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Also, no need to send change back, just wanted to make sure you had enough to cover it all. Thanks so much for volunteering to do this, especially in the midst of moving while super pregnant lol! Can't wait to get my beads in the mail.


Even if we only had 5 participants, I think I will make it with moonstone into a necklace :)

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Do you need more to cover postage?  I don't mind paypalling some $!

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Hey ladies!  Yes, I also was thinking I'd paypal the postage costs, since I wasn't sure how much it would be.  Is that okay, ThreeLittleBirds?

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I got my beads yesterday and they were beautiful! 

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oh no its ok...unless i get a message from someone saying they want change...which i havent. i dont want to pocket any money from it :) All the shipping was covered just fine

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Then thank you very much to those who sent postage!!!  :)  I really appreciate it - and again, if anyone wants their change, I'm happy to Paypal a few bucks!  Just let me know.

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Anyone have ideas of what they are going to do with their beads?

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i made a necklace and earrings with mine :) I had double of two different types of beads so I made earrings to match. I did this with my last birth and loved it because I wore the earrings on her first birthday celebration. 


Here is a pic of the birthing jewelry I made....these were from the swap and from my motherblessing my friends threw for me two weeks ago:


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That is so beautiful!

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Oh my gosh that is gorgeous!  I need to make something with my beads- that's on my list for tomorrow for sure.

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the really big glass bead in the middle was given to me by a friend who has dreads and has the sister bead. She bought the beads as a set and has one in her hair and gave me the other :) She is actually due two days before me. She is on here, in this DDC, but I am not sure what her screen name is. It is my favorite bead because it has so much meaning behind it. I had a HBAC two years ago, and she is hoping for an HBAC this time :) 

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Here is my necklace! I added the remainder of the green fire agate beads that I sent out, moonstone spacers and a jasper pendant. Thank you all for the beautiful beads!

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ThreeLittleBirds, are those red floral ones coral? They are so incredibly beautiful!

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I just realized I never posted my bracelet I made with the beads!  I love love love it - thank you all so much for the gorgeous beads.  I have been wearing it all the time lately to keep my mind's eye on the prize (an awesome birth leading to an awesome baby)!


Here's pics:






My camera couldn't figure out how to focus for the second pic..  Sorry  :(  

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Beautiful bracelet Goofy! I wore my necklace during the whole labor process and during the next day smile.gif
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Triple07 - that is awesome!  :)   I love your necklace...  The green and moonstone are so gorgeous together.  What do you think you'll do with it now?  I can't decide if I want to keep wearing the bracelet after the birth, or put it in baby's book.  

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I have mine from DS2 (didn't have one with DS1) in my jewelry box. I don't really wear it anymore but I will treasure both of these forever! I always get teary when I come across the necklace and notes I received. And I know one day DS2 & Sebastian will also treasure the necklaces. 

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Finally put a clasp on the bracelet I made with my beads, and stowed it in the bag for the hospital. Whew! As DH said, "You can't have a baby until you do that." smile.gif

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