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Rhogam Anyone?

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I'm in my 28th week and contemplating the Rhogam shot. My MW/birth center requires this at 28 weeks.:) Something made me question it this time around, and so I started to look around on MDC which led me to some good info. I've read some really good old threads on this and am trying to digest all of the information. dizzy.gif


DH is A+. I've done two antibodies screens (1 at 12 weeks and 1 at 27 weeks, which were both negative). With my last two pregnancies, I did have the shot at 28 weeks but did not need it once DD and DS were born.


Does anyone have an opinion about this?


I think I might call tomorrow and ask if I can forgo the shot and opt to get it the case of an accident and/or baby blood type requires it, but I am still feeling a bit conflicted about it all. I didn't even know there was a debate about this!


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I'm rh negative as well (o negative) and DH is B positive. With DS I too got the rhogam at 28 weeks. Like you I've had my blood tested both early on and at 27-28 weeks and there are no anitbodies. This time I've decided to forgo the rhogam prenatally (after going back and forth for awhile!) and will take only in case of a serious trauma / fall. I will take it after the birth if the baby is positive. There is a link I found when I did a search about this on mothering a couple weeks ago when I was thinking about it. Here it is: 




I couldn't find the direct link to exactly what I read - but if you dig around there I think you'll find it if you're interested. GL with your decision. I know it can be a tough one! 

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This is our fifth baby. I'm 0- and dh is A+. I got the Rhogam shot prenatally with the first two babies and decided not to do it during pregnancy anymore. I have decided to get it postpartum when the baby had a positive blood type, which was twice (from what I remember). My midwives have not given me a hard time about declining the prenatal Rhogam.

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Just wanted to update you all that after stressing about this for the last week+, I finally talked to my midwife and she was totally cool with my decision. She strongly encourages it afterward if necessary, but prenatally she understands if I want to opt out. She was so sweet about it that it made me want to cry! I have been super-emotional today (as well as fighting an infection) and it was such a relief.:)namaste.gif

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