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(edited because freak out is over hallelujah)


DH's SPA results FINALLY were in. Everything was normal or above normal!!! 50% motility! 3 months ago it was only 16%. The weekly acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, diet changes, and supplements must be helping (plus the fact it's now been over 4 months since he finally quit the hot tub). Volume was 2.8, count 46mil (but she also said 129 but then said they did not do a sperm wash so I don't know what that number meant). Penetration was 100%!!! Morphology was the only thing that wasn't great this time. 11% when they like to see 14%. But, the good news is that we now know that even with morphology that isn't great, penetration was 100%! I only spoke with the nurse but she said IUI seems very reasonable.


I'm CD21 with no ovulation in sight. I made an appt for the 16th when I'll be CD28 (because I'll be gone camping this wk when my Dr is in the office closest to me). We'll do an u/s and see where I am and most likely Provera or shot of progesterone to get the next cycle going. We'll also discuss my meds and what looks like the best bet to get me to ovulate a nice healthy egg.


I PROMIS I will be back for personals. I have been reading along! I'm feeling so much more hopeful! It's hard not to want to rush things a long...

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Sila!  Great news!  I admit that some of it went over my head, but it does sound like a big improvement!  

Bring on the 16th!  (Hopefully I'll get my results then too!)

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Wonderful news Sila! Also, I believe morphology was a little low for DH during my cycle as well and we did get our BFP.

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Sila -  So excited for you.  I can hear the relief in your typing! Hope this next cycle it is for you!


Milk - I'll be stalking your results.  I want the doctors to be able to help you!!!!  I'm glad that the cost for IVF is not completely out of reach for you.


Toothfairy - I hope you are good and recovered now!  Come on BFP.


Sourire - Happy Birthday.  Hope you have Fab vacation.  ...


To everyone else - I'm reading along and silently pulling for y'all.  We need some more graduates!!!!

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Sila- YAY YAY YAY!!! Good results, YAY!! BTW- 46 mil must be per 1ml, because 46 x 2.8ml (his volume)= 128.8 mil. I'm a geek, sorry! So happy for good news and 100% penetration- YAY again. Now you just need an egg. Will the shot work faster than provera??


Gemmine- awww a gummy bear! You have such cute descriptions. I will have to go stalk the grads thread in search of pictures.


deportivo- you are absolutely welcome with us, but sorry you have to be here. You are in the best place for support, questions, answers etc. But seriously, we are info hounds- so tell us all you know and will will give you tons of solicited/ unsolicited advice ROTFLMAO.gif. Welcome!


wissa- THANK you! I'll be over to stalk momentarily.


monkey-  It does seem like I ovulated so hopefully AF will come in 12 days but I have heard the same thing about periods after LAP. I didn't have anything inside my uterus and they didn't do any scraping or anything in there so fingers crossed all comes 'on time'. Sorrry you got a cold. Anything new in the house/apt hunt?


deborah- the room looks good! I hope you are recovering and taking it easy on yourself and that writing will help with your healing.


Milk- All the way to the 16th? Could they come back before then?! How's life in the land down under? Is it warm by you or heading into winter. I am fascinated by our opposite seasons. If I were in Oz I would have a winter birthday but here I have a summer birthday... for some reason I find this so curious, hehe.


AFM- Had my charting appt tonight and everything so far  looks like O was yesterday. Also, we might possibly be taken off the 'one cycle' abstainence just in time for DH birthday, YAY! So I am kinda bummed O took so long since now my next O will probably be while DH is travelling. Trying not to get down about it. I was expecting difficulties TTC this summer because of that, which is why I switched doctors, had the LAP, etc etc... but still, it is annoying!



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Sila, that is great news that your DH sperm penetration is 100%  Exciting stuff!


hope4light, I will call the urologist just to make sure about a repeat SA on the day of the appointment.


