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Probiotics during Pregnancy for Yeast Prevention

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I am aware that is completely safe and beneficial to take probiotics during pregnancy.  However, with this being my third pregnancy, I have confirmed a repeated pattern of obtaining candida (yeast) problems directly after birth.  My children never obtained it, though within days of beginning to breastfeed I did contract thrush through my nipples which caused tremendous pain and discomfort.  These  times I managed to treat and rid myself of it and have a successful breastfeeding experience otherwise.  However, I would LOVE to avoid having this problem altogether for baby girl #3.  I was thinking of taking a few different products - See here:


Ultimate Flora Critical Care - 50 Billion: http://www.renewlife.com/ultimate-flora-critical-care-50-billion.html


Ultimate Flora Vaginal Support - 50 Billion: http://www.renewlife.com/ultimate-flora-vaginal-50-billion.html


The only thing stronger I have seen is 200 Billion and I don't know if they recommend taking this on a regular basis, but for 7-days.  I might complete the 7 days (as I am currently working on ridding myself of a yeast infection) then go to the 50 billion. 


Can anyone offer any further advice if they think this is the best approach to preventing candida for the future-especially right after birth of my baby?  I really appreciate anyone's opinions/expertise!!!  Thanks!!

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Here are some articles about vaginal health:





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I had frequently recurring yeast infections for almost three years. Garlic, monistat, etc would work to "cure" the infection but it would recur every two to three months. Oral probiotics did not help in my case. The only  thing that finally cleared it up was probiotics inserted vag. (Bought probiotic tampons, but you could just insert acidophilous powder or half an open capsule?) I had to do that for about three months during AF each time, but now I 've been yeast free for 8 months vs getting a yeast infection every other month. I LOVE probiotics. 

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I never have problems with yeast unless I am pregnant...for whatever reason it was especially rough lasttime, and I refuse to take antibiotics only to have a bought of BV and thus begin that endless cycle, especially while pregnant. Probiotics helped me tremendously-I took them three times a day and had absolutely no problems with yeast afterwards-plus I felt like my digestive and overall internal flora was in tip top shape. Hope that helps mama, good luck!

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