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Charley- That must have been horrible. I'm so sorry you had to go through that. I too seem to have bad reactions to anesthetic, though, other than my mom saying she doesn't like it, I don't know of anyone else who has had problems. I cannot ever have Versed again and the doctors will know it. I had an asthmatic reaction during/after my lap and told the RE about it and the anesthesiologist when I had my retrieval. The anesthesiologist thought it must have actually been the intubation that caused the asthmatic reaction, so she still gave me Versed and I vomited and aspirated. When I came to they said "you're going to the ER" and I had no idea why. They had also given DH quite the fright- he thought they said my lung collapsed when it was that I essentially choked on my vomit- very different. If I have to do IVF again, I will likely have to do it in-patient so there are more options for anesthetic and so that if anything should go wrong, there are people right there- no need for an ambulance ride. AFM- My dad is visiting and he and the dog are both passed out on the couch. LOL. We had an outing to my favorite coffee shop and we have a high of 84 with a lot of sun here today. Also, I got my paint for the studio! Haven't actually painted it yet, but I picked my color and it's just waiting for me to do the job. Sherwin Williams had a sale yesterday, so I took advantage of it. Going to pick up my side table shortly.


Picture of the Pooped Pop and Pup, lol.


Pooped Pop and Pup.jpg


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Sila- Keep thinking about growing nice follies, intention makes a difference. Awesome results from DH should also increase your confidence!


Deportivo- Thanks so much for the support. I totally agree about how nice it is for the DRs to worry about monitoring and testing. I have been so over trying to manage this ttc stuff myself, it is nice to hand it off to someone else. I hope your new Dr. is awesome, it can make the biggest difference in the world.


Sourire- Lap on thursday, prayers for safety, good recovery and some good news. This cycle I only took HCG to trigger, we wanted to see if the femara on it's own would keep spotting away and help produce a nice long LP. We must have a Crinone conversation soon, man that feels gross, like dried plastic or something, know what i mean? I know the surgery risks sound so scary, but they have to tell you what potentially could happen. I really hope it all goes smooth, please update us!


Charley- Scary adverse reaction! It sounds like the whole experience has been pretty traumatic, and I am so sorry about that. Hopefully pretty soon you will start feeling more like yourself. Please make sure that emotionally you are taking care of yourself.


AFM- Well the plot thickens. I did not test over the weekend, and was waiting for the bleeding to start, as I have had some brown watery spotting. Dr. wanted me to call him today if AF had not started. He told me to take a HPT, and if at all positive to come in for a beta. I went to the drug store on my lunch break, ran into Starbucks, peed on a stick and right away BFP. I was completely shocked. I went in for a beta, and it came back at 54. So it went from a 9 to a 54 in 4 days which is awesome because it has doubled great, however still very low numbers. Still freaked out about an ectopic. I am currently riding the beta train and will go in again on Wed. I know that the likely hood of carrying this pregnancy to term is not good, but for today, I am pregnant, and that makes me happy. Thanks for listening. Have you guys heard of any success with such low betas? I think I would be like 4wks and 2d or something like this. My optimistic self is thinking that maybe I implanted late as I did not get a faint positive until 12dpo.  Wishful thinking?


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Charley, thanks for sharing your experience. I hope that the allergic reaction and after affects become less and less each day.

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Charley - thanks for sharing. Your experience sounds horrible, though I had imagined something much worse so I'm glad you cleared that up. How long did it take between the time you woke up and the time you recognized your husband? Were you feeling afraid/upset during the time you thought your DH wasn't there? And most importantly, do you still think the surgery was worth it after all you've been through? I really hope you feel better soon.

My mom says she didn't have any problems at all with anesthetic so hopefully that's a good sign. I think I can handle physical side effects like vomiting, no matter how bad they suck, but I really hope I don't experience too much confusion/irrational fear because I don't like that kind of thing at all. And I did some googling about other peoples' experiences and sort of regret it. The vast majority of people say it was not a problem at all, but then there are the rare terrifying stories of people who felt everything during the surgery and were in extreme pain but couldn't communicate that they were awake because they were paralyzed ... Ugh!

