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High lipase?

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I have an amazing mama who pumps donor milk for my 6 month old twins. I think she might have high lipase in her milk. I pick up the milk twice a week, and the milk that is just 0-1 days old tastes fabulous, like melted ice cream. The milk that is more than a day or two tastes horrible, like spit up and it smells sour. My babies have a hard time choking it down but have no problem with the fresher milk. I have tried having her freeze it right away and that helps some, definitely slows down the process but it's not completely fixed. It's killing me to dump a 13 oz bag of milk down the drain because it's 'sour' and the babies won't drink it. Any advice???

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I have high lipase and I finding scalding my milk helps enough that my toddler will at least drink it. I just scald it if it's going to be consumed the next day - for example what if I send what I pump to daycare the next day. I scald and freeze milk I want to last longer, for example milk pumped on Friday that I want to send to daycare Monday.
I just put the milk in a small saucepan and heat it until small bubbles form.
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