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Weird cycle? How common is this?

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I first posted about this in the TTC subforum but I don't think it really fits there so I'm coming out here now.  :)


AF is now almost a week late.  I have a short cycle, usually 24-25 days.  There's also usually a few days of spotting (ie, blood on the toilet paper but never enough to show up in the underwear) first, which makes it tricky to judge what "day 1" really is, but at least it's been consistent and predictable.  


We are not TTC, I chart to avoid.  I don't do detailed temps or mucous etc, I've never been able to figure anything out from that.  I just go off timing, the charts at the Birthing Site, etc.  That means we have a 'blackout' period of about 10 days in the middle of the cycle, and about a week and a half of "free sex" days after that.  If my bleeding is short (sometimes it's only 3-4 days) we might get a day or 2 before the blackout too.  We don't use condoms during the blackout -- DH has lingering side effects from a medication he used to take that makes it really, really difficult to get him to full climax.  Which, silver lining, means he has *incredible* 'endurance'.  He also actually does 'climax' without ejaculating sometimes, so he's quite satisfied with what we're able to do.  ;)  We know that there's still a not-0% risk with that, but we're comfortable with that.  We've been doing this for, oh, 3-4 years now with 100% success.  ;)


Anyway.  So here I am this past weekend, looking at the calendar and thinking "hm, AF should be here soon I think... let's see... um... oh, it should have started 3 days ago?!?"  Could that 0%-to-very-slim chance have actually happened?  I was having NO pre-AF symptoms.  No spotting.  No blurgy tummy.  Nothing.  


So my first question on the TTC forum was "should I test or wait a bit longer" -- since it was still only day 28 or 29, which is "normal" for many women even if it's longer than usual for me.  I couldn't stand the uncertainty, though, and did a test yesterday.  Digital 'first response' type.  BFN, clear as day.


So here I am on day 30, still no sign of impending AF and apparently no baby to account for it either.  


I guess that weird cycles are not entirely unheard of, it's just a new thing for me.  :)  And because I don't chart in great detail or have any real physical indicators (that I'm able to read, anyway) of when I ovulate, I'm completely lost as to where I am right now in terms of fertility!


So, I guess I'm looking for your stories of your weird cycles.  Did you have something like this happen to you?  What causes this sort of thing anyway -- did I not ovulate this month?  I'm only 38, could I be getting pre-pre-menopause stuff already?  How common is this sort of thing?  


(Oh and I probably will test again in a week or so if there's still no bleeding, just in case it was a false negative.) 


(ETA: I've been horny as all get-out the past few days, which is normal for me when just coming off my flow, and also at mid-cycle when I'm probably ovulating.  It's like I'm following my usual routine since right now SHOULD be when I'm just coming off my flow...)

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Stress can cause a delay in ovulation. 

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I used a similar BC method except we blacked out 14 days. I ovulated late due to a stressful event and DD was born 9 months later. redface.gif

We now use FAM. 

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