Deborah - sorry to hear you had such an unpleasant experience too. Do you have asthma or were the asthma attacks a complete surprise?

Mexilady - OMG you're still pregnant!!! That's awesome! It does sound like it could be late implantation. I think most people usually get their first beta at 15dpo or later, maybe that's why you first beta looked so abnormally low. I really hope it sticks! I've been taking Crinone for 4 cycles now. It's a pretty interesting experience but it took me a while to figure out how to make Crinone work best for me. Let me know if you have any questions.
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Seriously MDC?!?! I pressed send once and my post appeared 4 times!
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Sourire: It was absolutely worth it! I’d do it again in a second. I don’t think I was ever really afraid at all. I was suspicious of the nurses, but it was more like, one would come in and do something for me, and then another would come in and I would say “You’ve changed a lot!” and she would say “You’re think of the woman who was in before me.” And then I would roll my eyes. I have no idea why I was acting like that. I was sort of rude. As far as the stuff with my husband goes, I was more amused that my husband wasn’t there and sort of flirting with my husband/not my husband. Make sense? I think it was between 3 and 4 hours before I recognized my husband. I was letting him hold my hand a rub my back, so I must not have been afraid. Although I did call him creepy. Ha ha. I was so glad to see him, when I finally realized who he was.


It’s important to remember that I was under for over 2 hours, which is much longer than the average lap surgery takes, and so I probably had much more general anesthesia than most people will have in a regular one-hour procedure. I think my situation was a bit more complicated than most people’s.


No way was I ever unable to express myself when I felt like I needed too. I was able to take out my breathing tube when I wanted to and was able to express when I needed to go to the bathroom and even though I don’t remember every detail, I was able to carry on conversations with my husband and the nurses.


And just to be clear, I would do it again and I feel it was the best thing for me and our future family. So many people have had perfectly “normal” experiences. I just have an allergy to something unknown and I don’t respond well to being put under. With all of that being said, it was worth it, I would do it again, and I’m glad I did it.


I am feeling much better today. I have had really good sleep the past 2 nights and I think it’s really helping me. I would say today is the day I’m on the official mend! Yay! I have energy, and my skin looks brighter. I’m actually hungry and I kept my dinner down last night.


I can't wait for you to report back and tell us how everything went so well and that you had no problems at all. smile.gif



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mexilady, I think it could totally be late implantation! The fact that it's doubling is great, and really, 4wks2days is still pretty early. The fact that you're continuing to get BFPs is also great. We're rooting for you, keep us updated!

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Mexilady - I am excited for you, good luck with the beta tomorrow!  I had watery brown spotting when I was pregnant with dd, fingers crossed for you.


Charley - What an experience, I am glad that you are starting to come around.


Deborah  - Love the picture of the napping buddies!!


Sourire - Good luck on Thursday I hope all goes well.


I've been reading along faithfully just not much to say these days.  I'm on CD52 hot flashes have slowed down but continue.  3 weeks until I see the doctor, if I didn't have that to look forward to I'd probably be going nuts. 

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Charley - Wow, that is quite the experience.  I'm sorry that it was so crazy!!! 


deborah - I LOVE the picture!


mexi - I agree with others, I think it was late implantation and that you are pregnant, it's just still so early!  Keep positive!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!!


Sourire - Getting closer!  I'm guessing that you probably should have stayed away from Dr Google.  Not that I can say anything, I've been googling like crazy trying to see if I should be convincing myself that all the things I'm feeling are early pregnancy symptoms. 


Smiles - Big hugs - glad to see you!  3 more weeks, it'll fly by before you know it!


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Eeek, don't even know how long it's been since I posted here! I have been reading along, but life has been crazy busy, and mostly continues to be so. I have been thinking about/praying for you ladies.

