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Originally Posted by SilaMarila View Post
RE still doesn't have DH's SPA results greensad.gif This place is seriously so reassuring though, the nurse said she was going to call in to the lab and see what was going on since it's been a week and a half. I'm trying not to get worried that something was terribly wrong. DH's blood work all looks normal. They tested testosterone, LH, and I don't remember what else. I was kind of hoping that one of those would be high or low and be responsible for his sperm issues. 


I thought I would share something I read yesterday.


"Rehearsing your troubles results in experiencing them many times, whereas you are meant to go through them only when they actually occur." 


This is something I need to work on in order not to multiply my own suffering...

Hope you get DH's sperm assay results back unless SPA is some special form of test I haven't learned about yet.


Thank you for sharing that quote.  It is encouraging in to me today.  My BBT bottomed out at 96.5 degrees.  AF should be here this weekend and Saturday will mark one year TTC for me and my DH. 


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Charley - Brazil nuts are an amazing food! Here is the official Arvigo abdominal massage website. You will be able to find a certified person in your area on the site if there is one. Hmm, I looked on youtube and there is a video or 2 that show a little bit of the self technique but not the whole thing as I learned it. If you google Mayan abdominal massage or Arvigo abdominal massage I found a few interesting articles as well! Sorry I don't have time right now to link to all of them!


Lilac - Yes, SPA is Sperm Penetration Assay. Anniversaries are so hard. I'm so sorry. May this next year bring you some hope.


I have been struggling with a migraine off and on and I feel like crap...



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Okay, I'm back.  I got to church (roof didn't cave in) and found out that it was a bilingual Chinese/English service.  What a joke.  I have no clue what it was about at all.  Couldn't understand a word.  


Where was I?  Oh right...


Cait - I like your new blurb blowkiss.gif Are you seriously a dentist?  How did I miss that?  I mean, I'm not a dentist hater or anything, but aside from my multitude of reproductive issues, I've spent more time with dentists/orthodontists/oral surgeons then I would like.  I can't believe you got a dvd of your lap!  I have got photos from my last one (horn removal), but it was like 8 or 9 years ago, so back then, photos were pretty exciting.  I remember looking at the "tools" they use, and thinking "no wonder I feel bruised inside!".  Some of them are seriously barbaric looking.  I have them stored somewhere on my laptop, I should see if I can find them!


Sila - bummer about the results.  Waiting really does suck.  But, I swear you have the patience of a saint!  I hope they can hurry them along.  Glad you have such supportive staff to deal with though!  ROTFLMAO.gif About cobwebs!  I hope all the cobwebs are gone!  I am definitely guilty of rehearsing my troubles.  I should do something about that! 


Charley - looking forward to hearing about the outcome of your lap.  We had to get a new bed last year when our roof leaked during a wicked storm.  It is, as you put it "a great hulk of a thing".  It's so high, and cushiony that the pup struggles to jump up there sometimes.  It is like sleeping on a bloomin' cloud though.  Lovely.  

Sounds as though you are well and truly set for your time off. I hope you get to enjoy it as much as possible.  


Lilac - sorry about temps crashing, and nasty anniversaries.  


AFM: So I'm feeling much better about my appointment now, and I think thinks have settled in my head a little bit.  Thank you all for your feedback.  


Firstly, I want to say that I'm sure that my doctor was not fearmongering.  Maybe how I typed it, it sounded like that, but that wasn't how it went down.  I think he was just taking the situation seriously, and encouraging me to do the same.  I think he was also A) being proactive, B) considering that it may not happen right away, and C) considering that we may want more than one child.  He really wasn't saying "do IVF right now, or you will never have a baby".  


I really didn't mean to worry anyone about their age, and their egg quality, or to insinuate that 30 is old!  I think he was really just saying that to do it now (or in the near future) would be preferable, as my eggs would be "younger".  I did overreact a bit.  I admit that.  The shock got the better of me.  Basically what he meant was that we should consider harvesting my eggs, and getting some embryos stored away as a "just in case" kind of thing.  He certainly didn't say that I couldn't be successful naturally, just that I should have a back up plan.  I don't know enough about IVF to know how many embryos you could get from one cycle, though.  But, maybe we could just do one cycle, sometime in the next 12 months or so, and but a few babies on ice?  