AFM, I think that I am the one who emotionally is having the biggest challenge right now with DH's unknown in the sperm department.  I am the one who is the most interesting in having kids.  DH would like them but if it doesn't happen, he is okay with that.  I was terribly upset and crying like I haven't done in 6 years last night because of pictures I saw on facebook of grandparents with their grandkids for Easter and other people's pregnancy announcements. I want to have a grandbaby for my mom. 

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Cait - I found a potential apartment I'm really pretty excited about, in a part of town I had previously ruled out. It's close to pretty much everything I want to be close to (groceries, library, church, even the birth center), with a not-terrible commute for dh. I'm a little scared by how cheap it is for the size, though. But we are going to go check it out sometime this week! Hope your O is confirmed over the next few days!


Sila - YAY!!! Glad you finally got the results - sounds like they were worth waiting for.

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Sila, hoorayyyyy! You must have been jumping up and down. :) So excited that you get to celebrate some good news.


MonkeyScience, I hope the apartment works out! It sounds perfect--being close to everything is so nice. And who knows, sometimes things rent for cheap just because they have special character and need the right person. Glad to hear your feeling lots of wiggles lately! I'm sure it's crazy, I can't even imagine!


Cait, I was cracking up picturing you on the tempurpedic chair! My dentist has those and they're divine. Glad to hear you are doing well. I hope you get to enjoy some extra celebrating for DH's birthday, that would be a nice birthday present after "no celebrating" for a while, lol.


hope4light Sending "get better" vibes your way! Being sick in the springtime is no good. :-P


Teresa and Gemmine, DH and I are GoT fans as well! (Have we talked about this already?) He's read/watched all the series. I'm on book three, still need to watch two more episodes of Season One, but I'm looking forward to the new season. Hopefully it will perk up--I heard they got a bigger budget this season, which should be nice. 


shesaidboomhug2.gifAw, so sorry things have been not-so-good. Keep us updated--12 pounds isn't much, so maybe Doc will let you start the process and you'll hit the last bit before you really get started. Where are you at right now in your cycle? 


krunchyk, I keep hearing about that book and need to get it! I have such a hard time sometimes making sure I'm getting the right proteins/nutrients/etc. And man, I am all about the 80/20 rule. So much easier to manage!


I know there are so many I haven't responded to, but I have to get back to work! Feeling pretty behind but loving following you guys still and hating that March/April seem to have been pretty sucky months so far. I'm hoping spring goes into full bloom soon and things pick back up. 


A quick AFM: I'm at 7dpo and trying really hard not to track/notice symptoms. I'm really trying to not obsess/think about it much this cycle. I feel like it will just be easier that way, especially because there have been so many times when I was convinced I had a million symptoms and it was just AF. I am feeling a little optimistic, but trying to temper it with being open and having low expectations. 

So, in a nutshell, I've been doing pretty well. Except for one thing. We were at Disney (Epcot) yesterday (my parents came to visit for the weekend, it was wonderful), having a great time, and I got a voicemail. I stepped aside to a quiet area to listen, and it was a registry specialist from our local Babies 'R Us. Calling to congratulate me on my pregnancy and thank me for registering with them!!! WTH?! I was totally thrown, but thankfully DH was super sweet about it (plus, well, we were at Disney), so I managed to not think about it much again until later. But seriously? How on earth? My voicemail greeting very clearly says my name, so even if it was just a wrong number, he should have heard and realized it wasn't right. I don't know if it was someone's idea of a cruel joke, or if it was just a completely random (and very not funny) coincidence. Either way, DH got the number and said he's looking forward to having a few words with Babies R Us about verifying numbers, names, etc. Ugh. 


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Sila, fantastic results! What kind of diet changes did your DH make? I am so excited for you!!!!


Milk, I'm glad to hear the appointment, and the feedback you got, has settled. Honestly I would feel comforted in having someone so knowledgeable and proactive in my corner. You've been dealt a crappy hand with many of your doctors so being taken seriously (didn't the last asshat say your last loss didn't count because of the downs diagnosis? So nuts and insulting). Anyway, I'm stalking for results..

