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Any other 9 weekers?

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Hi Everyone!  I finally found this board today.  It's so much better than baby center.


Anyway, I digress.  I am about 9 weeks - don't know for sure because I ovulate late and my best guess for conception is 2/13.  I have my first appointment next week - kinda bummed because my  midwife practice closed last year and none of the other midwives in town are covered by my insurance.  I'm going to see a new doctor who comes highly recommended and I'm told is very anti-intervention, natural fertility minded.  I guess we shall see.


Anyway, anyone else feel like they've been hit by a truck?  Today has been just awful with the exhaustion and nausea.  I just want to go home and take a nap! :)

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I'll be "officially" 9 weeks on Thursday.  I'm 8 weeks, 4 days right now.  Yes, I feel like I've been hit by a truck!!  I am so tired all the time, and unless I'm eating like a complete and total pig, I am nauseous.  Half the time I feel bloated like a sausage, and just generally uncomfortable.  And I couldn't be happier. :)


When is your first Dr. Appt?  I wish my insurance covered midwives.  I would much rather go to a midwife this time, but there is only one midwife in town and she doesn't take my insurance.  She's amazing though - I so wish I could go to her.  There's a big part of me that wants to have this baby at home, but hubby isn't on board, so I am going to modify my birth plan as much as possible to have a birth that I can really enjoy as much as possible in the hospital.  This will be my 3rd birth.  While the others weren't bad (my 2nd was actually pretty nice), I want to do things my way this time, instead of what the hospital thinks is "normal."

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I am officially 9 weeks pregnant today--with twins--after a rocky road of infertility treatments. Really grateful to be here!
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I am 9 weeks also. We conceived on 2-12-12.  I am feeling worse by the day as far as nausea goes. I am excited to be done with the 1st trimester already. I also am going to a dr. because of our insurance and we cannot afford to pay out of pocket for a midwife. I would also have loved to gone to a midwife this time. 


I would love to be able to drink a double shot expresso or something similar to keep me going through the day. One cup of coffee just doesnt do it for me. 

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Hi!  I'm 9w2d today.  I have my first MW appt tomorrow.  I feel just a tad better than I did last week - last week was rough for me.  Trying to get through each day, dealing with exhaustion and nausea.  Cannot wait until the 2nd trimester!  Counting down the days...

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My first Dr. appointment is on April 10th.  I was supposed to see her on the 26th, but the doctor had a family emergency and had to cancel all her appointments for the week.   I guess that is what happens when you go to a solo practice :)  


I think I'm going to sneak out of my office this afternoon and go take a short nap before going to pick up my older girls....

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I am ending my 9 weeks, should be starting 10th week as of THursday. Going to the doc tomorrow, so will hopefully see a heartbeat and get a more accurate status report.  I am consistently queasy, but luckily no vomiting, and yes, I am tired!

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I'm 9 weeks today. Today has been an ok day but the last 4 weeks have been an absolute misery. 24 hr a day nausea and total exhaustion. Really hoping that today is the start of things improving but last time I was nauseated til about 16 weeks so I'm not too hopeful.

I've seen my GP and had bloods done but probably won't have a midwives clinic appointment for another 5-6 weeks.
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I'm around 9 weeks... Due Nov. 8th.

I feel nauseous all of the time but don't throw up... I eat every hour or I feel sick.  I wasn't this way with my other two pregnancies... They were both boys... I wonder if there's a girl in there?;) First trimester will be over soon... That's all I keep thinking of!!

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Mom2Annie - I'm due Nov. 8th too. :)  Today I turned 9 weeks, so you should be too! :)

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I'm 9w4d today and the last few days my nausea seems to be slightly less.  Yes!  Still there, but not as terrible.  Still tired but I hope I'm turning a corner.

I think I remember 10-11 weeks is when I generally start feeling good and I'll be 10 weeks on Sunday.  Cannot wait to have some energy back!  My house is in disarray from me slacking off and just doing the NECESSITIES. 

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I'm 9 weeks something too. Date of conception was feb 13th, that's what I know for sure. My mw put my DD on Nov 6th. For me the nausea isn't too bad, it's more that nothing really tastes good. No appetite here. Whenever I feel like, yum, I want that, and then I have it, it just tastes bland. I guess having a really bad cold doesn't help. On the other hand I am constantly tired and have no energy at all. Though it's getting better. I think ;)


I had my first MW appointment on tuesday and it was great! Much like a positive turning point for me. She made me see, how this baby will have to be the one to heal my previous births and that I will never have to go through anything like before again. That's the very short version (she stayed for two hours). I did a lot of crying when talking about DD's birth because I had it all come up again. heavy. she had been through a very similar birth trauma 12 years ago with her first child (and that after being a hbmw for 13years already!) and I felt like she could really relate to what I had experienced first hand. Downside was that I wasn't far along enough for the doppler to pick up baby's hb and I only got an appointment with the HB-friendly OB on May 10th. That's quite a long wait... I will have to decide if I want to take myself to the lyon's den and go to a regular OB from around here instead (being prepared for all the stuff they're going to throw at me) or if I will just relax myself and wait. hmmmm....

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I am still feeling pretty nauseous.  In fact, today seems to be one of the worst days I've had with it.  It probably doesn't help that I am not sleeping very well between having to get up to pee every hour and the cat jumping on me every 15 minutes (literally). 


I'm feeling a little more comfortable telling people I'm pregnant now.  I know we aren't out of the woods, but I know that if (god-forbid) something did go wrong, I'd want the support and understanding at this point.  Plus, I'm hoping the positive energy from telling others will help me remain positive with this pregnancy instead of focusing on the negative "maybes."



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9 weeks here! Due 11/6.  I feel not terrible until about 4pm, then begins a slow slide to terrible that ends when I fall asleep (sometime between 8pm and 10pm!).  I, too, usually start to feel better by 11-ish weeks, so I'm looking forward to that and my first midwife appointment.  


Now that I've gotten over the shock of this pregnancy myself, it's more fun to tell people.  And I'm slowly getting more hopeful that this baby's going to stick.  So generally, things are looking up!

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9 weeks here and feeling like death, constantly. If I remember correctly, my m/s with DS cleared at about 15 weeks which just seems an abominable prospect right now. I am getting toward the pointy end of my first semester of midwifery studies and I'm not sure I can make it through, feeling the way I do.
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I know I'm late on this thread but I'm 9w1d today and I.want.to.die....ugh I just feel utterly miserable. I have so much going on right now that I have to deal with at work and even at home and I just want to crawl under the covers and cry and/or sleep. For those of you who are further along, when did it start getting better? This baby is totally different than my other two so far.

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Hey mamas~ just joining in too....i'm nine weeks-ish, pregnant with my third(surprise!) babe. ya. feeling like crapola!!! though i've had it worse in previous pregnancies. i think it is starting to subside, but i could just be feeling especially great today after a 24 hour migraine! C'mon blissful second trimester!!love.gif I can't wait!  I have had some luck with munching on a handful of almonds when the nausea waves come...

Sunny : )

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