As for affording it, well, it would be a challenge, but again, I overreacted.  There is a reasonable amount of government funded help here in Aus, and the ability to claim back medical costs.  It is a big upfront cost, but from what I've read, it can be between $1500-4000 out of pocket for each cycle.  We couldn't afford to do that forever, but a couple of cycles, if need be - well, we'd figure it out.  


So, where to from here?  About another week and a half till I get my AMH and NKC results.  I have yet to make an appointment with the doctor here in Brisbane, but that will be the next thing.

DP said something last night that makes me think he is a bit worried about him having testing done.  Something along the lines of it being "his fault".  I didn't say anything at the time, because I didn't want to push the issue, you know?  


I'm not really sure about trying this cycle or not.  I guess I'm tending to think of avoiding again.  I'm about CD7 right now.  I tend to O around CD 18, and that is right around when I would get my results.  On the other had, I want to try prednisone regardless of my results (barring something terrible with my egg quality), and I wouldn't start it until BFP.  So maybe it makes no difference?  I could probably see the new doctor before then if I wanted to.  

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Milk, I think my DH is going through the "I was tested and now it is my fault that we don't have a baby" stress.  For a man that is a big thing and I don't know where to find a place where he can talk about and get encouragement like us ladies do here.  I know I have told my husband that having HIS baby for US is something I really want to do.  Parenting will not be a one sided event.  Conception isn't either.  I love him and want him to be comfortable with whatever may need to be done to help us have a baby.  From the reading we have done about azoospermia, some of the procedures to get immature sperm out of a man sound pretty invasive.  DH doesn't like the idea of someone "rooting around in the plumbing".


Sila, thanks for increasing my vocabulary.  Sperm Penetration Assay, eh?  I hope your DH's swimmers can get in where they need to go and that you find out about it soon.


AFM, AF has started its spotting presence.  I am sure there will be full on AF by this afternoon.  Blargh.

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toothfairy - Yes I was just taking 1 baby aspirin a day. Yesterday morning I had a killer nosebleed that was gushing for about 30 mins and just wouldn't stop, it even made me late for work! That was the last straw, I'm officially never touching aspirin again.


Sorry work was so tough for you but I'm glad you were able to sneak in a nap! That's crazy about being so emotional. That ticket thing sounds super frustrating. Be gentle with yourself, everything you went through wasn't easy and plus your DH isn't around.


Sila - I hope you get DH's test results soon. Sorry about your migraine, I hope it disappears soon.


Gemmine - I hope everything turns out well with that cyst on the umbilical cord.


Milk - I used to be an early tester but when you get BFN after BFN it becomes something you dread instead of something you look forward to. I always put it off until the last possible moment, and I try not to test on days that I have to go to work because BFN's tend to ruin my productivity :P If I didn't have to test to find out whether to stop the Crinone, I wouldn't be testing at all.


I guess your RE's comments about age make sense now in the context of having more than 1 baby in the future. I'm glad that IVF turned out to be cheaper than you thought.


Charley - wow your lap is so close, 1 week from today! Your plan for your time off sounds like so much fun. I loved the Hunger Games books and Downton Abbey too. My plan for my time off is Season 2 and 3 of Parenthood, and doing me and DH's taxes (this may sound strange, but I love doing taxes).


It's always crazy to think where our parents were when they were our age. When my mom turned 30 she had just had her 3rd kid and decided she was done with having kids. My youngest sister came along a few years later and surprised us all. I was 10 when she was born and I've wanted my own baby ever since then because I loved my baby sister so much. Until that happens, my little sister is still my baby!  She's the only member of my family who lives in the same city as me, so we spend a lot of time together. Right now she's off travelling in Indonesia and I miss her so much!


Reading a funny book about babies sounds like a great way to deal with IF stress. Laughter is always so therapeutic. I mentioned this website a few months back, but you weren't around at the time. 999reasonstolaugh.com is all about laughing about infertility. It sounds crazy but reading it makes me feel so good.


lilac - Yikes that was a really short LP. I know how crappy those are. Have you asked your RE about taking progesterone for LP support? It's not fun to take but at least it helps normalise the LP.


