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I think I'm going to break and do it

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I wasn't as hopeful this month with my sister visiting and stressing me out, the lack of sleep etc... My chart still says I Oed and I have a good chance, but I can't really explain it. I swore last month I was, but turned out it was all in my head. I am so tired all day and my breast are painfully swollen. Thats a good sign, I never get sore breast right b4 AF shows. I had planned to wait till friday to test, but the 11 test strips sitting in the bag are calling my name. I have plenty of test why not? I had a plan and I should stick with it right?? Some ppl have gotten a faint positive at 9 DPO. I know 10 days would be better. FF said I oed on sun. the day my sister left, but it was the 1st night since she arrived that I had a good sleep. Tuesday come and FF says I really Oed that day. They both look good to me. I'm either 8 or 10DPO. Any thoughts on if I should test or not. If not I need to send the test to work with DH so I don't cheap and take one tomorrow. 

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I dont get discouraged by bfn early so i would take one. If you get depressed, wait.
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I'm such a test-a-holic, so I would probably test if I were you. I'm in my 2WW right now, and I told myself that I needed to wait until at least 9DPO (even though that is still early!)


The month after my miscarriage, I SWORE that I was pregnant again. I felt nauseated, had sore boobs, etc. I wasn't pregnant, but I swore that I was. Our minds play crazy tricks on us!

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I'm in the same boat!  I tested at 7DPO and 8DPO...both BFN.  Now I am only 9DPO and I am super tempted because of my weird "symptoms".  It's probably all PMS though! ughh......I think I'll test in the AM with my bag of internet cheapies!  We can do it together at 10DPO, haha!

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Yep I'm weak and FAILED! ;-) LoL I saw the 1st reply, thank you Chloe's mama, and ran for the tests. ROTFLMAO.gif  Would you believe it I got an extremely faint pos.gif!! I tested again this morning at 9DPO and there was another really faint pos. DH I guess doesn't get it. When there is a line there is a line. He wants me to wait till its darker to tell anyone, "in case were not really preggers. Maybe he's worried? We have 2 children with a MC in between them. I made the huge mistake of take depo back then. 1st pregnancy, 1st O, after getting off the shot and I lost the baby at 6 weeks. I can understand if he's a lil scared and not saying it. I can't hold this in! We are 7 hrs ahead of my mother and friends so I already have to wait. I don't think a call at midnight on a weekday would be polite.  Can anyone else see the lines??DSCN0550.JPGDSCN0548.JPG   

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I definitely see them!!!!oh CONGRATULATIONS!!
Sending you sticky and healthy babe vibes by the truck full!!!!
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