was nice. How strange is it that days with dh and dc home seem long and hard? Leave me all alone with piles of babies and I seem to get MORE done.

Today I want a nap:) How is baby sleeping for you?

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Sooo Hello ladies! It's been a long time. I haven't had a chance to get on since little Gabriella Marie was born! On her due date of all days:) March 25th


The birth was amazing- I've never had such a good time haha. My husband and mw were amazing and the prenatal yoga helped so much with pain management that I never really felt out of control. One push and she was out... She's doing great, just a little yeast on her bum. She sleeps really well most nights and the girls love her so much that they don't have time to be jealous:)

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Congrats!! I can't wait to see a birth story:)


This place is pretty slow. Does anyone not go on facebook?

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MommyBecky - are you sharing your birth story?  Would love to read it...one push, yay!

3times - I think when DH is home, I get more frustrated because I expect him to work on all the things I don't have time for, and he wants to relax =).  Can't believe you are back to watching extra kiddos.  I am having a hard time dealing with crabby, jealous DD and keeping her from hurting the little one!

AFM - We are making it thru the days.  Owen is a pretty good sleeper only getting us up 2-3 times a nite, so that is nice.  Last nite my 2.5 yo was up more than that and says "I don't like you, I just want daddy", etc., when I go in to calm her =(  Owen's eyes are still yucky, we have switched to drops instead of ointment.  The right one is pretty much cleared up so hoping the left will follow suit.  He looks so much happier and handsome when his eyes are clear!


Just have to add...my middling to giant breasts are also iffy when it comes to nursing not on the couch...to hard to get them on under a cover, and without a cover just too much skin showing for my comfort.  It's fine once we get latched, but I have to hold it for him to get on...

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I have come to a place where I don't care if people see my breasts;) They are looking at a baby eating. I do cover but to get to the part where we cover my giant boob already had to come out. I can't latch without seeing her face and sometimes she comes off again and needs to be relatched.


The last couple nights Emily hasn't really slept that great. Not terrible and not a screamer if shes awake but not great sleep for me. I am exhausted and just always feel that sleepy feeling and dull headache.


Yesterday I got a short nap. Today DD is home and she is playing with the toddlers. That is nice.


Yes mommybecky I didn't even ask just assumed you want to type up your tale! LOL Well I hope you will. I love reading them. If not I do understand they are private sometimes:)


SH118, Sethie isn't having a hard time with baby but he is having a hard time with sleeping lately and that is adding to my troubles. Sethie is use to me taking care of babies.

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