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Hi from Los Angeles!

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Hi, my name is Jamie. I am the mother of two sons. Our biological son was born two months premature do to me developing HELLP Syndrome, and we are both now perfectly healthy and made a full recovery. He will be four years old in June. Our oldest son we adopted last year from Ethiopia. He will be six in December. I breastfed him for almost a year when he self weaned. I am not a huge advocate of adoptive breastfeeding. I am still breastfeeding our biological son.


Hmm...that is about it. I am really excited to meet you all!


oh and I blog at


and http:mommyhateschemicals.com/

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welcome! wave.gif


can you tell me more about what it is about adoptive breastfeeding that doesn't make you a huge advocate?

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Oh goodness! Thanks for responding.


That was a huge typo. Not was meant to be NOW. Wow, one letter changes everything. lol....

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