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She stopped talking :(

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Just started this thread to complain.  LO was babbling up a multi-syllabic storm a few days ago (accompanied by the cutest faces), and now she is not interested in chatting me up at all anymore. I know she is working on other things, but couldn't she keep this one up for a little longer?! Sigh...

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i noticed this a couple days ago with my beebs, and it got me all worried that she wasn't going to talk. (ridiculous, i know). so i feel your pain. however, last night she was babbling again, so i think she was just not feeling talkative for a couple days. maybe it's just a quiet phase for your LO, too.

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yeah, my guess is that she's working on other developmental feats at the moment.  i've noticed similar habits with my babe- she'll find one new "trick" for a few days and then switch it out for another one.

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Have you read The Wonder Weeks (http://www.amazon.com/stimulate-development-predictable-magical-forward/dp/9079208019/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1333479949&sr=8-3)?  It helps to show what happens at these pre-set weeks and how you can help your babe get through them.

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i've been looking for a book like that angela :) 

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the writers of that book set up a free email that alerts you when your baby is entering a new developmental period. obviously all babies are different and i've never used it before so i can't attest to its accuracy, but it sounded interesting to me. 



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Thanks AQ and imakecutebabies!  I watched a few videos on youtube from the writer too.  And FYI, she finally started "talking" again, especially to her daddy love.gif

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awe, good :)


i love the "talking" .. its just so freaking cute. our babe usually does it when everyone is quiet (which only happens after the big kids have gone to bed) .. its so funny to peek into the room when he's babbling to the ceiling fan at night. man he loves that ceiling fan! i keep trying to get a video of it but then he's distracted by my camera. 

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