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Backing off

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Is a wonderful, wonderful thing!  As is the "year and a half window."  I have seen several kids (including kids who weren't mine) show interest in the potty at a year and a half, and now that I'm ecing my second kid I decided to see if we could make a leap at this age.  And it seems to be working!  I decided to take my dd out of dipes and stop asking her if she needed to use the potty to see if she would start taking more initiative (she knows where pee goes, after all) and she HAS.  It's so cool.  We had a couple of days of wet pants as she's getting the hang of telling me BEFORE she is desperate to pee and before the pee is actually coming out...but now she seems to be able to give me a few seconds of warning!  Like, enough warning to whip her pants off and run her to the bathroom!  How exciting!!!!


I think it's exciting for her to be in charge of this!  I think she likes NOT having me ask her if she needs to go.  I think she likes having the diapers off.  I think I'm jinxing myself and will have many wet floors very soon (especially since she's still totally in diapers at daycare and peed in her diaper last night)...but still.  It's pretty fun for today!



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That's so great!! Hopefully a few days later things are still going as well;) But that's really awesome!
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