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I guess I am just going to introduce myself and say a little bit about me TTC#1. In 2009, I got pregnant with my first baby, after one month of TTC. The pregnancy was going fine had first ultrasound etc. Was told everything is fine. After eight weeks I had a very painful loss. A year after I became pregnant again, also lost that baby. With both had terrible experiences with doctor's etc.. I was also told to wait an obscene amount of time before TTC. again.


So, 2 and a half yrs. go by, and DH's sister gets pregnant with her first baby(and first in her family). I wept, and wept for myself. Was a little unexpected (Had no indication that she even wanted children?). Just very painful. So, started to be a little more persistent, got a positive pregnancy test Feb. than a few days after neg. test.


It has been close to about 3 and a half yrs. and praying, wishing and grieving for a new baby. I am completing all fertility related tests and waiting for my insurance to go through. Very depressed, extremely jealous of SIL, and just hanging on by a thread of hope.


With any miracle I can go through with my IUI and fertility drugs and assisted cycle. So, crushed and just pushing myself to keep trying. And so afraid to keep failing.


Now, trying to battle my depression over recurrent losses with now facing infertility. And the jealousy that I have been trying to mask of SIL is unbearable.


Praying for a miracle. And that God would bless me with my first child.

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Hey All,



My name is Emily. My husband, Joe and I have been TTC since March 2011. My cousin Nicole (CDsMom1031, her old screen name is TTCChloeOrConner) recommended this site and this thread, and I was hoping to be a part of it. I am 21 years old and dh just turned 24 on March 30th. This is our last month trying before we start a trial run of Clomid. I ovulated on April 4th and got a bfn this afternoon (still hoping for a bfp later this month).


My Fertility Friend chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/3c6195

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Oh, I'm behind once again.  I blame Easter (and possibly all the vodka I consumed over Easter).  


Lilac - I really feel for your husband.  While I happily undergo every test under the sun, the thought of needles in the testicles is pretty daunting.  Sorry about sucky AF.  Bring on the new cycle! 

I know exactly what you mean about having a grandbaby.  I want that too.  About 10 days after my second loss, my Mum was diagnosed with a life threatening brain tumour and had emergency surgery.  All I could think about was giving her a grandbaby.  (She is okay now, for the record).  My DP is also super "zen" about this most of the time, which kinda drives me crazy.  I wish he would get pissed off at the world like I do, just occasionally.  


Sourire - I promise never to pressure you about early testing again!  I am a shocking early tester though.  It's not because I look forward to it, just because I have to "know".  Now.  whistling.gif

I hope you are having a blast on your cruise! 


Hope - I honestly don't know about the fresh babies, and babies on ice, and all such things.  It is mind boggling.  

Sorry about the work stress, it is the worst!  And dealing with side effects too?  That really sucks.  Hope your next scan is all good!

Are you feeling better?  Nothing like a virus to shed a few pounds, right?  Hahah.  


Teresa - We have a pretty reasonable medical system here.  Yeah, you have to cough up the 10k or so for the upfront costs, but it seems as though there is a good amount to be claimed back.  At least half.  I doubt that I would get away with $1500 though, especially if it goes down the PDG path.  I have decided not to stress about that just now though.  (Stressing about my biopsy results instead).

I believe you owe an update??  Aha... there it is... That's one helluva update!  I really hope your hubby doesn't need surgery... greensad.gif


Krunchy - Suck em out.  LOL.  I stalked your blog.  Double LOL.  

How are you enjoying your 2.5 free meals, by the way?


Cait -I just realised I didn't look for my horn pics.  I should do that - it is kinda interesting.  I'm glad you're not a dentist, by the way.  ROTFLMAO.gif  That chair sounds good though! 

Hope you had a nice Easter, with your red highlights, looking pretty!  