Just a few personals:

Charley - Sorry your recovery has been so rough, but glad you are finally starting to feel back on the right track! Your description of not recognizing your husband in person, but recognizing pictures of him and your dogs made me laugh a little. It also reminded me of when I was 5 and extremely sick with the stomach flu (ultimately ended up hospitalized) - I woke up and did not recognize my mom, but I did recognize my baby brother. Apparently I told my mom that I knew only my mom nursed my baby brother, so since she was nursing him, she must be my mom.

Sourire - Just a couple of more days till your lap! Hoping it is just what you need!

Mexilady - Hooray for still being pregnant! Before seeing your most recent post, I was going to say, you definitely WERE pregnant - two real lines on two pregnancy tests don't lie, and that's way too late for a trigger. But now I can say, yes, definitely, definitely pregnant! I know the odds aren't in your favor for a good outcome at this point, but it's definitely still a possibility! I will definitely keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Toothfairy - This is sort of old, but THANK YOU for posting that link about emotional infertility. I only got to read the first post before my phone crashed, but it was really useful. (Also, am I the only one who wonders what sort of blog war was the impetus for that post?) I've had a hard time with IF even since getting pregnant, and I haven't been able to figure out what's "wrong" with me - after all, I achieved the goal - I got pregnant. And in a (relatively) short time, and without tons of medical intervention. But I've still felt broken, and emotional fragile, and jealous of others - even others who are still not pregnant despite IF treatments! - because their doctor sounds better than mine, or they tolerate medication I can't take, or they have insurance coverage I don't have. It still upsets me reading in a pregnancy book about all the "if you did x before you knew you were pregnant, you're probably fine", because I think - HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW? How could you not be watching every little sign and symptom? How do get pregnant "accidentally"? It's all still very real and present for me, and it helped so much to hear that I wasn't alone in that - that other people go on feeling "infertile" even into pregnancy and parenthood. I would definitely *like* to be less emotionally infertile, and it's definitely something to work on, but it was just so affirming to not feel ALONE in it. I guess part of it for me is that we want more children, and PCOS is a permanent diagnosis - getting pregnant once doesn't do anything to change it, though getting pregnant again could still potentially be easier (or harder) in the future. Anyway, thank you again for sharing that! And I am still so glad they were able to do so many good things in your surgery. I'm also glad they let you know that peak fertility isn't directly after the procedure, so hopefully that will be reassuring if you don't get an immediate BFP (though I would definitely be a fan of that!).

AFM, just posted a looooong update on the grads thread, so I will spare you. But I am excited to be officially at the viability threshold (24 weeks), and to have a new apartment picked out to move into next month! And excited for some new members over on the grad side! April hasn't been great to this thread, but I think it still beats out March. Maybe we will get a boatload of "May flower" babies!
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Uh, got the bill for DH sperm assay and it wasn't covered by his work's insurance "not insurable treatment code" and I quote the insurance operator "but you shouldn't have to worry about that since it is the woman who needs the infertility coverage anyway."  Um, yeah, it takes two to make a baby!  I need my husband's swimmers to appear so I can even dream of getting pregnant.  Ugh.  Now to make sure that my insurance will cover his urology appointment this Friday since "infertility" is not a payable treatment code through his insurance.

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Sourire- I have asthma. Actually, only the first reaction was an asthma attack, the second was vomiting and I choked on it b/c I had no control over my upper body. So, what it comes down to is they better not try to convince me to use Versed again and, if they really do insist, they better have people standing by and have me on a glucose drip (I suspect my vomiting was from low blood sugar b/c they make you fast). There was talk of an in-patient procedure if i have to do IVF again and I almost feel like I want to insist that we do it that way, but I'm not sure. Also, glad everyone likes the pic! (My dad liked it too).

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Sorry, me first then I'll get to what personals I can.


I had my u/s today and things look great!!! I'm over the moon to just know that without a doubt I AM going to ovulate! I haven't ovulated in 4.5 months! I have 2 good follicles on the right. One at 20mm and one at almost 17. My lining is perfect 8.1. I'm going back in the morning for another u/s to see if they've gotten just a little bigger and then we'll most likely trigger follow by 1 or 2 IUI's. I'm letting myself be really excited and it's scary.