AFM - 14 DPO today. I tested this morning (1 day earlier than usual) and got a BFN, so I've officially failed 3 IUIs. No big surprise there! I'm not too upset about it this month because a) I was totally expecting a BFN, b) I'm looking forward to the next step which is my lap in 3 weeks and c) I'm leaving on my cruise tomorrow morning!!!!!! I'm also SUPER relieved to be done with Crinone for the month because it made me want to kill everyone at work! Everything was making me so angry and it took all my energy to prevent myself from screaming at everyone.


Today I'm off work because it's a holiday so I'll be packing for my trip and getting my legs waxed and all that. DH and I made a deal that we are not going to talk about or think about TTC at all during our trip, it's going to feel wonderful. So you guys won't be hearing from me at all for the next week.

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Sourire, yeah my LP was pretty short this time.  The last 3 months it had been 13 days.  I am still working through my primary care physician with infertility issues and waiting for the appointment for my DH with the urologist now since DH had no sperm in his sperm assay. 


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Sila - I'm sorry it was short, but hope it was worth it!  Glad that the seed is now planted for some 'you' time as a couple, I promise you'll be glad you did it!  Baseline was good, all was clear and quiet, just how they want it.  I start stims tonight and next u/s is Monday morning.  Ugh, hope they get the results soon, I'm curious to see what they say.  I love the quote - it's so true.  I, like most of us I'm sure, rehearse my troubles.  j

Gem -  Wow, a cyst on the cord?  I've never heard of anything like that!  Did they say anything about what may have caused it, if it will cause problems?  Or do you have to wait for the MFM to find out anything?  I hope it just goes away on it's own and all is good.

Milk - u/s was good, nice and quiet like they want!  Stims start tonight, woo hoo!  I'm glad things have settled a bit about your appointment and IVF.  I imagine that was a HUGE shock!!  If you went ahead and got babies on ice, would you not even try putting one or two back in on a fresh cycle?  I can't imagine paying all the money just to put them all on ice, 'just in case.'  Sounds like the cost for you isn't that bad compared to here though, so I don't know.  Crazy. 


Charley - I'll update tonight from home.  I'm laughing at the flying station wagon and food in a pill form.  Oh how young and naive we were at that age!  If only we could plan out our lives and have them happen just so.  Wow, crazy to think that you're child would be out of the house already instead of fighting to get said child.  One more week til the Lap, yeah!!!


lilac - I think my DH went through this a bit too, and he KNEW it was him from the get go because of issues he had as a kid.  I can't blame him for not wanting anyone rooting around in there. 


Sourire - I'm sorry for the BFN.  At least you know, and now you can have a blast on your cruise!  I'm jealous, can't wait to hear all about it when you're back!  Have fun!


AFM - baseline was Tuesday, and all was good and quiet.  I start stims tonight (125 iu of Follistim) and then go in for my next u/s and b/w on Monday.  Here's to hoping that it'll all be good!  I'm stressing about some big changes getting ready to happen at work, I'm exhausted - 3 weeks of Lupron is killing me.  I'm now getting a Lupron headache every day and I'm more and more irritable.  Oh yeah, and while I wouldn't say I'm getting hot 'flashes' I'm struggling with being warmer than normal.  And I have aches and pains.  I'm SO over Lupron and ready to move on.  Phew.

Updated above :-)

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Thanks for the update, Hope. I hope you all have wonderful weekends.
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Good morning beautiful ladies! I’ve missed you. What a whirlwind week! More on that below…. First, I want to get caught up on all of you J


SilaMarila: You definitely have me beat. At least I know I’m ovulating every month – and my cycle is a pretty solid 30-31 days (thank you acupuncture!). The indulgence in a bottle of wine with my friend was delightful. I really only allow myself to have a drink on two days – when I get my negative beta and when AF arrives. It’s actually more to do with drinking with the meds. I’m totally freaked out that the alcohol is going to go nutty in combination with the Metformin. Of course when I get the neg beta or AF, I don’t even care at that point!! My friend is totally awesome, and I’m lucky to have her. Coming out to your mom sounds like it was as perfect as you could hope it to be. It must have been so nice to just have her listen and be supportive. Sometimes I regret having told family, but ultimately I guess I want as many people to be putting out baby vibes as possible. Yay for a great HSG!! Hoping that the pipes got a little cleaned out and you get on the April BFP train J Thanks for sharing that awesome quote – I’m going to try repeating it to myself often!!


lilac: How’s DH doing with his supplements? Sorry AF arrived. She's such a pain, right?


