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Half moon cookie for breakfast?  Yes please!


(To be fair, I ate it after a workout, so some of the sugar at least went to muscle building.  The rest went straight to my butt.)

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yeah, I tend to over eat mostly if not always in the evenings and always as a reaction to tension/stress of relationships around me,... wish I could fix it. I'm up a lot more weight wise then I hoped for at 26w... but what are you going to do? I know it will only get worse :)


I have found hot chocolate can kick my sweet tooth and chocolate craving, so at least its a better option then a tub of ice cream.

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Originally Posted by ithappened View Post


I have found hot chocolate can kick my sweet tooth and chocolate craving, so at least its a better option then a tub of ice cream.


I've been having a big mug of homemade hot cocoa every night, in lieu of ice cream (since I was too lazy to leave the house to buy ice cream).  I figure that this recipe is actually quite healthy... and it's VERY rich:


  • About 4 parts whole organic milk + 1 part whole coconut milk
  • Couple spoonfuls of unsweetened cocoa powder
  • Agave to taste + a dash of salt


Ah, but this week looks to be nice/warm enough out that I can take a walk to get my ice cream and gelato next door!!


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oh also! while we are talking healthy options- I do a coco powder chai seed 'tapioca' pudding that totally works.. I also found adding coco powder and some fruit to a 2% greek yogurt with maple syrup is pretty much to die for..

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My husband baked a bunch of cookies to send in care packages to his military buddies who are deployed (including my little brother).  I got home from work and instead of working out, I sat down and ate six (maybe seven) cookies.  Nooooooooo!  You know you're in serious moral trouble when you're stuffing cookies into your mouth that are supposed to go to the troops.  Guess I'll be making more cookies tonight.  blush.gif

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oohhh, I am definitely going to have to try that - I've had plain greek yogurt in my fridge all week which hasn't been touched.....


LilyTiger - I probably would have done the same thing myself.... but just make more cookies - there ya go, problem solved!  :)

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oh man .. cookies sound so good right now, esp hot out of the oven :)

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I went to get healthy food from the store so I could start making dinners instead of eating out all the time (I'm so sick of eating out and B wants to all the time, but he is out of town the next couple of weeks)...I got all my healthy food, but I also found Easter candy on sale...and they had the chocolate bunnies I've been looking for...I bought two of them.

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V V oh yes, I found the cadberry eggs on sale in the US right before leaving and bought a few bags.. they are already gone whistling.gif



I found when I am craving super badly chocolate, a really dark one (85-99% bar) will kick my craving in just a piece or so. Lindt makes them here in the EU and are the 'cheap' brand at the grocery store..



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I thought I'd chime in here. I pretty much live on greek yogurt. I love to mix w Sun Butter to dip my apple slices in. We tried banana frozen greek yogurt w peanut butter swirls this weekend, yum! I have to get some of that raspberry chocolate someone mentioned a while back. I've also been baking cookies and muffins every week. I keep them in the same container, not a good idea. Cookies for breakfast, anyone?


I tend to over do it more w the salty snacks.  I recently discovered Barbara's cheese puffs. Let's just say it makes me feel better to know that I'm eating a whole bag of real cheese/gluten free puffs instead of the cheetos or doritos I would love to devour! Oh and popcorn! lurk.gif

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LilyTiger, LOL at the cookies.  Guess you have been busy baking more batches.  What a great care package, filled with cookies.  

Originally Posted by LeAnn A Doula View Post

I pretty much live on greek yogurt. 

Me too as I rely on greek yogurt for the majority of my protein.  I can't stomach it plain but it tastes great paired with, nuts, fruit, granola.  I use it to make whole wheat noodles creamy or to stuff in a burrito instead of sour cream.  And it is great thrown into smoothies.  


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