I also went to my acupuncturist today and she worked on getting more nourishment, energy, and circulation to ovaries and uterus. Hopefully that gives those follicles the last little bit they need to grow.


Lilac- Ugh so sorry. Our insurance is being funny about what they will and will not cover too. Sucks. From my experience most Dr's are willing to code things to try to get around ins. Best of luck! I'll be awaiting an update about Friday's apt!


Hope - How goes the 2ww? I've been following you on the other thread.


Mexilady - I love your optimism! Having read and followed quite a few women on these boards that had low numbers but now have babies, I'm hopeful for you!


Smiles - Omg 3 weeks is like forever away. Keep busy...


Sourire - Lap day is almost here!


Hello to everyone else!







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I promise to come back tomorrow to check in with everyone I just get so far behind I can't catch up quickly... but I wanted to ask  if there is anyone else in the DC area? I am thinking about doing the Walk for Hope for Infertility Awareness. There is also one in Atlanta, GA this weekend. The DC one in June 9th which happens to be when I am in MD with my mom. I feel like it is meant to be.

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monkey - wave.gif  I stalk the grads thread sometimes, so I'll have to go check it out for your update!  During my first pregnancy I dealt with the emotions too, so I know where you're coming from.  I never got a chance to look at the link from TF2B, so I'll have to go back and check it out. 


lilac - Sorry hun, that sucks!!


Sila - YEAH!!! That is SOOOO exciting!  I'm praying for just a little bigger, and for a SUCCESSFUL IUI (or 2!)  I know what you mean about excited - I'm dealing with that myself.  Hugs!  Ugh, the 2WW is sucking.  On the one hand it's going SOOOO SLOW, but really, tomorrow is a week, so maybe it's not going quite as slow as I thought it was.  Either way, I can't believe I have another whole week to go.  ugh... 


tf2b - I'm not in DC area, but the walk sounds fabulous!  I wish they had one near me!!


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Hope, could you go ahead and move me to graduates? :) Today is 5 weeks and 1 day and so far, so good! Looking forward to my first midwife appointment next week.


sila, so very very excited for you to ovulate! I know how incredible (and what a relief) it is to finally know things are working!


deborah, that picture is priceless!


cait, that walk sounds awesome. Fill us in on it if you go!


mexilady, how's everything going? Thinking of you!

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Cait - I would totally do a walk like that if there was one in my area!


Hope - Happy half-way!!! 


Chica - Following you on the grads thread!


Mexi - Any news?


AFM - Woohoo my lead follicle is now 23mm! My RE thinks it's best to give it just one more day to grow just a little more. Lining 8.7. So, we're planning to trigger tomorrow and IUI's Friday and Saturday (based on what we see tomorrow morning). Gah I feel like I have poured out every last drop of trust into this whole situation. We both want it so badly and are so hopeful. Still so scary. 


I left a message for the nurses but no one has gotten back to me yet. My question is based on our situation what is the BD protocol? We BD last night. Do we do it again tonight and take off tomorrow day before IUI? Or not today and BD tomorrow followed by IUI the next day? Hmmm...



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Sila - first of all have I mentioned yet how over the moon I was to read about your very encouraging new swimmer results?! I'm sure if it was super important your RE would have specified, but my hunch is if you are doing two IUIs 24 hours apart that you would want to abstain before the IUIs. For us we had 36 hours abstaining before IUI - so we triggered on Mon night, BD immediately after, no BD Tues, IUI Wed late morning, then one more BD Wed night (per instructions). I know how awful that hope/don't want to hope thing is, but I must say I am pretty flippin' excited for you!!


Hope4light, I am also super excited for you - go little embryos go! What wonderful results so far.


Sending out lots of hopeful thoughts to everyone post-lap and about-to-lap...that means you, toothfairy, Sourire, and Charley! I am expecting great things 6-9 months from now but deeply hoping you get immediate BFPs anyway.


Shesaidboom - thinking of you. Please ask me anything you like about the prolactin.


Milk - just wanted to send out some good thoughts to you, if you should stop in. I'm really, really sorry. 

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