Smiles: Totally understand not wanting to discuss IF over the phone. I don’t know about you, but for me, it’s nice to know that the person I’m talking to could give me a hug if I needed it J I do count myself very lucky. I wish your hot flashes would bugger off. Ick.


hope: Ugh, I am so sorry that AF crashed your weekend away. She is so annoying most of the time. Getting your taxes done sounds productive though J Love that you were giving yourself shots of Lupron at the bar. Whatever it takes! Hoping your u/s on Monday is great. Glad you’re done with the stinky Lupron and on to Follistim! Thanks for the new thread!! Let’s go April!


Milk: Your horn story is so crazy. You’ve really been through a lot. I’m glad you liked the new doctor and you sound like you have an amazing tolerance for pain. I think I would have been screaming as the long tube wound its way up there. The IVF thing sucks though. Totally. I think we all have this idea that you only need IVF once you cross that magic age threshold. And, as you noted, the expense is overwhelming. I’m glad that there is a fair amount of state aid – that’s really helpful. $1500 sounds amazing and $4000 is still less than half the cost here. I hope you can make it work financially. I also can’t believe you have to wait two weeks for your results. That would drive me bonkers. I’m sure your DP is going through a similar freak out – it’s hard for guys to think that it could be their “fault.” I hope that doesn’t prevent him from getting all of the tests though.


Toothy: Yay for endo!! I’m glad you were vindicated and that you are now on the road to recovery and a BFP. It’s so great that there was an issue there and that it’s been fixed. (I know you know what I mean). Not sure about the cyst situation – what’s that about? I can’t believe they didn’t tell you before, but I’m so glad it’s gone! Sorry you’re feeling sad without DH around. Must be tough to be in recovery on your own. Don’t know if it would make your life easier, but I could buy your Yankees tix from you if DH doesn’t want to go with your MIL or if you’d rather try for another night for your NYC getaway. Just let me know J Sending you a hug.


Charley: How about “2012: Taking Fertility off the shelve(s)” or “2012: Putting IF on the shelve!” I know shelve isn’t really word, but I don’t care! I’m sure you love your father, but he’s kind of a meany pants. I hope that once he gets to old your smiling little bundle of love (because you WILL be having a baby – whether he likes it or not) he’ll change his tune. In the meantime, I’m sorry you can’t draw on support from your dad. Your mom, on the other hand, is so totally awesome for buying you a new bed. That will surely help with the baby-making! Sounds like you have a great post-surgery plan, too!


KrunchyK: Thanks for the Mad Men tip. I broke down and upgraded our cable. I’m sooooo excited you ovulated. And, I’m in complete amazement at your strength. Sending you hug just for the heck of it!


mexilady: Yay for a clear HSG!! Hoping your weekend away was filled with lots of sexy time and that you get your BFP as a result!


Hi wissa and gozal and Gemmine!! Miss you ladies, but hope that you are all doing well. We’re looking to copy your awesome February success in April!!


Gemmine: Keeping my fingers crossed that the cyst on the umbilical cord is no big deal.


Sourire: I hope you had a smashing 30th birthday despite the cloud of IF lurking overhead. Your uncle sounds…. no need to finish that statement, I suppose. It’s so hard to remind ourselves that people generally mean well even when they’re being asshats (ha! I still love that word). Your uncle-in-law, on the other hand, truly sounds like an asshat on purpose. I can’t believe that he’s allowed near pregnant women. I definitely feel sorry for his daughter. You just had to have him over for dinner – that’s her dad. Must be rough. I’ve never taken Crinone but it sounds like it’s just as bad as the Prometrium. Ick. Sorry dear. Wish you didn’t have to be stuck taking it!! Sorry the baby aspirin experiment caused you some issues. BFNs suck. Sorry love. Hoping you’re enjoying the open seas right now. Can’t wait to hear about it all when you get back!!!


deborah: You are so strong. Sadly welcoming you back into the fold.


AFM: I’ll have to come back to update on me! Glad I caught up on all of you… it’s a beautiful day here. Hope it is wherever you all are as well!!!




