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Sila - Yeahhhh for trigger!!!  That's an awesome follicle!  I'll bet that was one amazing margarita :-) 


tf2b - That's so exciting for your trip to the castle in Quebec.  I'm jealous!  Have fun, but I'm sorry you'll maybe be missing O this month.


Sourire - Glad to hear that you're home and they got the endo out!  Sorry about the crazy side effects, they don't sound fun at all.  I hope you are feeling better today!


shesaidboom - Glad to see you!  Sorry it's been such a bumpy ride lately.  I'm with you - I don't agree on doing the 6 rounds of ovulation stimulation.  I think I'd have a hard time trusting doctors too, I'm so sorry.  I was hoping that if AF was late your tests would be the opposite and you'd get that free baby.  You have been through so much, you deserve it!!!


Sila and Chica - I did update you guys last night!!

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PS - anyone up for taking over the thread for May?

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Hi all, sorry I've been MIA. My dad just left this morning and I already miss him (even though I'll see him again in August). Since everyone loved my pop and pup pics, here are a few more. I love that in the second one it looks like Peaches is sticking her tongue out at me.





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Hi all, sorry I've been MIA. My dad just left this morning and I already miss him (even though I'll see him again in August). Since everyone loved my pop and pup pics, here are a few more. I love that in the third one it looks like Peaches is sticking her tongue out at me.





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toothfairy2be, 3 pills on CD3?  I can't remember what you said about NaPro, but I am going to give the doctor who is 2 hours away a call now that I have the information from the urologist.


AFM, DH's visit the the urologist today wasn't particularly heartening. Basically the doctor said there were no sperm in the first assay (which we already knew, duh) and that if there weren't any in the next assay my DH will have in 3 weeks, that it is likely that there never will be (thanks for the vote of confidence). DH is getting his FSH, LH, prolactin, and testosterone levels checked as well a week before his May 25th appointment per doctors orders.


The doctor really gave my DH's balls a good squeezing. It looked uncomfortable from my view point but DH seemed to be okay with it. Afterwards DH said his balls felt tender. Yeah, you think.

I was crying over the loss of hope of ever being pregnant with my husband's baby. He really doesn't like the idea of getting a testicular sperm extraction done to see if there are sperm.

We talked about donor sperm and adoption. I would like to try donor sperm because I would like the experience of being pregnant and having a baby. We are going to wait and see what the sperm assay in May says and what DH's hormone levels say. I am also going to call the NaPro doctor to see if I can get a handle on what appears to be my lack of ovulation in a timely manner so if we do go the donor sperm direction, my body would be ready to get pregnant and stay pregnant.

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IUI #1 went well. DH's sample was the best so far! Count and motility were 116million and 57% before the sperm wash and 94million with 94% moving after!!! My follicle was 26.something mm and looks like I should ovulate sometime tonight so I'll go in again in the morning while it's still viable for IUI#2. Now we just need ONE of those sperm to find that egg...


Suddenly this is all kicking my ass. I feel so gross. I guess that is all normal though? I've never made it this far. I haven't worked out since monday and I'm retaining so much water or something. My weight can fluctuate like 6 pounds in a day! So much pressure and bloating - I'm fairly thin and I swear I look pregnant. Maybe I'll feel a little relief once my follicle bursts? It's all just so weird...my body seems to be telling me to rest and I'm listening...

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Sila- That's wonderful! I gained about 4 lbs. from my fertility meds (mostly swelling) and only about 3 weeks after delivering the boys I am at my pre-fertility weight- so don't worry about that! AFM- So excited- DH and I have a romantic getaway planned in the Black Hills of SD June 8-13th! Woot! Here is where we're staying: http://www.emeraldpinesrefuge.com/epbbsuit.htm. We're staying in the Finch Room because the other one was only available the first couple of nights and I didn't want to move. I also have ulterior motives for those dates- hehe (can we say lots of BDing).