Oh, and lucky DH!! winky.gif


Monkey - yay for wiggly babies


Wissa - flowersforyou.gif




Shesaidboom - if I interpret the time difference correctly, was your consult today?  How did it go?  I know that waiting is the worst, so if this cycle is a bust, I hope that you get the green light to go ahead!  I hope you can check in when you are ready.


Gem! blowkiss.gif (he'll always be a fruit bat to me)


Deborah - your studio looks great, and your dog is ADORABLE.  I hope you are being kind to yourself.


Deportivo - I recognise you from the loss boards.  Welcome.  


Chicajones - oh UGH.  That voicemail bites.  I hope your DH sorted them out.


Zub - love.gif  Yes, the last Asshat did say that my last little girl "didn't count".  He was a ruder word than "Asshat" though.  


Emily - Hi - I recognise your cousin's user name.  Welcome.


AFM:  Oh.My.Dog.  Would it just be the 16th already?? Seriously.  My results are totally just sitting there, waiting for me, but the bloomin' doctor is on bloomin' holiday.  I am SO IMPATIENT.

I just want to know.  Realistically I know the results will probably be "normal" and tell nothing, but I just want to KNOW.  Now.  I guess you get the picture?


In other news, I can't get an appointment with the "agressive" doctor here in Brisbane until June 22nd... That is TEN flippin' weeks away.  It's an eternity.  And then they would do DP's semen tests, and I would have to wait for those results too.  I'm tired of waiting.  And I don't want to wait almost three months, but I not going to try anything without some prednisone in my hot little hands, so I may not have a choice.  


I do have an appointment with the maternity hospital (I asked to be referred away from the last Asshat) next week.  I highly doubt they will do much for me, but it's good to have the relationship there so I can have heaps of scans for nix and get cheap prescriptions if/when the time comes.  It will be two hours of my life that I'll never get back, but it has to be done.  




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Milk, I hope you continue to have peace as you wait for your results.  It seems we want everything ASAP.  This waiting is torture.  On the grandbaby front, my MIL had a reccurance of her breast cancer in other parts of her body last September.  DH was particularly worried about her and it made me want to have a baby even quicker.  Obviously 9 months has passed since that without a baby and my MIL is now having those cancer spots treated and they seem to be responding to treatment, so there isn't the "must do this today" push.


AFM, I am joyous because the toilet that hasn't been flushing right for 5 days unclogged itself and is acting normally.  Yeah!

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So I am way behind, I tried posting last week and they wouldn’t go through just kinda sat there very frustrating!!!!


Sila – Hooray for the SPA results!!!!!!!  I’m feeling ya on the no O in sight, I am on CD40 with no O in sight.


TF2B – I hope that you do get taken off the 'one cycle' abstinence in time!!  I am feeling positive and hopeful for you! 


Lilac – My DH’s take with kids is similar to yours, if it happens great, if it doesn’t happen then that’s fine too and it can be tough when you feel that you are the only one really trying, you get to be upset and disappointed by yourself and sure you may have a shoulder to cry on but it’s not the same when that person doesn’t feel the same way.


Chica – Any plans to test or just going to wait it out?  I think that in the past 2 years I have only been able to wait it out like 3 times!  And Boo to your voice mail message did your dh call them?


Deportivo and FreedEM – Welcome!


Milk – The waiting does royally suck.  Only 4 more days though (3 for you probably?)  And the weekend should help the time pass faster?  At least for me it does my weekends are too short and my weeks too long!  I hope the next 10 weeks fly by for you.