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Hope – Thanks for the new forum.  I’m sorry to hear about the Lupron headaches.  That stinks! With that said, this Lupron business sounds vicious.  I’m glad that it has worked and all is quiet on the western southern front.


Gozal – Thanks for reading.  I hope all is well for you on the other side.  That seems so dramatic, but that’s what it feels like, you know? Also, I'm sorry to hear about your loss.


Smiles – Are the SA results in? I hope it went well…


Sourire – Those nose bleeds sound terrible! I also was going to jump on the baby aspirin band wagon, but my ND ran a bunch of basic tests and it turns out that my red blood cell count is low.  No aspirin for me!  Sorry about the BFN.  hug2.gif I hope you have a wonderful vacation!


Lilac – My temps are really low this cycle, too.  Who knows what that’s about?  It could be weird, residual miscarriage juju. I'm also sorry about your BFN. hug2.gif


TF2B – Ticketmaster stinks! What a fiasco!  I hope that some good times come of it yet.  I’ve been pretty emotional lately, as well.  My therapist of old would say that all emotions have a purpose.  Sigh.  Sometimes that “purpose” is hard.


Sila – What is your home remedy for UTIs?! I am simultaneously skeptical and amazed.  It seems like once I identify a UTI it is only a matter of hours before it progresses to the point where there is blood in my urine.  I HATE UTIs.  Please do share.


Gemmine – I hope all is well with baby’s cord?!


Charley – Isn’t it crazy how our generation is so different from our parent’s generation? As for the Hunger Games intermixed with Downton Abbey, well that sounds sublime. As does the mattress. 


Milk – I like your new doctor.  It seems as if the philosophy is hope for the best, prepare for the worst.  Seems really logical in the ALI world.  In fact, it makes me want to store some eggs.  Suck them out and put them in the freezer.  I’m not getting any younger.


Teresaresa – Thanks, lady! I hope you have a restive weekend!


AFM – 9 DPO.  I tested yesterday, and it was negative, but that wasn’t a surprise.  Our timing wasn’t on point this month.  Primarily because I didn’t expect to ovulate so soon! Next cycle marks the beginning of our first medicated cycle.  Crazy, right?  


Additionally, my ND reran some basic bloodwork to see where I am at with all the supplements and the metformin. Turns out my red blood cell count is low indicating that I need to eat more protein.  I already knew this.  When I started taking the met I developed an aversion to different types of animal protein, but I haven’t been good at filling in the gap with alternative sources.  It then got me thinking about what I am eating.  I definitely am eating the right stuff for PCOS ie low GI, lots of veggies, low-fat, etc., but clearly I am not eating the stuff in the right proportions.  So, I bought a book:




What I really like about this book in particular is that the author (a nutritionist) outlines appropriate breakfast, lunch and supper options.  Turns out that not only am I not eating enough protein, but I also haven’t been eating enough good carbs.  For shame! The author is also great because she lives by the 80/20 rule.  Try to follow the rules of an insulin-resistant diet 80% of the time.  I can do 80% of the time.  That’s like 2.5 free meals a week! More than I give myself now, anyway. Done.  I would recommend the book for any PCOSers out there that are a bit murky on exactly what an appropriate diet should look like on a day to day basis. It really was enlightening.


I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! K.

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Well I was super bummed to come on here and find that the post I spent way too long writing this morning is not here... WTH MDC... I will try to over-view again but I really don't have another hour to go through this, grr.


sourire- Vacation is here! Yay! I know you are probably already off and running but I am hoping you have a great TTCless trip. The BFN and the aspirin and crinone all stink- drug free vacation- now AF just needs to more on out on the fly. Only a few more weeks until your LAP- I am excited for you to be on the other side of endo, or whatever is brewing in there. It is such a relief.


milk- I am a dental hygienist but my boss was out all week so I snuck into one of his rooms with the tempurpedic chairs so I was comfy- I am so amazed at what a differnence a few days makes, seriously it got better so fast. I had to ask for a DVD they usually only give it to the doctor but I'm glad I did! I would love to see pictures of the little horn, the picture they gave me would have been unidentifiable without the video to translate. Only a few more days for your results, we will be praying for answerable issues, right? YAY that the church roof didn't cave in!