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Deborah - That describes it perfectly, swelling. Just kind of makes you feel gross ya know? I noticed on the IVF thread you were asking some questions about "mini IVF". Have you checked out Creating a Family? Check out the radio show (or podcasts are also available on i tunes). I have listened to a few shows that talk about about mini IVF (or "natural IVF") and I know for a fact that there is one episode where that is the key topic. I'm jealous of your trip! You too Cait. Must. Keep. Campaigning. For some time away...



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Thanks for the link Sila!

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Thanks for the link Sila!

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Sila, that link has so much information and links to so many things.  For those that have hypothyroidism, it led me to this http://thyroidguidelines.net/sites/thyroidguidelines.net/files/file/thy.2011.0087.pdf which are guidelines from the Guidelines of the American Thyroid Association for the Diagnosis and Management of Thyroid Disease During Pregnancy and Postpartum.  It is 47 pages long, but i want to read through it so if DH and I decide to go the donor sperm route my body can keep a pregnancy going.

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Deborah, Lilac - Creating a Family is such a great resource! Glad you are finding it helpful!


Lilac - I'm sorry the Dr. doesn't think there is much hope for your DH's sperm. While I'm hoping for some miracle sperm to appear, I totally understand you guys being realistic. While I don't have any thyroid issues, I have learned that in some cases there can be quite a bit that goes into pregnancy with hypothyroid. I'm glad you found some info to educate yourself. I'm sure you will also find donor sperm info there - a lot of the podcasts talk about it! If being pregnant is one of your goals but you are also interested in adoption, I enjoyed learning about embryo adoption.


Hope - I can take the thread. Have you still managed to hold off on testing?


AFM - I most certainly ovulated around 9:40 last night. I made a goal not to experience cramping that intense again until I'm labor orngtongue.gif IUI #2 will be exactly 12 hrs from when I think I ovulated. I'm hoping my egg is on the 24hr end of the 12-24hr expected life-span of an egg and that this $260 isn't a "waste". I still have fertile CM and cervical position (but we'll be bypassing that anyways). I'm also superstitious because I know we conceived the day of the temp rise with our early loss a year ago. So I know it can happen again! 





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hope4light - I wonder if many fertility clinics hold this 6 rounds of ovulation stimulation before IVF view. I kind of feel hopeless with IUI and like we're just wasting money until we get on with it. Thank you, I wish this lateness was a free baby too.


deborah - those pictures of your dad and peaches are way too cute! Love the tongue picture. Peaches looks like such a sweetie. I love that beige colour on dogs.
Your romatic gettaway sounds WONDERFUL! The perfect place for all that BDing ;)


lilacviolet - I'm so sorry about the results. I'm crossing my fingers for much better results in three weeks! I'm glad you have a plan on your side of things in the mean time.
Thanks for the link on hypothyroidism. I've got that problem, so I will be sitting down to read all those 47 pages.


SilaMarila - Hurray for dh's great sample and your HUGE follicle! I'm hoping great things for you this month. The icky feelings don't sound fun though, but hopefully they're less now that that biggie burst! I'm glad you're taking it easy for now.
Like others have said - that's for the link!



AFM - I'm frustrated that AF hasn't shown up yet. I will be calling the RE's office on Monday to ask what the next step is. I think we'll only be able to get in one cycle before the wedding/honeymoon so hopefully we can skip that second cycle and get straight to IVF once we're back. I'd like all my test results back before starting a cycle though since it is probably useless to even bother trying with high prolactin levels and hypothyroid.

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Shesaidboom- She is most definitely a Sweetie and she keeps me in high spirits. I have many more Peachy pictures which I will post at others' requests, but I don't want to bombard the thread with them.

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IVF clinical trial program - I was searching for azoospermia research trials and found this that would be good for a couple who hasn't yet done an IVF to get free care - https://www.ivfclinicaltrial.com/prescreening/


Just thought I would share.  My DH and I don't qualify because of azoospermia - looks like they are looking at more female factors for infertility than male factors.

