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Hi all, thanks for the warm welcome!  I'm trying to get caught up with your stories, and in doing so, just wanted to comment on how supportive this group seems, so I'm happy to have found you.  


Hope4light -- I totally respect your decision to wean your DD to move on with fertility treatments. I'm so torn by the thought, and think that right now if I had to choose, I would choose to continue breastfeeding.  I'm in the process of trying to find a RE who is supportive of extended breastfeeding.  And in the meantime, I think I'm going to try to cut back on our night feedings to see if that will help at all.  I wonder what tips you have for beginning the weaning process?   DD asks for milk quite frequently -- probably still 10 times a day.  


Sila -- really, we're the only two trying for #2 now?  Well, I'm happy to share this journey with you!  I'm in California too, what part of the state are you in? 




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Originally Posted by moonstones View Post

Sila -- really, we're the only two trying for #2 now?  Well, I'm happy to share this journey with you!  I'm in California too, what part of the state are you in? 

Yep, the others graduated and left me behind greensad.gif I'm in SoCal too! I'll PM you. FWIW I also niavely thought it would be different, faster, the second time around. Boy was I wrong. We weaned before starting fertility treatments. It didn't change a thing with my cycles. 

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Hey ladies.  It's been a short stay, and I thank you for your support so far.

I'd like to be removed from the roster, please.  


I'll still be around MDC on the fitness threads and such, but I can't really stand to be here.

Much love to you all.  

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Milk- I'm so sad to see you go. I hope this doesn't have anything to do with your appointment today but I will certainly continue thinking of you and praying for you through whatever life has planned.


Sila- you aren't alone my friend, hope4light is on to #2 as well! You both will be graduating SO soon. When is your Provera or Progestrone shot starting... I want you on the ovulation train ASAP. Stay healthy in the meantime, keep those sick boys away!


Sourire- Sounds like your vacation was AMAZING. It's hard to get used to cooking and cleaning and entertaining yourself after a cruise! Sounds like you have gotten your head pretty wrapped around the timeline but I seriously want this LAP to give you some answers and the IUI works before you ever get to IVF.


FreedEm- Good luck with your doctor appointment and testing for your hubby. You are off to a great start with charting and a great support system, give it some more time. I also agree to pick up Taking Charge of your Fertility, it is invaluable.


lilac- Those videos are so cool. I wish I knew someone with a microscope so I could sneek a peek at our swimmers too!


deportivo- I think we can all relate to those feelings... of being alone and looking for support who really understand. I am glad you have found us and I hope we continue to be a bright spot in your journey.


http://thesmartness.com/smartone/2012/03/mental-infertility-and-its-impact-on-the-adoption-loss-and-infertility-ali-community.html   This is an amazing article that I wish all fertile people would read to possibly understand what we go through, but alas, we all know most fertile people could read 1,000 articles about infertility and still tell us to just relax... spoken from experience at the ignorance of many/most of the fertile people I know. Anyway, I found it eye opening and many of the other things I read on her blog were eye opening, seriously she is an amazing writer, I am in awe of people who just know how to perfectly word things.


http://www.stirrup-queens.com/2006/09/history-of-infertilitys-common-thread/  I wanted to share this too in case anyone is interested in participating or wants to spread the word. I hope some day the word has spread far and wide so Infertility isn't such a stigma. Also, this is Intertility Awareness week. It sounds like the suggestion is to come out on Facebook or anywhere to draw attention to Infertility... I'm not sure I am ready for that, but in case anyone else is... This is the week.


AFM- We DTD for the first time yesterday!!! I had a teeny tiny spotting today but it could also be from pushing too hard today, we went on a 'nature hike' but it was with my dog and my niece and I was too active... so sex or exercise, I'm not sure. I am going to wait and see if it gets more tomorrow. It could also be AF coming. My followup is Wednesday, those are my only updates. Tomorrow is a vacation day for me, Boston Marathon Monday- The race runs right down the street of my office so we close down, yay!!! So short week this week and short week next week for my trip to Canada. I can't wait for AF to show so I can ovulate again!

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Milk - I'm sorry to hear you are leaving us. We'll always be around if ever you need to talk about TTC.

