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Official Birth Bead Swap!

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(I took a birth bead swap post from another DDC and tweaked it a bit to work for us) 


Per MDC regulations, I've started a private (invitation-only) google group to discuss the details of the exchange, but this thread can be used to sign up.  To officially sign up, please PM me with your email address or follow HERE to the google group and request an invitation.   Users listed here in red have requested an invite by PMing me or visiting the google group site. 


Once you've joined the google group, please reply to the official sign-up discussion with your MDC user name so I know who has signed up officially. 


At the end of the sign-up period, I will post a mailing address. You will have two weeks to gather beads for the  total number of DDC members who have signed up and send that # of beads to the me along with a self-addressed envelope.  Once all participants' beads have been received, I will distribute the beads to individual participants.  PM me with any questions.  smile.gif 


Sign-up is open until April 30



Birth Bead Swap Sign Up:


1. ThreeLittleBirds

2. sdragonfly

3. GoofyInOK

4. Ms.Shell

5. scowgirl

6. mrs_mandolini

7. triple07


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Yay! I just requested to join the group. I love that we're doing this.

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I would love to join!  I'll go try to do the Google request thingy.

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I just requested to join also. Thank you for organizing this!

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Sent the group request, already made the beads weeks ago!
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i sent my request, too

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Thanks ladies! Keep sending those requests ...and after you send them be sure to reply on the Sign Up post on the group with you MDC name so I know who to add to the sign up list :)

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2 more weeks left to sign up for the birth bead swap! Sign up closes April 30th! Be sure to go to the google group listed on the original post at the top to sign up for our group. That is where all of the organizing is being done (as per MDC rules). 


Birth Bead Swaps are so much fun and such a beautiful and empowering way to support each other during labor and delivery. I participated in the Bead Swap for my last pregnancy and I loved it. It was so wonderful to get that package in the mail full of beautiful beads and notes from everyone. Then sitting down with a cup of tea and turning my beads into a bracelet that i wore during my homebirth. I often looked to that bracelet for strength and a reminder that women around the world were doing the same thing I was doing, everyday. That we are strong! :)


Hope more of you sign up :) Would love to have you be a part of the swap!

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Have you PMed the people who expressed interest on the original thread where we talked about this? I wonder if they have not all seen this thread.
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great idea :) I just posted on the old bead post and then messaged all those who havent signed up yet. Thanks :) Hopefully we get some more to sign up!

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I'm on the Google group... sorry for not replying here!

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Last day to sign up mommas! If you havent already be sure to read this post and go to our google group to sign up :)

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Sign up is now closed!


Mommas who signed up, be sure to check the message board on the google group. Instructions for mailing your beads have been posted along with my mailing address.


Thank you!

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Just a reminder to the mommas who signed up: The mailing deadline has been extended. Please read all mailing instructions on the Google group. Beads need to be mailed to me by May 8th :) THANKS!!

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Mailed mine yesterday.  So sorry I missed the first deadline - for some reason I thought we had until the end of May, so I thought I was doing good!  :(

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Mine went out Wednesday, so I was also late getting them to you--I hope they show up promptly at least! (post office estimated Friday but that seemed quick to me.) Thank you so much for organizing this, ThreeLittleBirds!

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WHOA- May 8!  I looked at the group when you posted sign up was finished and I swear to goodness I saw it said the end of May, too!  I haven't mailed mine yet and the 28 is a holiday- so I will send them quickly Tues morning!  I am sorry, mamas....I swear I read that they needed to be shipped by the 28th!

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Mine will get in the mail sometime in the next week or so. Fun fact: I live 20 minutes from any post office.
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Birth Bead Swap Mommas!!:

Im posting this here and on the Google group :)


Beads have been mailed out today. Sorry it took awhile. We just moved to our new home this week, so I was finally able to settle down at the desk and organize/sort the beads and packages. We only had 5 participants, but what we lacked in quantity we made up for with QUALITY :) these beads are BEAUTIFUL! Thank you to everyone who participated.


Also, some of you sent money along with the package for shipping and handling, and in the "organized" mess I had on my desk this morning...I forgot who sent me how much. So if you were expecting change back..I have no clue who you were. We did have some swappers send self addressed envelopes, but no postage paid on it...so what I did was just put the money into the big "Birth Bead Swap Shipping and Handling Collection" and any money went in together to ship everyones packages. So now worries, I didnt pocket an dollar bills ;) If you were one of the ladies who sent a few bucks, and you were expecting, or would like your change...please do not hesitate to message me. I just was unsure of who did send me money...but i did it the most fair way I knew how and just applied it to the mass group mailing :)


You all will receiving your beads soon! Please post pics of your necklace or bracelets after you make them !!

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Thank you so much for all your hard work on this! I sent a few dollars but I intended it to be applied to the postage for the group. I wasn't sure how much postage to put on the envelope, so I just left that blank and hoped the cash would help cover costs; my biggest worry was that you wouldn't get enough to pay for all the mailings, so I definitely don't need change back. smile.gif Thanks again!


Congratulations on your new home!

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