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deborah - the pictures are so stinking cute!! 


lilac - I'm glad that they're still checking all his numbers.  I'm so sorry that this may make for tough decisions.  We didn't have Azo, but with his counts being so bad we went through the decision making process.  It was tough on each of us, and we had to mourn the loss of that biological connection.  I'll be honest, you could never tell that it's not there with our daughter.  She is seriously his little sidekick, and she has picked up on so many of his mannerisms that it's crazy.  I'll be keeping my fingers crossed and you in my prayers until his next SA.


Sila - That sounds awesome for your IUI!  Have you gotten some relief since ovulation?  Glad that your listening to what your body needs.  I like your goal!  Thanks for taking the thread over!


deborah - Wow, that room and spot looks amazing!  I don't see how they're couldn't be lots of BDing!!


shesaidboom - I'm curious about that too.  I'm sorry that they want you to do so much more.  Have you talked to them about the fact that you're ready to really move on?  That you don't want to waste anything more on IUI?  I'm doing the AF dance, but just for you ha ha.


AFM - Well, I hope this sticks.  I tested yesterday and got a faint positive!  Beta isn't until Friday, and I'm going to leave it then so that I'm not stressing if the beta levels come back low or something.  I'm going to test again this week, at least once more in hopes to watch the line get darker. 

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Hope - Yes feeling a little better! I think most of what I was experiencing was side effects of the Hcg. Because I was so excited I didn't get around to reading the side effects until Saturday! They seemed to match up. The intense pressure is definitely gone since I ovulated. So hopeful for you!!! Hoping for high numbers on Friday! Are we hoping for super high numbers and that maybe both embies implanted? babyboy.gifbabygirl.gif


I'll start a new thread in the morning and then we are supposed to be gone camping until Thursday. DS woke up all sweaty and burning hot during the night and I'm hoping it doesn't turn into something that means we would have to cancel again! It would be a nice distraction.


AFM - IUI #2 went well on Saturday morning. My giant follicle was definitely gone and my cervix still seemed fertile and the catheter went in very easily. DH's sample was still very good! We BD'd Sat night too to top it off. I'll go back on Friday to test progesterone. I started getting a massive headache yesterday and I'm hoping it's from the increase in progesterone. I typically get headaches during my luteal phase. 



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Shesaidboom- I don't see how either especially since DH seems to be even more into trying for a baby now than I am (and I'm pretty into it). He was even talking baby names yesterday. It is wonderful and strange all at the same time to see him like this. 

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Hi guys! I have been so sick I can barely log in and focus. Let me try to catch up.


Sila: Awesome news about DH's swimmers! So glad to hear your RE is being much more proactive than the last one.


Cait: I miss you! I can PM you pics if you like. I loved Girl with the Dragon Tattoo! (the new one; haven't seen the original)


chica: Wow, that is random (Babies R Us) but damn, what a sign! Congratulations again! love.gif


Welcome, Emily! Nicole is my homie!


shesaidboom: Wow, that is a lot to take in. What can be done if the problem is them penetrating the egg?


Sourire: Your trip sounded awesome (minus the blood). Amazing what some sunshine and ocean can do for a spirit. LOL at your weight gain; if there is 1 thing cruises are good for, it's that! *fondly remembers the best cheesecake ever from my cruise* How are you feeling today?


rcr: I am sorry to hear about your last IVF. I will keep lurking to see what you decide to do next.


mexilady: Oh I was so sad to read your first updates but wow what a turnaround! So happy for you, congratulations!


Charley: Your experience sounds awful. I'm sorry you're having to go through this and find out about an allergy the hard way.


Milk: I'm so sorry, friend. My mind is racing trying to figure out how you can pay for surrogacy, something...but I know you've thought about this and know what you're talking about. There just isn't anything to say. Love you.


AFM: Thanks for those that asked about the cyst on the umbilical cord. MFM said everything looks normal and they'll check again at 20 weeks. Aside from that, being sick for the past 2 months straight, and a scary bleeding episode exactly a year after I lost my 1st pregnancy, everything seems to be ok.

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All right ladies, the May thread is up! Join us HERE !

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