Toothfairy - I loved that first article you posted. It's so true that my "emotional infertility" is changing over time. These days I feel like its changing for the better which is nice because I was on the downward spiral for so long!
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Sourire - Yay! I'm so glad you had a fabulous, relaxing vacation. What a perfect week. Hopefully you can keep some of the relaxed spirit as you ease back into normal life. A freeing vacation can be just the thing to set your daily routine back to one you can enjoy (even if it's just a little bit). The 4 multi-course meals a day, though--that's gonna take some grieving. ;) Also, I'm so glad you are feeling like you're on an upward spiral again. I hope it slingshots up over the moon!
Lilac - How crazy about the microscopes! It's awesome you're in position where you can take one home. You'll have to keep us updated, especially about the ferning stuff. I always thought that was super interesting.
Cait - I didn't realize the Boston marathon was tomorrow! What fun--I bet it's incredible to watch. I have a friend who runs marathons and it seriously blow my mind. Where are you going in Canada? I grew up in Detroit (only 30 min from Windsor) but now that I'm down in Florida I'm really regretting not exploring more of our sister country to the north. And I've missed you guys too! But relaxing, I think, is exactly what I needed...
Sila - I hope your boys are feeling better! And also that the sickness hasn't passed over to you--that really is the worst. 
shesaidboom - I'm sorry that you had to deal with so much craziness from learning about how irresponsible your old doc was and the way they mishandled your test results. That is so nuts, and I know I would be so angry. I am SUPER glad, though, that your new doc sounds solid and thorough. It's great that you've got a plan and are able to start putting everything together, thyroid included. I hope that the high prolactin levels were just a random thing...I had really high levels a few years before we were TTC and actually had to go to an RE and get an MRI. Turns out it was just a random hormonal thing, but definitely glad I got it checked out. Sometimes they can just test again in a few weeks and it will be in the normal range. Also, so true that thyroids can have such an effect on weight! I hope you're able to be gentle with yourself and that you'll be able to use this new information to understand how your body works with weight gain--and lose exactly the amount you need to be healthy and in primo condition!
Smiles - another week closer to geting your answer on the cyst! I hope it moves quickly for you. 
Hope - What's going on with you? I hope the strep ickiness is long gone! 
AFM, first off, thanks for your support with the Babies R Us call. It really was miserable and DH was the sweetest--he actually DROVE up to the store a few days later and talked with their manager and the guy calling. He said when he got out of the car at the store, he was shaking because he was so mad. But he was very professional to them and kept his cool, and gave them a nice talking to about the importance of double-checking information and listening to names on voicemails, especially when a sensitive subject like pregnancy is involved. 
Last week was pretty much the ultimate suck. My parents flew home on Tuesday, and then on Wednesday my dad had to go to the ER because his arm wouldn't stop shaking. They discharged him wednesday and he has an appointment with a neurologist on the 27th, but they're pretty sure it's Parkinsons. He's only 56, which is pretty young, so we're all a little overwhelmed by it. It's definitely been rough for him and my mom, and I hate not being there. We're praying that the appointment will go well and that it will be attributed to something simple and less serious, that will be easy to treat. Also, I picked that terrible Wednesday to do my taxes and we have to pay in a TON, which is not good. I have to e-file today and am dreading watching the giant balance leave our account. But the good thing is that we do have some set aside, even if taxes is definitely not what I planned to spend it on. 
As terrible as last week was...this week is already 8 zillion times better. Why? Because I got a BFP!!!! 
Not a subtle line, a maybe line, or a possible line--a definite, no question about it, positive line on not one but two tests! I hadn't temped on Sunday, but I did this morning and it was high. And I checked my past three charts and saw that every other time since I've started ovulating, my temp has gone down at 13dpo. My sleepy mind made the connection that this was different, and I thought, "Screw waiting till 14dpo, test time!" I grabbed two internet cheapies and went to the bathroom to test. It was actually pretty funny--I went back to bed to wait it out, and a minute before I was supposed to check, DH started to get up to go pee. I was like, "Wait, sorry, I have to go!" and ran into the bathroom before him. I almost couldn't understand it in when I looked down and saw the double lines--for a second, I thought, "Hmm, are there two control lines? Because these lines are super clear..." And then it sunk in that two lines was a positive! I jumped up and down as quietly as I could and hid the tests (after taking a picture), then let DH use the bathroom. 
I'm still in disbelief, and I'm going to use up my FRER tonight just so I can have another version, but I've used the IC's before and haven't gotten anything but negatives with this batch. I am dyyyyying to tell DH, but I didn't want to do it this morning, and he has to work tonight! I'm going to tell him tonight when he gets home and then I'll probably tell my best friend, who's been in on all the ups and downs. 
Okay, promise I'll wrap it up--you guys are just the only ones I can share this right now so I'm pretty much exploding. This cycle, the only things I really did differently was: 1. Baby Asprin and 2. Relaxed, like for real. I know that neither of those really mean anything for sure, but this month is the first time in quite a while that I've really just let go and tried to not think about TTC or obsess over my chart. I did get a few weird feelings/signs that this could be the month, but it's not the first time that's happened. The funnies thing? My due date will be December 25th.
So...that crazy Babies R Us call last week was more true than they could have known!
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Chica!!!!  - Whoohoo!! Finally some really good news around here!  :) :) My pregnancy hormones are making me cry.  joy.gif

