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Baby Aspirin and Progesterone

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Hi everyone,

I have had 5 mc/s (ranging from 5 weeks to 11.5 weeks). It has been 6months since the last one (which was at 11.5 weeks). I am trying to patiently wait for my genetics testing to come back and provide some answers to all the loses.


Before I got referred to my specialist at the fertility clinic, my OB had told me to take progesterone suppositories and baby aspirin. Has anyone have anymore information on the effect of that combo in reducing miscarriages.

I have an ultrasound next week to see how everything is going - so am anxious just let everyone else at any sort of a pain or twinge.

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Have you had progesterone levels checked during this pregnancy??

I had a MC 2 years ago and although I've never had a problem with progesterone levels previously, this time my levels were only 15 then 15.8 so my MW prescribed me Crinone just to be safe.  It can't hurt...it's not fun per se ...a little messy, might exacerbate symptoms, might prolong a missed MC....but it's worth trying IMO especially if your losses were because of low levels. 

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I have not had my progesterone levels checked with this pregnancy, good suggestion.


In charting my basal temperature I did notice that one of my months I had a short luteal phase (hence low progesterone).

I have had one amazing daughter (3 1/2 years old) who was without any hormones, etc.. however, I was very high risk with her and bled throughout that pregnancy.


When I first got sent to the clinic, they did test my progesterone, which the Dr. stated was in the normal range.. but, as we all know the levels depend on where you are in your cycle.. and if I recall it was shortly after my m/c.


I guess, I have to be patient (a virtue my daughter still teaches me) - and prayer that God has this one in the plans.


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