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General anesthesia vs. sedation? What would you choose?

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What would you choose for the removal of 4 teeth and 4 cavities to be filled. My DD is 2 (and 3 months) and is really laid back for the most part. The sedation they would use is Nozinan. I can't find much information on it's use for sedation during dental work.


The ga would be done in a hospital and the sedation in the pediatric dental clinic.

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I would choose a GA. I do not like the sound of nozinan at all and I don't have a great deal of faith in the ability of dentists to correctly monitor a sedated pt and manage an airway. Especially in a toddler. I had my own wisdom teeth removed in hospital for the same reason.
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There's really no good answer in these situations, but I just wanted to make you aware of a new study on GA. I had originally seen it in a more mainstream news source, but don't have time to look for it right now...   http://www.goodtherapy.org/blog/link-anesthesia-adhd-children-0313123/

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Dental offices are not equipped to deal with code blue type emergencies. General ansestesia is very safe.

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it really depends on the kid.  Some kids are really good with GA.

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Thanks so much for the feedback. I'm really struggling with this. I'm starting to lean towards GA because as katelove said, the drug the other dentist uses sounds scary to me. Also, the anesthesiologists are from our local children's hospital and that's their specialty.


Imakcerka, what do you mean by being "really good with GA"?

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As in they don't wig out.  I had DD2 sedated for her work because she wigged out on GA.  As in she flailed her appendages which meant she had to be held down while they did the work.  I so did not like that.  While sedated the work was done quickly and she was back in my arms within the hour.  My oldest did GA and she was fine.  No flailing or kicking.  I think it's because it's confusing for the littles.  They aren't out completely and they move around so much it's pointless.  That was my experience.  Also I took her to her ped first to ask about it.  He felt she would be fine no health issues to be concerned about.

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My oldest daughter had dental work done , when she was 3 and the dental clinic , where it was done told us , that GA is better for kids , since if ( God forbid ) something goes wrong , apparently they can treat it better than sedation . 

True or not , she got through it very well and it has left no trauma for her ! 

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Really depends on the kid honestly.  If you think yours will be okay on GA go for it.  They couldn't get any dental work done on DD2 under GA. 

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Thanks again! We are going to go for a second opinion just for the remote chance that another dentist thinks they can save the teeth and not pull them. For any treatment she needs we're pretty much settled on general anesthesia. Imakcerka - GA is when they are unconscious while sedation is when they are awake - at least that's how it is in our case.

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We've decided to go for GA and get the top front 4 teeth removed and first 4 molars capped. It seems like the most compassionate way to deal with it. Thanks again for your input - I'll update how it goes!

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*cross posted from another post*


I just wanted to update this thread for anyone who might find the information useful.


Our DD had her surgery yesterday morning. It went completely fine. After she "came to" from the GA she was awake for a few minutes and then back asleep hard for another 4 hours when we got home. She seemed fine when she woke up but then the additional freezing they had put in where the extractions were done wore off and she's been in terrible pain since about 5pm yesterday. We've had to alternate tylenol and advil to try and keep it manageable. I called the dentist/surgeon today and she said what is happening is very normal and that to just ride it out with the pain meds and lots of TLC. She seems a bit better tonight so I hope the night goes better.


She ended up having the 4 front top teeth removed, stainless steel caps on all 4 first molars and sealants put on the back molars. The dentist was finally able to see what the problem is and why this has happened in the first place. She was able to identify that DD has a very obvious, severe enamel defect which causes a whole bunch of issues and looks like white splotches all over her teeth. Something to do with hypercalcification - there was a flurry of info after the surgery and we're not 100% sure on the details but will get more info at the follow up appointment. In addition to that she also has deep crevices in all her molars which of course makes them even more vulnerable. She said the defect happens in utero - when the teeth first develop. So, as least we know what we're up against and I can stop driving myself crazy with blame and trying to figure out what went wrong. There is still a chance her adult teeth may not have the problem.


Thanks to everyone who posted with their support.

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