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Chica - champagne.gifpartytime.gifjammin.gif


Congrats!!! I'm so happy for you! Wow Babies R Us employs psychics now... how crazy is that??? haha

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Chica - sneaky sneaky waiting until 3/4th down the message to share! So very, very excited and happy for you!!! YAY!!! Keep us posted on EVERYTHING, you hear?

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jumpers.gifCHICA!!!!!!! jumpers.gifYou got a few tears from me too, I am so happy to see someone graduate! Can you secretly give Babies R Us my number... I'd like them to predict pregnancy for me too. GO tell your husband!!!

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CHICA!!!  SO HAPPY FOR YOU!  joy.gif

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Yay yay yay! So happy for you!
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CHICA!!!  jumpers.gifCONGRATULATIONS!!!!! jumpers.gif  SO HAPPY FOR YOU! I don't how you are managing not to tell your DH! Maybe by now you have. I hope the appointment goes well for your dad. Maybe your news will put everyone in better spirits. I'm feeling surprisingly relaxed at the moment. I'm hoping it does me as much good as it did you!


Milk - I'll miss you. I'm also wondering if this has anything to do with your results. Wishing you the best on what paths and journeys you take.


Cait - Oh yeah, oops sorry Hope (but I have a good feeling she will be graduating very soon!). Interesting article. Yay for BDing and for healing and hiking! I secretly hope that it is AF and you can get back on the ovulation train too. Sigh, I distinctly remember a yr ago you mentioning in a post about the marathon and how you get the day off...


AFM - I've managed to stay well thus far. But, my patience is wearing thin. DH just told me a co-worker (that he probably got it from!!!) had this terrible for cold for 3 weeks. Dear God let me not have to deal with 2 more weeks of this. I'm taking DS to the pediatrician this afternoon because he still has a low fever (it's been 6 days!) and I'm fearing an ear infection. 


BUT, I had my appt with my RE today. I'm starting Clomid tonight!!! I'm CD28 and my u/s showed nothing happening. Lots of follicles, but nothing growing, lining is fine. So, since nothing is happening he's starting me on Clomid today without starting a new cycle! Something my first RE would not do! Needless to say I was grinning ear to ear and left my appt with a skip in my step. Half way down the hall I wondered how happy I will feel when I get a positive beta?!?! At first he wanted to just do 50mg which I refused and reminded him of how I had absolutely.no.response. on 50mg. So he agreed to 100mg and said he just hopes I don't produce too many follicles. Whatever, we'll cross that bridge when we get there. I go back in 9 days to see what, if anything, is happening and we'll come up with a plan from there. Cooooommmmeeee onnnnnn egg!





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Sila - I'm working on #2 too smile.gif  And yeah for the clomid!!!  I have never heard of anyone being given clomid in your circumstances, always just something to bring on af and I always wondered why not try to make the body O instead of AF.  So I am excited for you!!!! 

