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What is this cramp?

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What is this weird burning sensation "down low" like maybe in my uterus?  Almost feels in my groin?

It's pretty been constant today and sort of uncomfortable.  It doesn't hurt or burn when I urinate so I don't think it's a UTI.  I'm hoping it's maybe my uterus stretching and nothing something more nefarious.  I'm 9w2d today.


I'm not spotting but I'm definitely on edge since I'm approaching the time when my pregnancy ended 2 years ago.



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Keep calm and carry on!

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Is it possible you have a yeast infection?  Does it feel like its THAT down low?  I'm not sure since it is a burning sensation, that is what I always think of... that or a UTI, but it doesn't sound like that's the source.  Is it possible you're just feeling your muscles stretching and that's the discomfort you're feeling? I'm 8.5 weeks and I definitely feel those muscles stretching - it hurts sometimes when I twist, and the muscles are sore and "burn" a bit for a while after.  It does feel like it is my uterus, but really it is just my pelvic muscles.

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Hi, I don't think it's a yeast infection - only because I was so well versed in those with my last pregnancy (ugh).

It might be stretching of ligaments I guess.  It was definitely an all day thing yesterday and laying with my feet up helped.

I'm not spotting but I did notice some what looks like EWCM today.  Maybe my uterus is just up to something down there.


Between my sciatica and very slow moving digestive system, it's hard to pinpoint what exactly is hurting...


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I've had a lot of what looks like EWCM for the last few weeks too.  Bodies are weird!  Hope you can figure it out and get some relief soon!

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