AFM – Both of DH’s SA’s are done, yesterday he did the second one so now we wait for the results.  The specialist that I was referred to called me this morning to book an apt, they were waiting for DH to do his SA before booking me in which is annoying even more so since I have to wait 5 weeks for my apt.  I am going to try and not wish the next 5 weeks of my life away.  I am CD 40 no O in sight still having hot flashes although I think that maybe they are lessening but that could just be wishful thinking, and I have started having headaches, ones that would turn into migraines if I don’t medicate at the first inking of one so I will not let my pill bottle out of my sight.  I feel like I know that I am in premature menopause I have every symptom to indicate that that is what is going on with me and I can’t find any other medical explanation for my symptoms (Dr. Google has not been my friend) but I will hold out hope until a Dr confirms my suspicions and if I am right then I will deal with that then for now I hold out hope.

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Smiles & Milk - Ugh to having to wait so long for your appointments! irked.gif  It seems like with IF all you do is sit around and wait for test results or doctor appointments.


Milk - That doctor actually said your last little girl didn't count!!  Wow! Downs or not it was a baby and it was a loss to you.  Calling him an  Asshat is so much nicer than anything I can think of.  Where do these people come from?  I hope your 2 hour appointment isn't a complete waste.  Getting away from asshat would make it totally worth it.


Smiles - Just thought I would tell you that when I have cysts on my ovaries I get hot flashes...So, there is at least one other explantion.  5 weeks sounds like forever, but at least you've already taken the first steps.


toothfairy - My first cycle after my lap was long and no O, but the next two cycles even without fertility drugs were perfect 29 day cycles with no spotting!!  So, don't get too upset if you miss out on this first cycle, the next ones might be even better.  ;)  BTW - getting tickets for the wrong day sounds like something I would do!  I understand your frustration.


Gem - I hope that cyst on your cord goes away like lots of cysts tend to do! 

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Thanks Wissa!  I'll take any other explanation until I find out for sure what is going on!  I had the hot flashes about a year ago too, they lasted a month and af disappeared for almost 3 months, the same thing seems to be happening again.  Back then I thought maybe a cyst was delaying af but I never got to find out because af came before my scheduled ultrasound which was then cancelled beacuse af showed up.  Anyways, waiting 5 weeks does suck but at least an answer may be waiting for me.  Hope you are feeling and doing well.

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monkey - HI!  I hope you're feeling better!!!  Let us know how the apartment looks.

Sila - That's awesome!!  Even if the Morphology was a little low, the rest sounds great!  and amazing penetration!! WOO HOO!!!  Yeah for an appointment on the 16th!!


wissa - good to see you!  I need to come stalk all of you graduates, I haven't been able to much lately!

tf2b - yeah for ovulation!  Sorry the timing ends up being all funny.  That's how it goes unfortunately.

lilac - Our first time around it was also me that had the biggest issue.  He was all at peace with it, and felt the same way, hey if it works it works.  He was really doing it for me.  I'm not sure it really changed until after we had our first.  He does admit that he's doing the IVF for me this time around too - he would be OK with donor sperm again, but I know he would love to have a biological. 

chica - Oh how hard it is to not track/notice symptoms.  I hope its working out.  But the voicemail?!  I think I would have had a melt down!!!  Did DH call them back???

deport - I am so sorry that you've dealt with this.  It's so hard, especially when someone takes that first grandbaby spot.  We were already trying when the first was conceived, and our DD ended up being #3.    Hang in there - you are in the right place!!  Let me know if you want a blurb on the front page, and what you want it to say!


Emily - Hi!!  Tell us more about yourself, and your TTC timeline!  How long have you been trying?  I'm sorry you're here, but it's a great place to me.  Let me know if you want me to put a blurb on the front page, and what you want it to say!!

Milk - I can't BELIEVE that he said your last little girl didn't count!!  I agree, ASSHAT is not nearly strong enough.  UGH.  It's getting closer to the 16th!!!  Waiting sucks.  I can't believe you can't get in until then!!!  It's my anniversary though (10 years of marriage) so it will be a good appointment because I say so LOL.

lilac -  Yeah for working toilets!  I'd say it's the little things, but sometimes it's the porcelain things ha ha ha ha ha.