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Sila- YAY for Clomid!!! I am so glad you don't have to go through the 2 week AF wait and then 2 weeks for follicles to grow... YAY!!! It is sad that was a whole year ago and nothing has changed. Though lucky for me, last year my sister and I flew to MD for girls weekend with my mama, today I just did yardwork and scrubbed my kitchen! I would think if you haven't caught it by now you are safe but 2 more weeks of cranky men sounds ick. Get better boys.



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Chica -- congrats on your BFP!!!! And a Christmas baby at that!  Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months :)!


Milk -- I'm sorry to see you go too.  Lots of virtual hugs for you...


Sila -- how great that you're going to start clomid this cycle! I hope that it does the trick for you...What days are you taking it?  I'm in the midst of a 100mg clomid cycle, and unfortunately I had no response to it -- my lead follicle was less than 8mm on CD 15.  Will you be monitored too?  



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Sourire - welcome back!  How nice to not think about TTC at all for a week!  That's AWESOME!!  Good luck getting back into the swing of things LOL.

moon - It was hard.  I really just started out by cutting out the sessions that she was less interested in.  Then just one at a time until we were down to right before bed and first thing in the morning, then just stopped offering, and tried diverting her attention when she asked.  It was really really hard, and hubs had to help a LOT for the night weaning.  Good Luck with whatever you decide to do!!  But yes, I am also TTC #2 right now!!

Milk - I hope all is OK, and please feel free to drop in whenever you wish.  I will remove you from the roster.  Good Luck in everything, we will miss your smiling 'face' around here!


tf2b - Thanks for remembering me LOL.   Yeah for not being too bad when you DTD!  Woo Hoo - it's all coming!!


chica - OMG I'm SOOOO excited!!  BFP that's amazing!!  CONGRATS!!!! Yeah for a Christmas baby!!!!  jumpers.gifchampagne.gifjumpers.gif

Sila - Woo Hoo for Clomid!!  That's awesome that he's not making you wait.  I hope everyone feels better! 


AFM - had my retrieval this morning, it went well!  Will have transfer in 3 - 5 days, depending on the fertilization.  Here's to hoping in a few weeks I'll get my BFP!!



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Chica! Way to go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yay Chica! Milk8shake- I can understand where you are coming from in needing to take some time away, but do know we are all here for you if you need us. AFM- Had a really rough week last week, but doing better now. Last Tuesday I went to a game night where the first question was -did you have your baby? The person had only met me a couple of times and I had been pregnant both times she saw me. She felt horrible when she realized what she'd done, but it still put me in a foul mood the whole evening and I got upset over something small. Then Wednesday or Thursday I got the bills from the ultrasounds from the boys including the one from when we found out they passed. Friday I finally had one of those all-out, crazy loud emptiness cries and though I'm still crying quite a bit, overall I've been able to enjoy things again. I went to a game night last night and it was perfect. I had only known one person there, so that was the first good thing and the whole evening was laid back and lovely. Also, my studio is really coming along. I will take more pictures today.

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Smiles - I didn't realize you were on #2 too! Ok, whew there are a few of us. We aren't alone! I'm not sure why most doctors make you start a new cycle. You're totally right, if there aren't any follicles growing yet and the lining fine, then why not try to grown some and get an egg?! Glad that was my doctor's thought as well orngbiggrin.gif


Cait - SO glad I don't have to wait! I'm glad you had a productive Marathon Day! Now lets not let another one go by. Next Marathon Day we'll be holding our babies. The Dr. said to expect DS to take at least 2-3 more days to get over the virus. I think I can make it...


Moonstones - I'm CD28 haha! But my ovaries still seem to think I'm like CD5 nono02.gifI did a Clomid 50mg cycle back in Feb/March with no response. Before calling it quits on that cycle the biggest follicle I had was only 10mm and it never got grew past that! I'm sorry you didn't respond. Are you waiting it out to see if you can ovulate on your own? Or inducing AF? Is that why your doctor was suggesting injectables? Because of failed Clomid cycles? Yes, I'll be monitored (going in next Tues, 4 days after last dose of Clomid) but I'll continue to temp until I ovulate.


Hope - I stalked you on the IVF thread and saw about your retrieval! How many eggs did you get?!?! Hoping for great fertilization!


Deborah - I'm so sorry about the triggers. Especially ones you did not expect. Big hugs.

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