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Baby Not Interested in Books

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DS is 10 months old, and has never really been interested in books or being read to. We have lots of colorful fun board books, but he won't sit and listen to them for more than a page or so. He shows no interest in even holding the books or looking at them.


He has always been very physically developed. His focus has always been on learning to become mobile, and exploring his world by figuring out how to move around in it. Sitting still and reading or playing with something is not usually on the menu. Jumping in the jumper? Great. Crawling around? Awesome. Sitting and playing? Bah.


This didn't worry me until recently. A friend of ours brought over her baby, who is just a month younger. This baby uses sign language to ask for more books to be read to her, and will sit in her dad's lap and look at book after book. Also, when her parents say the word "dog," she goes "woof," or the baby approximation of woof. 


My kid can't do any of that. Though, our friend's baby is not even close to crawling.


Should I be worried? DH is joking now that our baby is a dumb jock and can look forward to lots of football scholarships. hahahaha But seriously- is this normal? Should I be trying harder to nurture his mind? He really only seems interested in physical stuff.

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It's not at all unusual or cause for concern.  My first was really into books from a young age and my second wasn't until around 18 months, but she is now.  It's not a developmental milestone.

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My oldest was never very interested in books (and not from a lack of effort on my part!) until he could read well on his own at 8! He's a wonderful reader now and enjoys books when he's in the mood, but isn't a bookworm like me or his dad.


My new baby however, will happily sit and be read to for as long as we keep going! My oldest would have never tolerated that at the new babe's age! lol.gif


Kids are all so different. They do what they like smile.gif I wouldn't worry! Your little one sounds great! Just likes to be on the move too much to sit for books smile.gif

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PPerfectly normal, especially if he's physical as you say. Kids who are more physical are just physically busier and won't sit still for books at that age. My younger one is my physical one and didn't like books until she was at least 18 months - I can't remember specifically but it could have been closer to 24 months. But now she loves them. My older one liked books younger than that. They're all different!
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   All kids have their "majors." They each sort of seem to pick one arena to excel at and go with it.  I would just keep causally exposing him to books here and there, but don't sweat it. Let him follow his interests. 

   It's hard not to compare kids, but try to remind yourself it's not a race. I know when my son was an infant, I could go from "my child is developing perfectly" to "oh my god, what's wrong with my kid!?" like 20 time a day.

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