Smiles - Glad he got both of his SA's done!  Let us know the results once you have them.  5 weeks waiting sucks.

AFM - Ended up with Strep throat, and as of last night congestion.  Can't catch a break.  But had another u/s and b/w this morning, and things are still moving along good! 

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Hi Ladies. I promise I'll get back into doing personals soon. I am reading and thinking about all of you. I just wanted to update about my consult yesterday. Thank you for asking how it went. It was a lot of information and a lot to take in, and I'm still processing a day later. I'm upset about a few things that could definitely have hampered the process and we were never told about. The good - we're starting the prep work for IVF. I had about 23 viles of blood drawn because our first round of tests expired after 6 months so we had to do them all again. I also have a requisition for some fasting bloodwork (glucose and cholesterol since it has been a while since I've had them). My blood pressure was aces, so no worries there. I had to pay for a thyroid work-up because my levels from my original bloodwork were above what they like to see (I was never told about this) so if they are high again this new doc thinks we would benefit from some thyroid therapy before doing IVF. My prolactin levels were also high, high, high, which our previous RE never mentioned. Obviously high prolactin levels can inhibit pregnancy, so we're getting those tested again and if they are high, more tests. I'm actually most upset about this one because I outright asked because I had had high prolactin levels last year, but they levelled out so nothing was done. I also need to get a letter from my cardiologist (who I have to get a new referral to see) saying I'm okay for pregnancy/anesthesia because I have an irregular heart beat. The problem is the nearest appointment with my cardiologist is in NOVEMBER, and I know he'll order both an echocardiogram and a holter monitor, and he might want to send me to the ahrythmia specialist to have another MRI done since I haven't had one in three years, so it'll be Jan/Feb 2013 before all the tests would be done and he'd write the referral. I'm going to beg my doctor to tell him I need to be seen now so he'll take me. Don't worry about this please, I have a very mild heart condition (mitral valve prolapse) that causes some symptoms (irregular heart beat) but doesn't actually impact my daily life or activities. My cardiologist has already said I'd be 100% fine for pregnancy, I just might get more symptoms because often MVP isn't diagnosed until a first pregnancy. We're also signed up for IVF orientation on May 1st. I had no idea you had to take a class before doing IVF before I read about it in one of Teresa's posts. I've already seen the Psychologist in the office twice, so I don't have to do that (although I'm seeing her again in the middle of May anyway).


In the mean time, we are doing another one or two rounds of injectibles. Probably not with IUI. She prefers patients do 6 rounds of ovulation stimulation therapy to give it a really good chance. I disagree with that due to statistics, and also because we've had two un-medicated cycles between medicated ones where I have ovulated. I ovulated last week. She compares it to an average couple who ovulates on their own, but really, that average couple isn't paying $2000 a month to ovulate. I'm switching to Gonal F instead of Puregon because although they're the same thing, I had side effects on the Puregon and if I don't on Gonal F we'll use that for the crazy high IVF doses instead of Puregon. I really don't want to do these cycles, but since it'll take a while to get everything ready for IVF, it's probably better to keep me ovulating anyway. The dose has me confused though. She wants me on the same dose I was last time - 50 units, even though I only had one lead follicle. Her goal is to get only one lead follicle and she worries I'll create too many with a 75 unit dose. I don't agree with the dosage, but she was firm on that. She's only going to have me use the ovidrel trigger if my follicle gets to 23cm before bursting. Same deal as before with the progesterone.


Another thing I'm upset about is we paid extra to have a sperm morphology study done. We were told all the results were average to fabulous. Yesterday we were actually given the piece of paper with the results and it showed that all the results were fab, except for the drilly bits on the sperm heads. That was very low, meaning our issue now that I'm ovulating could be that dp's sperm are not able to drill into the egg properly. I'm really annoyed that all these results were basically hidden from us. Things that could be screwing up our cycles - prolactin, thyroid levels, and drilly bits. We paid out of pocket for 2/3 of those tests and were not given the truth. Not cool. I'm going to be asking to see papers from now on instead of having the doctor just look at them and tell us. I don't like the idea of having spent thousands of dollars only to have something that could have been a simple fix stand in the way.