charley- You will have to see your doctors recommendations for activity. One week out I'd be up to painting/packing/cleaning and probably some gardening because I feel fine. I'd just be worried pushing myself too hard would create scar tissue from the incisions etc not healing right and getting pulled apart. Ask though, my doctor used scissors not laser (cleaner margins and able to 'get it all') so I'm not sure if they are using a laser maybe you don't have as long to heal. One more week until surgery, you'll be so glad to have it over and done with, just a bump in the road. Did your pillow come yet?


krunchy- sorry it was BFN... you still have a few more days to be hopeful right. Interesting about your diet and the book. I wish they had an endo book that is enlightening. How are you getting more protein now?


teresa- I'll keep you updated on the tickets, right now DH is trying to figure out the logistics of going with his mom. What's going on in your world? I haven't seen your promised update yet! It was a beautiful day here too, the clouds just started rolling in and it has cooled off.


sila- My goodness those tests are taking an awfully long time to come back. When is your follow-up appointment? That quote really puts things into perspective, I should write it down.


hope-  Glad to hear everthing is quiet and stims are starting. I feel like your cycle is going so fast! Come on BFP!


gemmine- Ohhh I hope that cyst on babies cord is nothing, at least you get to see the fruit bat again at MFM. Keep us updated. As far as TTC after LAP for endo, I'm not sure of statistics since so few people go NaProTech but I feel really hopeful. I have heard 'stories' of course, but everyone has their stories of I knew someone who dotdotdot. I feel more confident in my body now especially seeing up close what I was up against. Honestly, there wasn't much going on by my right ovary so it does worry me in a way that maybe it won't matter at all but I won't know more until my follow-up so, fingers crossed!


lilac- When does DH has his urologist appt, will they do another SA before then? It stinks your LP was so short, just seems like when we have other things to worry about our body should let our few normal things go on the fritz.


AFM- Yesterday I got red highlights and went to see the Hunger Games with DH. I hadn't colored my hair since high school so I feel like a whole new me! The movie was SO GOOD. I am so glad DH is home, even though he is still busy with school work and leaves again Monday morning. On the TTC front, I thought that I had O'd as I had EWCM that went away 2 days ago, but I had more today so I don't know what is going on. Hoping I'm going annovulatory after LAP and AF will come on time since I was supposed to O next cycle when we are on vacation in Canada. Tonight we have Easter Vigil which goes for 3-4 hours so I should be napping! Hope all that celebrate have a Happy Easter.  

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Ok, and I’m back! So, adding to my crap week last week, I had a weird encounter with a friend. She told me three weeks ago that she and her husband had just started TTC. I got a text from her late last week asking when we could next have dinner. My baby ringer went off and I asked if she was pregnant. She said, “Well, I was.” So, we chat by phone and she says for a week she had cramping and super sore breasts (and I think, OK not necessarily pg signs). So, finally she tested – it was negative. She tested again a few days later – negative. She tested again a few days later – positive. And, then she tested again the next day – negative. I know false positives are rare, but seriously? “I was pregnant.” Really? For one day? Ok, that irked me to no end.


That weekend was good – I had class for most of the day Saturday and then in the AM on Sunday. My husband and I went to a roller derby on Saturday night – so much fun!! I highly recommend it J And Sunday we stayed home in anticipation of Game of Thrones (anyone else watch? If so, were you let down at all??)


Monday I left for a whirlwind trip for work to DC and then on to Philly. I stayed with my mom in Philly and then brought her back to NY with me Thursday night. Last night, we went to see Bruce Springsteen at Madison Square Garden. Ok, I grew up listening to Born in the USA, but never became a big Bruce fan. Last night made me want to go out and buy all of his records. Unbelievable!!!! Tonight, we’re taking my mom to her first ever Seder at DH’s cousins’ house. Should be interesting!


As for what’s on tap for this cycle…. This is our last IUI cycle. It’s what I wanted, but I didn’t really get to have my fit. The doctor had already come to the same conclusion before I went in to see him – he had IVF written down in my next steps in my file. I was a bit annoyed that I didn’t get to have my melt down. Well, I mean I cried hysterically, so I guess I did have a meltdown in a way. Doing 5mg of Femara again this cycle – days 4-8 which is a change. IUIs scheduled for next Friday and Saturday.


