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Free Books

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Just wondering if anyone knew a forum, blog, website, store, etc. that would be giving away books, throwing away books or selling them for only pennies.  I need to get books to sell.


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I'm not certain if you are looking for used books to re-sell? IME, people often want to declutter books. You could advertise for donations - either on Craigslist or in local newspapers or just posting notices on local bulletin boards (you'll often find notice boards at schools and in grocery stores) . Otherwise: 


-It's spring where we live, and that means yard sales - always a good source for very cheap books and magazines. 


-Church rummage sales. 


-Goodwill or other donation shops


-My local public library branch has a table of "withdrawn" books (no longer on loan) that are sold at low cost - 25 cents for a paperback and $1.00 for a hard cover. 


ETA: BTW, since I'm not sure exactly about your intentions, I'll just mention that there are concerns about re-selling used books and whether it is fair to the authors. 


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thanks for all the suggestions.. hadn't thought of those.  really?  I didn't think there was anything wrong with reselling, there are tons of buy,sell,trade stores and half-priced books, etc.  so I'm assuming it's not illegal like napster?  well, if you have more info on that, please let me know.  As an author myself, I would never want to discredit anyone's work. 

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