Speaking of thyroid levels, that is another thing that could be hurting the weight loss. I've only lost 8 pounds and that has been with hardcore dieting and a lot of exercise. With normal exercise and a healthy diet (burning more cals than are coming in) I lose nothing. A mix of PCOS and hypo-thyroid could be to blame. Knowing about the thyroid levels would have been helpful. Anyway, we know now so we're going to focus on moving forward. As for the weight - we talked about the BMI cut-off. It turns out they actually do IVF with BMIs up to 40, but only in rare cases. Say if a woman had a BMI of 50 and lost down to a BMI of 39 they would do it for her. With me they will not accept a BMI above 30 so I have about 2 and a half months to lose 12 pounds (even if we're done our two cycles by June, we're getting married on June 9th and going away from June 16th-26th so we won't be doing anything between then). At least it's more time to work with. I'm not worried about vacation weight because I'm super picky so I tend to lose on vacations. She did weigh me yesterday, and even though I've been weighing myself several times a day, I requested to be weighed backwards and not told the number. I generally do that at doctor's appointments because it's too much pressure with my history of EDs.


So that novel of a post was my consultation! I'm sure I'll be posting more about it later.

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Hello again. First off I had to click the source button to start typing because my tablet wouldn't let me type with out pushing it, sorry if this looks funky. My dh and I were married on March 6, 2011and started trying for a baby right away. I have never been on birth control or anything so we figured we would get pregnant quickly. It is now 13 whole months (as of the 6th) of ttc and I am beyond frustrated. I have been to Mothering several times over the past year to read articles, see what peoples stories are and look at pregnancy test photos :-P but I didn't actually join until my cousin recommended it. I am not sure what to say as far as our ttc journey goes. Until two months ago I was usingan online period tracker that I thought was working great but obviously not. Since then I have been recording my tempts and logging them manually until last night when my cousin set me up with Fertility Friend. Both dh and I are overweight and we are skeptical to go see a doctor if they are just going to tell us to lose weight. We do have a family member who was on clomid and has two months worth she isgoing to let us use. After lots of research and talking toafamilyfriend who is adoctor we are going to try it out and see if it helps starting next cycle. (That is if I don't get a bfp later this week). I Am only 8dpo today so I just have to be patient and wait wait wait... I hope I answered any questions feel free to ask if I missed something :-) It is nice to be part of a group like this. - Em I am sure you noticed by now that my spacebar doesn't work sometimes. Sorry about that. :-)

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Thanks for filling us in... I was wondering about it all.

WOW - what an appointment.  I am sorry that I am not the only one with disappointing doctors.  

I have had the same experience, in a way, after I requested all my medical records under FOI and went through them with a fine tooth comb, I found a lot of stuff that I was never told.  

I now ask for copies of all results.  


I know that doctors have degrees, but a lot of them are certainly not "professionals".  I'll do anything it takes to not be treated like just another number, even if it means getting up in their face and pissing them off.  At least I stand out that way.  Do you have a choice of doctors?  Cause that one sounds like a bit of an Asshat.  Can you ask for another opinion?  It doesn't really sound like she is tailoring a treatment plan to suit you and your circumstances, and yeah - it's costing you a lot of money! 


The prolactin levels are a big deal.  How high were they?  Did they suggest any treatment for you?  How long do you have to wait to get another test?  


Re: your cardiologist appt, I really think that seeing if your doc can pull some strings is a good idea.  I plan on doing the same with my doc and the 10 week wait.  At the end of the day, you are dealing with a receptionist making appointments, and sometimes you just have to go over their heads.  I refuse to believe that there isn't a single spare appointment for 10 weeks.

We shall see! 

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