Over the course of this month, I have to take two classes on IVF, call and speak with a financial counselor at the clinic where the actual IVF takes place, and get an updated pap smear from my gyno (who I haven’t seen since I started all this craziness). It’s a lot to do, but if I do all of it this month, I’ll be able to start right away with the IVF process next cycle. I’m excited because I like checklists, but still a bit scared of the idea that I’m 32 and I’m already onto IVF. Our first trip down IVF lane will be covered mostly or all by insurance, but we’re only on child #1 and if we want more and have to do this again… well…. That’s of course assuming that the first IVF takes! A lot of worrying about the future – trying to live more in the moment, but it’s hard not to think ahead.


The clinic where I would do the IVF is in CT – about a 45 minute drive from me. Could present issues if I have to go there for monitoring. Not sure yet what the deal will be with that. Their success rate for under 35 is about 59% (live births) which looks to be well above the national average – anyone else have stats on this?


In the meantime, DH went to the urologist recommended by my RE. The guy specializes in male infertility and is supposed to be the best in our area. Turns out DH has something called varicoceles. His is minor, but it may require surgery which might slow us down. We go back to the urologist together in two weeks. DH really liked the doctor which is a real plus as he typically dislikes doctors in general.


So, all that said, I’m actually feeling pretty good. Hopeful again this month – unlike last month. I’d of course love to not have to go through IVF, and statistically speaking, I should get pregnant off this IUI, but ha! Statistics are for the birds J Happy Passover, Easter, Spring to all!!!

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Hi ladies. Sorry I've been so quiet lately. Things haven't been good on my end. I'm not going to go into everything, but our IVF consultation is on Wednesday and I still have about 12 pounds to go before we qualify. I'm hoping the dr will let us go ahead with it anyway, but I'm not really holding my breath. I think after everything it's just going to be really hard that we have to wait longer. I'm pretty sure I ovulated this cycle and we DTD once around that time. We were planning to again but we got sick and didn't feel like doing much but laying in bed with the humidyfier on.


I'm not sure I'll be able to catch up on personals, but I've been reading all of you and have been sending good thoughts. Let's hope this April brings lots of good news. We need it.

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Sila: I spotted after mine and saw some small clots so maybe it did clear your cobwebs too!


Hi Milk!


Sourire: I'm sorry about the BFN :-( Have fun on your cruise, please share photos! And countdown to your lap!


hope4light: I had never heard of it either! Supposedly affects 0.4-3 percent of all pregnancies. It can either be a "true" or "false" cyst; apparently the "false" is associated with an elevated risk of some kind of defect. Usually resolves on its own if found in the 1st tri...don't know much else so hopefully the MFM can share more. When do you stop the Lupron?


Hi teresa! I watch GoT. I was a little disappointd by the premiere but some parts were really good. I am so hopeful for this IUI for you, and I hope DH's surgery (if necessary) goes well.


krunchy: Wow, that's interesting about the diet. What kind of medicated cycle are you doing?


Cait: The fruit bat has transformed into a sea otter/giant gummy bear as of the last scan! I'm imagining a T-rex for the next one :-) I will be stalking you as always, especially after your DX.


shesaidboom: Thinking of you. (((hugs)))


Hi to anyone I missed!


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hope4light, how do you encourage your DH that things may get worked out to have a baby?

teresa, he seems to be doing about the same on the supplements.  No increase in volume or stiffer events yet so he is continuing to take the vitamins/supplements .  He hasn't mentioned any ill effects so I think all is as good as could be expected.

krunchyk, hope the "juju" gets itself worked out for you.  This AF has been really painful.  I have been hoping to get pregnant just so I don't have these killer cramps.

shesaidboom, what is the weight goal for the IVF or is it a BMI limit?  Since that may be the direction I have to go, I want to get kicking on the weight loss wagon to be ready for it.


AFM: Killer cramps this AF. Can't wait for AF to be gone and be on to this new month.  My predicted fertile days comes 5 days before DH urologist appointment.  I don't know if the urologist is going to do another SA on the day of our appointment or not.  It wasn't in DH "preparing for the appointment" paperwork.  I think I will call and ask though. 

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Teresa- Thanks. AFM- Feeling really crappy physically today (which does nothing helpful for my emotional state). However, we have good stuff going on here too- DH's company is doing better than it has in at least a year and hubby got a promotion! Also, my writer's studio is coming along. I'm hoping I feel better later today or early tomorrow so I can go on to the next steps like getting the ugly wood off the walls and picking out paint colors. Tomorrow, I'll call about getting electric out there. Here are pics of the studio in progress: https://plus.google.com/photos/112949134437985540063/albums/5728346470249451905?authkey=CPqWy4P9x8zhGg.

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Hi, I was just wondering if I could possibly join this group. I will be starting fertility drugs and IUI in the next couple of months, hopefully at least by June. I was just hoping to talk to others going through the IUI or IVF route. I am kind of scared about the entire process and it not working for me. I have recurrent miscarriages and now at the moment I am infertile.


Anyways, that is my story and I just wanted to join in a group with similar situation as me.

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teresa - we've missed you!!  I'm actually not done with the Lupron, I have to continue taking it until trigger, but sometimes adding in the stims helps.  I have to be honest, I'd feel the same way you do about your friend.  I mean really, pregnant for one day after only 3 weeks of trying?  That's NOTHING.  The signs were probably AF LOL. How neat to go to a seder dinner!  I've always wanted to go to one, even though I'm not jewish... kinda funny that the doc was already going down that path.  I hope it doesn't matter and this IUI works!  Don't feel too bad, I was only 27 when I started my first IVF, so age really doesn't matter too much unfortunately.

krunchy - it's not fun LOL.  I'm sorry about the BFN.  Sounds like quite and interesting book!

tf2b - Ohhh I HATE it when that happens!!!  Oh the red highlights sound cute :-)   Sounds like you had a good time with DH!

shesaidboom - I'm sorry that things have been crappy for you.  It sucks, but maybe he'll let you go anyways?!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  (By the way, if you catch the flu I'll bet you can lose more.... ugh, I just lost 3 pounds in 2 days!)

Gem - So strange!  I hope it's nothing and it resolves itself.  Let us know what the MFM says.  I probably don't stop Lupron until end of this week/beginning of next, depending on when I trigger.

lilac - Oddly enough, it was always him having to encourage me.  As he was diagnosed young and grew up knowing, I think he had a lot of time to prepare, plus he's a positive personality.  I'm sorry I don't have a better answer!  I'd call and ask, I know when we saw our andrologist they did another SA.

deborah - Sorry you are feeling crappy, but glad that things are going well with DH and the studio!  It looks so cool!!


depo - Welcome!  I wish you didn't have to join us, but this is a great group of woman.  I hope that your stay is short and sweet.  Let me know what you would like your blurb to say!  Can you tell us more about what you've been through?

AFM - as it turns out I was sick as a dog all weekend (temp of 102, even up to 104 at one point).  body aches, headache.  Couldn't eat, felt like general crap.  On the plus side I lost 3 pounds, which just happens to be the 3 pounds I gained since starting Lupron!  I still feel like crap today, so I'm only working 1/2 day.  Hope all is well!

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Cait - Sorry for the ticket mix-up! That really sucks. But kudos for trying to do something nice for your dh! Also, where do I sign up for my dentist to get tempurpedic chairs? Hope things start moving for you soon. I have heard some people say they don't get a period after a lap, because it's kind of like having your period when they clean out all the endo. Don't know about that, though.


shesaidboom - hug.gif I really hope the IVF doctor is more helpful than your previous doc.


deborah - Glad you have something positive to devote your energy to! Definitely post pics when you get your studio finished up.


milk - Glad that you're feeling a little better now that you've had time to process things. Hope you get some good answers from your biopsy results!


Everyone else - wave.gifand still cheering for you.


AFM, got a cold from dh again, but baby is doing great. Measuring ahead on everything at our ultrasound, we found out. Getting wiggly. Now if I can just find us a place to live, everything will be awesome!

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Teresa- My transfer was 2 days after my 30th birthday so, unfortunately, age means little to nothing in this crazy journey. Depo- Also sorry you have to join us, but know that you will get great support here. Hope and Monkey- Thanks. Unfortunately, doggy is driving me crazy, so I'll have to do more personals later (if I remember). I'm on some heavy duty pain killers and have an appointment and an errand to run later.

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